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Let’s All Get Drunk For Three Days, For ‘Unions’ Or Whatever

Hoo boy howdy yee haw, what a week, right? RIGHT?! We persecuted some Christians and threw them in jail — well, just the one, for now, but BEWARE CHRISTIANS, WE ARE COMING FOR ALL OF YOU. And we laughed and laughed, oh how we laughed, at Donald Trump spanking Jeb right on his behind again even harder some more, for being a Bush and also a “low-energy” loser weak sissy crybaby Spanisher who talks Mexican instead of American, what a hater. And we pitied poor Rick Perry, for ...
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Happy Birthday Beyoncé, Mike Huckabee Still Thinks You’re A Whore!

Happy Bey-Day, Mike Huckabee's archnemesis!
BREAKING NEWS, GUYS. On this day in (year redacted because TIMELESS, but also 1981), Beyoncé Knowles was bornded, and then she went on “Star Search,” and then she did Destiny’s Child, and then she broke off on her own and became a BOSS, and now she is the Queen of the Illuminati, THE END! Except why not, let’s remember a couple of the hilarious times Beyoncé has shown up on this mommyblog and recipe hub, usually because some Republican (Mike Huckabee) says ...
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Satan Probably Won’t Let Kim Davis Raise Bigot Bucks On GoFundMe :(

Guess she'll just have to go get a wingnut book deal or something.
A lot of people have been saying, OOH THAT KIM DAVIS, that asshole, that adulteress, that bleeding pus-filled skin tag on the lady-jumper-concealed inner thigh of humanity! That’s not what this post is about, people have just been saying those things a lot. Anyway, people have also been saying, “Yeah, just wait for the GoFundMe,” because that’s what whore-grifting put-upon fundamentalist Christians do when the rest of America does the Holocaust to them, by forcing ...
  The Goalposts Of Life

Georgia High School Adds Baptisms To Football Practice, Benches Constitution

Drop Kick Me Jesus
Residents of Villa Rica, Georgia, are astonished that anyone could have a problem with a group baptism of football players on school grounds before a recent F’ball practice. Because they love America, and Jebus, and F’ball — which is why it made perfect sense to have the minister of First Baptist Church of Villa Rica kick off the season with some full-immersion baptizing on the football field, just like Jesus told us to do in the Constitution’s Fourth Commandment: ...
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Trump Bodyguard Slugs Hispanican Protester, Seals GOP Nomination For Boss

Boom! Take that, Mexico!
Donald Trump’s security detail put its best fists forward in a confrontation with Latino protesters outside the Trump Tower Thursday, ripping away a protest sign and coldcocking a protester who tried to grab it back. When you watch this video, you may think you see a couple of assholes in suits assaulting a protester, but the average Trump voter will see an encouraging example of Making America Great Again. While Trump was inside the hotel pledging to (wink-wink) definitely not run as ...
  Bristol Goes To War Again

Bristol Palin Ringin’ Those Bells To Warn Us The Chinese Are Coming

It would seem that in addition to being America’s foremost expert on how to get knocked up by God without even trying, Bristol Palin has learned herself some stuff and things also too about foreign policy. Not only is she the only one in America who’s bothering to worry about ISIS, but she is also quite very a lot alarmed about the Chinese Navy double-parked right off the coast of Alaska. (No word on whether Bristol’s ghostblogger can actually see the five naval ships from ...
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It’s A Nice Day To Kentucky Marry Your Gay Homosexual Lover!

New county clerk much nicer than the last.
Yr Wonkette loves stories with happy endings, and yr Wonkette loves getting married! You know that thing that Editrix Becca did, when she Montana-married her heterosexual lover? Well, due to how SOMEBODY is currently doing a little jail time for being a very bad girl, gays are Kentucky-marrying their homosexual lovers in Rowan County today! Is there pizza? PROBABLY. Here’s some video of Will Smith (not THAT Will Smith) and James Yates, the first couple to get a marriage license in ...
  Smartest Guys In the Room

Reality TV Show Star Thinks Neurosurgeon Isn’t Qualified To Run America

Hey, Hitler knew things, and see where that got us
Fish splooge runner-up Donald Trump continued his charm offensive this week. In addition to explaining that Jeb! Bush can never be president of America if he refuses to speako the English, Trump turned his attention to Ben Carson, who recently tied Trump for the first time in a poll of Iowa Republicans. In an interview with Tucker Carlson’s Internet Nexus For Worried White People, Trump said he thinks Carson is quite the nice fellow, but would probably not be a very good president ...
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Rick Perry: Even Dumber Than You Thought. No, Even Dumber. No, Even DUMBER.

