Dear Joe Barton,

Hi, Congressman! Enjoying this warm, sunny day in DC? I bet you’ll miss those cherry blossoms when you retire and head back to Texas next year. Or will you be staying here to earn that sweetsweet lobbying coin when you retire from the House? So cool that you’ll have a pension and guaranteed access to health insurance for the rest of your life! Bet that’s a big weight off your mind, huh?

Anyway, we’ve never met, but I’m just writing to let you know that you’re a bad parent. Like, TERRIBLE actually. Now, I know what you’re saying. How were you to know those photos of you naked and masturbating would leak to the press? This isn’t about that. And it isn’t about your dogged insistence on turning the earth into a boiling sewer of polluted sludge. Although I’m sure your four children will thank you when daytime temperatures in Texas start hitting 130 on the regular.

No, sir. I’m talking about the guns. I’m talking about this interview you gave to The Atlantic where you recounted your experience watching your 11-year-old son hide under a truck from a mass shooter at Congressional baseball practice last June. And I’m talking about how you decided that the best course of action would be to have a lot of “feelings” about it instead of changing any laws.

The shooter had two weapons, and he’d cease fire to reload or switch from his pistol to his semi-automatic rifle. In those silent seconds, Barton’s then 11-year-old son, Jack, would peek out from under the car where he was hiding. His father would frantically yell at him to get back down.

That must have been a terrible, traumatic experience, Sir. No parent and no child should have to go through that. I am so sorry for you and your son.

I’m a parent myself. In fact, our youngest children are the same age. Although I’m a heathen liberal still married to their father, not a family-values conservative like yourself. Maybe that’s why I just can’t understand your refusal to moderate your position on gun laws after watching a lunatic with access to powerful, semi-automatic weapons shoot at your own precious child. But the Lord and the NRA work in mysterious ways. I see the NRA still gives you an A rating! Too bad God doesn’t issue annual report cards.

“In terms of feelings, I don’t think there’s a difference between a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican,” he said. “Regardless of your viewpoint, you’re just as upset. We care just as much. I can guarantee you that GOP members of the baseball team care.”

“We all want to do what’s right,” he added. “We just have different philosophical viewpoints.”

I guess we do have “different philosophical viewpoints,” Congressman. I feel that the safety of our children is more important than some tortured interpretation of the Second Amendment that allows Americans to wander around carrying giant murder machines. But I’m a radical who thinks that even adults should be able to walk down the street without fear of being gunned down.

You feel that the police should be empowered to detain people who exhibit “warning signs.” Not sure why you’re so much more concerned about the Second Amendment than the Fourth. But I guess people like you and me don’t have to worry about getting pulled over and strip-searched because police think we’re exhibiting “warning signs.”

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you’re calling your son every day now since the shooting. You don’t seem to have updated your Twitter feed since your decision to retire, but I know you send thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Parkland shooting. It’s the absolute least you could do, being a Congressman and all. But I’m sure we’re all safer for it.

I know you’re a religious man, sir. So I’ll sign off with a verse from the Book of James.

What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is good enough for the NRA and more valuable than the lives of 33,000 Americans per year.

Did I do that right? I’m Jewish, so sometimes I get confused with the New Testament. But I’m pretty good at math, LOL. So I feel confident when I say that our murder rate, at 16 [Edit] 5.3 per 100,000, is higher than Europe’s of 3. So weird that fewer people get shot when access to guns is restricted!

Well, I know you’re a busy man. So I’ll just wish you good luck in your retirement, Congressman. I’ll be in DC next month with my kids marching against gun violence, but I suppose I won’t see you there. It’s the very least I can do, not being an elected lawmaker like yourself. But at least I’m doing it.

Thoughts and Prayers,
Your Five Dollar Feminist

[The Atlantic]

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  • Oneofthebobs

    I’m so lucky to have had good parents.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    Mueller has the indictment cannon aimed at Paulie Manaforte and his ex, Goofey Gates, today.

    • The Wanderer

      (giggles) Let the million flowers bloom, and we shall march on a road of bones. Let indictments run untrammeled!

  • MynameisBlarney

    Pig-eyed motherfucker.

    • Bill D. Burger

      So many of em’ have that same look: Corpulent, bleached, smarmy and eternal self satisfied grin. It’s almost predictable. When they appear it’s sickeningly easy to spot them.

