During the presidential debates, Donald Trump insisted the only important thing about a federal fair housing lawsuit accusing the Trump Management company of refusing to rent to blacks was that the suit ended in a settlement that admitted to “no wrongdoing.” With less than two weeks to go before the election, plenty of people are coming forward to remind us that no matter how much he says that, Young Donald Trump nonetheless ran the company very much in the way his daddy, Fred Trump, taught him. And Trump was sued not just once, in 1973, but then a second time, in 1982, for failing to actually follow the consent decree that settled the 1973 suit.

Tuesday’s Rachel Maddow Show offered some details on those practices, including an interview with Stanley Leibowitz, a rental agent for Trump in the 1960s, who recalled a particular instance of blatant discrimination in 1963. One black applicant had been especially persistent in calling back to check on the status of her application, and so Leibowitz asked Fred Trump what to do with it:

“Mr. Trump and his son Donald came into the office. I asked what I should do with this application because she’s calling constantly and his response to me was, ‘You know I don’t rent to the N-word. Put it in a drawer and forget about it,'” Leibowitz, 89, told NBC News.

“Donald Trump was right alongside his father when I was instructed to do that.”

This isn’t exactly new news; the New York Times reported on the account of the applicant, Maxine Brown, back in August, and the New York Daily News interviewed Leibowitz about the incident in September. But this time we have Leibowitz on camera saying that Donald Trump was there nodding in agreement while his dad said “You know I don’t rent to niggers.”

Not surprisingly, the Trump campaign has issued two denials of the story. In reply to a specific query from the Maddow show about Leibowitz’s comments, spokesperson Hope Hicks issued a statement saying only “This is total nonsense.” In a separate reply to NBC’s reporting on the housing discrimination cases, Hicks said in an email,

There is absolutely no merit to the allegations … This suit was brought as part of a nationwide inquiry against a number of companies, and the matter was ultimately settled without any finding of liability and without any admission of wrongdoing whatsoever.

Now, the real problem here isn’t simply that a 17-year-old Donald Trump may have stood there and nodded while his father used the N-word over 50 years ago. The real problem is that there’s no evidence that Trump today sees any problem with anything his father did, from being arrested at a KKK rally in 1927 to the the way he ran the property management company all his life, or with how Donald Trump himself continued to run the company until the Department of Justice sued him — twice — and forced him to change his business practices. In Trump’s strange mind, if he wasn’t forced to admit wrongdoing, then obviously he did nothing wrong. Among other words for that, “amoral” comes to mind.

As Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox noted on “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,” it might be unfair to make too much of a 17-year-old Donald nodding along with his dad while he said all that, because people raised by bigots sometimes grow past their roots. The problem is that Donald Trump “has shown no sense that he’s changed at all” or that he’s learned anything. And no, insisting “I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet” and “there was no admission of wrongdoing” aren’t exactly a demonstration that he’s gotten all enlightened on race, especially when he thinks black people all live in Hell and tells his white supporters to go out and watch the polls for voter fraud. “Growing and learning are not exactly his core competencies,” after all, said Cox. Plus, he sure has made a habit of proudly saying he learned everything he knows about real estate from his dad.

The new video of Stanley Leibowitz recalling how Fred and Donald Trump did business in the old days isn’t the only reply to Trump’s “no wrongdoing” idiocy. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a web ad featuring Mae Brown Wiggins, another woman who was denied an apartment in a Trump complex, and who still feels the pain today. (Yes, get ready for the inevitable rightwing claims that Wiggins should just get over it, and is the real racist for holding onto her hatred of white people so long. And of course accusing Hillary Clinton of needlessly dividing America.) It’s powerful stuff.

We also want to rather noisily point out that while that word tends to grab the headlines (and good god, if the alleged video of Trump saying that word on the set of “The Apprentice” were to actually exist, we’ll hear nothing else but that til November 9), it’s the actual discriminatory actions that should be every bit as outrageous, regardless of whether that word was flung about. Paula Deen needs to be condemned for her very recent habit of not letting black employees work the front of the restaurant or use the bathroom, even more than for using that word in the ’80s.

