We’re sending you a hat, Sen. Schumer. Get your own sippy cup.

After eight years of Republicans doing their damnedest to make Barack Obama a one-term president (they never did get the math right), Senate Democrats aren’t about to let the GOP erase the Affordable Care Act — at least not without a fight. Starting tonight, Senate Dems are planning not only a marathon of speeches against the attempt by Republicans to pass a healthcare bill with as little public scrutiny as possible, but also objecting to unanimous consent, a move that will slow down routine Senate business.

“Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they’re ashamed of it, plain and simple,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “These are merely the first steps we’re prepared to take in order to shine a light on this shameful Trumpcare bill and reveal to the public the GOP’s true intentions: to give the uber-wealthy a tax break while making middle class Americans pay more for less health care coverage. If Republicans won’t relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn’t expect business as usual in the Senate.”

This evening, Washington Senator Patty Murray will lead off a series of floor speeches by Senate Dems, which may go late into the night. Other moves planned by Democrats include a bunch of “parliamentary inquiries” to the presiding officer of the Senate, intended to call attention to the Republicans’ secret closed-door process and contrast it to the way the ACA was drafted in 2009-2010, which, as Nancy Pelosi explained as the House version of Obamacare repeal was being rushed through, was a far more transparent process:

(Yes, and Republicans can take their out-of-context fibs about passing the bill to find out what’s in it and stuff them — that’s a myth, not that anyone bothers with mere facts anymore.)

Roll Call notes that if Democrats are successful in using procedural tactics to gum up the works, most of this week could be taken up just getting the nominations of two undersecretary appointments through the Senate, leaving only a week before the Independence Day recess. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had wanted to force the secret ACA repeal through before the recess. Oh, those nasty obstructionist Democrats, foiling Donald Trump’s extremely popular plan to leave tens of millions without health insurance. The House version of the ACA repeal only had 17% approval in a recent poll, so it only stands to reason that if the Senate can pass its version in complete secret, more people will like it, since knowing what’s in it seems to be the main reason people dislike the House version.

Yr Wonkette is proud to do its part to encourage Democratic senators to stay strong in their opposition to the GOP’s secret healthcare bill (you know, unless the R’s go crazy and unveil a single-payer plan), so we’re going to send a bunch of our practical and beautiful “Hell. No.” hats to them. We think that would make for a terrific group photo. And if you haven’t called your senators yet, get on the phone, will you?

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[Politico / Roll Call / The Hill]

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  • FlownΩver

    “And if you haven’t called your senators yet, get on the phone, will you?”

    Hell, yes!

    • laughingnome

      Yes, both dems, but did anyway.

    • Old town Urbandale

      I might as well put them on speed dial.

    • Teto85

      Yes, got’em both.

  • laughingnome


    OT: Melania looks pregnant.

    • beingreleased

      She has to have some fun while Donnie is off presidenting..

    • Does that mean Dampnut is going to have the pool boy killed?

      • Latverian Diplomat

        If he rounds up the usual suspects, it could put a real dent in his staff. (no pun intended).

        There’s a reason ancient potentates went with eunuchs, Donnie.

        • Maybe he hired Jared to knock up his wife for him too?

          • Latverian Diplomat

            Worst wipe-swapping arrangement, ever?

    • Bill D. Burger

      The move to D.C.?

      Depression + fast food binges = preggers look

    • Latverian Diplomat

      OMG, can you imagine he gag inducing “White House Baby” coverage that could generate. Do. Not. Want.

      The President is crybaby enough as it is.

    • BearGHAZI

      If Melania is pregnant, she’ll have to cut the chain necklaces out of her diet. Sad!

      • Oblios_Cap

        I wonder who the baby daddy is?

    • HazooToo

      Please god, let it just be a food baby

    • Cliff Hendroval

      Supposedly she’s been having it off with the head of security for Tiffany’s Trump Tower store.

    • mailman27

      Consider the normalization of having a baby at the age of 71. Our apologetic press would really have to stretch their muscles. (Of course, they’re up to the task.)

  • Bill D. Burger
  • Latverian Diplomat

    “Look, the process might not be transparent, but at least our motives are.”
    — Your Republican Party

  • Nounverb911
  • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

    Here’s the sand. There are the gears. Get to it!

