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Feed the baby.

Wonkette is important for many reasons: the non-suicides, the community, how many of you met and are boning because of the comments, the way Alex Jones thinks we are “fake news,” how we keep you abreast of events with actual informed analysis about important public policy but we’re not above dishing on Kellyanne Conway biting her nails to the quick, and how we have solemnly promised that we will Never Stop Mocking Those Fuckers.

Haha, I said abreast.

Now, we’re getting rid of all our ads. They’re ugly, they waste your browser space, they piss you off, and most importantly THEY ARE NOT PAYING ME ANY MONEY.

Go fuck yourself, ads! Wonkette has AMERICANS behind it, with REAL AMERICAN VALUES, COMING TOGETHER AND WORKING AS ONE!

This is a form. Click it until your wallet/purse/EBT Card is empty. (Just kidding! We do not take food stamps. Yet. But we DO take Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, and PayPal!)





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Perhaps you are all like ARGLE BARGLE INTERNET PAY DO NOT WANT, and would like to send us a paper check, in the mail, like some kind of Old? We have a PO Box now! How exciting is that!

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Wow, right?

OH NO THE BABY EATED ALL OF THE MUNNIEZ! Well, that is what babies do.

You can never take her bananas OR HER FREEEEEEEDOM! But mostly her bananas.
You can never take her bananas OR HER FREEEEEEEDOM! But mostly her bananas.

Thank you for reading Wonkette. We love you.