Organic Garden.It’s a week of the year in America, so that means it’s time for another wingnut local official to get busted for sending the hilarious racist emails to everybody. Meet Robert J. Weller, president of the Lewiston-Porter School Board somewhere in the sticks about 40 miles northeast of Albany somewhere north of Buffalo but it does not appear on any maps as it is not on Earth. Weller, who ran for the board in 2007 and came in fifth place and somehow got appointed to the the board anyway, because who even cares, apparently spends all his free time at home forwarding the funnies about the coloreds to “friends and fellow board members.” And, as usual, some worry wart P.C. libtards don’t get the joke.

Weller admits sending the emails, refuses to apologize for them, and bizarrely excuses his racist idiot behavior by saying, “They can accuse all they want to, but I didn’t do anything other than what everybody else in the world does. The president of the school board is no more holy than a minister, and a minister probably sends a lot more stuff than I do. These are just jokes. If somebody wanted to take offense, they had the opportunity to shut if off, just like a radio.”


Anyway, we now turn to the Buffalo News for some examples of Weller’s email-forwarding hi-jinx:

• A photo of Barack Obama, depicted making a campaign promise to deliver jobs to “everyone who can work.” In the background of the doctored image is a group of African-Americans running away.

•A mock news release from the Detroit Police Department that claims the department will replace German shepherd police dogs with “coon dogs, due to the fact the city is not having any problems with Germans.”

• A doctored photo of Chelsea Clinton holding up a T-shirt that reads, “My mom is getting her ass kicked by a Negro.”

The last time this jackass made the news, he was (of course) demanding the Ten Commandments be installed at the district’s schools — because he firmly believes the Ten Commandments are the original forwarded emails of racist jokes.

Buffalo pastor demands apology for alleged racist e-mails in Lew-Port [Buffalo News]

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  1. Obiovusly the minister is a racist because he’s the one that thought about blacks that way. Weller, well since he don’t see color he couldn’t have meant any offense that way.

  2. Everybody does do this. I just cc’d my entire company a fw email from my grandmother’s pastor back in Ponca City about how Obama ran for president so he could rape a few more white women compared to the normal, everyday black. It’s not racist if it is fact.

  3. Does Mr. Waller have a daughter? Cuz a photoshop of her holding up a t-shirt with something about herself and “a negro” would obviously be such a hoot, right Weller guy? It’s all just a joke, yeah? Email it all over the county? yeah? Heck, maybe it’s even TRUE! Hey, just kidding! Gosh dude, I’m SO SORRY you don’t have a sense of humor!

  4. “If somebody wanted to take offense, they had the opportunity to shut if off, just like a radio”

    That’s not exactly how E-Mail works; I think you mean that they can ignore it. Of course, you are president of the school board; and well, my boss for one would just love it if I ignored his messages.

  5. And He said unto our ancestors, “Thou shall always forwardeth the electronic mails of mocking all races and creeds of man to roam the blessed earth, except of your fellow cracker.”

  6. I beg to differ with Mr. Weller. There are roving gangs of Germans menacing Detroit’s far west side. Been that way for years.

    Seriously though, we have this little game in Detroit called “X = Asshole.” For instance let’s say “Owning a Jet Ski” equals “X” and “X” always equals “Asshole” therefore “Owning A Jet Ski = Asshole.”

    Robert J. Weller = Asshole.

  7. I didn’t do anything other than what everybody else in the world does

    Didn’t work in third grad, fella, what makes you think it’ll work now?

  8. The president of the school board is no more holy than a minister, and a minister probably sends a lot more stuff than I do.

    What the hell kind of church does he belong to?

  9. [re=334167]Woodwards Friend[/re]: How do I not know that after 20 years here? Us kids on the far East Side just call ’em racist cracker assholes — no need for code.

  10. When they announce the winner of the ‘gay faced politician with a turkey neck’ of the year, Mitch McConnell will have to relinquish the honor to Mr. Weller. Nate Silver has placed the odds 10 to 1.

  11. Wait…does that mean if my grandfather sends me those kinds of emails, he is a racist too?

    Shit. That makes me a grandracist.

  12. What? Good ol’ racists can’t tell racist jokes without them being misconstrued as pure, hateful racism anymore? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

  13. Quick, someone sign this guy up for a twitter account.

    Typing that gave me a thought, can you post a rss feed of someone else’s twitter account on your own site. I can totally see Wonkette randomly hosting VIPs twitter-rss-thingys in the left sidebar there, on the left. Ooooh, I wonder what Meg is doing RIGHT NOW.

  14. This is the header I get every time I turn on the radio:

    To: Come here a minute
    From: Your radio
    Subject: Hilarious racist joke

  15. [re=334167]Woodwards Friend[/re]: So wouldn’t “Weller = X” ; “X is an asshole”; therefore Weller is a racist asshole? I sucked at teh Math….

