Last Wednesday, in Douglas, Georgia, a jury deadlocked on a case of felony voter fraud against City Commissioner Olivia Pearson. The trial was the latest round in a years-long campaign against a woman who threatened the Republican stranglehold on power in Douglas. Only one person on the jury voted to clear her of her charges.

October 2012

Douglas is a small, poor town in the southern part of Georgia. Its population of 43,000 is about two-thirds white, one-third black. In 1999, Olivia Pearson was the first black woman elected to the Douglas City Commission. The longtime advocate for civil rights has run unopposed for the seat ever since. In 2012, Pearson spearheaded a successful effort to elect Doyle Wooten as Douglas’s first black, Democratic Sheriff. She enlisted the help of her friend James Hicks to get out the vote. As recounted in Buzzfeed:

“A lot of blacks were frustrated” by how police treated black youth, said Hicks, who faces four counts of both improper voting assistance and false swearing. Hicks said he didn’t break any voting laws but merely impressed upon his neighbors — especially the ones hanging out on the corners, the high school dropouts, the friends of his youngest sons — that they could make a change by going to the polls.

“I get the people that don’t nobody else think about,” Hicks said. “The little young gangbangers — those are the people you need to reach.”

On October 15, 2012, the first day of early voting, Pearson assisted several new voters who had difficulty operating the computerized voting machines. No one has ever alleged that she touched the machines or told anyone whom to vote for. But Georgia’s law bars assisting any voter unless that voter is illiterate or disabled.

Pearson’s defense was that after helping [Diewanna] Robinson, she’d done what poll workers had asked her to do: sign a form that would allow her to help people who were having difficulty using the voting machines. Pearson said she didn’t know turning in those forms meant she was vouching for whether someone was illiterate or disabled.

“It was my understanding that it was the poll workers’ responsibility,” Pearson said. “I was abiding by the instructions of the poll workers.”

After the election, Pearson, Hicks, Sheriff Wooten’s wife and one of Sheriff Wooten’s cousins were investigated and eventually charged with vote fraud.

December 2015

Georgia Prosecutor Ian Sansot

On December 5, Pearson and a friend saw three police officers with their guns trained on a parked car with three black passengers. She observed for 20 minutes while the police determined that the occupants of the car were not suspects in a recent murder. When instructed by the police to step back, she complied. However, the officer’s report stated

[B]y Pearson intervening with this traffic stop, she hindered and endangered ALL the officers, occupants of the stopped vehicle and her party. Her actions this night could be construed as obstructing or hindering of a law enforcement officer (OCGA 16-10-24).

Local prosecutor Ian Sansot, who was already investigating Pearson for voter fraud, saw this story reported in the local paper Douglas Now. He then contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Therefore, I am requesting the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate this matter to determine whether or not a violation of the Georgia criminal code has occurred (specifically with regard to obstruction and violation of oath of office). Additionally, the article claims that Commissioner Pearson has a history of being involved in traffic stops. Therefore, as well as the incident highlighted in the article, I am requesting the GBI to investigate an other incidences as well, if any such exist.

Watching police on the street is not illegal, even in Georgia. But when the Bureau declined to prosecute, Sansot responded, “I’m confused. Your department will not be initiating an investigation then?”

March 2016

Georgia authorities waited almost four years to bring charges against Pearson. Only in the run up to the 2016 elections did she face prosecution for alleged vote fraud. In March of that year, Pearson, Hicks and two others appeared before the Georgia Board of Elections, as reported in Buzzfeed.

But the secretary of state had investigated dozens of instances in which Pearson had driven people to the polls or otherwise urged them to vote — instances in which the county elections board chairman alleged her aid crossed the line into illegal voter assistance.

Before the State Elections Board in March, Pearson responded to some of those allegations, including that she had improperly helped her 64-year-old aunt, Evelyn Ross, to vote. Pearson testified her assistance at the polls was never coercive or illegal.

