There’s a guy running in a special Congressional election in Montana, Rob Quist. He’s a musician, a grassroots guy, works for food banks and arts funding in schools, swell fella, looks hella good for 69. (Nice.) You can and should donate to him here.

Montana’s a real red state. And yet, even so, it’s got a Democratic governor and a Democratic senator. Trump blew Hillary Clinton out of the water here, 55-35.

But there was another race in November: Montana’s gubernatorial race. Democrat Steve Bullock beat this billionaire carpetbagger nobody likes, Greg Gianforte, 50-46.

If you just did that math, Gianforte — a billionaire carpetbagger nobody likes — underperformed Donald Trump by 9 points. The Democrat running against him outperformed Hillary Clinton by 15 points (AND WON). So we’re all clear, right? Good.

For some unknown reason, Republicans nominated Gianforte again, this time for the state’s sole Congressional seat. He is running against Rob Quist, who has the advantage of not being a billionaire carpetbagger nobody likes.

Now consider: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), whose reason for being is helping with the campaigns of Democrats running for Congress, is declining to support the Democrat running for Congress in Montana right now.

What the everliving actual fuck?

Tell us about it, KTVH:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) – the main national party group dedicated to helping Democratic U.S. House candidates – doesn’t mention the race on its website and didn’t return several messages left by MTN News.

It has also has made no independent expenditures on the race.

Gotta keep that powder dry for all those races 18 months from now. Wouldn’t wanna waste any money winning Congressional seats from red-state D’s. What good would that be??

In contrast to this relative silence, the Congressional Leadership Committee, a Republican Super PAC that supports Republican U.S. House candidates, bought $700,000 worth of TV ads in Montana early March, bashing Quist.

The National Republican Campaign Committee also features the Gianforte-Quist matchup prominently on its website, posting stories critical of Quist.

Surely the Republicans’ financial support for the billionaire carpetbagger nobody likes isn’t necessary because nobody likes him and he’s already been beat statewide once before. No, couldn’t be anything like that. They’re just putting in $700 large for funsies, not because it would look mighty bad for Trump to lose a House seat in Montana.

David Parker, a professor at Montana State University, said the groups look at two factors before spending their money: How President Trump did in the district, and whether the candidate has shown that he or she is a contender.

“Trump did so well here (in the November election), I would find it really difficult to find a path forward for Quist, and the national Democrats are savvy enough to know that,” he said.

You know who I don’t know? David Parker. You know who sounds like he is pretty bad at “political science”? David Parker. You know who never seems to have heard of Greg Gianforte and how nobody likes him and he underperformed Trump by 9 points like we already told you and that’s not even taking into account the demoralization of the GOP right now, the #RESISTANCE of Democrats, and Trump being under 50 percent approval with white dudes and rurals? David Parker. You know whose job I should probably take because he has no business professing to young impressionable minds about political science? David Parker.

But this isn’t about David Parker. (It kind of is. We hate that guy already.) This is about the DCCC.

The DCCC has $6.6 million cash on hand, and three races it could spend it on. Seems it’s bothering with all of one: Jon Ossoff’s in Georgia. And it should bother with it! Jon Ossoff, gentleman nerd, has the Republicans in night sweats! They’re suddenly running ads against him, a 30-year-old Democrat, that seem to insinuate he TAKES MONEY FROM BIN LADEN’S REANIMATED CORPSE:


But it wouldn’t break the DCCC to give money — ANY MONEY — to Rob Quist, or James Thompson in Kansas (running to fill new CIA chief Mike Pompeo’s House seat in KS 04). Thompson’s election is April 11, and his state Dems wouldn’t even give him $20,000 for mailers. Maybe we should give him a last-minute kick. (South Carolina and California special elections are still upcoming.)

Instead, the DCCC is telling red state Dems we can fuck right off, we’re not even worth a pitiful token. The DCCC calls me for money twice a week. They won’t be getting any more of it.

[KTVH / Rob Quist ActBlue page / James Thompson donate page / Jon Ossoff’s ActBlue]

Know who else could use your money, while you got your wallet out? That’s right! Spaceships! Wait, no, us!

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  • MynameisBlarney


    • Msgr_MΩment


  • Mpeg

    DCCC makes me hang my head in shame. WHERE YOUR BETTER ANGELS AT??!~

  • ltmcdies

    you’d think this would be the kind of thing the bro crowd would jump on but I’m guessing they don’t due to…”purity stuff”

    it’s a damn shame..taking “safe seats” from the ruling party sends a hell of message, DCCC…what the hell is wrong with you

    • rebecca

      Quist is a Berner too.

  • FlownΩver

    DCCC and DSCC are always bad bets. The former only bets on sure things and the latter directs money to people like Joe “I love Gorsuch” Manchin.

    None of my dollars. None. Nope. Never.

    • Claire

      The DSCC called me a few nights ago. I told them I was only donating to individual campaigns at this point. The umbrella orgs at the state and local levels are pretty clearly not using money wisely, given how many seats in local government don’t even have D candidates running.

    • calliecallie

      Agreed. Never.

  • Bill D. Burger
  • DrBigHead

    So, they have no real intention or interest of shifting the balance of power? Screw them. This is exactly why we are in the position we are now.

    • snark-lurker

      “The only way to win in a crooked game is to cheat.”
      –the DNC/DCCC
      “You could just stay out of the clip joints.”


  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    This won’t stop the D-Trip from sending endless emails asking us for money, of course.

    • rebecca

      and two phone calls a week.

  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

    $700,000 worth of TV ads in Montana

    That’s, that’s like Montana’s entire state budget.

    • Riley Whodat Venable

      Isn’t that about $2 per person? No offence meant.

  • Amelia Resists and Persists

    I’d rather give my dollars to the campaigns themselves than trust third parties to get it “where it needs to go.”

    Especially with crap like this going on.

  • DerpyGurdyMan


  • Bill D. Burger

    What the fuck happened to that ol’ “50 State Strategy” thingy?

    Goddammit’….bring Howard Dean back.

    • WotsAllThisThen

      Remember how embarrassing it was when he screamed for joy? How inappropriate? How unbecoming? How undignified? How demeaning and unfit for higher office? Sigh… Those were the days.

      • PubOption

        Did he mention Montana in his rant?

      • OneYieldRegular

        Chiefly memorable for contributing one of the Internet’s Hall of Fame memes:

      • MerBearStare

        Remember when they talked about Howard Dean on Passions? Because I do.

        • redblack

          no, but i remember howard stern playing “the dean scream” 47 times an hour. i’ve hated that low-rent al yankovich-looking piece of shit ever since.

          in my mind, that was the beginning of average stupid americans’ ridicule of the democratic party. he and that fat bastard from ohio did a lot of damage to liberalism.

          • MerBearStare

            Wait, who’s the fat bastard from Ohio? William Howard Taft?

          • SecludedCompound

            Yeah, definitely a bit of character assassination by the corporate media. Stern’s a piece of shit, generally.

        • Irenewhoward

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  • Nick Scroggs
    • ltmcdies

      evidence that fake news isn’t just a RW problem

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    “Trump did so well here (in the November election), I would find it really difficult to find a path forward for Quist, and the national Democrats are savvy enough to know that,” he said.

    Yes, because Donald is exactly as popular today as he was on Election Day. Nothing whatsoever has changed to make him less appealing now.

    Wait, what?

    • SecludedCompound

      THis is EXACTLY the problem they had in the 2016 election, assuming the electorate was the same as 2012. Things have gone downhill fast for Republicans, and many rural folks will be looking for new answers soon enough.

  • timpundit

    So, if the Dems do ever win the House back it will be in spite of the DCCC, not because of.

  • memzilla Ω

    Here is the actual landing page for the DCCC.

    • Thespian Pony Ron

      ‘Defeat Trump’s Republican House… what do you mean, ‘candidates’? What do they have to do with it?’