      • RickyG

        They all look like if not for government work, they’d be illegally selling used cars pulled from Hurricane Harvey.

      • Celtic_Gnome

        They didn’t always look like that, did they? I mean, this guy’s got an eleven-year-old son. That means some woman actually fucked him, right?

  • WilbyToad
    • The Wanderer

      Yeah. Funny, that.

    • Eileen Besse


    • JustPixelz (((Ω)))

      In couple years, they’ll also be armed with a vote.

      It’s been twenty years since Columbine. Today’s teenagers have never known a time without active shooter drills in their classrooms.

      • Nounverb911

        Actually, November!

      • Jeffocaster in the West

        Yeah, I remember when all we did was crouch under the desk waiting for the flash of a nuclear weapon….

        • Celtic_Gnome

          To be fair, it was a lot harder to get a nuke. I mean, back then, you had to, like, be a government and everything.

        • Olga

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      • Ninja0980

        The GOP wants to make sure they can’t use that amendment either.

    • Ninja0980

      They only care about the 2nd Amendment, the rest they could care less about.

      • 🍁 Secret Society Girl Guide 🍁

        I hope in my lifetime to see the Democrats take over every single fucking legislature in the USA, force a Constitutional convention, and get rid of that blood-soaked ink stain amendment that shares an ordinal designation with a colloquial term for shit. Amendment Number Two is a worthless smear of poo.

  • UncleTravelingMatt

    Again I tell you, it is easier for a father whose 11 year old son was in danger of being shot to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who favors even the slightest of gun control measures to enter the Kingdom of NRA Cash.

  • Toomush Stability

    Fuck your thoughts and prayers, Joe Barton, is pretty much my identical thoughts every time I’m forced to see his picture or hear his name…

  • JustPixelz (((Ω)))

    “I am pro-life because I believe that all life is precious and should be respected and I back that up with my vote. As a lawmaker, I believe I have a constitutional and moral obligation to protect those who do not have the power to protect themselves.”

    He’s off to a good start. How does he finish that thought?

    “I will continue to fight in Congress for the unborn.”

    So … if you’re already born, go fuck yourself.

    • kaydenpat

      How about caring about the born? He sounds like an idiot.

      • torturedsoul

        Republican from Texas? What makes you think he’s an idiot?

    • Bright Bart

      i read that as fight for the unicorn. a worthy cause huzzah!

  • gnomemansanisland

    Luther and Calvin had their own interpretation of faith v. works.

    • Bright Bart

      and Hobbes. you forgot Hobbes.

    • mfp whorange

      i’ll take observable works over professed faith as proof of intention for $1000, alex, thanks

  • janecita

    Scalise is still a staunch gun humper, even after being shot. Money is more important to these assholes than anything else. Btw, isn’t Barton like 100 years old, why is his kid so young?

    • HazooToo

      Because he’s still fucking fertile people who, for some godforsaken reason, are willing to tolerate having sex with him.

      • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy


  • We Texans are just born with the innate ability to neo out of a hail of bullets, right Joe?

    Gunz r people too!

    Fuck off Joe Barton.

  • Antonin Dvorak

    Tangentially related, Mother Pence is bestowing some kind of award on Steve Scalise.

    Second lady Karen Pence is poised to honor House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) at an upcoming Oscar-themed charity fundraiser.

    Pence will present the Tracy’s Kids Courage Award to Scalise at the Hollywood film-filled event on Tuesday in downtown Washington.

    • Duke

      Amazing news!

    • WotsAllThisThen

      I thought they hated Hollywood phonies?

      • Nockular cavity

        “Yes, almost as much as we hate Washington. So reelect me and send me back for my 15th term, so I can fight Washington!”

      • ((( Augustus )))

        they hate everyone until something good is about to happen to them and then they suddenly become more quiet about their philosophical differences

    • Bright Bart

      it is the award of being flogged while wearing a hair shirt.
      That is what Mike gets when he hath sinned.

    • Courser_Resistance

      Ick. Sounds like an awful event. Are they going to give Scalise an Oscar for getting shot in the ass?

      Awards really don’t work that way.

      • Mehmeisterjr

        Mike Pence could attend dressed as Elmer Gantry.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      Hey, is Mother Pence allowed to be alone with men?