  16. A doctored photo of Chelsea Clinton holding up a T-shirt that reads, “My mom is getting her ass kicked by a Negro.”

    Is it so wrong to laugh at this one?

  17. Asked to comment further, Weller said he “didn’t think the cartoon would offend negroes because they can’t read anyway”.

    Seriously, what does is say about the rest of the school board that this guy is the president?

  18. Nice of the Buffalo paper to print all the funnies, so we can all be shocked at this douche. This reminds of a few years ago when a London paper printed the following, as an example of the kind of anti-Irish “humor” that was simply beyond the pale, and could not be tolerated in a civil, pluralistic society:

    This rummy old Irishman walks into work one day, holding in his cupped hands a moist, steaming, reeking pile of dog shit, and exclaiming, “Will you look at what I almost stepped in!”

  19. This school district is more like 30 miles north of Buffalo, right across the Niagara River from Canada City, not 40 miles northeast of Albany. Either way, it’s more proof that Noo York is full of wingnuts even though it’s deep blue. Trust me – I grew up near one of those areas. At least the Seneca Nation reservation has cheap cigarettes and fireworks…

    One problem, though – dude forgot the photoshopped watermelon/White House image. Also.

  20. He’s got a facial expression that just screams, “I’ve got a hundred thousand pictures of naked 12-year-old boys on my home computer.”

  21. Here in NYC, we refer to that part of upstate New York as “North Alabama.”

    The biggest industry of that part of NY State is prisons.

    The inmates cannot vote; but the prison population is counted as part of the district’s census tally, for purposes of representation in the State Legislature and Congress.

    Guess what the predominant melatonin index of the upstate prison population is?

    Another (un?)-intended effect of the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws.

    And yes, Weller = A**hat.

  22. [re=334184]BillyClubb[/re]: I also possibly reserve the right to laugh at the bigoted Mormon jokes these people will come up with in a few years when Romney is the nominee.

  23. The one about women having smaller feet so they can stand closer to the kitchen sink was actually taught in the school district’s science classes. It’s called EVOLUTION.

  24. [re=334154]norbizness[/re]: Glad somebody is. Because there was all this “I could drink a case of you” and nobody even noticed.

  25. “a minister probably sends a lot more stuff than I do.”

    I hate to burst his bubble, but the average minister is not a member of Stormfront.

  26. So if I turn off my email does that mean no more bottomless pit of exhortations to enhance my baby maker/love pump?

    Anyway aren’t we ignoring the real injustice here? The fact that racism isn’t funny is a sign of the oppression of the white christian male that is rampant in this country.

  27. Thank God Sarah Palin has the balls to tell it like it is: Screw Political Correctness!

    If just one racist old man is denied his right to forward racist email, the terrorists have won. And by won, I mean one. Because I don’t know the difference between those words.

  28. [re=334192]memzilla[/re]: This is precisely the demographic of my old prairie hometown, where the bars are set sort of arbitrary and every so often the ins are released and the jailors invited in. And why don’t they restore the old Constitutional count where a prisoner equals 3/5 human, like in slavery times? It worked then, until stuff happened …

  29. The president of the school board is no more holy than a minister, and a minister probably sends a lot more stuff than I do.

    Wait, is this a sentence? Is it a defense? An explanation? Am I just too drunk to figure out why he’s saying that a minister is both holier and more proficient than he is…as a defense to racism?

  30. lizard scum: Being Mormon is a choice, and so is choosing to be a conservative racist douche. Being a race isn’t a choice. A great example of this is; Clarence Thomas’ choice to be a white conservative douche. No matter how much of an “Uncle Tom” he acts like, he’s still a black conservative douche.

  31. serious(ish) question: who’s worse, this type of dude who is essentially a lost cause, or the marin-ite type liberal that knows/understands other cultures about as well but will shout from the mountaintops that they love the blacks and the browns and the whatnots? to wit, a true story from my wife’s work. they have a xmas tree every year, and this marin lady, who happens to be jewish, is offended and demands a menorah (fair enough) and suggests they also ask their african-american co-worker, who happens to be a hardcore baptist, if she would like a kwanzaa bush. yep, just like michael scott.

  32. [re=334224]rj77[/re]: I live someplace northeast of Albany, and it’s not Lew-Porter cause that’s north of Buffalo. Yes, we do have a prison, which I passed by Saturday to drive to a gorgeous lake camp where I drank bourbon and lost at poker. BTW – our county went solidly for Obama; despite the many Repubs, we have more sense than you think. And we aren’t Kansas.

  33. No sir. Everyone in the world is not forwarding tired and stale racist and sexist jokes. From the contents of my inbox one can see that everyone in the world is forwarding warnings about plastic bottles.

