The cast of 'Will & Grace' wants you to #VoteHoney!

We can hardly wait to see how "no evidence" that Clinton broke the law gets turned into proof she probably did.

Did Hillary Clinton cheat at the debate by scratching her face? Yes, no, or LOLOLOL?
Quick! Make an Obamacare/Witch doctor joke!

Sure, it's a serious ritual of respect and welcome. But looka the funny hat!

Chelsea Clinton's interview with Cosmopolitan went WAY BETTER than her pal Ivanka Trump's.
Sure it's poison. But think of the savings!

Flint, Michigan's poisoned water system may be replaced before the heat death of the universe.

BREAKING NEWS: Fox News has 'editorial standards.' WHO KNEW?

Wonket Investigative Journalism, or not.
The eyes seem to follow your wallet around the room

We got a whole new version of the fun goings-on at the Trump Foundation Tuesday, as Trump campaign senior advisor Boris Epshteyn went on...

STEP ONE: Be nothing like Donald Trump.

This is a follow-up to my less-than-favorably received post yesterday, where I argued that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the debate the night before, so...
Number bazillion In a series

Still more fun 'n' big-money games with the Trump Foundation.

Chris Christie might be a lying dirty crook? NO WAY.

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Looks like Russians are the only ones who like what Trump has to say. Maybe he should move there and never come back.
So there.

I was going to pass on writing about the debate because, as yr great Editrix pointed out in her #Slatepitch this morning, I was in...
He gets cranky when he has the sniffles

We think we know what Trump was so exercised about after the debate.

Hey remember all those times Trump and Giuliani banged mistresses while they were married to other ladies?
Looks like he picked the wrong week...

Donald Trump pays quantum taxes. Or not. He's not telling either way.

Common snifflers like Donald Trump are definitely not fit to be president.

The Make-Things-Up-o-Sphere has a new twist on Hillary Clinton's debate performance: She barely survived the debate, then had to be connected to an oxygen tank immediately after.

We told you Hillary was going to grind Trump down into a fine orange dust, and she did.

This is definitely the behavior of a person who is not an actual monster.