We’re just going to keep begging for someone — anyone, please, anyone at all — to make it stop for poor, dumb BUT LIKE REALLY DUMB Rick Perry. Please. See, on Thursday afternoon, Donald J. Trump, of the Donald J. Trump empire, and also of the Republican presidential primary fucktasm, speeched all over the TV, as he loves to do, about how he is Donald J. Trump, and you’re not. And that all those weak loser Republican candidates he’s supposedly competing against, ...
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Sorry, Jeb Bush Is Not The Savior Of The Jews

On the up side, he never said 'Molotov'
Jeb! Bush got caught stretching the truth just a teensy bit on his campaign website, claiming that he helped to organize a secret mission that saved thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the early ’80s. It’s a heartwarming story of compassion and international diplomacy that rescued virtually all members of an oppressed minority group and brought them to safety in Israel. And it all really happened, except that Jeb Bush is fibbing about the size of the role he played. Doesn’t this guy ...
  Is That A Salmon In Your Pocket Or...?

President Obama Got Diddled By A Fish, Y’all

Some Presidents get shoes thrown at them. Some get salmon jizz thrown on their shoes
Barack Obama visited the Alaskan fishing village of Dillingham Wednesday, where he sampled some salmon jerky, talked to the residents about climate change, and met an amorous salmon which jizzed all over his mukluks. The fish’s negligent discharge occurred while the president was getting a look at the villagers’ traditional fishing methods; after holding up one fine specimen that he pronounced “a nice-looking fish right there,” Obama was invited to grab a second ...

Kim Davis Is In Jail, And Wingnuts Are Jizz-Crapping Their Pull-Ups In RAGE!

Kim Davis, RIGHT NOW.
CRU-CI-FY! CRU-CI-FY! CRU-CI-FY! Oh, we are just joshing, nobody wants Kim Davis crucified. (OR DO WE?) Wingnuts, though? Remember that time they lost their whole country in the span of a week, because gay marriage was legalized and the Confederate flag came down? Well, they’ve lost it again! NO COUNTRY FOR STUPID WINGNUTS, that’s what we like to say. And they are good and damn sure that a judge putting Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in jail for failing to do HER EFFING JOB is just ...
  Revisionist History In Record Time

Nikki Haley Wishes Black Folks Wouldn’t Be So Ugly About Getting Shot By Police

That smile is unnatural, is what it is.
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley would just like America’s The Blacks to settle down and stop making such a big fuss over the occasional unfortunate shootings of black people by white cops, because if they protest such shootings, the cops will stop protecting them or something. In a speech at the National Press Club Wednesday, Haley slammed the Black Lives Matter movement and called for The Blacks to stop saying mean things about police, and instead, get along with white people like ...
  Thanks A Lot The Gays

Whiny Tennessee Judge Says No More Divorce Because Gays Ruined That Too

Now they've even destroyed the sanctity of divorce
GodDANGit, The Gays, why you gotta ruin everything? Now that you have the same legal rights as opposite-gays to get married, fight about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher, and despise each others’ legal and officially state-sanctioned mothers-in-law, nothing is sacred. Not even divorce: A local judge contends the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage has derailed Tennessee’s ability to determine what constitutes divorce — leaving one Signal Mountain couple ...
  Reception to follow after a short crucifixion

God Agrees Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is A-Hole, Sends Her To Jail

Poor criming-while-white bigot and hell-bound harlot Kim Davis, her day of reckoning has come, her god has forsaken her, and off to the pokey she goes: After being ordered to appear before Kentucky District Judge David Bunning Thursday to explain why the heck she thinks she does not have to abide by the law, and also ALL those court rulings, from his bench and even the Supreme Court of US America, Judge Bunning decided Davis’s explanation  — that nobody is the boss of her, and ...
  The roundup to end all roundups

Which Republican Candidate Can Lick That Kentucky Clerk Lady’s Knob Best?

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, she is the “it” topic in our political conversation right now! Is she a dumb hick lady who thinks her loving God will roast her in hell for all eterntity, on a pyre made of her own jumpers, for signing a gay marriage license? Yes! Is the Liberty Counsel using her as its pawn in a culture war it’s already lost? Ayup! Did she do so much adultery before she gave her heart to Jesus, it’ll make your head spin trying to figure out which ...