Is she GRRR MAD right now? MAYBE!

Earlier today, Kellyanne Conway went on the television to defend the indefensible again, which in this case was Donald Trump’s lying/ill-informed/stupid tweets about the London attacks and his Muslim Travel Ban, which is not a ban (according to Trump’s minions), but totally is a ban (according to Trump). His tweets came at an inopportune time, because right now the Trump regime is asking the Supreme Court to PLEASE take the case and say his travel ban is a really good ban that isn’t a ban.

Conway told the critters on the “Today” show Monday morning to please stop obsessing over the president’s Twitter Farts, because they are totally unimportant and don’t represent Trump’s true beliefs or policies. Or something. She was talking really fast and saying virtually nothing, as usual, so it was hard to figure out exactly what her point was.

One person who seemed to disagree about the importance of Trump’s tweets was George Conway, legally wedded husband to Kellyanne, with whom she presumably shares a bed and the occasional sexxxytime. George is a big time wingnut lawyer who made his name as a Clinton-obsessed goon back in the 1990s (he was Paula Jones’s lawyer!), and he was being considered for a Justice Department position until he “reluctantly” decided that “this is not the right time” for him to go to work for the Trump administration. He did not specify whether he was simply too busy washing his hair, or whether it’s just because he’s not in the mood to have his entire professional reputation ruined because he took a job in the Trump regime. Perhaps he sees what’s happened to his wife’s credibility and is like “NOPE NO WAY NUH UH DO NOT WANT.”

Here is what George Conway tweeted this morning:

When we saw that, we were like “UH OH, you are going to be in BIG TROUBLE MISTER, and Kellyanne is gonna GIT YOU!” Well, it looks like we may have been correct, because it seems like Kellyanne, who used to be the blueberry princess of the entire exotic land of New Jersey, may have texted or Snapchatted her husband, or maybe she showed up at his office and threatened to go all Jersey Blueberry Lady on him if he didn’t either delete the tweet or PLEASE CLARIFY that he still loves Donald Trump, who is the President of being Kellyanne Conway’s boss.

We imagine it might have gone down something like this:

KELLYANNE [foot planted in George’s ass]: Say you support Trump VERY, VERY STRONGLY, George!

KELLYANNE: Say you love your wife, George! Say she is lovely! Say it like you mean it! Say it like you want to have nookie EVER AGAIN, George!

KELLYANNE: Very good, George! Now subtly keep explaining that the president needs to listen to his lawyers and STFU on Twitter, because OMG, George, he doesn’t listen to me or anybody else, like for real he is a man-baby who nods his head like he’s listening and then immediately takes a dump on the floor when nobody’s looking …

KELLYANNE: Now say you love him again, George, and emphasize that you are only saying these things OUT OF LOVE, George, because remember, he only remembers the last thing he reads or the last person he’s talked to …

KELLYANNE: That’s a good George. You may sleep indoors tonight.


We don’t know if that’s actually how it happened, but MAYBE IT DID.

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  • WotsAllThisThen

    That’s a lot of walking back for one little bit of legitimate criticism.

    Can’t blame the poor guy if he doesn’t like polonium in his morning tea.

  • coozledad

    They don’t call her Peggy for nothin’.

    • TheBoatDude

      She goes deep…

  • Ωbjectifier

    Getting cut off by Kellyanne isn’t exactly punishment. Bit of a relief, really.

  • Le Covfefe Royal

    OSG= Orange Shit Gibbon?

    • puredog

      Ossifer uv tha Sulliciter Genrul

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      Office of the Solicitor General

    • OrG

      Original Sorta Gangsta?


      Orifice Stink Generator

  • Opalescent Riddles
  • Jamoche

    Dammit first WWDC I’ve missed in over a decade and Michelle Obama is going to give a talk.

    • puredog

      And that’s “District Court for the Western District of Washington.” I’ve got a million of ’em.

      • Jamoche

        Apple developer conference.

    • SterWonk

      I’ve never been to a WWDC in person, but I watch all the interesting videos afterwards. Let me know which one Michelle is giving, and I’ll be sure to add it to my watch-list.