  • Bill D. Burger

    ot…but latest damned diversion from his tweets about Obama. Just a hour+ ago.
    The Yam accuses Susan Rice of ‘crimes.’
    What a depraved lying sack of shit.

    [“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in the Oval Office, declining repeated requests for evidence for his allegations or the names of other Obama administration officials. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

    He declined to say if he had personally reviewed new intelligence to bolster his claim but pledged to explain himself “at the right time.”

    When asked if Ms. Rice, who has denied leaking the names of Trump associates under surveillance by United States intelligence agencies, had committed a crime, the president said, “Do I think? Yes, I think.”]

    • Amelia Resists and Persists

      Jesus Tapdancing Christ can we impeach this crazy motherfucker yet?

      • C4TWOMAN

        Once the deluded GOP realizes he’s a Albatross.
        So, mebbe 2018?
        Imma for just arresting the lot of them for treason…

      • schmannity

        impeachment would be a lot easier with a Democratic House. Here’s an idea: elect Democrats everywhere, including Montana.

    • Michael R
    • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

      Thanks for the link. I have to find an acre of empty land so I can throw up now.

    • ltmcdies

      then I believe Trump went on to complain about the bad rap Bill O’Reilly is struggling through..

      because that’s a thing presidents apparently worry about these days.

    • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

      Good luck with that. The media smells blood in the water. If taking down Trump gets eyeballs and clicks, they won’t go after the false trails Trump is trying to lay down. And neither will the FBI for that matter.

  • John Hollingsworth

    You got to follow the DCCC reasoning here. If they go spend money supporting Democrats in Republican leaning districts, this might make Republicans mad at them and say not nice things and generally give them a bad time, and then how will they win their votes to take back Congress in 2018? Its better to seem nice and helpy-like to Republicans, then they will want to vote for Democrats. It’s worked for the past 20 years, no need to change now.

  • Nick Scroggs

    Since I cannot find articles, here this instead to post (cat on desk, hard to type complex):

  • Relativicus

    Shit like this — not failing to take into consideration the “beliefs” and feelings of the stupid, the ignorant, and the bigoted — is why dem Dems keep losing in the states and the House.

  • Wild Cat

    They really need to get their fucking act together, they really need to get their message out, they really need to develop a media strategy, and they really need to start finding pols to run who aren’t 15 years past retirement age. It’s getting silly.

    OTOH, there may no longer be any elections of consequence, so they might as well pocket the dough . . .

  • Crystalclear12

    As someone who also lives in a written off red state that starts with M, I feel your pain.

    • Msgr_MΩment

      Never been to Mexas. They say the stars shine bright, though.

      • snark-lurker

        oh you devil, you

        • WotsAllThisThen

          ha ha, good one, but we all know you’re talking about Malabama.

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      We here in Tennehayseed feel your pain.

  • They get no more money from me until they give this guy some support.

  • Vincent Ricola

    Come the fuck on, DCCC. There are legitimate Dems (lots of us, even more of us when aware of election/candidate type thingies) in red states and we’re tired of you ignoring us. We’re fucking trying, but a little help might be nice.

  • Thespian Pony Ron

    Is THIS why the US hasn’t been run by Democrats continuously since FDR?

    • WotsAllThisThen

      No it’s because we don’t understand the economic anxiety and cultural isolation of middle America, living, as we do, in a bubble comprised only of the entire rest of the world.

      • Amelia Resists and Persists

        Also vote suppression and gerrymandered districts because if you can’t win, cheat!

  • UncleTravelingMatt

    They’ve basically stopped recruiting candidates, they stopped providing much in the way of organizational/administrative support for candidates a long time ago — a very bitter campaign hand told me a few years ago (just before Lujan took over) that he thought the only thing the DCCC cared about was funneling money to incumbents in safe districts. Maybe he was right.

  • Major_Major_Major

    50 fuckin’ states guys. There are 50 of those motherfuckers. How about we try to win every last motherfucking one of them?

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      Joe Manchins for everyone!

      • Major_Major_Major

        And that fuckstick needs to be tarred, feathered, and run out of the party as soon as we can manage without that sadsack jackwagon.

        • Toomush_Inferesistance

          But first….

      • SecludedCompound

        Ha, but really, I’d rather try to whip some centrist Dems into line than countenance more Trump-fellating neofascists.

    • Msgr_MΩment

      Spoken like a tiger-mounting optimist.

      • Major_Major_Major

        God damn right.

      • Major_Major_Major

        It doesn’t help that I am listening to bagpipes on Pandora loud as fuck in my headphones.

        • alwayspunkindrublic

          Uhh…Geneva Conventions?

      • snark-lurker

        oops first read: “–‘finger’-mounting optimist.”

    • snark-lurker

      ea. sen. flipped has a delta 2

      • Major_Major_Major

        Apparently, for the DCCC, maths are hard. Buncha shrinking goddamn violets.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      Hey, we won in Guam in the last election. Sheesh…some people are never happy.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    Dems-as is often the norm-acting like the proverbial one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Wonderful.

  • FDRliberal

    “Instead, the DCCC is telling red state Dems we can fuck right off, we’re not even worth a pitiful token.”

    Fucking idiots. What is the best way to contact these doofuses?

    • C4TWOMAN

      And what’s the best way for Dems in these states to organize?

      • Antonin Dvorak


      • Toomush_Inferesistance

        I got that one: locally. Join your local Dem group. Go to meetings. Talk to fellow protesters. See if they have a facebook or email or other method of communicating. Help recruit local candidates. See how to help them fund their run for office. Join the state organization minimally if you have to….

    • snark-lurker

      with money, honey. no other way in

    • NM rep. Ben Ray Lujan is the chairman. He’s on twitter…

  • ariel_gee_398

    Okay, two things. First, the DCCC might take notice of how much money the ACLU raked in when they got a victory against Trump. It’s almost like liberals are desperate to throw their cash at anyone who is putting up a fight and making gains.

    Second, who is making these decisions and how do we can we get rid of him/her? Because I’m guessing you could poll the commenters here and find similar stories of red districts across the country being abandoned by the DCCC, and candidates running and performing well against the odds anyway. With institutional support, some of them might actually flip.

    • C4TWOMAN

      Also too by abandoning people, it gives aid and comfort to the idea that wooish third parties are a viable option…

      • ariel_gee_398

        And even if a candidate loses, you help them build up name recognition so they can, I dunno, run for state office and help flip gerrymander central back to blue in time for the next census?

        • aureolaborealis

          Naw. That never happens. Running again for statewide office after losing for statewide office. Wait.

        • Riley Whodat Venable

          Exactly. Go gain experience running for County Sewage Commissioner. Win or lose. No R should run unopposed. For anything. Ever.

    • The chairman is NM rep. Ben Ray Lujan.

    • Toomush_Inferesistance

      Under pressure from the north, the Michigan Dem Party just reneged last month on their plan to cut the one job they were funding in the entire UP and Northern Michigan….and our local Dems felt they were vindicated. FFS!…

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    “Hey, it’s just ONE seat.”

    Says the DCCC 44 times real fast while they wonder why they’re down that many in the House.

  • BadKitty904

    Jebus F. Christ. Why does the DCCC even bother to exist?

    • Major_Major_Major

      Grifting, both sides do it? Other than that, and based on this shyte, I am fucking clueless.

  • schmannity

    The Republican LOVE billionaires that nobody likes.

  • schmannity

    Mike Mansfield is spinning like a top in his grave.

  • aureolaborealis

    My enthusiasm for the DCCC has been waning for years now.

  • Bill D. Burger

    Thank Jeebus’ his other title is intact.

    • Major_Major_Major

      That NSC gig must have really been eating into his coke and Johnny Walker bender time.