“At no time have I ever touched the screen or told them who to vote for,” Pearson told the panel.

“I could only relay to them what the screen says or whatever and give them an option as to how they would want to proceed,” she said.

Coffee County Elections Supervisor Misty Hayes was a witness at the hearing and Olivia Pearson’s subsequent trial.

Supervisor Hayes testified that during the 2012 election she approached Commissioner Pearson and explained to her the conditions which would allow her to assist voters. Seventeen voter assistance forms were tendered into evidence by the prosecution, all bearing Commissioner Pearson’s signature, although Commissioner
Pearson did dispute the validity of two of the signatures.

It is unclear why Ms. Hayes continued to supply Ms. Pearson with voter assistance forms if she suspected that they were being used to commit voter fraud.

“What do I get out of suppressing a voter?” said Misty Hayes, the elections supervisor for Coffee County. “It’s a joke.” She declined to discuss any specific case but said that cracking down on voter fraud “is just common sense. It’s the law.”

It is unclear why Ms. Hayes failed to challenge suspected fraudulent votes at the time they were cast, as would be expected of the Elections Supervisor.

May 2016

Olivia Pearson, Charlie Hicks, Evelyn Griffin and Charlie Mack Wooten III were indicted on multiple counts of improperly assisting a ballot and false swearing. They were arrested and booked into the county jail before being released on bond.

November 2016

With Pearson and Hicks under indictment, black voter registration efforts in Coffee County collapsed. Republican vote tallies ticked up only slightly between 2012 and 2016, but the number of Democratic voters declined by 20%.

Meanwhile, voter-registration efforts in the black neighborhoods that once rallied support for Wooten have nearly disappeared without the leadership of Pearson and Hicks. “That’s because those with a backbone were made an example of,” said Roper, the local civil rights leader.

In the run-up to the election, Georgia cut the days and number of precincts for early voting, purged voters from the rolls, slow-walked new voter registrations, and moved one majority-black voter precinct into the local sheriff’s office. Attempts to prevent “voter fraud” also kicked in to high gear.

[Secretary of State Brian] Kemp has support in Coffee County, where the local GOP is training volunteers to work at the polls on Election Day because “we are going to be proactive instead reactive,” said Cathy Latham, a top official with the county GOP.

“I think the fact that voter fraud happened in such a tight-knit community opened our eyes a bit. Our party, as a whole, made sure to step up our game,” she said.

In fact, the number of fraudulent votes is vanishingly small. Conversely, up to 11% of eligible voters in Georgia may lack the required photo ID needed to vote. Prosecuting civil rights leaders for vote fraud serves the double purpose of discouraging voter registration drive and ginning up public panic about “stolen votes.”

“The threat of bringing those cases and starting an investigation is that it’s really a coercive threat against voter registration drives,” said Emmet Bondurant, an Atlanta-based attorney who filed a lawsuit in February against Kemp for allegedly dropping voters from the state’s rolls ahead of the November election.

“And the people who really organize most of the voter registration drives are the NAACP, civil rights groups, because the African-American population is under-registered and under-represented. So they become targets.”

March 2017

On March 28, Prosecutor Ian Sansot tried Olivia Pearson on one count of improper assistance of a voter in casting a ballot and one count of false swearing. Each count was a felony with a possible jail term of up to ten years.

In her closing remarks, Pearson’s lawyer Nefertara Clark referred to the Salem Witch Trials, saying, “Welcome to 1692.”

Prosecutor Sansot countered

There are no witch hunts. But there are corrupt politicians who abuse their power. You can vote today to get people to stop messing with elections.

The next day, the judge declared a mistrial when one juror refused to convict.

On the lawn outside of the courthouse, one of the jurors claimed she was the lone obstacle to a conviction. Lenecia Armour, a 29-year-old black woman, said once deliberations started it was clear she was the only one who didn’t believe Pearson was guilty. But she held out. “It was torture,” Armour said. “But this is South Georgia: I knew I’d be dealing with these kind of people.”