Yes, Donald Trump’s attitudes are abhorrent. But it’s also not isolated to Donald Trump or to what his dad said about black renters in 1963. What’s also abhorrent, and also needs to be front page news, is that Donald Trump is part of a party that sent Indiana state police to raid the office of a voter registration drive focused on increasing black registration, possibly denying the vote to 45,000 newly registered voters, shutting down the registration and GOTV efforts of the Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVRP). Conveniently, that raid came with just one week remaining before the deadline for new voter registrations.

And why was that massive raid needed? Obviously, to prevent voter fraud, because out of those tens of thousands of new registrations, Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson said in September that her office had discovered at least ten whole applications where signatures appeared to be forged. As in most states, the people running a voter drive are not allowed to discard registration applications even if they suspect there’s a problem, but must send them on to the Secretary of State’s office for review. Lawson’s response seems perfectly reasonable: she sent out a letter accusing the IVRP of mass criminality, reading in part,

“Unfortunately, it has recently come to my attention that nefarious actors are operating here in Indiana,” she wrote. “A group by the name of the Indiana Voter Registration Project has forged voter registrations. … If you receive one of these applications, please contact the Indiana State Police Special Investigations.”

The state police claim — without offering any evidence — that “hundreds” of registrations submitted by IVRF could be suspicious, and the investigation could take months. There are also reports of state police harassing IVRP canvassers, trying to intimidate them. Bill Buck, spokesperson for Patriot Majority USA, a liberal group that runs the IVRP, said,

We’ve seen nothing but partisan activity from the secretary of state, and even from the police […] They saw that there was a very successful voter registration drive happening, and this was an attempt to shut it down.

So yes, potentially trashing 45,000 new registrants’ applications over a small number of iffy applications strikes us as pretty damned bad, too. Even though Ms. Lawson — a close ally of Mike Pence — carefully avoided using that word.

[Mother Jones / MSNBC / NBC News / MSNBC / Hillary Clinton campaign / NSNBC / Fortune / ThinkProgress / The Intercept / New Republic]

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  • Spotts1701, The Baddest Hombre

    “No admission of wrongdoing” =/= “innocent”. Sometimes it means “the lawyers agree not to waste judicial resources on a case, so let’s sign off, you pay up, and move on”.

  • Spurning Beer

    The consent decree required the Trumps to say that they did not rent to Afro-Americans.

    • AnOuthouse

      or coloreds.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      This is why “no admission of wrongdoing” clauses are so counterproductive (and dumb).

      If you’re required to change your policies and procedures clearly what you were doing before was “wrong” in some sense.

  • Vecchiojohn

    Gee, it would sure be a shame if Hillary won Indiana in spite of all this utterly
    transparent suppression of the vote.

    • chicken thief

      If one ‘wins’ Indiana have they really ‘won’ anything?

      Disclaimer: I was born and raised in Southern (KKK Kuntry) Indiana

  • Lulu Mac

    Well, I’ll agree with Teh Donald on one thing…it does seem rigged…

  • JVisconti

    My man Woody Guthrie took time off between penning rental checks to Trump to say:
    I suppose
    Old Man Trump knows
    Just how much
    Racial Hate
    he stirred up
    In the bloodpot of human hearts
    When he drawed
    That color line
    Here at his
    Eighteen hundred family project ….

  • Nounverb911

    Is it too soon to just stop using the word Trump and just refer to him as t-word?

  • Nounverb911

    Now Trump just discriminates against anyone that’s richer than he is.

    • Msgr_Bad_Hombre

      So he’s going to have to stop advertising apartments for “the discriminating tenant”?

  • Michael Smith

    Now you can’t say that word – it backfires. Now you’ve got to say “law and order,” but everyone knows what it means.

    • beingreleased

      “We just make sure our tenants respect Law & Order, if you know what I mean.”

    • Spurning Beer

      …in certain areas and communities, and you know what I’m talking about.

  • Callyson
    • Randy Riddle

      “Are we making smart choices today, Donald?”

  • Señor Taco Hombre

    Trump was mean to the sweet lady in video.

    Desire to smash rising.

  • Nounverb911

    In the meantime, the other co-op owners in Trump Tower are going to evict him for being a nuisance.