      • Toomush_Inferesistance

        Okay, let’s be honest. They’ve been working on a shadow NSC since they got there. It’s together now, no point to the original NSC. The National Strategic Initiatives boy band is up and working. Steve is just making his sideway move. I know we’d like to make more of it, but it is actually sinister…

        • Résistance Land Shark Ω

          Is the “National Strategic Initiatives boy band” sanctioned by Congress? By this I mean, do the intelligence agencies have to work with them, or can they tell the boyz to fuck off?

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      Not all of us Irish are ugly, but when we make em ugly, Lord do we make em *ugly*.

      • C4TWOMAN

        That’s a theme with Celts in general historically. They may not invent X, but they’ll adopt it and turn it into something unique and special.

        Or in this case “special”.

      • Edith Prickly

        My Irish grandma used to say “beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.”

      • marxalot

        Saints and gargoyles from the same sculptor.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    50 state strategy of GTFO.

  • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

    Ok DCCC, I know that the poll numbers look bad for a lot of those states out there. But you know what? The entire country looks like that if you’re a Republican. Know what they do? Add money to motivate their smaller portion of the country to the polls.


  • canes_pugnaces

    The DCCC, like the moribund DNC, is rotting carrion. Between Perez’ tone deaf romper room antics, and Pelosi/Schumer ‘This land is our land’ sing songs, I am unclear how the democratic party is going to move forward. But sent the guy money, because they won’t.

    • Toomush_Inferesistance

      All my monies and time now go to individual candidates and my local county party. I’m going with the “all politics are local” strategy…

      • Claire

        They’re going to have to be. That’s how the bench gets built up for national politics and also how we get state laws that actually benefit non-corporate people. Dems should be running candidates from school boards up, with particular focus on the school boards.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Fifty bucks to Mr. Quist. And how’s that twenty-three state strategy working out for ya, DCCC?

  • Nick Scroggs

    Makes me glad I’m not registered as a Democrat.

    • C4TWOMAN

      I’m kinda having the opposite reaction. I registered as unaffiliated, but if I went Dem, I’d feel I could demand things. Something to consider…

      • Toomush_Inferesistance

        Do it. You can wander in and out, catlike, to every meeting they have, and they’ll be glad you did. Also, local monies go a lot fucking farther locally…

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    Here’s a silly question DCCC. Who are the Democrats planning on taking seats from if not Republicans?

    • canes_pugnaces

      At this point, other democrats.

  • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

    Oh, why do we need an opposition party again? We seem to do a bang-up job getting in our own way.

    • marxalot

      Dems zip own dicks in fly, film at 11. Repeat.

  • Jgb979

    Absolutely fucking inexcusably stupid move, and makes me terrified for the future knowing the same chucklefucks at the DNC are running the show.


    There’s politicians that give people a reason to vote for them

  • Toomush_Inferesistance

    See! This is why trump won in Michigan. Fucking National Democratic stategerists…

    • Major_Major_Major

      Do these morans sit around and brainstorm ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, or are they just savants?

      • C4TWOMAN

        It’s a gift.

      • tomamitai

        Hey, they’re Democrats, it’s their tradition!

      • Edith Prickly

        I’d go with lazy and complacent, but that’s me.

    • Durwood

      I was going to say that very thing. If it weren’t for thinking like this, hell, we still might even have the senate now…Not to mention Hillary instead of this Trump mess.

  • Wonkette Baby approves of this guy!

  • DCCC chair Ben Ray Lujan is on twitter: @ChairmainDCCC… a twitter bomb from Wonketeers, perhaps?

    • C4TWOMAN

      Oh this is good.
      But my only active account is a parody account….

    • rebecca

      thanks! yes let’s!

    • marxalot

      I’m in.

  • elviouslyqueer

    I know at least one seat in which I’d like the DCCC to take an interest:

  • glenwrig

    The DNC is getting its act together under Perez and Ellison.
    But the DCCC basically kept the leadership group in place from 2016, and looks like they learned nothing from that experience.

    • Me not sure

      ¡DNC Si!,
      ¡DCCC No!
      ¡VIVA LA Revolutiòn!

  • Zonath

    Even if you’re in a race you can’t win, isn’t there still value in helping to bring issues to the foreground and establishing the ground operations that might just help you win races down the line? If you’re going to start trying to flip red states to blue, doesn’t it make sense to treat politics as something more than a popularity contest that happens every two years?

    • Pierre_de_Fermat

      There are times when a corps commander’s life does not count.
      –Maj Gen W S Hancock at Gettysburg

    • ariel_gee_398

      But it’s not like they even pay attention to these districts every two years. Giant swaths of the country are ignored by the party in every single election. That lack of a local party structure and feeding system is why we don’t have good candidates running for state offices that help keep nightmares like fetal heartbeat bills and Kansas’s fucking of their public education system from happening in the first place.

    • marxalot

      And to support state and local as well as national candidates, getting your message relentlessly and directly to voters, running for every open seat on every city council, stacking the school boards, primarying the dogcatcher, everything
      Everything the Repugs and, more lately, Teabaggers, have been doing since Reagan.
      You wanna flip the country? Work for it.

  • Edith Prickly

    What the hell – do they not see the opportunity here? This is just stupid – excuse me, STOOPID. Sad, weak losers who like to lose…

  • Wes Grogan

    OK, I’m not normally one for cussing in a public forum, but I have to let this out.

    As a resident of Alabama, I am so FUCKING tired of Dems no longer even trying to give a crap about red states. I am fed up with it. I don’t need them to spend a huge amount of money down here, but it would be nice if they would at least acknowledge the number of potential blue votes and attempt to give some assistance in organization. Hell, it’d be nice if liberals gave a shit about the bullshit laws we live in down here. Mississippi, for example, has a FAR more blatant homophobic law in place than North Carolina’s and no one has given one red hot shit about it.

    OK.. venting over. I’ll keep voting blue because it beats the hell out of red and I don’t want to vote in conservative or liberal extremists, but my vote will continue to literally not count in any presidential elections as long as the Dems continue to feel that writing off half the country is pretty much okay.

    • Toomush_Inferesistance

      Go local. Find your local dems, and catch a meeting. If you’re not too disgusted, help them out with one tiny thing….I guarantee you’ll like the folks who are there…

      • Wes Grogan

        I’m very close friends with the local DEC chairwoman. Been to many meetings and I’ll be to many more. I know first hand and all too damned well how little support they get even from the state level, much less the national level. Essentially, their job at this point is to nominate and support local candidates so that they will lose badly instead of horribly.

        • NewLarry

          Next thing you know, they’ll only lose by a lot, then a little, then, just maybe, it’ll be a close race!

      • Niblet58

        That’s exactly what we have done. If nothing else it is soothing to be among folks who think like you do.

    • marxalot

      As a lifelong Texan: THIS ^^^^^
      Also, at the punk show the other night, a guy who cannot have been hitting on me gave me his number and told me he worked with the local DNC chapter, if I wanted to get involved here in the desert.
      That’s one way to reach your natural constituency.

      • Vel Venturi

        As a Texan I say AMEN! I have looked to our local party and it is all but moribund. All the action and the anger and enthusiasm is being channeled through other groups, but it’s hard organizing as people are scattered over a variety of organizations. We are here and we want to get things done, but it’s tough knowing your party has hung you out to dry.

      • SecludedCompound

        Yeah. I’ve had members of Socialist Alternative do that in a bar while having beers here in Portland. I’ve never had a Democrat do that.

      • Caaro

        Yep. Same thing in Missouri.

    • chortlingdingo

      Two things that’d really help red states: bring down the hammer on voter suppression tactics once and for all, and make gerrymandering illegal.

      Those are probably only doable by the Supreme Court though.

  • miss_grundy

    Democrats just love being their own worst enemies.

    • Carpe Vagenda

      No. Democratic insiders who want to stay out of power so they’ll have permanent jobs without pissing anybody off by doing them are our own worst enemies. And there’s a healthy amount of crossover between the DTrip and the White Dick Revolution.