Sansot vowed to retry the case. But if his goal was to suppress black votes in Douglas, he may have already won.

Indeed, Hicks has seen the toll his legal troubles have taken on his own recent scaled-down GOTV efforts. One recent afternoon, Hicks said he pulled up his black Cadillac sedan beside a group of his son’s friends. He leaned out of the car and asked them if they’d registered to vote.

“One of them said, ‘Mr. Curtis, I ain’t messing with voting,’” he said. “They’ll fuck with me like they got you fucked up.’

[Buzzfeed Buzzfeed, again / Douglas Now]

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          Selling loose cigarettes.

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          * Existing While Non-White

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      if the center square isn’t free, there’s four fewer ways to win.

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    But her emails?

  • Hey, but thanks John Roberts. You’re right. We definitely don’t need a Voting Rights Act anymore so the Feds can slap down this bullshit.

    This country is so fucked up.

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      Would have been nominated for Ambassador to Leavenworth, but she’s about 12th in line.

  • Jenny

    Motherfucking assholes.

    Like these people were magically going to vote republican if it weren’t for the uppity county official!

    • Antonin Dvorak

      It wasn’t that they were going to vote GOP and were unduly influenced; it is that they were going to vote Dem without being unduly intimidated. And they vote once without issues, they are liable to vote again next time!

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    Why Suhhh!! We can’t be ahavin’ them uppity negroes avotin’ and takin’ paaat in civil ‘lections!! Pretty soon we’ll be ahavin’ black council members and such atryin’ to make a difference in lives!! No, Suhhh. We can’t be a takin’ paaat in such things. Why, it’s almost like they awant us to be like them northern cities, what with negroes arunnin’ for office an all and athinkin’ they’s just like us. No Suhhhhh!

  • Stand with me in opposition to the left’s blatant attempts to disrupt Georgia’s elections!

    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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    With the Federalist Society, Leonard Leo has reared a generation of originalist élites. The selection of Neil Gorsuch is just his latest achievement.

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    If you’re going to show a Bill Mauldin cartoon, you have to include the text.

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    Thank heavens for the lone juror who held out for justice. I can only imagine that she was seated over the prosecution’s objections for cause after they used up all their peremptory objections against jurors who were all (coincidentally, I’m sure) persons of color.

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      Nullification was the only choice here. Good for her. I bet she pays a steep price for it.

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    WTF kind of crime is”false swearing”. I always swear with total honesty.

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    Brian Kemp, corrected:

    “Stand with me in opposition to the left’s blatant attempts to disrupt win Georgia’s elections!”

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    Received this as an e-mail this morning.

    With the first-ever March for Science less than two weeks away, we’re adding more resources to prepare you to make the most out of the march.

    Our FAQ on the Washington D.C. March now covers everything from ideas on signs to our accessibility plan. A map will be released in the next few days. And if you’re marching anywhere in the world, you can RSVP right here. For federal employees attending the March for Science, we’ve outlined some tips for expressing your support for science in this tumultuous political climate. These tips may not apply in the cases of state or local governments, so please consult relevant local authorities or your employer.

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    To help keep the march’s momentum going, please chip in today.

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    And that’s how it’s done, South Georgia style!

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    The days Trump was wistful for, when you could block the Black vote with violence, are here again.

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    I demand that Voter IDs (with photos or fingerprints or or pubic-hair samples or whatever turns the fascist machine on and on and on) be sent out free by the Federal Government immediately to every eligible US citizen with automatic voter registration programmed in.*

    We do it with Social Security cards and Passports and Birth Certificates and Taxes.
    Let’s give everyone an equal right to vote and cut out this voter-supression nonsense.

    * It’ll never pass because it will represent ‘creeping totalitarianism’ even though the government is reading your emails, issuing a billion identity card to you, and will involve a functioning government to actually implement this card to 320M US citizens (or as I like to call us, Consumer Units).

    PS: Fuck the fucking NYT with Judith Miller’s shriveled hemhorroids.

  • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

    But Justice Roberts says everyone has access to the right to vote, so there’s no need to make sure that they exercise that right…

    • Duke

      You have access but you don’t have the further requirements met. Sorry.

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    WTFFFFFFF! I really wish the FEC had teeth and could do something about this.

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    So GA has eliminated the tedious and costly expenses of buying rope to perform lynchings

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    “Our Georgia voting machines are totally intuitive. On the left, the voting machine for white precincts, on the right, the one for black precincts, which, umm, seems to need rebooting at the moment…”

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      Those fucking things are the worst thing to ever happen to American politics. And guess whose damned idea they were?


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    Fuck Georgia, fuck the entire motherfucking Confederacy. Man, I wish we would kick the motherfuckers out of the Union already.

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      But unless they can move away, the POC who live there would get fucked over even worse.

      • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

        Underground Railroad 2.0.

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          I was thinking along those lines, but…still. I think it’s better to try to fix the broken part.

          • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

            Let’s win the special election then.

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            Yasss! So excited to vote in person again tomorrow!

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            OMG YAAY!- give Repubs something to be super frightened about!

          • Shanzgood

            They ARE scared! To the point where D.C. Republicans dumped a bunch of money on the R candidate’s campaign and released a demonstrably false smear ad in the D candidate last week about how he supports using taxpayer money to fund abortionplexes to murder pregnant toddlers. You know, thatbkind of histrionic bullshit.

      • Wild Cat

        Czheckoslovakia. Velvet Revolution.
        Ten years to choose your state. It’ll be expensive to repatriate, and we’ll have to neuter the racists in the Blue States, too.
        Not impossible, but worth a try.

        • Wellstone En Resistencia, Coño

          We encourage the racists in the Blue States to move down south. Everyone wins.

          • Wild Cat

            Giuliani likes the grappa up here—and the tight rent boys.

          • nightmoth

            I’d rather the non-racists move down here, because us southern liberals are sick and tired of this shit and we could use the reinforcements. You have no idea what it’s like to get outvoted Every Single Time.
            Also, Brian Kemp: the fact that we have mutual friends who swear to me you’re really a “nice guy” does not mean that I think you’re anything other than a hateful corrupt racist prick.

          • Lord Jim

            I feel your pain. I got to sit thru the campaign watching Ky being one of those states on the electoral map about which it was said, if anything, “Oh yeah. In the tank for Trump.”

          • nightmoth

            My sympathies. The sad thing is: Kentucky, Georgia, and all the rest of the southern states are so physically beautiful. Right now it’s springtime and there’s no place I’d rather be. If only I could lobotomize about half the people.

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          Why not go back to Europe?

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      I would wish for them to , much like MRAs, Go Their Own Way. But there’s innocent folks that’s get tossed out too…

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        Yanno, its getting harder every day to separate the chaff at this point…

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        They could speak up occasionally and let us know they exist.

        • MynameisBlarney

          That’s pretty fucking insulting, actually.

          • Lamashtar

            I used to go with “I understand they’re not talking about me” when people made sweeping generalizations about evil white people. Unfortunately, I keep hearing of people who feel turned away from the Democratic Party by it. The “deplorable” crap, while probably true, does NOT get us votes.

        • kajeb

          We do speak up. Every Moral Monday protest and others besides. It ain’t easy to be heard down here, but we’re hollering, nonetheless.

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      Much like in the Civil War, they’re welcome to go. They’re just not allowed to take the real estate too.

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    If there’s one issue that makes the GOP’s blood boil is the agency and franchise of minority voters.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      How they miss those antebellum “good old days”.

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    In slightly positive Georgia news, my sister and BIL early voted for Jon Ossoff yesterday.

    • nightmoth

      Yay! Good Luck to Jon–I sent a little money.

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    So why isn’t President Bannon in jail for his attempts at voter fraud? Oh oh, that’s right…IOKIYAR…right?