  • BearGHAZI

    Dude’s got level 5 pig face

  • kaydenpat

    Yep. Their holy book says that faith without works is dead. When will they DO SOMETHING and stop with the idiotic “thoughts and prayers”?

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      Probably around the same time they pick up a bible and actually read it.

      • Bub, Secret Society zombie

        “Read it? I’m to busy preaching the holy word of God to read it.”

    • gnomemansanisland

      Calvin said works were immaterial to salvation. You were granted salvation by the grace of God. Predestination.

    • Jamoche

      What, you want faith with works? What are you, some kind of Catholic? The whole Protestant thing was about getting to ignore that bit.

      (If, y’know, you’re the sort of Bible thumper looking for excuses…)

    • torturedsoul

      They should think and pray in one hand and shit in the other to see which one fills first.Then they should lick their hand clean.

  • WotsAllThisThen

    I guess his philosophical viewpoint prevents him from looking at what works in other countries, or allowing the CDC to study gun violence, or even treating guns with the same regulatory seriousness as cars.

    For reals, if guns required liability insurance, most of them would be priced right out of the market. Because unlike Congresspeoples, actuaries have to get the math right.

    • Jeff Ackerman

      If homeowner/rental insurance required they be kept locked up along with liability coverage that would be a good start. Enforcement would be a problem though.

  • fawkedifiknow

    Slightly OT but, I suppose we’ll have a full week of national mourning now that Billy Graham has croaked, finally. Fox News, Paul Ryan, the NRA and our moral leader in the White House – fully supported by Graham’s despicable spawn – are over joyed to have the distraction, I’m sure.

    • elviouslyqueer

      “Rest in peace, Billy, and thanks for giving us another reprieve.”

      — White House staff, this morning, more than likely

    • Nounverb911

      Are the flags at Half-Mast yet?

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Yes, but for a different reason than a man dying of old age.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      Oh, if only it could have been Franklin, with votes and everything. That entitled little shit was born into an empire and is only interested in keeping the grift going.

      Back in the 90’s, he wanted to turn his father’s home church into a combination homage to his father/amusement park. Billie nixed the fuck out of that idea. Guess he finally gets to do it, so the Christians were right. Good things do come to those who wait.

  • Everrett Fanuelli

    Isn’t this the family values congressmen who sent dick pics to his mistress?

  • Victoria Ricola

    CPS should be called. Thuggy criminal single parents who ignore their children in favor of guns and masturbation photos are a real problem in this country.

    Am I doing this right?

    • ((( Augustus )))


    • gnomemansanisland

      There is something wrong in the white gun humping community. Why aren’t moderate white gun humpers speaking out?

      • MynameisBlarney

        Where are the moderate white gun humpers parents?

        • torturedsoul

          They don’t reproduce.Hard to knock an AR-15 up.

  • JaveyDay
  • Jeffocaster in the West

    Add to the basket of despicables we are discussing today…..

  • ArgieBargie

    If only Joe Barton loved his son the way the he loves the NRA.

    • h4rr4r

      Well maybe his son should get a job and start contributing as much as the NRA does to his re-election fund.

  • JMP

    That guy has an eleven year old son? He looks like he’s around the age of my parents, who are 70 and 69. That’s creepy.

    • Bright Bart

      is actually just some kid that wandered unwittingly into the “barton candy buggy”

    • Snork Maiden

      My dad is 75 and has a 16 and a 14 yr old. My lovely step mum is my age of 53

  • The Very Stable Librarian

    Mr. Barton’s retirement can’t come too soon. Same for his pictures also too.

  • MynameisBlarney

    OT, but any Scots here?
    Was this shit for real?

    • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

      In 1972, four would have been legal in most states here in the US.

    • Uncle Zor

      Four pints though, that’s ok?

      • Msgr_MΩment

        We need to increase adult obesity, so that the fifth pint no longer is evil.

      • 🍁 Secret Society Girl Guide 🍁

        Four pints good!

        More pints double-plus less-good?

    • harryr

      Scottish person here. I was only 11 at the time so don’t remember it, but it’s certainly plausible. The limit now is equivalent to about 1 (and most people won’t even risk that), lower than England and Wales

    • Snork Maiden

      Grew up in Glasgow in the 70’s. My dad says that yes this was a thing. I have strong memories of him driving home three sheets to the wind ( as we say). He was also drinking Tennants extra which is like treacle lager and strong.