  • Carpe Vagenda

    Uh, yeah. The current iteration of the DTrip is a gift from Rahm Emanuel and gave us that miserable little shit Tim Tagaris. I wouldn’t give them money if they pointed a gun at my head.

  • Marceline

    There’s a contact page on the DCCC website.

    Mailing Address:
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Main Phone Number: (202) 863-1500

    • eyelashviper

      Thanks for posting this link. I just emailed them and told them to support Quist, by adding him to the website and to give him $$$$$.

    • sgt. jmk of the résistance

      I tweeted at them that they needed to support Quist and the Kansas guy.

      And please, Howard Dean, can you please get in touch with those guys?

    • cats530

      I e-mailed in support of Quist too and questioned their Wall Street friendly/Third Way corporatist strategies (not that THAT did any good, but it made me feel a little bit good).

    • Vel Venturi

      Just left a very angry comment about this. Thanks for the link.

  • Pierre_de_Fermat

    Rebecca, you are relentless: I contributed to all three. Maybe you should consider running for office.

    • puredog

      There are definitely places Rebecca could be elected, but I am thinking little of MT is such a place.

  • Me not sure

    These two races, in two very red districts, are the perfect laboratories to test approaches for taking red seats in the 2818 elections. The Democratic Party should put all of the resources that they can afford into these races. Win or lose, there’s much data that can be collected and used in the next mid-terms. Donate! Fight! Vote!

    • Nick Scroggs

      Think we’ll be dead long before 2818. Good to plan though. Pretty much be when life on Earth can resume anyway.

      • Me not sure

        I’m keeping a large hole dug in the back yard for the coming apocalypse. …Oh, you meant plan for the election.

  • Anna Rompage

    It’s really too bad the Dems didn’t get the memo that THE people are very tired with their very tired leadership.

    I mean with their substantial state & congressional losses to the GOP over the lest 6 years, and their floundering loss this presidential election, you would have thought they would be open and willing to try something new…

  • Kurt Weil

    I have an altar to Howard Dean in my house where I pile all the money I would otherwise have given to these incompetent weasels.

    I place my offering there, and then go to,
    and gaze longingly.

  • An Outhouse for the Resistance

    Hey, its not your money to give. Its our money we designated to be used spoiling Donna Rose.

    • marxalot

      And what better way to spoil the little mite than to give her a better world than we had to grow up in?

  • grindstone

    Fine. Donated to Quist. DCCC: 50 states, dumbasses, 5-0.

  • Lefty Wright

    You just don’t understand. You don’t spend money until you know you will win. Of course, if you know you will win, why spend money. Logic like that has led us to where we are today. It’s annoying that in my state, which the Democrats only 20 years ago had a late co on, now do not have anyone running in a lot of state legislative district. Even if you know you will only get 25% of the vote, put someone in. It might get a Democratic governor, a senator, or liberal judges in for statewide races. And if Democrats had supported more candidates, they may have surprised you and won.

  • what, me worry?

    The fun part is that Ossoff is pre-corrupted. He’s an establishment stooge who doesn’t support single-payer, doesn’t support public college and doesn’t support strict financial reform, because Democrats get mega dollars from donors those policies would hurt.

    They’d help everyone else, but.. you know. F*ck ’em.

    • rebecca


      • what, me worry?

        I know… All the urbane and worldly pretend-progressive denizens of Wonkette just don’t have time for any actual changes to a democratic party that decided money was more important that policy about 30 years ago. Anytime someone brings it up…

        • ltmcdies


          • what, me worry?
          • redblack

            boring? really?

            we’re talking about dragging the party – kicking and screaming, it seems – back to the left. we’re talking about convincing your average economic roadkill voter that democrats have something tangible to offer them.

            this starts at the grass-roots level. locally.

            the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC (there is no DNCC, as far as i know) should be investing heavily in gerrymandered districts in all 50 states.

            like jim morrison said, “they got the guns. we got the numbers.”

            come on.

            we can counteract the money afforded PACs with sheer numbers, but we need to all be shooting the same god damned direction.

          • ltmcdies

            like I said takes two to have a fight…and when both sides insist the “other guy” do the reaching first…nothing going to happen is it.

            first action…stop bashing..just stop it. You listen to people who continually hit you over the head about how horrible you are?

            No…well…the other group of democrats doesn’t either.

          • redblack

            here’s the problem with your premise:

            i’m not bashing you. i’m bashing democratic “leadership.”

            you’re just as poor as i am. why would i fight you?

          • ltmcdies

            well first off…bash away, I’m Canadian just watching this mess from the perch of “been there, done that and we got 8 years of Stephen Fucking Harper as a result”

            Second…you can’t tell people who are feeling bashed what to feel…any more than they an tell you. Nobody can control what others think about something they hear. If you could, Trump would never have been elected.

            And I can see why…with Senator Sanders out there attacking their party “leadership”…they might take it personally. That’s out of your control too.

            Want to stop a fight…can only control what you say and what you type.

          • redblack

            well, my general rule is to not start fights with comrades.


            when fellow democrats start tossing out epithets like “purity pony,” it reminds me of breitbart posters throwing out epithets like “snowflake.” and they have this in common: neither wants to discuss the issues.

            nah. my old man taught me not to be eager to start a fight. but he also taught me not to be afraid to end one.

            so let’s actually discuss this shit, and stop throwing out ad hominems.

            because that’s what the cons do, and we’re better than they.


        • dshwa

          You can’t advance any legislation in the House unless you have a majority, so you’ll never get anything you want if you don’t get the seats. You’ll have better luck convincing him to vote for good things that a republican

          • what, me worry?

            “It doesn’t matter what Democrats stand for, as long as we win.” ~ Rahm Emanuel.

            The cynicism of this bunch is too much to bear.

          • sgt. jmk of the résistance

            Here’s another quote: “A realistic appraisal of how things are accomplished in this world is not cynicism.
            Doofy pie-in-the-sky blithering about how all will flock to the banner of purity if only we just all refuse to dirty ourselves with reality is not a strategy.” ~ sgt. jmk.

          • what, me worry?

            Rebecca talked of being tedious earlier in this thread. I can’t tell you how tedious it is to read every comment from every Dem follower with the word “purity” in it.

            It’s clearly a branding mechanism meant to dismiss people who threaten the established order of Democrats. Dems must all grovel to big business for donations, and then do their bidding in office if they intend to ever run again.

            It isn’t purity to prioritize campaign finances, and to expect Democrats who say they care about it to at least consider the politics of their donors before they accept their money. That’s called ideological consistency.

            When you take money from the people who have the opposite goals you do, don’t you have to at least wonder why they are giving you the money?

            Well, no. Not really, because the politicians all know. Goldman Sachs will give me bags of money, and in return I’m expected to allow Goldman Sachs to continue to behave like a bunch of stateless pirates. If I cross them, not only will I stop getting bags of money, but they will give those bags of money to my opponent in the next election.

            You’d be better off not taking the bags of money in the first place.

          • rebecca

            personally, campaign finance doesn’t rate that high on my list of priorities. it honestly just doesn’t. would I like it? yes, but right now Citizens United is the law of the land. And I don’t want to unilaterally disarm, thank you.

            Goldman Sachs? “drink their liquor, take their money, fuck their prostitutes and VOTE AGAINST THEM.”

          • what, me worry?

            “personally, campaign finance doesn’t rate that high on my list of priorities.”

            Well, then, excuse my bluntness, but you’re an idiot. Campaign finance is the keystone issue that currently prevents an entire agenda of other progressive issues from even getting a hearing, much less a vote. Education, financial regulatory reform, healthcare, foreign policy, trade, all of it is dictated, entirely, by campaign finance, and none of it moves to the left without reforming campaign finance as a prerequisite.

            I know it’s not as much of an emotional touchstone as the social issues you guys write about. It’s a drier subject. But it is so important to so many different goals that Democrats say they prioritize, that to hear Democratic writers say, “meh”, makes me wonder what the hell you’re doing.