  • The Rain in Spain’s Therapist

    The shittier this Trump presidency gets, the more adamant his supporters are for voter regulation (Oh, the irony!). They see that he’s going to be the death of their party unless they cheat the shit out of the next election.

    • Red Bird Ω

      The GOP was already in trouble. That’s why there is so much gerrymandering.

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    Finally, some voting rights litigation Jeff Sessions can support.

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    Gop-“Don’t interfere with our efforts to keep these people from voting”

  • goonemeritus

    I’m confused how many migrant farm workers did she distribute George Soros money to induce them to vote for Communism?

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    Providing transportation to the polls and encouraging people to vote for the candidate you support is illegal in Georgia. Truly democracy in acton.

    • Tread

      *Only if you’re black or brown.

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    Disruption of the election means….anyone not voting R.

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    Why are politicians allowed to run elections?

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    Republican Motto: We cheat because we care (about ourselves).

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    Fuck this racist trickery!

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    Florida is not an island because south Georgia sucks so hard.

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    Fuck you Brian Kemp, and the goat you fuck out in the barn while wearing your white hood. How’s that for some true swearing?

    • nightmoth

      That idiot Orly Tavitz tried to keep President Obama OFF the Ballot in Georgia in 2012 and it turned into a legal circus. When President Obama’s attorney told Secretary of (Ga.) State Brian Kemp to stop the nonsense, Kemp responded that if the President refused to appear in the Atlanta court, he did so “at his own peril.” A federal judge finally shut it down by telling Kemp that Hawaii was a state and Obama was a natural born citizen. I’ve wanted to piss on Kemp ever since, and I’m angry that he’s running for governor. And will probably win.

    • Regret

      Very creative, nice imagery.
      You only lost points for using fuck twice, in the opinion of this judge that word is overused.

      In spite of that, this is the best swearing I have heard in at least a year.
      Keep up the good work!

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      Also, demerits for cursing the poor goat, who is not at fault.

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    This is the stabbiest article I have read in Wonkette in a long time. Fuck those bastards.

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      May I suggest a machete ???

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    Jesus Christ, these fucking people. Disgusting.

  • Driving your older relative to the place of voting is an unlegal in Georgia?

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      Basically if you’re a taxi driver, bus driver, or Uber driver, you better not be working on election day.

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    There’s only one thing a racist fears more than a big black man, an intelligent black women, they scared to hell of them negro girls!

    • davidhollenshead

      To be honest, Intelligent Black Women scare a lot of Black Men, as well, but for different reasons.

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    Indeed, I do feel stabby! Good call, FiveDollarFeminist, and good article. Okay, gonna go look for something Not Living to stab now….

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      Some injustices just don’t lend themselves to snark. This is one of them.

  • Prolecat

    So she gets charged with voter fraud, yet all of the RW preachers who tell people exactly who to vote for and even hand out “voter guides” telling them how to vote get nothing. Typical.o

    • BrianW

      IOKIYAWAR (It’s OK If You’re A White And Republican)

  • BrianW

    The quote from the son’s friend sums up this story in a single sentence. It was never about the prosecution, it was about making sure alll the right people got the message: “mess with the Good Ole Boy structure and you will get fucked up.”

  • I am whiter than Brunnhilde Alabaster von Nelson, and I want to kill (with votes) ALL the white people in this story. Every. Single. One.

    • davidhollenshead

      I have to admit that I am a bit nervous around white people I don’t personally know, but then some of them hate those of us, who are only mostly European.

  • BeachLoafer

    Watching police on the street is not illegal, even in Georgia.

    Well, if you’re white, anyway.

    • Me not sure

      I’m white and when stopped by the GHP was told by the trooper that he stopped me because I looked at him as he passed going in the opposite direction. He let me go with a warning. Who knew?

      • Jeff Ackerman

        side-eye gets you in trouble every time, at least when my wife catches me…

  • Daniel Hooper

    Trying to inject a little humor into this terrible situation; did anybody else have a different idea in mind when they read about false swearing?