    • Snark Tank, Bad Hombre

      Wish I could find a copy of the pic that Colbert used last night. “Trump Tower is so embarrassed by Trump that it’s changed its name to just ‘BUILDING’.”

  • Señor Taco Hombre
    • Callyson

      This success with the GOP is a credit to Michael’s fervent anti-Obama stance, which is less about policy than Michael’s belief that the president, whom he calls “The Beast,” is the Antichrist whose rise was foretold in the Bible. Not that he doesn’t disapprove of Obama’s policies, too. Michael told the Miami New Times that he believes the president’s backing of child support could bring about the extinction of the free black man.

      Oh, for fuck’s sake.

      • JustDon’tSayHombre

        Yeah. He seems nice.

    • Kooolest G

      did he get consent to kiss that women for trump sign?

      • Toomush_Infer

        He couldn’t stop himself, he just did it – and he could get away with it, because – when you’re a star! they let you, they just let you do it – anything! Grab them by the indent….

    • YoNastyBunny

      A former member of the murderous Yahweh ben Yahweh cult, Michael has found himself with front-row seats to several recent Trump events in South Florida…

      Say, that thar’ Trump fellar knows how to bring together the worst that society has to offer….

    • Ikimizi

      Of the two people visible in that video holding “blacks for trump” signs, one is white.

    • Bad Hombre Ron

      ‘The blacks love me. They even asked me to hold up this sign for them.’

  • cousin itt

    Why are the liberal media conspiring to prop up the base support for Donald?

  • TheGrandWaz00

    What a coincidence, I love that his racist dad is dead too. Love is too strong a word, let’s just say I have no objections.

  • Randy Riddle

    It was 1963. Trump’s father hadn’t worn a hood in years.

    • Creepoman

      On now it’s black kids getting shot wearing hoodies.

    • kareemachan

      ’63. What else happened in 1963…. and where was trumpette’s dad?

      • Historicat

        Is this the Cruz/Trump connection we’ve been looking for?

  • AnOuthouse

    but, but, but Omarosa!

  • Electric Ukulele Land

    Color me completely unsurprised.

  • Callyson

    out of those tens of thousands of new registrations, Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson said in September that her office had discovered at least ten whole applications where signatures appeared to be forged

    That would be 0.000222% of the 45,000. The horror!!!

    • cmd

      I hate these people. Just like ACORN, it takes more than 2 sentences to explain stuff like how you have to turn in the application even if it looks iffy. And if I remember right, you have to flag the ones you think are iffy so they can look at it, which this group did, as they are supposed to.

    • Snark Tank, Bad Hombre

      That’s 0.0222%. But your argument is sound.

      • bubbuhh

        Actually, 10 divided by 45,000 is 0.000222222222222. Instead of a pedant hat, mebbe, try a calculator. ;)

        • EvilHRLady

          Is this sarcasm? Cause you guys are saying the same thing. .0222%=.000222222

          • Toomush_Infer


          • Villago Delenda Est

            Once again, I must note that I was told there would be no math.

          • JustDon’tSayHombre

            Is there no end to the lies this election cycle?

          • Nasty_ahughes798_woman

            Yeah, what’s up with that? Now I have a headache.

          • EvilHRLady

            It’s not for everybody…

          • Snark Tank, Bad Hombre

            I was a math minor in college….so I get controlling when there’s numbers involved.

        • Snark Tank, Bad Hombre

          Um….you do know that to get a percentage, you multiply that number by 100, right? So 10 is 0.0222% of 45,000.

  • JMP

    “No admission of wrongdoing” means there was no discrimination according to Trump, yet he continues to claim that Bill Clinton setting the Jones nuisance suit after it was rejected in court in order to prevent even further appeals was somehow an admission of guilt. It’s almost like he’s a giant hypocrite!

    • Blacktop Cadence

      The rules are different for him, remember?

  • Clyde Barrow

    And by no coincidence the Donald hired a butler that was just as racist. At least he’s consistent.

  • goonemeritus

    I think this post gives a little more context to what Trump means when he says “Make America Great Again”.

    • Blacktop Cadence

      I think that context was understood a long time ago.

      This election is all about the white, working class and their temper tantrums.