          • James

            I like what I’ve read about this Quist fellow. (I haven’t seen much of Montana sadly except to drive through it from Nebraska to Saskatchewan.)

            It certainly would have been interesting if you’d run yourself as you hinted, Ms. Editrix. Still, I’m guessing Mr. Quist could do almost as good a job as you would have. (::

          • sgt. jmk of the résistance

            No, I’m sorry, it’s not a branding issue, and it’s not in service to the established order. Maybe the same charge might be thrown at you a bit less if you would climb down a bit and weren’t so ready to accuse people who see things perhaps a little more practically than you do of inherent corruption.

            You see…it’s not really your ideas – it’s the insufferable smugness of the high-and-mighty way you pronounce them.

            I have been politically aware and active for nearly 40 years. I have seen the influence of money grow, and I am painfully aware of the damage it does, and I deplore the way money and the pursuit of donations and the expectation that money should equal access has taken over our political system. I supported and worked for candidates who tried to bring about meaningful reform for decades.

            But in nearly 40 years of political activism, I’ve also learned that you dance with them as brung ya. Holding yourself apart and NOT raising money when running against those who have no such scruples equals electoral loss, and the consequent inability to do ANYTHING. That isn’t cynicism… that’s practical…and frankly, I get tired of snots who tell me that I’m somehow as dirty as Bannon for taking that position.

            Here’s a little story for you – by the late 1800s, the US government was essentially staffed by patronage. Most offices, from the president’s staff on down to dog-catcher, were filled by political patrons with their minions, and corruption – actual buying and selling of offices, bribery, nepotism, and all the rest- was rampant. A man named Chester Arthur worked his way up through the political machine to become Vice President, and then Garfield was assassinated, and this party apparachik became president. AS president, to everyone’s surprise, he championed reform of the patronage system that put him in office and instituted the Civil Service because he knew that the only way to put a stop to that kind of shit is from the inside. He was a good, though relatively unremarkable leader who did some solid, though uninspired presidenting, but he did have that ONE shining moment in which he essentially uprooted a century of corruption by working the system to put an end to that system.

            You might want to learn from that.

            I’ll also just say this – you focus on the big donors, and yes, big donors exist, and they can have terrible influence… but not every banking donation came from a big donor or was designed to influence. You have to declare your employer when you donate, so MY donations, which were not gigantic, were attributed to the IT industry, even though being a part of that industry had ZERO to do with my making them.

            Like other donors, whose money was chalked up to the banking industry or the financial services industry or the real estate industry, I donated to HRC’s campaign because – unlike EITHER of her opponents – she echoed my positions on reproductive rights, on equality and equal justice, on gun control, and YES, on campaign finance reform. It IS probable that even people with a lot more money than I gave donated for the same kind of reasons. Your eagerness to tar everyone with the same brush is what leads people to use the word “purity” around you as much as you say.

            And that brings up another point – I might have a little more respect for you purists if you weren’t so fucking reality-challenged. For example, you folks spent months sliming Hillary Clinton as a tool of big money, despite the fact that she was the fucking TARGET of Citizens United, despite her position on campaign finance reform (which you clearly didn’t read), despite the fact that she has a history of telling the wealthy that they’d have to give back for the good of the country, and despite the fact that you couldn’t find a SINGLE fucking giveaway to Goldman Sachs or the financial services industry (a major employer in the state she represented) that she sponsored or wrote when she was in the Senate.

            That you tried to paint her as inherently dirty because she wasn’t perfect shows me that you didn’t even bother to try to find out what she stood for. You saw “Goldman Sachs” and you were off. That’s just stupid, and the irresponsibility of it infuriates me to this day. For that reason alone, I get very fucking tired of you “no smoke without fire” folks, and it certainly makes me less inclined to be patient with you.

            So…to sum up, stop being such an asshole, stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, and stop assuming that you’re the only one who cares about campaign finance reform and you might get a better response.

            Until then, all you are is a purity pony.

          • what, me worry?

            Gee… Seems like I touched a nerve.

            That was a long, expletive-filled screed, that can all be summed up in one sentence – Somehow, you think it is weirdly noble to take money from organizations who oppose your agenda, and then do work for them, regardless of your principles, because principles are for losers and “purity ponies”.

            I disagree. I think the electorate should be able to depend on the principles a politician brings with her to an office.

            If my politician has been vehemently opposed to bankruptcy reform in the past, and worked hard against its passage, if I vote for her as Senator, I expect her to vote against it when it comes up again. That seems reasonable to me.

            Imagine my surprise, then, when she votes for it after taking a buttload of money from the banking industry for her campaign.

            No, you’re right. I can’t think of a single thing Clinton ever did for the banking industry.


          • sgt. jmk of the résistance

            So you didn’t read it other than to notice my use of expletives.

            Good to know.

          • what, me worry?

            I did, and that’s all it said, but this is getting silly now.

          • sgt. jmk of the résistance

            Since I didn’t say “it is weirdly noble to take money from organizations who oppose your agenda,” nor did it say that “principles are for losers and ‘purity ponies,'” it’s clear you didn’t read it and just pulled your objections out of your ass.

            But my word, it does seem to me that I was spot on in my assessment of the smugness and sense of superiority that motivate your holier-than-thou dismissal of anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100%.

            I do ponies a disservice, comparing you to them.

      • dshwa

        Oh look, the purity trolls followed you here from Twitter!

    • therblig

      curly or shemp? makes a big difference. unlike you.

      • what, me worry?


    • ltmcdies

      pre corrupted…is that like pre cog from Minority Report….

    • SqueakyRat

      Who do you think should get elected in that dark red Georgia district? Leon Trotsky?

      • what, me worry?

        1. Trotsky isn’t running.

        2. GA-6 isn’t Hickville anymore. The number of high tech companies that have moved into the area have completely changed the demographic, and the largest ones have all come in from Deep Blue northeast. So… Ga-6 is kind of lavender now..

        • shoeflyin

          As someone who lives next to GA6 I’m skeptical. Upper middle class all watches Fox and votes R here. Only reason Ossoff is up is because Trump and the R’s being assholez since Nov.

  • marxalot

    For the love of Crom, you cheese eating, defeat snatching, thumb sitting surrender monkeys– FIFTY. STATE. STRATEGY.
    What bigger fight are you resting up for? These are goddamn battleground races! The DCCC’s policy of never getting into a fight it can win has been hobbling the whole fucking country since Reagan.

    • James Lamere

      If the DNCC would help Quist in Montana he could win.Why cant the current Democratic “leadership”realize how outraged 65% of Americans are about Trump. Fuck the Republicans and their piles of cash–WE HAVE THE VOTES !!


    Money fell outta my wallet at these guys! Wonket knows all the right techniques to work these leathery folds just so, to make it raiiin (at least a couple pittance drops)

  • Ralph Gauer

    Watch in 2018 when the DCCC ignores NM’s 2nd district, despite the fact that Steve Pearce is an utter tool. (And nobody likes him.) I gave money to Quist. Check back with me in a year and give some love to whomsoever runs against Pearce.

    50 state strategy. Perez needs to nut up and run a national party.

    • Marceline

      Perez is in charge of the DNC not the DCCC. The head of the DCCC is Ben Ray Luján.

  • dshwa

    I hate to agree with the Bernie dead enders, but they’re not wrong about the DCCC needing to go. Paging Howard Dean!

    • ltmcdies

      problem with the dead enders is they would run a purity test on this candidate and if he didn’t measure up…they wouldn’t back him either.

      • rebecca

        Quist is a berner himself. but we already got a purity po-po downthread calling Ossoff “pre-corrupted.”

        Nice, Minority Report!

        • Marceline

          Has Bernie done anything to help Quist? This would be a great time for him to use the power he thinks he has to help someone other than himself.

          • rebecca

            not that I’ve seen, and he should. Montana voted for him big in primary, and Quist was an outspoken supporter.