      • Jamoche

        It’s the Tuesday 9AM session:
        I don’t know if it’ll be published with the other videos; the lunch speakers aren’t, but this might be special enough that they do.

        • SterWonk

          I didn’t know they even had a big lunch speaker like that; hopefully there’ll be a vid or transcript. Thanks!

          • Jamoche

            They get some awesome lunch speakers – one year it was Buzz Aldrin.

  • canes_pugnaces

    George Conway had his lungs ripped out, fingers chopped off and his member dismembered in the Bowling Green Massacre on June 5, 2017.


    • OrG

      Never Forget!

  • Martini Ambassador 🍸

    Ick. I hope the make-up sex involves locking themselves up in some sort of underground sex bunker and then they lose the key and we never hear from either of them again. Maybe they can invite KaC (hairball!) ‘s boss for a threesome we can rid ourselves of him too.

  • JMP

    It is always nice when Donald undermines his own attempts at evil with his own idiocy and inability to keep his mouth shut.

  • schmannity

    When Trump tweets it, it’s meaningless. When her husband tweets, it is so meaningful it has to be corrected. Got it.

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      Consistency in messaging. One of the hallmarks of a competently run presidential administration.

      • Occupied Territory of Kavefish

        pffrt… coptemency is overtared

        • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance


          • puredog


          • AJ Milne


          • Jasmindjones

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    • OddMan

      Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in today’s presser that Trump’s social media was very important, not more than 4 hours after Conway said, don’t pay attention to his tweets.
      Got it.

      • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

        So why do they need a communications director? It seems they do the same stupid shit whether they have a CD or don’t have a CD.

    • Resistance Ftr PuckStopsHere

      See? Now was that so hard?

    • OddMan

      A tweet I had forgot from Trump himself on the 28th of May.
      The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don’t want America to hear the real story!
      We are hearing “the real story” quite well, donny

    • motmelere


      • motmelere

        really ):

  • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

    Yeah, sounds about right. Though maybe some crockery was also thrown.

  • schmannity

    The one bulwark against full blown fascism is Trump’s own stupid mouth and brain and his tiny twitter fingers.

    • snigsy

      Whoa. What new low is this? It’s a good thing that the president is a stupid, bratty toddler? (Not that I disagree with your point, just struck by it–it says so much about the bizarro world we now inhabit.)

    • Creepoman

      Ever since Raygun, I’ve had this feeling that the fascists were coming. I just never thought that when they did take over, they would be so fucking incompetent.

  • Joe Beese

    I once told my boss that I couldn’t work the overtime he requested because my wife would get mad. I explained, “I respect you, but I fear her.”

    He understood completely, as any husband would.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      My office had a charity event where men with beards were shaved by celebrity people (shavers?). They approached me, and I told them, quite honestly, that, if I shaved my beard, my wife would not have sex with me until it grew back. They understood completely.

  • John Iwaniszek

    hate sex is the best sex

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      George isn’t gonna think so tonight when he’s tied to the bed fearfully eying KaC’s strap-on.

    • John Iwaniszek

      Let’s mark our calendars for 9 months from now and see what happens.

    • TJ Barke

      I’d about settle for any sex at this point…

    • Elvis Causticfellow

      Sex without hate is good, but sex with hate is even better!

      • Celtic_Gnome

        As SCTV said, “Bad sex is better than no sex at all.”

  • JustDon’tSayCovfefe

    It’s sad when America’s sweethearts fight in public.

  • Anna Elizabeth, Tank Grrl

    Pussy Whipped!

  • Skwerl the Taco Hunter
  • Everrett Fanuelli

    Pretty fucking transparent about your intentions when your spokesperson’s last name is CONway

  • Bill D. Burger

    OT…but today Trump announced he intends to privatize all air traffic control in the United States and we will be provided that service “…cheaper and better for everyone.”

    Wait…didn’t we hear this somewhere before? ~ cough … cough ~

    • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

      Like at the big box stores that don’t want to pay cashiers minimum wage?

      • Bill D. Burger

        And Trump does have experience. He did run his laughable Trump Airlines straight into the ground.