      • goonemeritus

        My heart goes out to today’s working class, they have it so much harder than their parents did. I’m am saddened beyond consolation that it has come to this. They deserve so much better to be duped by such a transparent conman.

        • Blacktop Cadence

          I grew up with them, and I’m decidedly less so. This is their own doing in a lot of ways, particularly the older people still working, and they did so because they were — and many are — racist sacks of shit.

          They ran to the Republicans when newly liberated minorities began to apply to their locals and move in on their work. And the Republicans have been screwing them ever since while filling their heads with the notion that it’s everyone else’s fault.

          My old man is IBEW, and we live near several major black communities. I bet I could count the number of black electricians in his local on one hand.

          It’s still THAT bad.

          • georgiaburning

            I used to hear the anti-union rant from some relatives, most of whom have died off. Republicans cut their wages, turned their town to shit and raised their overall taxes. But they said “thank you” because there was no shop steward around and no union dues.

          • goonemeritus

            I know, as an engineer I have worked with tradesmen my whole life and I have always been baffled by their hatred of people that they have more in common with than anyone else. The recent SNL skit with Tom Hanks “Black Jeopardy” really drove this home for me.

          • Nasty_ahughes798_woman

            A friend of mine is a female IBEW member, and the hazing and harassment(some of it physical) she had to deal with while she was a journeyman was sickening. You would think the union would want to protect all it’s members. In the IBEW….not so much.

  • cmd

    And that crap denial by Hope Hicks is the exact thing he said in whichever debate it was part of and it was false then and still is. No “nationwide inquiry.” It was a suit against Fred Trump for doing this in his properties. I hate that these liars get away with this.

  • goonemeritus

    My dad once refused to rent a piece of commercial real estate to a pornographer, so both sides do it.

  • (((JustPixelz)))

    Someone needs to put an email about this in Wikileaks so Fox “News” will cover it.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    Anybody who is so fucking stubbornly stupid that they haven’t already accepted that Trump is both vulgar and racist won’t buy this either.

  • TheDogAteMyVote

    Are we sure Trump would move into a home previously owned by a blah family?

    • Snark Tank, Bad Hombre

      Depends on whether that blah family was into gold leafing every square inch of their domicile.

      • TheDogAteMyVote

        The Obamas seem to have too much class for that chit.

        • Villago Delenda Est

          Anyone with half a brain knows more class for that. What’s Rococo stays in Sanssouci

    • Latverian Diplomat

      “It’s just a practical thing. Black ghosts are harder to look out for.”
      — Donald Trump

      • JMP

        Thought the most prominent black ghost I can think of is Ghost Dad, and it’s turned out recently that the star has a hell of a lot in common with Donald Trump.

  • TheGrandWaz00


    • Zippy W Pinhead


      • chicken thief

        Heyyyyy, why no tall racists?!!!

    • lucidamente


  • lucidamente

    Secretary Lawson added, “Let’s not whip out that black thing.”

  • Vincent Ricola

    One of the (very, very) few things I appreciate about this election season is watching these terrible old rich white men have their terrible old rich white man histories catch up with them in a very public and discussion-oriented way. Karma sponsored chainsaw fucks right in the vote hole have always appealed to my spiritual side.

    • SweetDeeKat

      I’ve had stomach cramps on and off the past few weeks as I see the smug faces of those kinds of blowhards that haunted me in my earlier years. I never suffered like the poor victims of rape and assault, but I remember all those men that shouted me down or smugly condescended to me. God, this is awesome.

      OT: I like your weener. The avatar, I mean.

    • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

      Let’s hope that’s what actually happens. I’m not counting my chickens until they hatch.

    • YoNastyBunny

      For a while when I was growing up, I used to think my dad was too hard on my white classmates good ol’ boy parents. He’d always cryptically say, “I grew up dealing with white guys like them”. And I am just now starting to really appreciate his perspective. I am going to remember well into my old age (and as long as my mind will let me) every last one of these Trump Humpers. And barring some convincingly spiritual journey, I am not going to believe they’ve changed one bit.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    I’m shocked, shocked, that a guy who got caught in an anti-Catholic KKK riot also would discriminate against the ni*CLANGS*. Yes, shocked.