  • Martini Ambassador 🍸

    Those Dem Senators are gonna look even moar sexxy in those stylish “Hell No” hats. Rawr!

  • Latverian Diplomat

    “The problem with reasoned public debate, is that you have to come up with reasons, and make them public.”
    — Mitch McConnell

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    I’ll let Wonkette take care of the hats–I’ll limit myself to dedicating a gif to the Dems that expresses what I think they need to say:

  • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

    i saw an article a few days ago saying obamacare was more popular AFTER trump got elected.

    That kinda made me face palm a bit.

  • canes_pugnaces

    There’s an interesting editorial in the times today. Worth a read:


    What the GOP is proposing will devastate the market place. I get my insurance through a union (DGA). It has become horrible because the unions now have to deal with insurance companies. They used to have an actual facility. The GOP bill will devastate even that.

    • It’s going to affect all aspects of the insurance market, including employer insurance.

      And even without any bill passing they’re already causing turbulence. It’s really really depressing. Next year’s market is going to suck.

  • Nounverb911
  • FDRliberal

    “The Panama Canal is doing quite well,” Trump said, sitting with Varela for a photo opportunity. “I think we did a good job building it, right?”

    “Yeah. A hundred years ago,” Varela said.

    Damn, I love seeing world leaders cutting this feces flinging baboon down to size. First Macron making Trump’s knuckles turn white during his famous “death grip” handshake and now this. Kudos to Pres. Varela.

    • That’s amazing.

    • Gregory Brown

      That is deeply gratifying. My son is in Europe, and I advised him to begin each conversation with a person of the European persuasion with the words, “I am so embarrassed. I didn’t vote for him!”

      • Three Finger Salute

        I guess sewing a yellow star maple leaf on your overcoat to identify yourself as one of the ones who didn’t vote for the fascist is so last century.

        • Predisenting Ron

          I am told that the Europeans caught on fast, to the point where actual Canadians had to REMOVE the flags from their gear because they were tired of being called Americans.

        • Gregory Brown

          If you are Canadian, you’re lucky. At least we’re from Illinois with two strong Democratic senators.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    These are merely the first steps we’re prepared to take in order to shine a light on this shameful Trumpcare bill and reveal to the public the GOP’s true intentions: to give the uber-wealthy a tax break while making middle class Americans pay more for less health care coverage. If Republicans won’t relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn’t expect business as usual in the Senate.”

    In other words:

  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance
    • Shawn Renee Ernoehazy

      As if they know how to have fun! Those kids do not have monies to give them, or in their words “skin in the game.” Interacting freely with whoever is at the jungle gym on any given day is not how they do.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    GOP senators acknowledge they need to move.

    “This doesn’t in my opinion get better over time,” said Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). “It won’t be appreciably better a month from today than it is today. At some point to get this done, you’re going to get it done in the last 10 days before the vote.

    Well, that’s a ringing endorsement! Sign me up!!!

    • Latverian Diplomat

      I’m a tear-off-the band-aid-quickly guy. I guess in this case it’s more like tear the pressure bandage off quickly and expose the sucking chest wound kinda thing.”
      — Roy Blunt, Humanitarian

  • 3rd Rule of Showbusiness:

    If someone wants you to keep a secret, that secret is a lie.

  • Martini Ambassador 🍸

    This tweet was specific to the WH stonewalling, but certainly appropriate for the shady-ass GOP Congress too;

    • cmd resistor

      So says the guy who was forced to tweet a photo of his new socks because no pics from today’s press briefing!

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    Is there any hope my health care won’t be taken away, The Hill link?

    With a 52-seat majority, the GOP can lose just two votes. And there are both conservatives and centrists who sound wobbly.

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is the most likely “no” GOP vote. He criticized core elements of the measure as “new entitlements,” a strong signal his vote may be lost.

    Conservative Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said last Sunday he has “grave concerns” about the direction of the Senate bill.

    Among centrists, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has said she doesn’t want to end ObamaCare’s additional funding for Medicaid’s expansion unless her state legislature supports such a vote.

    “My position on Medicaid expansion and my support for it hasn’t changed,” Murkowski said.

    Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said the Senate bill so far appears to be “far superior” to the House version, but she still has concerns about Medicaid cuts.

    Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) are open to ending the Medicaid expansion funding over the course of seven years, a longer time frame than conservatives want. But it’s not clear Collins can go along with any phase-out of the Medicaid benefits.

    “I know that some of the governors have said that a seven-year phase-out is something they could live with,” Collins said this week. “It’s certainly far better than the House approach, but I really want to see the whole package.”

    tl;dr: here’s hoping GOP infighting saves the day!

    • Marceline

      “Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) are open to ending the Medicaid expansion funding over the course of seven years, a longer time frame than conservatives want.”

      Portman just got re-elected. It’s telling that he wants to push this off until after his next election. He’s such a craven little fuck.

      • SeeTrain65

        Marceline, to quote David Letterman “once again, you have crystallized my thoughts, eloquently.”

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      It’s really telling that the GOP isn’t even letting their own side see the negotiations. Scurred of a few leaks, you fucks?

      It’s like they think we don’t know what they’re doing. This thing is such a malignant turd they’re trying to smuggle it through like a bomb in an airport.

      • CindyinEncinitas

        Can you imagine the threats that were levied against leakers? Hoo boy! A personal tongue-lashing by Jared, mebbe?

  • La forza del resistino

    The GOP is open to have Medicaid cover the expense of having an Uber car come pick up your dead ass off the streets and convey to nearest crematorium.

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      But your family had better have cash up front to pay for the actual cremation.

      • yyyaz

        Otherwise, the corpse goes into long-term storage at $100/day until your family ponies up.

        • TakingAmes

          Or you can just float it down your nearest river. The EPA won’t mind.

    • Oblios_Cap
    • Three Finger Salute

      Free Enterprise! We’ll pick you up!

  • Robbertjan Brandenburg

    as an outsider nowadays feel like there is a party that wants to govern and sometimes makes good decisions and sometimes bad ones and then there is this party that wants to piss on the parade no matter what just because they can.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      There’s one party that want the duly elected government to govern, and the other party wants the duly elected government to stand aside and let the wealthy oligarchs govern.

      IMHO, this latter has always been the real goal of conservatism, all the way back to Burke.

      • Robbertjan Brandenburg

        Plus the utopian believe that things will work out themselves, an Edmund Burkian ideal long bypassed by a new world order where government is more important because the stakes are higher and the world has become more diverse and complicated than just mere hard work.

        • Robbertjan Brandenburg

          Hate to reply to my own comment but in a way Burke was right naming the French revolution an example of revolution turning in to tyranny under the rule of Robespierre if you would see Robespierre as Trump.
          /History mode off.

          • Oblios_Cap

            Funny how that happened in the USSR, too. Apparently when you don’t take a realistic look at human nature, it comes back to prove just how venal and bloodthirsty humans can be. I love me some Marx, but the whole Dictatorship of the Proletariat was incredibly misguided.

          • Robbertjan Brandenburg

            There is always a natural thirst for power but the French and Russian revolution are hardly comparable, Just as the Dutch revolution was considered a revolution for all three cases the real reason was civil war.

        • phoenix00

          “Trickle-down” never trickles-down.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

      No, no, no. Let’s make sure Donald’s name is forever attached to this turd.

      • Pilotshark

        along with all republicans!

  • Bill D. Burger
    • AmazingProfessionalCrastinator

      McConnell is missing from that pic.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • IdiokraticDrumpfenResistance

      You forgot to include Hitler.

      • John Thorstensen

        It might take a few years for the AHCA to rack up that big a body count, I suppose.

        • IdiokraticDrumpfenResistance

          The U.S. lost 407 thousand killed in both theatres in WWII. By depriving 23 million Americans of healthcare, the vile republicans could cause that many unnecessary deaths in a year or two.

    • (((fka_donnie_d)))

      I mean, let’s be sane. This is a crime family. They are prepared to kill people for profit.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • Meccalopolis

      his daughter hates him

      • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

        Those are really “happy” to be there, aren’t they?

    • Red Bird Ω

      How did Eddie Munster manage to marry a rich, normal looking woman?

  • Bill D. Burger
    • Latverian Diplomat

      “Lot of money wasted on varnish if you ask me.”
      — Rand Paul

      • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution

        “Who needs coffins? Did they use coffins in Katya Wood?”