    • PubOption

      My bank has been known to change things to ‘improve customer service’.

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Like eliminating branches and shortening hours?

      • laughingnome

        They will require the ATC to say please and thank you when directing the planes.

    • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

      “Cheaper, safer, and better” – Pick one.

    • Resistance Ftr PuckStopsHere

      Once the profit motive is introduced things ALWAYS get cheaper. It’s the Free Market, people. That’s just scirnce.

  • Skwerl the Taco Hunter
    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      I knew I had those sunglasses around someplace!

    • OrdinaryJoe

      Baghdad Boobs?

    • Mike Steele

      OMG, the aliens have finally reached us by intergalactic TRU-TV!

    • Lyly Sirivong

      That’s actually scary, but I can’t stop watching.

    • Maclare


  • jesterpunk
  • Mavenmaven

    Are they now America’s second family, or third family? It is so hard to keep up with the new nepotisms.

    • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

      They are the Alternative Family.

  • Bigby

    Blueberry Lady, eh? Huh, I thought she was a more unpleasant version of Veruca Salt than Violet Beauregard…though her Inauguration getup was pretty “imma have some gum now”.

  • Juan de Fuca

    I was born and raised in the same part of NJ that Kellyanne was and have no idea what the NJ Blueberry Princess Pageant is. Was it something they held at Storybook Land?

    • smr

      upfists for storybook land

      • Juan de Fuca

        I climbed inside Mother Hubbard’s shoe as a young boy. There are some things you never forget.

  • elviouslyqueer

    Judging from George’s breathless stream of tweets, I’m thinking KaCa went full on “Mommie Dearest” Joan Crawford on his ass.

  • Bill D. Burger

    ot…This now famous pic of man mowing is lawn in Calgary while a super tornado rips through open country in the background is the perfect visual metaphor for today:
    TrumpCo (tornado) destroying anything in its path and doing it mindlessly while Congress (man mowing) blithely goes along whispering, “Got my eye on it.”

    Aaaaand’….that’s my deep thought for the day. ~boom goes the dynamite~

    • snigsy

      I like to think that it is an allegory of Canada quietly tending its garden while America destroys itself.

      • Bill D. Burger

        I like it. And gotta’ love those Canucks: “Well, ya’ know that fuckin’ tornado is not gonna’ mow my lawn for me, eh?”

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      “Meh, I got a nice high fence, it’s all good…”

      • WotsAllThisThen

        “You think this is bad, you shoulda seen the snow last winter.”

        • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

          “It’s just a little windy, eh?”

          • snigsy

            “But it’s a dry cold.”

    • ez

      good thinking


      To make it slightly more accurate visual allegory for the Trump Administration:

      He’s been stuck against that tree for the past three hours, the mower’s not even running, and both feet are standing in dogshit piles.

    • Everrett Fanuelli

      This is in Canada where they have an actual leader and the citizens aren’t a bunch of scared little babies

      • NastyBossetti

        I am not afraid to admit that when it comes to tornadoes, I am a scared little baby.

    • calliecallie


    • Maclare

      Judging from all the dandelions on that lawn, that man will not be done in time before the twister hits.

      There’s a metaphor in there, too, somewhere.

    • laughingnome

      Keep calm and mow the lawn, eh.

    • Hemp Dogbane

      Can’t you snowflakes see that he Built That Wall?

    • redarmyzombie
  • Electric Ukulele Land

    I’d swear this was a cartoon from the Onion…

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      That guy has about as firm a grasp on reality as Donnie does. He’ll probably be commissioned to do the worthless asshole’s official portrait.

      • WotsAllThisThen

        You mean that’s not his official portrait?

        • ‘Covfefe is Magic’ Ron

          The official portrait is a nude, showing off his chiseled features and six-pack and… sorry, sudden attack of nausea, brb

    • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

      yaaaay, needs a big ole [citation please]…oh wait, this cartoonist is a reality denying, Trump taint-licker…carry on.

    • TJ Barke

      There’s a LOT of delusion on display there…

      • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

        More projection than the local IMAX, too.