      • MynameisBlarney

        Awesome, thanks!

  • Ninja0980
    Meanwhile, in PA Republicans are getting ready to impeach judges over the maps being redrawn in a fair manner.
    Can’t have that now can we?

  • 🍁 Secret Society Girl Guide 🍁

    Our Moloch, by Garry Wills.

    Speaking of “thoughts and prayers.” This is who they’re really fawning over.

  • Mike
  • elviouslyqueer

    I asked a number of Republican lawmakers to speak about what they think about in these moments, and what, if anything, could be done legislatively to prevent the “next time.” Barton was the only one who agreed to talk.

    Disease, meet symptoms.

  • jesuswasablack
  • OutOfOrbit

    I would bet dollars to doughnuts that these (R)critters would stick by their guns even if one of the own children/grandchildren were a victim to AR-15 slaughter. They are, after all, soulless.

    • OrG

      Mmmmm, doughnuts…..

      • OutOfOrbit

        i donut know what that is

    • Gorillionaire

      I think they would, yes. Admitting fault hurts them far worse.

  • Nounverb911

    In honor of Joe Barton, I post this in his general direction.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    So now we have a new definition of the difference between a liberal and a con, I guess; if any child anywhere is hiding under a car while someone is shooting nearby, liberals are horrified, but if a con’s OWN CHILD is hiding under a car during the same circumstances, the cons need to protect the precious thing in that scenario: the gun.

  • My Evil Twin Skippy

    When Barton says, “Philosophy,” he means, “uninformed opinion. “*

    Uniformed opinion is a terrible way to formulate policy. What’s needed are facts, but the CDC is hamstrung by the Dickey Amendment.

    Call or write your Senator and tell then to cosponsor Sen. Heinrich’s (D-NM) notion to repeal the Dickey Amendment.

    *Yes, this is an overly generous interpretation.

  • Spotts1701, Porg Wrangler

    You feel that the police should be empowered to detain people who exhibit “warning signs.”

    So your baseline that it’s all right to arrest people who have committed no crime, hold them without due process of law, without a right to know the charges against them (since there are no charges), and without trial. It’s also alright to base this unlawful and illegal detention upon words that have been said without imminent threat.

    So that’s the First, Fourth, Fifth and potentially the Eighth Amendments that you’re willing to violate to protect the Second. And this is “patriotism” to you, sir?

    • My Evil Twin Skippy

      Relax, only the blahs will be detained. No real Americans.

      *Many Are Being Arrested

      • Zyxomma

        Many Are Getting Arrested, but tomayto, tomahto.

    • 🍁 Secret Society Girl Guide 🍁

      We’ve gotten to a point where the Second Amendment has been given the power to nullify every fucking other one. Including the “unimportant” (according to the GOP) ones after the BoR, and by that I mean the ones that expanded voting rights to undesirables like blahs, women and young’uns. Social media right now is full of gun fetishists calling for more school shootings to hurry up and kill every last “millennial snowflake” so that they don’t get a chance to vote.

      I think we can see what the problem is: the Second Amendment is valued above all else. Solution: delete the Second Amendment. Talk about “process of elimination.”

      • My Evil Twin Skippy

        The Second Amendment was written when it was assumed that the national defence* could be done with a militia and no standing army. Events proved this a foolish notion.

        A well ordered militia is not necessary. It does not even exist.

        The Second Amendment is obsolete at best. It should be repealed. Alas this won’t happen.

        *and slave catching

        • Kooolest G

          a side benefit of the 2nd amendment is that it encourages people like the bundy clan, david koresh, the aryan nations and tim mcveigh to arm themselves to the teeth and protect us all from tyranny

          • My Evil Twin Skippy

            Girl Guide Salute has been posting like actually scholarly articles that argue this was the real purpose.

            Makes sense actually when you think about the use of “militias” to kill Indians and suppress slave rebellions.

      • cmd resistor

        Clarence Thomas was crying yesterday in his dissent from a denial of cert in a 9th C case upholding a 10 day waiting period. He said the 2nd A was a “constitutional orphan” and the Supreme Court was being mean to it, basically. It should be an orphan but the NRA has made it into this glorious thing.

        • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

          AH yes, the asshole who finally spoke after Scalia died. His question was, if a domestic assault criminal would lose his guns.

    • cmd resistor

      BUT damned if you would approve of taking the guns away from those people.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Well Steve Scalise was actually shot by the guy with all the guns at their baseball practice, and he’s still a slave to the NRA — so it’s not surprising that Joe Barton or anyone else whose kid was only in mortal danger but suffered no physical injury will take Scalise’s loyalty to his campaign contributors as an inspiration.

    • cmd resistor

      I guess because God saved Scalise even though he was pretty much almost dead or paralyzed or wearing a colostomy bag for life because of that weapon, it’s all good. I had wondered if he might reconsider (while he was recovering and it was touch and go) but …..

  • Ninja0980

    I keep hearing that shooting “proves” liberals are violent and that we need to tone down our “hateful” talk.
    I can easily counter the shooter in question did exactly what the NRA and other folks always hint at or even talk about in some cases, and that is taking up arms against an unjust government.
    Maybe those NRA assholes should watch their language instead of the other way around.

  • New and Improved Say Wha
  • shivaskeeper

    Wait a minute. Someone with “Feminist” in their name is angry about something? How very, very out of character.

    Seriously though, fuck this guy. The majority of rank and file GOPers tend to change their tune when the shit they push hits home. They hate unemployment until hey need it. Social Security disability is only for cheaters until they get hurt. Then these are good thing. Anecdotal, to be sure, but all the GOPers I know who had that epiphany come around to the conclusion that maybe not everyone else is lying when they need something.

    Then there are the garbage people like this. Even when it affects them or their own personally they could care less. He is a bad parent because he is a bad fucking person. He lacks not only the ability to put himself in someone else’s shoes to gain some empathy, he lacks the ability to be in his own fucking shoes.

    • OutOfOrbit

      go on

      • shivaskeeper

        That was it. End of thought.

    • Donna Mueller

      that asshole scalise was fkkkn SHOT, and he’s still a fkkkn ammosexual- WHAT DOES IT TAKE!!!!! i guess i’m just an idiot.

      • Ill-Advised

        Error in pronoun. I’m pretty sure he’s the idiot.

        “Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain” (Schiller?)

      • shivaskeeper

        He’s bought and paid for. It would probably take people around him actually being killed.

      • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

        NRA owns him.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Give the guy credit–he walks the talk. If seeing his own 11-year-old son threatened by a madman with assault weapons doesn’t make him rethink his position on gun regulation, I doubt anything will.

    I’d say maybe he’s just a shitty father, but no one is THAT shitty.

    • OutOfOrbit

      oh you’d be surprised

      • wavicles


    • cmd resistor

      I did think there was a longshot chance Scalise would see the light, after I read about the extent of his injuries due to the type of weapon/bullets, but NOPE!

      • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

        They must really have some kompromat on him.

    • IMPOed

      Never forget “Joe the Plumber” on guns: ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights’ To Have Guns

  • House0fTheBlueLights


  • Terpsichord

    I want a rule that every legislator at every governmental level must have their eyes pinned open and be forced to look at the autopsy photos of kids killed by automatic weaponry. Further, I wish someone could bottle the smell of someone bleeding out and stick it under their noses while they view the photos.
    My sincere apologies if I ruined lunch for anyone.

    • Donna Mueller

      as an RN, i can tell you that if you have EVER been through any of it, it stays with you forever……

    • Ling Ling

      The audio is also powerful.

    • cmd resistor

      A Florida dem legislator person took some GOP folks with her on a tour of the school after the bodies were gone but while the blood and stuff was still there and it did seem to have some impact. Whether it will last, who knows. I have read some pretty graphic descriptions of the emergency rooms after one of these massacres and I think they should have to sit and watch, and slip in blood puddles, or at the very least watch video. Anyway, the description of the school was pretty grim, even without pics.

      • PubOption

        Repubs learning from Book?

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      There is a reason that the buildings these massacres happen in get torn down, and it’s not just because of physical reminders. It’s because the biological aftermath of such carnage is nearly impossible to fully eradicate.

    • Native American

      no children have been killed with automatic weaponry. try again

  • Gorillionaire

    As soon as I saw 5$ Femme under the title I knew I had to read it. Well done madam.