        • Latverian Diplomat

          “Are there no canvas bags? Are there no cotton sheets?”

          • Predisenting Ron

            Cotton? Canvas? Why do you hate the petrochemical industry? Polyester FTW!

          • Latverian Diplomat

            I was thinking decomposition friendly, but point taken.

          • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution

            Is there no dirt that can be simply shoveled over them?

          • Historicat

            Two words, people – Soylent. Green.

            Turn those dead bodies into a revenue source!

    • Meccalopolis

      coffin not included

    • Relativicus

      Sure, till we run out of timber.

      • Three Finger Salute

        We’ll just import the wood from Canada at a 9000% MAGA markup. Because Trump is jealous of Trudeau’s much biglier hockey stick.

    • mancityRed6

      they make those out of cardboard, too.

      • Ill-Advised

        If you’d just live under the bridge in a box like we told you to, you could feel superior for having sparrow on a stick, keel over and die, and we’d just fold up the house around you. It’s the new Bauhaus. Trendy till the end!

    • phoenix00

      It’s actually rather shocking how expensive funerals actually are.

  • Bill D. Burger
  • Bill D. Burger

    “Thoughts & prayers …… and goddamned basic healthcare for EVERYONE!”

    • phoenix00

      Also: a member of the security force that saved his life and others of the Grand Old Party? A black same-sex-married LGBT woman.

  • Anna Elizabeth

    Well they found their fucking spines, eh? Glory be.

    • CindyinEncinitas

      Indivisible showed them where they were.

  • Ricky Gay

    You know, the rightees could save everyone a lot of time by numbering their zombie fibs.
    22: Pocahontas
    36: Pelosi, what’s in it?
    41: Obama Muslim
    42: Benghazi email Whitewater
    etc. Then they could just shout out their favorites: “36!!!”. “42!!!!”
    (Idea stolen from the first joke my Dad ever told me)

    • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution

      God, I love that joke. It might be the first joke MY Dad ever told me, too. “You’re telling it wrong!”

      • Ricky Gay

        My Dad ended with “Some can tell ’em and some can’t!” Same basic punchline. :)

        • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution

          That’s funny too!

  • Bill D. Burger

    Trump: “We’re going to repeal Obamacare and replace it with better, less expensive healthcare that will cover everyone. Believe me. It will be easy.” He gave this series of promises and variations on it at least 61 times during the primaries and general:
    Let’s break that down:
    Promise #1: Republican healthcare replacement will be better
    Promise #2: Republican healthcare replacement will be cheaper
    Promise #3: Republican healthcare replacement will cover everyone

    #1: Trumpcare will be much, much…..much worse
    #2: Trumpcare, except for the young, healthy and well to do, will be much, much….much more expensive
    #3: Trumpcare will, according to the most generous credible estimates, take away healthcare from 20+ million people who have it now.

    Trumpsheeple’ respond:

    • HazooToo


    • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

      They think it’s only going to be bad for black people and Messicans. That’s why they’re happy with it. Poor bastards don’t know what’s coming to them.

    • Electric Ukulele Land

      Yes, well, Obama once said you would be able to keep your doctor, which turned out not to be possible, so he’s actually the lying liar, not Trump. That’s the lie that matters — we expect Trump to lie to us, not the blah President whom we hate.

      • jowgajen

        Technically you could keep your doctor, if said doctor’s were willing to take the reimbursement rates for the insurance plans on the market. Or take insurance at all. As many doctors have had to make choices regarding which insurance, if any, they accept, that sometimes didn’t work out for folks forced by the vagaries of the insurance market to switch insurers. Some of it is doctor’s unreasonable expectations regarding compensation, and some of it is insurance companies simply not reimbursing at a competitive rate.

      • Manders

        Was it a dumb promise to make? Yes. I’ve had to switch doctors too many times to count because a) I switched jobs, b) my doctor (or her health group) decided to stop carrying my insurance plan. Because of the dumb way we’ve set up health insurance in this country, it can be difficult to hang on to a doctor for very long, unless you are willing to just pay him out of pocket.

        Was it a lie? I really don’t think so. It just wasn’t true for everyone.