    • Shibusa

      Many political cartoonist drink from the fountain of knowledge. Garrison only gargles.

      • TJ Barke

        Something tells me that he drank from the fountain of psychotic break…

      • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

        Suggested Edit:
        Garrison gargles from the sewer of knowledge

      • Everrett Fanuelli

        Gargles my balls


      That’s super accurate, you can tell by the abs this guy drew on Trump.

      Pretty talented artist, being able to draw while masturbating!

      • Martini Ambassador 🍸

        Abs? I thought that was his man-girdle straining at the seams.

        • alpacapunchbowl

          Looked like a fat hairy belly hanging out under an untucked 3 sizes too small dress shirt to me.

      • pat tolle

        @9 GHERKINS OF RESTIVENESS!- Pleasure oneself with a buybull and a gun in that same hand.I agree, massively talented, bigly

    • ‘Covfefe is Magic’ Ron

      Ben Garrison’s brain clearly does not inhabit the same universe we do.

    • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

      i just noticed the TV news appears to be vomiting “Fake news”
      And the personofication of the MSM is unplugged?
      And the “S” in MSM is a dollar sign? Really? You’re gonna mock them for pursuing profits?
      Why is macron’s spinning head have the french flag, the effeil tower AND his name…do they not have birds in france?
      and does this cartoonist not understand what a blog is? Aggregator would have been more accurate.


      That last part should be grounds for involuntary committal of this cartoonist.

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Do a Googs image search for other good ones. You’ll be amazed!

        • OMG. I just checked out his website. He calls himself a “rogue cartoonist.” Maybe he can’t spell “maverick.”

          • bupkus231

            Should be “self-published cartoonist”….

      • OrG

        Hands are too big also too.

      • data_ninja

        OBVIOUSLY the ‘$’ stands for Soros-Bucks.

    • Maclare

      Hole frack, he gave Donnie abs! If that’s not denial…

    • Everrett Fanuelli

      ….He also drew Macron as having an injured hand. If I recall correctly it’s the Donald who had his little hand in the vice grips.

    • Professor Fate

      oh dear – more issues on view than a magazine stand.
      it’s the little details that add to the sense of someone suffering psychotic break – for example Malcom’s right hand is show as having been crushed by the Donald’s mighty grip which is a really crazy thing to lie about yes?

    • Red Bird Ω

      I think Macron hurt his fees fees. That’s why he quit the Paris Accord. These people are stupid enough to think that he hurt the French.

    • Miles Monroe

      Excellent example of why the right will inevitably lose this culture war, and is failing already; they’re so bloody lame, clueless, and unimaginative, even their attempts at humor are wooden, ham-handed, and predictably cliché.

      However, this style of editorial cartoon was typical a hundred years ago, so at least it’s consistent with RWNJ views and policies …

      Oh, and is that a halo dotting the “i” in his name?! Sure, because nothing conveys humility and integrity like an assertion of divine providence in your branding!

    • Skaarphy

      If you go to this guy’s website you get to read this: “I applaud President Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. It sends a clear message to doubters that he is indeed not in the pocket of the Illuminati like all of the presidents since Kennedy have been.”

    • redarmyzombie

      Somehow, I doubt that Donnies limp flailing tiny baby hand was the one crushing Macrons…

    • Old Man Yells at Cloud

      If it was from The Onion, it would be funny instead of just pathetic.

  • Mike Steele

    It happened precisely like that, Evan, so it appears YOU’RE the leaker:D

    • ‘Covfefe is Magic’ Ron

      Hey, the body ages and things stop working like they used to.

      • TJ Barke

        Time makes fools of us all…

  • therblig

    what a cuck!

    did i get that right?

    now where’s that froggy thingie?

    • Lego Ezio

      Don’t forget to do the a-ok hand gesture and drink a glass of milk.

      • WotsAllThisThen

        And then sue someone for noticing.

        • therblig

          so many rules. those alt-righties must be a disciplined lot.

  • ‘Covfefe is Magic’ Ron

    Once upon a time we were never subjected to people like this, or their opinions, or their little internecine squabbles. Remember that? Good times. Good times.