  • Me not sure

    FDF, using the words “naked”, ” masturbating”, and “leak” in a single sentence about Smokey Joe created a very bad mental image for me

    • Vacuous Virgina

      Different strokes (ja ja ja) for different folks 🤣🤣🤣

  • orygoon

    I used to live in his district. He’s more an oil whore than a gun whore, fwiw, but hey, what a combination.

  • Wookie Monster

    Maybe Barton can apologize to the NRA like he did to BP.

  • PubOption
    • H0mer0

      that was a weirdass movie

  • Zyxomma

    Thanks, $5F. Glad you and your kids will be marching.

  • “Unpresidented” Linda

    Wait, he has an eleven year old???? Yuck. His little kid was exposed to all that nasty nudity stuff his dirty old dad did. Poor kid. That’s way more traumatizing than getting stuck under a vehicle during a shooting. Way to go, Dad Of The Year.

    • IMPOed

      IKR? Double Yuck!!

    • Trump’s Potemkin Village

      Well, at least his ex-wives smartened up and left him.

    • Kooolest G

      now is that his kid from his first wife, second wife, or one of the 3 side chicks who came out and said he was sending dick pics to them? these family values guys are so hard to keep track of

      ETA you know wife #2 divorced him a few years ago, sooooo ladies….. he’s single

      • “Unpresidented” Linda

        I was just making fun of him last night. His vacant seat has cause all manner of nasty campaigning here.

  • IMPOed

    We must train our mass shooters to obtain more “Specific Targets”!

  • Marla

    ““We just have different philosophical viewpoints.”

    Yes, you do. NRA blood money philosophical viewpoints.

  • Upright Ape

    This article omits the brilliant artistry of Joe Barton’s photography. What Annie Leibovitz is portraiture, Ol’ Joe is to elderly Texan wank-pics telephonically transmitted out to the world whether people wanna see ’em or not. Keep on wankin’ for freedom, Joe!

  • IMPOed
  • Gary Charound

    According to that link, the murder rate of 16 per 100,000 is for the Americas as a whole. The United States rate is 4.88. Still far too many, of course.

    • Fivedollarfeminist

      Gah! Thanks!

  • Ellie

    Brava, FDF. Brava!

    • Fivedollarfeminist

      Thanks! 🙏🏻

  • Michael Smith

    “Too bad God doesn’t issue annual report cards.”

  • SqueakyRat

    Wandering around town with an AR-15 should definitely count as a “warning sign.”

  • Now, now, $5 Feminist, Barton is just a very concerned person. Remember when he offered “thoughts and prayers” to the beleaguered CEO of BP (y’know just because the “hysterical” public decided to make a big row about a little oil ruining a little ecosystem?)

  • JackLinks

    What’s holding Barton back from retiring right now? Al Franken retired days after he was exposed as a sexual pervert!

    Rep. Joe Barton to retire in 2018 after nude photo and messages made public
    “There are enough people who lost faith in me that it’s time to step aside,” the Texas congressman said.

    • Probably that the courts told texas to stop gerrymandering

    • Vagenda and Pee-ara

      Al Franken wasn’t exposed as a sexual pervert. He was exposed as a comedian who took a dumb joke photo, and traumatized forever a friend of Sean Hannity’s. I might add that she was traumatized by the photo that she released to the media.

  • davefromoregon

    I am still mad at Barton for apologizing to BT after President Obama tried to get BT to pay to clean up after the Deepwatwer Horizon oil disaster.

    • SineDie

      You mean BP?

      • davefromoregon

        Yes. Correction made

  • chronozoan


  • JBenningfield

    All I can think of when I see this guy is Adam Sandler yelling about OLD BALLS.

  • Delu

    Steve Scalise got shot by someone, was in critical condition for a while.

    Decided that gun regulations are not the answer after recovering.

    They simply work that way.

  • Dough

    Barton is – and always has been – despicable.
    – This vid is 8ish-mins but it’s worth the watch.
    It highlights the push back against tobacco-causes-cancer science a few decades ago versus the very similar tactics against climate change science these days.. and Barton is key involved in both.

  • Posonby Britt

    Why does anyone have sex with Joe Barton? Except for money, A LOT of money. Is that a thing, a fetish for creepy old bloated white guys?

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