  34. [re=334207]Brendan M.[/re]: Wow. You don’t have to be a fat white man with hypertension to get elected to the Lewiston-Porter school board, but . . .

  35. “They can accuse all they want to, but I didn’t do anything other than what everybody else in the world does. The president of the school board is no more holy than a minister, and a minister probably screws a lot more hamsters than I do. These are just animals. If somebody wanted to take offense, they had the opportunity to close their eyes, just like a radio”

  36. [re=334207]Brendan M.[/re]: Wow, that guy’s double chin must have its own area code! Some people are ugly on the outside or ugly on the inside, dude’s got it going both ways.

  37. [re=334207]Brendan M.[/re]: Regular rainbow freaking coalition, that Lewiston-Porter school board. They got the fat, the ugly, AND the bald.

  38. That last one was also on Reinhold Aman’s site, the guy who write the scholarly books about dirty words. He did time in a federal prison for threatening his ex-wife’s lawyer, and hates the Clintons, so I saw it as an anti-Clinton thing. But heck, maybe it’s racist, too; Dr. Aman would gleefully say guilty as charged.

  39. [re=334162]Gorillionaire[/re]: He got one in on women too for good measure — something about women not wearing watches ’cause “there’s a clock on the oven.”

  40. Here’s a real shocker: in the article, he’s “sorry if he offended anybody” and “at least I don’t discriminate. . . . I got a whole list of people I send to.” Where have we heard this before?

  41. “The Lewiston-Porter schools employ 193 full-time teachers, one of whom is black and another who is Hispanic, according to figures provided by the district.”

    “Of the district’s approximately 2,300 students, a little more than 100, or about 4.5 percent, are nonwhite.”

    This guy’s probably wondering who forwarded his emails to the outside agitators who brought it to the attention of the press….

  42. I have a very clear Mad Magazine image in my mind of the first one as a “Things We’d Like to See…” piece.

    Is the ban-hammer still poised?

  43. Haha… Ken, you missed some of the best stuff. From the article:

    “Adamant that he’s done nothing wrong, Weller had a message for his critics: ‘Tell ’em he who’s without sin [should] cast the first stone.'”

    You see, the bible excuses his racism because you stole a pack of gum from a store once. Probably masturbated too.

    “Weller, 72, finished last in a five-way race for the board in the spring of 2007 but was appointed to a board vacancy several months later.”

    Ha! He’s a loser! A LOSER! He got a gimme because they didn’t have anybody else. [i]Welp, we don’t have anybody else. I guess we’ll have to get the old racist white guy.[/i]

  44. The black teacher was surprised by Mr. Wellers funny welcome of the school board in white hoods and a ol’ fashioned cross burning. Mr Weller commented to the Buffalo News “cmon who hasnt burned a cross on a black person’s yard.” First Epstein was lynched(per Bay Buchanan) now Weller. Who’s next? David Duke? Is this school district the only one in America without an email policy?

  45. How pleased the teachers of the district must be, to have the official endorsement of the “everybody’s doing it, therefore it’s okay” defense at the highest level.

  46. [re=334260]Mustang[/re]: The women of Lewiston-Porter don’t have time to be on any damn school board. They already have to take care of the house, the yard, AND work full time to pay for the Viagra. And when their hubbies’ heads ‘splode from burst arteries, they have to push the wheelchairs and clean the potty chairs for the next 20 years. Fun times in that place that wasn’t lucky enough to be in Canada.

  47. you’re a little bit racist… and i’m a little bit too…

    everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes…

    Alright, everyone, sing along!

  48. I would hate to be the recording secretary on that school board. All the members look exactly the fucking same. How would you know who said what? It’s freaking me out.

  49. [re=334432]EdFlinstone[/re]: “Is this school district the only one in America without an email policy?” The school board probably MADE an E-mail policy (for everybody else). And when it was discussed I’d bet my bottom dollar they fantasized what seditious things the teachers, especially the one African-American and the one Hispanic-American, might be using the school computers for. Like mebbe union news! Not to mention those nasty children and their sex messages!

    [re=334492]SuperStarr[/re]: My 82-year-old mother saw a picture of Mitch McConnell on the news the other day and said to me, “Why do all those people look alike?” It’s a great day when middle-aged white men in business suits would be referred to by their mother-figures as “those people”! I’ll have to introduce her to the Lewiston school board before they take the Website down.

  50. [re=334208]4tehlulz[/re]: Akshully, a stormfront presence is why I stopped going to my local church. Minsters is racist. Who woulda thunk?

    Come out of the closet Bobby and proudly claim your bottom feeding racist asshattery! Hide not behind the joke – you ain’t foolin’ anyone anyway.(Well, except inbreds like yourself.)

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