  • Portia McGonagal

    She no doubt went full out Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction on him and threatened to boil his bunny.

    • therblig

      “boil his bunny” might be conway code for sexxytimes

      • elviouslyqueer

        And covfefe is their safe word.

        • therblig

          i think we now know all we need to know about the conways.



          Think about it:

          Spicer said “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant”

          • pat tolle

            @GHERKINS OF RESTIVENESS!- Regardless we’d all be better off if the president and that ” small group of people” were restricted from governing for a good long while.

  • TX Dept. of Space Tacos

    OT: Occasionally CNN has balls/ovaries…i wonder if they just have limited sets, like my AP algebra class – you know where everybody has to share?

    “It is the second day that Trump has twisted the mayor’s words. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Khan said there was “no cause for alarm” when referring to a visible increase in police activity on the streets of London.

    Trump appeared to misconstrue the statement on Sunday when he tweeted: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!”

    Khan’s spokesman repeated his response of a day earlier: “Nothing has changed since yesterday. The Mayor is focused on dealing with Saturday’s horrific and cowardly attack and working with the police, the emergency services and the Government to keep London safe.””

    ETA: ugh, Cnn you always disappoint me, “Trump APPEARED to miscontrue..”

    • TJ Barke

      Someone just really needs to beat some respect into Donnie.

      • jesterpunk

        With sharp pointy votes?

        • TJ Barke

          I was thinking big heavy blunt votes.

      • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

        It’s about 60 years too late for that.

    • Jo Mathie

      If there were any rails that Trump was ever on they are way back in the distance. Everyone in the White House frantically claiming “it’s not a ban.” Trump, “It’s totally a ban – It’s my ban and I’ll have it if I want to.” I can’t count how many countries he’s pissed off – Britain’s media is seriously slamming him for that stupid misleading quote from London’s mayor.

    • britishvoiceman

      I don’t know. He’s proved on many occasions that he’s not that bright – maybe he really did misconstrue it…….or maybe his attention wandered before he heard the bit about the increased police presence?

  • Lego Ezio
  • george gonzalez

    OSG in Gearge’s tweet didn’t ring any mental bells or whistles, dog or otherwise, so I looked it up with the Google:

    OSG Office of the Secretary-General (United Nations)
    OSG Office of the Surgeon General (HHS – PHS)
    OSG Open Systems Group
    OSG operational support group (US DoD)

    Is that some new devil-spawned acronym?

    • therblig

      Office of Solicitor General – the very job Mr. KaC was up for, before he came to his senses.

    • TJ Barke

      Orange Shit Gibbon, also, too.

  • Crystalclear12

    Sounds right.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • MizzMazz

      I see why he uses a courtroom drawing for his twitter avatar.

      • NastyBossetti

        I thought the same thing!

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      We all know one thing KaC ain’t gonna be eating for a while. Maybe that’s why he has that look on his face.

      • Suse

        She looks anorexic, or at least bulimic. Her skin and hair are in terrible condition.

    • ken_kukec

      Kellyanne in her inaugural ball getup?

    • ken_kukec
      • HarpyLibtart

        Oliver Platt LIBELZ!!!!

  • Crystalclear12

    There really needs to be a witness protection program for divorces.

  • Tzipora Kaplan

    WHEREAS Kellyanne and George are both gross, soulless people who would murder every Democrat gleefully if they could, I declare their public marital twitter spat and George’s subsequent twitter subservience the best thing ever.

  • TimJ

    I think that George Conway is what the RWNJs would call a “cuck”.

    • Bub, Zombie of the Resistance

      Totally. KaC makes sure he takes his blue pill every night.

      • mardam422

        And then laughs at his boner while she rubs a picture of Donald on her Little Kellyanne.

  • House0fTheBlueLights


  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

    Comedy gold. I used to be married to a Kellyanne and i can so see her watch him type those words. Karma, man.

  • Penthesilea110

    I believe Trump is trying to do a clever here. His lawyers can argue at the SC that Trump’s tweets prove that he doesn’t actually LIKE the current incarnation of the ban and that therefore his intentions are not relevant to the DoJ’s version, which would undermine the main argument in the previous court nixings of the ban.