  • Joe Beese

    Father Beese wasn’t a capital-B Bigot, but he had the prejudices of someone who grew up in Brooklyn in the 1940s. And when I was a boy Beese back in the 1970s, learning the ways of the world from him, there was no idea of political correctness to inhibit him from using some derogatory terms that would earn him an upbraiding today.

    This led to an awkward moment when we were on vacation in Italy and coming out of a high-end boutique that my mother had wanted to browse in. Having noted a particular cluster of other tourists shopping there, and never imagining that the word I’d heard my father use would be offensive to anyone, I piped, “There sure were a lot of Japs in that store.”

    My parents embarrassedly hushed me and I made a small advance in my education.

    • Lascauxcaveman

      My own dad, mildly racist as you’d expect a white guy from the 1940’s to be, got to face this when his close friend, in front of me and three more of my siblings, went on a tirade about those “niggers” and “jigaboos” who raised their fists in the black power salute at the Olympics. Dad was visibly embarrassed and we kids were mouth-agape that good old Larry was such rage-fueled racist.

    • starkitty

      What did he expect if he was so verbally open about his opinions? And yet somehow he knew there WAS something wrong with them….otherwise they wouldn’t have been embarrassed.

      Institutional racism makes people so neurotic.

  • OneYieldRegular

    Speaking of the Trump family, there’s a nice piece (in French) in Le Monde about how the Drumpf family hometown, Kallstadt, can’t stand Trump, and recounting how Trump’s grandfather emigrated illegally to the U.S. to avoid military service and for that reason wasn’t allowed to stay when he tried to come back.

    • YoNastyBunny

      Damn, I should have studied harder at my Frenchese…

    • h4rr4r

      I can’t click any url with lemon in it.
      Sorry, not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.

    • Querolous

      Did you notice that real estate ad? 350 square feet for $350K in the Montparnasse.

  • bubbuhh
  • Carpe Vagenda

    Hey, you know who else wouldn’t let our dusky brethren work in the front of the house

    In 1991, Trump first faced questions about his dealings with Robert LiButti, a plump, balding and nationally famous horse breeder with an explosive temper who would later be banned from New Jersey casinos for his ties to Mafia boss John Gotti.

    At the time, New Jersey state regulators had launched an investigation into allegations by nine employees of one of Trump’s Atlantic City casinos, the Trump Plaza, that the hotel had repeatedly removed African-Americans and women from craps tables after LiButti, one of the highest-rolling gamblers in the city’s history, loudly complained about their presence when he was playing.

    The probe resulted in a $200,000 fine against the Trump Plaza by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission for violating state anti-discrimination laws. Investigators found that LiButti had, on multiple occasions, berated blacks and women using what one state official described as the “vilest” language — including racist slurs and references to women in obscene terms — and that the Trump Plaza, in order not to lose his substantial business, sought to accommodate him by keeping the employees away from his betting tables, according to commission documents recently obtained by Yahoo News under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act

  • Bitter Scribe

    None of this is true. And there never was a Southern Strategy. Obama is the most racially divisive president ever. And did you know Robert Byrd was in the KKK, huh huh huh??

  • Joshua Norton

    If Trump had to apologize for all the despicable things he’s said and done, apologies are all we’d be hearing from now until election day.

  • Joe Beese
    • Brian

      Who are you to say that white woman isn’t black? Everything is true! Next you’ll be claiming the person holding the LGBTQ’s for Trump sign is a straight.

    • ViveLaNastyWimminz

      Halloween is coming so maybe those Trumpers dressed up as the things that scare them the most. Except the doctor. He’s there looking for Slutty Nurse.

      • Shan the Nasty Libtart

        The Hillz costumes should be flying off the shelves, then.

    • Shibusa

      President Trump is going to repeal Obamacare and replace it with that one doctor.

  • Brian

    hahahahahahahahaha, someone smashed up Trump’s Hollywood Star.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Just read that link about the Indiana state police raid on the voter registration organization. Jesus Fucking Christ. That is some early ’60 Deep South sheriff shit.

    • nasty taco truck vagenda

      Trump’s right! The system *is* rigged!