          • Lord Grackle

            Three words: F**k Bernie Sanders.

        • Persistent Demme

          Ever noticed how the purity ponies don’t say much about T***p?
          Since they did so much to help elect him, you’d think they’d be invested.
          But, no.

          • Marceline

            Just like Bernie and Trump, the purity ponies are still in campaign mode. They have nothing to say about 45 but they still can’t stop beating up on Hillary.

          • mtn_socialist

            Yeah, that’s it. Shift attention away from the DCCC’s fecklessness by bitching about the left wing. Nice.

      • sundaytrucker

        Obviously the best way to take back seats is to continue fighting over 2016. It’s time for everyone to move on.

        • ltmcdies

          the trouble with these statements is the expectation that the “moving on” is solely the responsibility of “the other side”

          you know what mom said about fighting…it takes two

    • lynchie

      Dean is a lobbyist for a big pharma company. He sold out

  • ltmcdies
    • Marceline

      “But while the DCCC may be sitting on the sidelines for now, the Democratic National Committee appears to be giving it a much closer look, and plans to send high-profile surrogates there in the coming weeks. ”

      I’ll be interested to see who that is.

      • ltmcdies

        good…nothing like taking seats that were considered “safe” to rattle the opposition
        We just had 5 by elections in Canada…no seat changed party affiliation but the Trudeau’s Liberals lost some percentage points in a couple of “safe” ridings …
        and now it’s OMG what’s wrong with Liberals…

        yup…losing a seat won’t make much difference in the House but the Dems could park rent free in the GOP psyche

        Not to mention …establish a beachhead in areas that will be demographically changing at some point

      • lynchie

        Donna Brazille and Debbie Wasserman Shultz no doubt

  • Beowoof14

    Damn those guys have been missing the boat, or covered wagon for a while now. Some how they forgot how successful the Howard Dean 50 state strategy was. Does being a democrat mean you have to have dumb asses running the money.

    • Farley Bot

      Howard Dean is a great example. I truly not understand the lack of commitment. There have to be (at least) two active political parties, the democrats need to get in the game.

  • Pete Talbot

    “For some unknown reason, Republicans nominated Gianforte again, this time for the state’s sole Congressional seat,” the article says. They nominated him because he’s a multi-millionaire. He dumped $6 million of his own money into his last race and seems willing to do it again.

    But that’s not my point here. We can win this one. Quist is well-liked, has a great grassroots effort behind him and is working his butt off. Gianforte is laying low and letting out-of-state PACs run million-dollar negative TV campaigns against Quist.

    A little help from the DCCC would go a long way in securing a win. If it doesn’t get on the Quist bandwagon, I’ve got some choice words the DCCC the next time they ask me for a contribution.

  • puredog

    I. Can’t. Even.
    And people wonder how the Dems lost the 2016 presidential election. It may just be because they are fucking stupid.

  • Marsupial

    Hmmmm….. WonkettePAC…. WonkPAC… that has a nice ring to it.

    • wavicles

      DonnaPAC ‘side-eye for the future’

  • And that is why all of the moneys that I take out of my vodka allowance and set aside for #politicalstuff goes to my state chapter of the Democratic Party, and not the DCCC (or DNC). I live in Louisiana, trust me, the state is more in need of my pittance than the national organization.

    • Riley Whodat Venable

      Union, Justice, Confidence.

      Where y’at in Louisiana?

      • Abbeville, about 20 minutes southwest of Lafayette. In short, a particularly conservative part of a blood-red state. I’m surrounded by people who will never, ever admit Cheeto Benito is a disaster. They’ll probably use their last breath to gasp out BUT HER EMAILS as they drown in rising sea levels or choke to death on petrochemical sludge in the drinking water.

        • Riley Whodat Venable

          My wife’s grandparents were from Raine. She grew up in NOLA, I grew up in Sheveport. We are now in Houston.

          • Whollyholeyholy

            I grew up in Houston. Made many good friends who’ve made the move from around Lafayette. Once you meet a friend from Louisiana, you meet many more new friends from Louisiana. I live in the Mid-Atlantic now, NW of D.C., and it’s great in some ways, but the Gulf Coast does have its inimitable charms. Petrochemical sludge notwithstanding.

          • Riley Whodat Venable

            As long as the sludge doesn’t get on the shrimp, oysters, redfish, crabs, and crawfish all is well. We consider ourselves to be Texiles, having sought refuge here in Houston from NOLA.

  • Riley Whodat Venable

    Time for everyone to remind the DCCC that they work for us, the rank and file. Also too, donate $10,$20, or $50 to the candidate directly (after, of course. Donating to Wonkette!).
    We need a 50 state strategy. Every R running for every office should be opposed by a D. EVERY OFFICE!
    Levee Board. City Council. Justice of the Peace. Policy Jury.

    • Pierre_de_Fermat

      I’ll let the DCCC decide where to spend the $$ it has. I ended up contributing to all three. We gotta do what we can for these folks. All are in hard, but potentially winnable districts. If we just get 1 out of it, it’s 1 we did not have before.

  • lynchie

    I get at least 5 requests for money every single day from the DNCC. Nothing has changed with the new head just more big speeches and lots of bullshit. Is DWS still running things behind the scenes. Hillary spent a $billion and could not beat the most unqualified, person in the history of the U.S. to run for president and they won’t run candidates in red states. No wonder we lost over 1,000 seats in local, state and federal elections since 2008. I am saving my money so I can be prepared to move to another country

    • Kerrie Thomas

      DCCC and DNC are 2 different entities. Just mentioning.

      • lynchie

        Yeah but they operate the same and both were started by the Clintons. They both cater to the wall street and the banks and are neo liberals who support blue dogs with money.

        • Cryndalae

          The DNC was created in 1848 and the DCCC in 1866.

          But thanks for playing…

  • zanzibar_buckbuck_mcfate

    This is why people distrust party leadership SO MUCH. Whoever holds the purse strings determines the potential for any candidate to succeed. That’s when people start getting really pissed. This has tanked elections in Iowa, too.

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    Hey DCCC! Remember that “50 State Strategy”thing? Remember how that worked? Hello? Is anyone there?

  • BJW

    Grrrrr. Donated, Rebecca. Hope he wins!

  • Stulexington

    Way to show off that shiny new 50 state strategy and encourage people to set up to run for long shot seats!

    • zanzibar_buckbuck_mcfate

      Even if it’s a loss, a robust campaign is EXCELLENT party-building.

  • Gregory Brown

    Well, I just went and sent Quist $30. I hope that puts him over the top. DCCC can eat a bag of dicks.

  • SullivanSt

    DCCC is being totally A Idiot here – Google polling in March showed Quist 48, Gianforte 41.

    This is a race they should be investing in.

  • UpstateNYObserver

    What the hell – is Wasserman-Schultz really the one running things still? What kind of brain dead idiot ignores numbers like that?

  • TanzbodenKoenig

    This is what I was trying to drunkenly say the other night when I instead came across as a Hillary bashing troll. We lost for a lot of reasons in 2016, not just Russia. If we just keep blaming Putin for stealing it we are going to forget that the national Democratic political machine is in shambles. We are going to let 2018 and 2020 slip right through our hands if they don’t get their heads out of their collective asses

  • Quercus Queen

    Noticed while donating that he’s met his goal. 😄

  • Greg Comlish

    Thank you so much for writing this post, Rebecca! I have long lamented that the DNC has entirely given up on large swaths of this country. Democrats champion policies that help the poor and the disenfranchised, but they have given up on even asking rural America for their vote. If we don’t even fight for any rural seats, we will never have a majority in Congress because of the way that the congressional districts are drawn. We need an aggressive strategy to make inroads into rural America. And we can do it! Unfortunately the DNC and its affiliates are going to sit this one out because our leadership is terrible and cowardly.