        • Mehmeisterjr

          Funny thing. Prior to Obamacare, I had to switch my doctor over and over and over due to the whims of insurance companies. The doctors themselves didn’t couldn’t even figure out why. I had three perfectly good principal care physicians inside of a year, with the attendant inconvenience and transfer of records and nobody had any idea why except that some bean-counter somewhere decreed it.

          Then, when the insurance ran out, I didn’t even have a doctor at all for several years until I qualified for Medicare.

          Since then, I have been able to keep the same PCP and specialists without any drama.

          I’m sure that Mitch McConnell can figure out a way to “improve” my situation.

  • Red Bird Ω

    The hats are a good idea. Can we sponsor a hat for our favorites?

    • javadavis

      Can we send hats to the Rs as well? Surely some of them are getting tired of the “pass my TrumpCare Bill!” (pause for bill passage) “that bill is too Mean!” type of antics from Trump by now. Any chink in their solidarity armor is a tiny place to let light in.

  • Three Finger Salute

    Awwwww! Baby Donna is such an adorable little Resister Sister! 😀

  • Mavenmaven

    Their is a major incentive to push it through ASAP as the Rich want their profiteering done before the recess.

    • Predisenting Ron

      Hey, summer’s coming, that new yacht isn’t gonna wax itself.

  • Internet Hitler

    Beat me to it! Was all set to speculate that the secret Trumpcare is really single payer Medicare for All. Punked!
    BTW, I read that a good thing for DemSens to do would be to introduce a whole bunch of amendments to slow things down. And that they’re allowed to introduce unlimited amendments.
    Like, thousands…

    • gene108

      Republicans did this, when Obama was President.

      Payback will never be satisfying unless Trump and several Republicans in Congress go down.

  • Hello from Louisiana, my senators are both Republican pieces of shit whose only problem with the AHCA is that it doesn’t allow them to literally piss on poor people who have cancer.

    • Incoming Ham

      Give them time. They’ll hide that in a bill about burning all of the national forests to make way for luxury condos

  • mailman27

    If the R’s got single payer through, they would be heroes for a generation to come. It would be the most brilliant plan ever. But their hard core fuck-the-poor, shrink-the-government faction would sink it like a stone.

    • Predisenting Ron

      It’s funny to think that their commitment to their awful ideology might be preventing them from being the culture heroes they’re convinced they already are.

    • phoenix00

      There are still common-sensical moderate Repubs left?


    When Republicans talk about “responding to their constituents concerns” they are not talking about the folks in their districts but to the rich donors that enable their multi-million dollar campaigns–quick question: how many GOP Congresscritters ended up far richer than when they ran for office? Other than the ones who were convicted, about 100%

  • Debbie the Unpaid Protester

    This makes me so happy! Democrats fighting back! YES!!!

  • Explody Brain

    I want to say that this is the hill that Democrats should keep or die on. Nothing in domestic policy will affect more people.

    But, they will starve the ACA regardless, and guarantee it fails.

    Let the American people see how far Republicans will go to give wealthy people tax breaks. Then, 2018, 2020…

    The media just needs to keep reporting about health care and keep reporting…

    And then maybe we can have a real conversation about single payer, which is the only sane health care policy.

    Single payer will happen in this country. It’s just a question of how long it takes and how much people have to suffer before it happens.

  • tehbaddr
  • I’m from NY. My Senators are leading the fight.

    I must remember to thank them when it’s all over.

    • Me too. Also.

    • mfp

      IL…durbin and duckworth…aka, hell yes

    • phoenix00

      Don’t wait ’till it’s over, let them know they’re on the right track and they have your support!

  • mfp

    wow…is our democrats courage-ing?

  • phoenix00

    God damn. Nancy Pelosi making sense again. Why aren’t there more like her around?

  • Jukesgrrl

    I’d bet my bottom dollar Chuck Schumer has a sippy cup.

  • crazymonkeylady

    Testimonial: I have purchased a lovely hat from our benevolent Wonkette. Now, if I visit Trumpistan I always wear my ‘Hell, No!’ hat. It’s a beacon that says “I WILL Cut a Bitch!’ and ‘No, Trumpster will NOT make America Great Again!’. It’s my companion in stormy GOP seas. AND it was a bargain, to boot. Wonkette, you have my undying love. And an occasional check Of Big Money.

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