    “Oh yeah?! Well, you’re a poopy-head!”
    “Fornicate you!”
    “You’re a penis!”

    That kind of false swearing.

  • William
    • davidhollenshead

      Our Führer Trump and his Brownshirts are afraid of the “browning of America”, without even considering that, Latinos & African Americans don’t complain about the “whitening of their communities”.

  • davidhollenshead

    Your map is a bit misleading, as while Oregon gave Women the right to vote, but it also was illegal for most minorities to settle in Oregon, as the Dixie of the Northwest.

  • Panika MCD

    this is a pretty clear cut violation of Section 208 of the VRA. a person can designate anyone they want to assist them in voting so long as it is not their boss or a union officer. the courts just ruled on this regarding choice of interpreter in October 2016 in a TX case. we just heard a bill updating TX statute to comply with the ruling in Sen. State Affairs today.

    I’m starting to wonder what your lawsplainin’ credentials are, $5, given that I am not a lawyer, but the VRA is the first place I would have checked to find out if they can really do this. if her lawyers have not figured this out, the ACLU of GA better get on it and file a federal case.

  • Zyxomma

    I. Just. Can’t. They actually moved the black polling station to the fucking Sheriff’s office? Fucking fuckers.

  • Randy McVeigh

    What a bunch of whining liberal assfucks. With all the anti-white rhetoric out there these days, you got nothing coming from us. Jim Crow laws and then some can come back for all I care. You coal burning skanks can go fuck yourselves- if you can stand the smell.

    • unclejeems

      Oops! Another wet di-di! Time to change and then time for night-night. Maybe Mommy-kins will sing a nice bedtime song so little Randy-kins can go to sweep-sweep.

      • Randy McVeigh

        Wow. I’ll be a long time getting over that one. Carry on, Uncle Reemus!

        • RobGinChicago

          Any relation to the other McVeigh of OK City notoriety?

    • SeeTrain65

      Another mental giant. Wander back to Breitbart, asshole.

    • phoenix00
    • persistently_resistant_gayby

      Aww, you got triggered by this article, you need some burn ointment with that..?

    • Tread

      And then there’s this special snowflake. Guess what douche, the browns and the blacks will have taken over this country before you die. Can’t wait for your bullshit to be thrown on the trash heap.

      • Randy McVeigh

        Good luck with that. We deport more and more every day. Blacks take care of their own by abortion and killing each other. The rest we throw in prison. That number will also sharply increase. So you might wanna rethink your conventional wisdom- if toads really can think.

        • Tread

          I’m surprised you can think and breath, asshole.

  • King Beauregard

    Elsewhere on the Internet, someone was saying we need to stop pointing the finger at non-voters as we try to figure out what to do going forward with regard to Trump. I tried to explain it with a tasteful analogy:

    Perhaps an anecdote from my childhood is worth relating. At the end of the first week of second grade, the teacher let the class vote: do we want Neapolitan ice cream, or do we want to be äss-räped by clowns? Well, a lot of kids voted for the clowns because clowns, but almost as many of us voted for ice cream. But most kids said “fücking büllshït, maaaan, Neapolitian ice cream isn’t 100% of the one flavor I like best, I’m not voting at all”. So the clowns won, and afterwards were many tears.

    Thing is, the teacher gave us the same choice every single week: Neapolitan ice cream or äss-räpe by clowns. And every single week the vote came out much the same: clowns came in first, followed by ice cream, but most kids didn’t vote at all. So week after week the clowns would march in and do their business and leave. Now, as one of the kids who voted for Neapolitan ice cream (even though I don’t like strawberry), I got mad at the clown-kids, but at least I could understand them: they enjoyed the chaos and they got to call other kids “crybabies”. But the kids I had no sympathy for were the ones who didn’t vote and thus ensured we’d get clowns week after week. They complained more than anyone about the clowns, but they also made the same choice week after week that ensured the clowns would come back.

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