  • Splam

    They literally just called me to donate for Rob Quist. Maybe they got the message?

    • Hospergar

      I hope so. I just sent them an email asking them whether they’ve seen the same news and poll numbers I have- 35% approval rating, mass demonstrations, fuck even the ugliest corners of reddit are turning against the GOP thanks to that privacy bill. We need these wins now, and if we don’t even try for them we don’t deserve 2018.

    • Heyzeus Ahchay

      Probably not — they just want to use Quist to raise money to add a lobster to their steak dinners tonight. They’re going to save the rest to run Hillary — or someone just like Hillary (some has-been, about-to-be-a-loser who’s “earned” it) — in 2020. Haven’t seen the “here’s our list of what the fuck we did wrong in 2016” list yet and how they plan to correct it.

  • Lambsendbeds

    What ever happened to Howard Dean’s “50 State Strategy”? Oh yeah, right…

  • I have never understood, and I will never understand the tendency of national dems to concede races to republicans. Even if we don’t win, bloody their effing noses and let them know that they’ve been in a fight!

    • handyhippie65

      i live in rural indiana. the dems don’t even run candidates for local offices.

      • One glaring flaw that has been pointed out time and again by the Hillary-haters (on both sides, dammit!) is her belief that the Dem leadership could get the job done for her. I agree with them on this – the Dem leadership let her down, and she was responsible to the extent that she believed them.

        The DNC and the DCCC did her in when she was running against Obama, and it’s the same assholes (Brazile and Wasserman-Schultz in particular) who didn’t put boots on the ground last year because the polls told them it wasn’t worth it. Not out of malice – sheer laziness and stupidity.

      • James

        I live in rural western Nebraska. The party does not run people for office here either (I am the only elected Democrat in ninety thousand square miles, sitting on my village board of trustees)

        • handyhippie65

          and they wonder why they are seen as a coastal party only. they don’t even try in the central states.

      • Yellow_Dog_Dem

        Same here in rural Ohio. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned in a ballot with no one checked because of this.

  • Johnatx

    I have pretty much given up on the DSCC, DCCC and the DNC. They pull the same here in Texas. I just give directly to candidates. I donated to Quist and to Ossoff.

    • Panika MCD

      you probably know this already, but if you don’t: DO NOT give money or support or even your email address to BGTX.

    • Whollyholeyholy

      I don’t live in Texas anymore, but I did for most of my first 30 years. I don’t get it. All the cities are liberal. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are 3 of the 10 most populous cities in America. Why can’t the Dems do something in Texas? It makes me crazy.

      • Texas used to be a Dem stronghold, until Bush won the governorship – the Rs have been doing everything to hang on since then.

  • Panika MCD

    this all feels very familiar.

  • mt2099

    “Looks hella good for 69.” Not an international double entendre, I’m sure.

    • Just the facts, ma’am

      Maybe it’s just intentional.

    • Michele

      I mean they did add in the (nice.) after, so maybe it was.

  • Donna Schoenkopf

    Git ’em, Bec!!!

  • unclejeems

    I’m a political scientist and even I think David Parker is bad at political science.

  • unclejeems

    I am a member of no political organization. I am a Democrat. WR

  • ahughes798

    I jotted off a slightly impolite e-mail to the DCCC, and the DNC, just for good measure, and donated a small amount to Mr. Quist even though he has reached his goal.

  • handyhippie65

    i have decided to only support the justice democrats until the corporate dems get their heads out of their donors asses. they have proven to have little difference ‘twixt them, and the republicans. i think they are being told to lose by their corporate masters. why else would they seemingly commit political suicide?

    • rebecca

      the Justice Dems are the same ones who claimed John Conyers should be primaried for not supporting HR 676 — which happened to be John Conyers’s bill.

      I do not care for them, or the Young Turks they rode in on.

      • theblackdog

        Considering that The Young Turks are taking GOP money and spending their time bashing PoC for not toeing their party lines, we shouldn’t care for them.

      • handyhippie65

        to be honest, i am trying to reach out to anyone who is seeking to get corporate money, and influence out of politics. they seem to be the only ones saying anything about it. any politician who is pro-corporation, is anti-citizen in my book, and i’m not alone. it is why hilliary lost. until we get a democrat in the mold of FDR, they will continue to lose. i’m not saying he was perfect. he was terrible on civil rights. but he was a champion of worker’s rights. and that is what we need. politicians who are pro-worker, not pro-corporation. i try to support secular talk on youtube, the same as i support you. i agree, cenk is a dick. but kyle is not. and even though he is on russian tv, i like lee camp, as well. as i see it, we either force the democrats to champion progressive ideals, and policies, or we start a new progressive political party. the corporate democrats have proven themselves to be little better than the republicans, and in some ways worse. they give lip service to progressive policies, while working to thwart anything their corporate masters disagree with. globalism, and free trade are prime examples. they only benefit corporations, at the expense of the american citizen. any democrat who supports free trade, will receive no help from me. i voted for joe donnelly, but have sent him a message that i will not support him in the next election because of his support of gorsuch. doing the same thing over, and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. i’d like to think i am not insane, and can learn from the mistakes of the past.

  • Zyxomma

    This is some real bullshit. Whatever happened to Dr. Howard Dean’s 50 State Strategy — you know, the one that helped us elect President Obama?

    • handyhippie65

      too effective. their corporate masters told them to knock that shit off. it’s bad for the bottom line.

  • tegrat

    I stopped giving to those idiots a long time ago. You should allways donate to specific candidates, IMO.

  • netaloid

    Welcome to my world. The national Democrats show up in Texas to raise funds for O-man or the Hillary, take the coin and trade it for blow and a Jersey Shores threesome. Just laugh at the idea that out of 30 million Hispanics in Texas, maybe 27 million are actual voting citizens looking for an alternative to Ted “Nutsack” Cruz.

    Just sayin’…

    • and trade it for blow and a Jersey Shores threesome.

      Well, to be fair, I would too.

  • James

    My own district only had my Tea Party representative on the ballot. Almost the entire ballot was Republicans. (I turned in a mostly blank ballot. It looked strange to see a vote for Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine and a whole lot of blanks down ballot.)

    My last contact with the DCCC was by phone call, before the election. They asked if I would donate some hard-won Ameros from my sofa cushions to run Democratic candidates. I asked who they were running here and they told me “no one.” I thanked them and said I would donate my money to candidates here directly then.

    • HooverVilles

      Good for you!

    • Budda

      That’s my position also.

  • this country says it’s about

    Just wrote a check to James Thompson. The DCCC and the DNC have never impressed me with there bland survey/donation requests – to wishy-washy. I will NEVER give a dime to either one of them as long as they keep ignoring the red state Democratic candidates. It’s like the lottery – it’s a long shot, but if you don’t play you definitely can’t win.

  • HooverVilles

    That DCCC approach is enabling GOTP gerrymandering.

  • Wollongong Wattle

    By golly, what a doggone brilliant strategy to elect more Bluedog Dems to Congress so that they can stop the progressive Dems from passing the badly needed legislative program such as Sanders and Clinton both advocated. How do you feel about scarce donation dough going to the handful of Dem Senators voting for Corporatacracy’s boy, Gorsuch, to stuff up the Supreme Court bigly? Moreover, the current Repub majority and presidency hasn’t resulted in any major legislative victories for this Congress, has it?

    • rebecca

      do you mean Quist is a bluedog Dem? because he was a big Bernie supporter. if you mean something else, i’m not quite following.

  • Mollietoes

    But but but…berniecrats dont want corporate money! Its tainted!! This is a Berniecrat right here and it would taint their purity if the oligarchs and neoliberals dirtied this sainted bernie cultist! Yall should each send $27!

    • Glad you can laugh at the destruction of our democracy by big money

  • Reality_Check

    Didn’t these Dem organizations play dirty tricks on the Sander’s campaign?
    If we don’t support grassroots candidates, how are things going to be different?
    justicedemocrats is an organization that gets it. They understand the Dem party has to be taken back from the democorprocrats.

