This is what education cuts look like.

What had we gone, a whole week or so without a news story about a public official cracking jokes online about murdering Barack Obama? That’s kind of a long time! Don’t “worry,” however, Mexico still does not want Arizona back, so we will never go too long without one of these kinds of things while a black guy is president: the Secret Service is investigating Sgt. Pat Shearer, a Peoria, Arizona police officer, after he posted a Facebook picture of a group of assault rifle-wielding teenagers holding up a bullet-riddled t-shirt with Barack Obama’s face on it during one of their Future Gas Station Attendants of America meetings. Shearer has taken the photo down, but come on, he just wants to know, what is everyone’s problem? Since when did everyone start taking assassination so seriously?

Shearer wouldn’t talk to the New York Times. He talked to Fox News, though, huh!

“I don’t think that the shooting of that T-shirt is that big of a deal,” he told the station. “It was more of a political statement … It’s not like they were going to go out and shoot the president.”

And now let’s check in with the Fox News commenters at the bottom of the story, just for Phriday Phuntimes, to see the innovative ways that they are testing the boundaries of the English language with surrealist variations on spelling and syntax.

Multiple-personality disorder victim tomgladden is going to defeat Barack Obama by voting against him “often” this fall:

liberal why do you twell the world your ignorant. progressives are a cancer in america, were your liberal badge in shame for what your kind did to this country and dont respond just know i will be at the voting booth november 6 and vote often against your moron in the whitehouse

Oh look, apparently “black” is a swear in Moron!

User bobbyg60:

Ya, we have seen how well electing a bl@ck is working out…….at least Newt is an American.

And our favorite randomly selected murderous idiot, who struggled bravely with the commenter registration form only to somehow turn up the username “decmocratsrcommunits”:

let’s see; the military and tens of millions of armed American men,women and youth allayed against obama and his army of welfare crackheads, entitlement slugs, union thugs and drug -addled feces-encrusted occupiers; wonder where the Las Vegas odds makers are on that one…


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