It wasn't his case, but 9/11

Rudy Giuliani Has Thing To Say, And It Is A Noun, A Verb, And ‘KOREAN PERJURY TRAPS!’

This is the last time we are writing about Rudy Giuliani this week, WE SWEAR.

Donald Trump Just Hallucinating Now, Sees Shade Of Melania When She’s Not There

Just wait til he pulls his version of Reagan's kneeslapper, 'The bombing begins in five minutes.'

Wait, You Mean James O’Keefe Videos DON’T Hold Up In A Court Of Law????

Here's a surprise: someone took one of James O'Keefe's lying videos and removed some truth from it!

Nothing To See Here, Folks. Apparently Gay Men Beat Themselves Into Comas.

Who jumps off of a train going 60-70 mph, yet does not have injuries consistent with jumping off of a train?

Michael Cohen In ALL The Shit. Again.

Is it indictment o'clock yet?
Nelson from The Simpsons,saying HA HA!

Dana Rohrabacher Being A Total Dana Rohrabacher Again, Anti-Gay Edition

We bet his face knows it's been spited, all right.

ICE Giving Migrant Parents A Break From Their Kids, Hopefully Will Return Them Someday

Things that would never be tolerated if they happened to white people, part Three Million.
BRB throwing up now

Has Roger Stone Been Telling COMMON FIBS About His Collusion With WikiLeaks?

Roger Stone, DISHONEST? The fuck you say!

Police Beat Black NBA Player Sterling Brown; NFL Says Kneeling Still Treason

Now, what the fuck did he do to deserve getting his ass beat and tased?

Don’t Be Tardy For The Obstruction Party! Wonkagenda For Fri., May 25, 2018

Trump's lawyer crashes the party, North Korean nuclear fallout, and Harvey Weinstein does a perp walk. Your morning news brief.

Oh No, Michael Cohen’s Tell-All Book Has Been Cancelled. Sorry, Pulitzer Committee!

Now what we are gonna read on the beach?

FBI Sucker Punches Russian Hackers, Steals Their Lunch Money, And Follows Them Home

Uncle Sam chugged a tall can of Whoop-Ass, and stomped Mother Russia.

One Two Three Four Dems Declare A Class War!

What if... we really funded our schools adequately? Would the rich let us do that, please?
Screw you too, pal

The Five Dumbest Things Rudy Giuliani Has Said Since Lunch


Alia Shawkat, MARRY ME!

On the next Arrested Development ...

Jeff Flake Wonders How Politics Got So Ugly, Doesn’t Own A Mirror

'How did we ever come to such a pass?' asks man who helped drive the bus.

Rudy Giuliani’s Brain Seems To Have Gotten Out Of Its Kennel Again

Rudy Giuliani gettin' all existential up in here.

You Can’t Break Up With Trump, North Korea! He’s Breaking Up With You First!

How bad did President Dumbass get rolled? AOT,K!