    • Connie Carol

      yep…make statements like ‘They understand the Dem party has to be taken back from the democorprocrats.” then complain that the democorpratists dont give you money to do that. lol.

    • rebecca

      no, they didn’t. they talked snide about him among themselves. that’s not a dirty trick. And Sanders’s campaign actually *did* get busted hacking into HRC’s voter database, but we don’t mention that because we’re not infighting.

      • No, they didn’t. One person on the Sanders campaign that was referred to them by NGP-VAN found an open door, and took a look around. There was no hacking, it was an error on the part of NGP-VAN. No data was stolen or exported, and the guy was literally fired on the spot when this was discovered. Then the DNC broke its own rules by completely cutting off the Sanders campaign from the VAN even after the problem was fixed, and this happened right before a critical primary when they needed their data. NGP-VAN itself cleared the Sanders campaign in a statement.

    • Marceline

      Sanders doesn’t have an apostrophe.

      • Reality_Check

        Thanks for your insightful feedback. It’s changed my life.

  • mrpuma2u

    I live in TN where there are some flippable districts, but *crickets* from the national democratic party. F’n jaggoffs.

  • Kate A Lee

    YOu give contacts for the other races – all male candidates – but skip Alexis Frank, running in SC? Shame on you, Wonkette!

    • rebecca

      South Carolina hasn’t had its primary yet is why. No shame on me, thank you.

  • Democrat “Citizen Mom” as proclaimed by George Takei, is going to #turn32blue and break up the GOP Supermajority in Georgia. When she wins, there’ll be no more anti-gay or anti-immigrant legislation passed without a Democrat vote. Got $5 to spare? Thanks!!! (@christineforga or

  • Ambignostic

    Ooh, look, the DCCC sent out a message!

  • mardam422

    Why should some French wine-making group want to support some guy in Montana? Oh? So it’s not the Democratic Congressional CHAMPAGNE Committee?

  • There was a time when I used to be a regular donor to the DCCC and the DSCC. That stopped several years ago when they were pulling this same crap – and this isn’t the first time – as they are here. Not only that, I got sick and tired of the phone calls for more money, and the insane arm-twisting they indulged in. These days, I give money directly to a candidate, and the DCCC and DSCC can kiss my ass.

  • Marceline

    I sent Quist money. Normally I wouldn’t do that since he was a Bernie supporter and I’m committed to not giving money to anyone with Sanders ties but a girl’s got to keep her priorities straight.

    • rebecca

      half of all wonkers were Bernie supporters. Like them, Quist wasn’t an idiot about not supporting Hillary in the general. yr priorities iz good.

    • McHitler

      Shouldn’t you support candidates based on their policy? It seems a bit silly to disregard someone you may agree with on several issues because they supported a candidate you didn’t like.

      • Marceline

        I have a limited amount of money that I can give to political candidates and causes. I need to be discerning about where it goes. If I have to choose between someone with ties to Bernie and someone without, the person with the most distance between them and Bernie wins.

        Also, I *did* choose based on policy, I like Quist’s support for public lands, universal health care, and I really liked the way he’s handled some attacks from the gun lobby so I gave to him in spite of his Sanders ties.

        • Reality_Check

          You should be using a semicolon or a period between …”the policy” and” I like Quist’s support ” since they are two complete sentences.

          • Marceline

            Where did I write “the policy?”

  • Gayer Than Thou

    I am proud to say I sent him the sixty-three cents I found in the sofa, a dusty mint from the bottom of my purse, and a buy-one-get-one-free coupon from my local pizzeria. I did my part!

  • calliecallie

    Done and Done!

  • sffoghorn

    Why are you all still expecting the Democrat Party to do anything but check populist demands from below and to the left in favor of center-right neoliberals whose only saving grace is that they support same sex marriage and for that consider themselves progressives?

  • JimB

    I sent a ‘not-so-nice’ Tweet to DCCC letting them know that I support Rob and would be sending support to him directly and none to them.

  • magistralatina

    I haven’t given any money to ANY Democratic campaign organizations in years. I donate only to individual candidates, so I know my resources aren’t being wasted on Manchins, Heitkamps, Donnellys, etc.

    • Calbengoshi

      When the alternative to a Manchin, Heitkamp, Donnelly or Tester is a right-wing GOPer, money to support them isn’t a waste. Sure, they aren’t as progressive as Elizabeth Warren or Mazie Hirono, but neither Warren nor Hirono, nor anyone with views like theirs, could get elected to the Senate from WV, ND, IN or MT.

      • magistralatina

        If you share the views of Manchin, Heitkamp, Donnelly, etc. – go ahead. Knock yourself out. Donate to the DCCC, the DSCC, the DNC or directly to Manchin, Heitkamp, Donnelly, etc. My money, however, goes to support candidates who share my views.

        • Calbengoshi

          I don’t share their views and since I do not live in any of those states I am not going to be donating to any of them. However, I think it is foolish to hold out for a “true progressive” candidate in a state where progressives make up only a very small portion of the electorate.

          IMO, nothing useful is going to be accomplished by any government as long as the GOP remains in control of that government. Thus, I think it makes sense to support even a Blue Dog when the only alternative is your typical RWNJ.

          • magistralatina

            You make your donations; I’ll make mine.
            However, it is even more foolish to make unwarranted assumptions/argue with views that haven’t been expressed. Nothing useful is accomplished that way.

          • Calbengoshi

            I agree with your final sentence, perhaps ever more than you do.

          • magistralatina

            If that were true, you wouldn’t have posted only to repeat the same error of attribution. But as I said earlier, knock yourself out – because arguing with yourself certainly appears to give you a warm, smug, sense of self-satisfaction.

          • WV used to be a Democratic stronghold because of PROGRESSIVE support of organized labor. While there is a bit of a rift between labor and environmental champions when it comes to coal (and other fossil fuels), that does demonstrate that once upon a time progressives did do very well in what is now a deep red ultraconservative state. We can bring that back by standing strong with working people.

  • Jukesgrrl

    I haven’t given any money to the DCCC for this very reason since way back when Rahm Emanuel had his fingers in the pie. I even wrote to them and told them why I was putting their E-mails on SPAM.

    People: DONATE DIRECTLY TO CANDIDATES. It’s simple. Most Democratic candidates use a progressive-run subcontractor called ActBlue that handles online donations. If you choose to, you can add a tip for ActBlue to your donation (I always give them a couple of bucks) to cover their expenses. Aside from that, your money goes directly to the candidate YOU CHOOSE. Also, you choose if you want ActBlue to keep your credit card # on file to speed up your future donations or you can opt for not to protect your privacy.

    In addition to donating to Becca’s guy, Wonkers might also want to give the DCCC a piece of their very smart minds. Here is an easy way to do it:
    But make up a fake address for the form or they will send you snail mail!!

  • Teto85

    I just sent hm a fin. Thanks Wonkette.

  • Wollongong Wattle

    So, the Democratic Party has supposedly abandoned the Midwest? I’m an older alumnus of the U. Of Illinois during the Punic Wars. We used to reckon Chicago and now solidly Blue Illinois was geographically the heart of the Midwest, which just goes to show how quickly the concepts of we older folks go out of date.

  • Stan Risdon

    Has Perez’s “overhaul” changed anything yet???

  • David Parker

    Yes. That Parker guy who wrote a book about the 2012 election knows so little about political science that he believes a race against a popular incumbent is fundamentally different from an open house seat, in a special, while summarzing the most recent article in special elections. Clearly, an idiot to be hated.

  • 50 state, 3,000 county strategy. We have to invest not just money, but TIME to organize grassroots volunteers in every place, even where we are strongly disadvantaged. Establishment Dems just don’t seem to get it, they just want to continue on with business as usual, even though that’s lost us 3 of the last 4 elections in landslides.

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