  • Suse

    OT, but a nice time thing. I have a Mexican guy here working in the back yard. I hired him off the street and don’t care if he’s here legally or not. He’s working his ass off by himself (his helper didn’t show up) in the hot sun. He knocked on the door and said he was going to get some lunch and asked if he could bring me a sandwich. When I declined (because I’d just eaten), he said he could bring me something else if I didn’t want a sandwich. How sweet is that? I haven’t heard of ICE rounding up anyone around here, although they used to hang around the BART station busting “cleaning ladies” years ago. Fuck Drumpf and his flying monkeys.

    • Penthesilea110

      Hope you’re paying him a living wage (which would be about 25/h for self-employed)

    • Les Appentis De la résistance

      Something else could be a large hotdog if you know what I mean.

    • redarmyzombie

      When I went down with my dad to Mexico a few years back, I met a man who was planning on crossing the border; for the record, his English was *impeccable*…

      I would gladly trade 1000 Drumpf supporters for him any day…

    • Voyager

      The BART thing really chaps my ass.

      There are about an eleventy bazzillion more important things law enforcement could be doing in this country.

  • WeaselPoo

    But according to Spicer and Kellyane also, Trump’s tweets and werds (wirds?) “speak for themselves”—unless the unfair fake news media quotes Trump directly in which case explanations are needed (desperately) followed by explanations of the explanations (or hiding in the bushes and then explaining) followed by NOT explaining but talking about something else that is better or worse ( and also demonstrably bullshit) and so it goes, ad infinitum.
    It’s about time they all admitted they have actually set up a Dept. of Explaining, headed by six Co- Secretaries of Explaining and staffed with 28 or so Assistant Secretaries of Explaining, all housed in the new Explaining Wing of the White House. .

    • Suse

      I though your 3rd dot was something on my screen.
      It didn’t wipe off, so I scraped it with my fingernail.

  • anon_the_great

    Then they had hot, hot, hot make-up sex right there on his deck.

    • Suse


    • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

      I just remembered this is Kellyanne we’re talking about and almost puked my fucking guts out right here on my desk.

      • Miles Monroe

        Almost?! LUCKY YOU.

    • mardam422

      All the while having him whisper to her not to listen to his tweets, but rather spend time noticing what he’s doing.

    • Ricky Gay

      deck dick?

    • phoenix00
  • Daniel Hooper

    Listen, if Wonkette’s version of how this went down is true(and it probably is)… listen, George; women CAN be domestic abusers too. Don’t stay at home with her if you don’t feel safe with her. Most of America certainly doesn’t.

    • phoenix00

      I dunno, the Conways sound like peas in a pod.

      Their kids, otoh, don’t deserve this.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    This must be the most embarrassing moment since Hermann Goering contradicted Emmy Sonnemann and then took it back.

  • LadyLaz

    Can you imagine this happening in the obama administration? And is Comey testifying tomorrow?

    • Penthesilea110


      • “M”

        I hope he has excellent security …

    • Charles Wolf

      NSA Dir. Rogers is on Wednesday. Fired FBI Dir. Comey on Thursday.
      Trump flunky Rancid Penis tried to draw Rogers into the plot to cover up Russiagate.
      This could be good.

  • Internet Hitler

    George, are you feeling unsafe? Are you in a threatening environment?

    Just tweet “covfefe” and we will send help.

  • Juan de Fuca

    This is what it looks like when your spouse concern troll’s your boss on Twitter.

  • thewalkindude

    KaC June 1, 2017-
    “He wants to speak directly to the people. It cuts out the middleman,” the former Trump campaign manager told reporters Thursday after accepting an award from the New York State Conservative Party in Manhattan.

    “The middleman doesn’t like it,” Conway said, adding the president likes responding to media attacks via Twitter.

  • motmelere

    Staff should just keep tasing Trump whenever he starts to tweet; the covfefe post wasn’t as idiotic and embarrassing as everything since.

    • mancityRed6

      no. no, no, no, no.
      He should have free and unfettered access to his phone, it could/can/will be his downfall.

    • Natalie

      And put it on pay-per-view!

      • motmelere

        I would pay to see that!

        • Natalie

          Me too, We could put the funds towards reducing the deficit. ;)


    “Did Kellyanne Conway Just Shove Her Foot Up Her Husband’s Ass”

    Her toenails aren’t nearly as raw and chewed as her fingernails. Which is good because otherwise she’d be liable to get a serious infection!

  • BosGrl

    I can’t with this shit.

    • Vagenda and Pee-ara

      I think it’s slowly driving me insane, for real. Half the time I can’t even believe what I’m reading. General Michael Flynn, who was heading the NSA, believed in conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook (which that alone disqualified him from any high ranking position) AND was a paid advisor to Turkey, and nixed a raid on ISIS, because it wasn’t convenient for Turkey. If I was reading any of this in a novel I’d be thinking “wow, this is so not believable.” Yet this is our fucking life now.

      • BosGrl

        Exactly! It’s like living in science fiction or a spy novel or something.

        • C4TWOMAN

          A really bad Sci-fi/spy novel.

      • oh for heaven’s sake. you have to understand hillary wrote an email.

      • Pilotshark

        Yep, you almost get the feeling we are part of a real life Tom Clancy novel.

        • Vagenda and Pee-ara

          I wish we could at least get sexier leading men. Trump is so disgusting to look at.

  • AJ Milne

    … so now I’m trying to work out how this kinda leverage actually works…

    KAC: If you don’t do what I say we are never sexing again!!!

    Me: What’s the catch?

  • rubikcube

    Ha ha ha…what a total cuck!

  • Les Appentis De la résistance

    Its summer. I would sleep outside.

  • azeyote

    when there’s a boot up your ass all kinds of shit comes out –

  • Gigglesnort

    Geez, they really can’t keep their story straight, can they? And everything that comes out of the Trump Administration and its supporters is a story, for the rubes to consume, and believe. Maybe. They hope.

  • Jerry Noneofyourbizz

    George Conway sends out a Tweet admonishing Trump for sending out Tweets that get Trump in trouble and then Conway has to send out four Tweets for the trouble he got into for sending out his original Tweet admonishing Trump for sending out Tweets? Did I get that right? Jesus H Fucking Christ!

  • Paperless Tiger

    Is this a government or a fucking soap opera? I think I may have asked that before. Some Shakespearean farce? A comedy of errors that becomes a tragedy for a nation? The lady doth play too much, methinks.

    • Chris

      I’m currently going with we are not real but merely figments of some drug induced nightmare. I’m hoping whomever is the generator comes downs gently with medical assistance.

      • lurch394

        I pray we’re all in the snow globe from the last episode of St. Elsewhere.

  • Saxo the Grammarian

    “George Conway, legally wedded husband to Kellyanne, with whom she presumably shares a bed and the occasional sexxxytime”

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Bunk time is off the menu until someone posts side boob.

    • Grokenstein

      That poor bastard.
      “What sin can a man commit in a single lifetime to bring this upon himself?”

      • ibwilliamsi

        He married a crazy bitch and bred with her. Her not divorcing him is his payback.

  • Jamespuck
    • redarmyzombie

      Got a good chuckle, but do *not* look at the comments to that video…

      • H0mer0

        [never read the comments.
        Goes along with the sage advice one kid gave another as he was leaving a birthday party which went something like “Whatever you do, do NOT stick your penis in your little brother’s butt!!!!” (sounds like someone found out the hard way.)]

    • lurch394

      Ah, the good old days: Obama was president, Palin headed the booboisie, and the ACA repeal getting vetoed like 50 squillion times.

  • BuzzKill48
  • SeeTrain65

    Can either Conway keep their stories straight?

  • ResistanceFictionista blondeiq

    So you’re saying Kellyanne is a cross between Violet Beauregard and Veruca Salt? OK, got it.

  • Alan

    I’m shocked that the idiot is married to an idiot.

  • TCB

    So wait, which one cucked which?

  • Clark_Nova

    I think that KellyAnne shoving things up her husband’s ass is probably the basis of their relationship.

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