  • Kooolest G

    now wait a second, he says fred trump used the “N-word” maybe right fred said we don’t rent to “Nice people” or “Neat freaks”

    oh and the klan riot where fred trump got arrested, they were protesting the fact that the governor of NY was about to be the first catholic to run for president, his name was Al Smith

  • beatbort

    “spokesperson Hope Hicks issued a statement saying only ‘This is total nonsense’.”
    Ms. Hicks was speaking a bit more existentially, though. She was referring to the reality of being a spokesperson for Donald Trump and how she would, after this, go back to wearing bread bags on her feet instead of shoes and join a nunnery.

  • “Patriot Majority USA” sounds like a Tea Party Astroturf group… I guess their attempt to blend in failed!

    • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

      It was their association with the blahs that gave them away.

  • ken_kukec

    Stan Leibowitz’s taxidermist takes better care of his hair than Trump’s does; ya gotta give him that.

  • beatbort

    OK, the obvious response here is blanket boycott forever of any property or business with “Trump” in its name.

    • JustDon’tSayHombre

      I wish I could boycott twice. I already don’t go to those places, because they’re over-priced dumps.

    • Creepoman

      But is it ok if I only take a crap in the lobby bathroom? (or just the lobby, I guess. Either way.)

      • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

        Not the lobby. Some poor Messican getting subsistence wages will have to clean it up.

    • OrG

      I thought we were already doing that.

  • Ezio

    I have nothing to say about the Trumps that hasn’t already been said. However, I’d just like to take this time to mention that I find it baffling people still question the existence of systematic racism when we have so many cases of these practices going to this very day. Look at redlining.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      For some people, unless you’re using a water hose to keep the blahs off the street, you’re not actually a racist.

      As a white male, I can’t possibly understand the situation fully, because I am given automatic deference by everyone around me. It’s the way things work, and those things NEED TO CHANGE. EVERYONE should enjoy my status. EVERYONE. It’s the only way to make things right.

      • Ezio

        I’m a white guy too, but it really says something when we have so many white guys who can claim they’ve seen aliens and ghosts but a vast majority still cannot see white privilege.

        • Shan the Nasty Libtart

          You’d think they’d get clued in by the fact that aliens only abduct white people.

          • JustDon’tSayHombre

            *GASP* Aliens is racists!

          • Nasty_ahughes798_woman

            It’s mostly white folks who see ghosts, too. Though there is a show on TV now about 3 African American ghost hunters. They see ghosts AND are very funny, also too.

        • Nasty_ahughes798_woman

          I didn’t understand what it was, either. Haven’t had an easy life, blah, blah, blah. Didn’t feel privileged. Then some kind Wonkerer explained to me what white privilege meant. And then a big light bulb lit up over my head, like in a cartoon, and now I understand it much more clearly.

          • Ezio

            I suppose part of the reason some try to deny it is because they don’t understand what it means (they assume it means you’re rich, are personally racist, have had an easy life etc.) Basically it just means society treats whites more favorably than people of color. Like, a white person can be oppressed for being gay or a woman or Jewish or disabled, but being white is not one of them. Of course, there will still be those who do know better but just choose to remain ignorant.

          • Teecha

            I know how you feel- I like to think of myself as fairly enlightened, trying to be a better person, aware and outspoken when I see racism… But talking to a colleague about how she would have her (Afro) hair done in a certain way for a job interview- a thing which I have literally never had to think about made me step back and *really* notice my privilege.
            We all can learn and grow.

    • disqus_lWwzrwNaw6

      First, it doesn’t do to forget that the Republican Party has been operating on pretty much pure propaganda, around the clock, 24/7, going back to the 1980s, especially after the Reagan FCC eliminated the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. God knows, Republicans can’t sell themselves to ordinary voters based on actual policies: but propaganda has long been their weapon of choice, and they’ve turned it into an art form.

      Among the cardinal propaganda points, dinned into the heads of talk radio listeners (and subsequently Fox News consumers) for decades have been:

      “The worst thing you can call a person is racist. Don’t let them play The Race Card.They are the real racists. We are color blind. My grandparents never owned slaves, why should I be forced to apologize for slavery? The Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it was about freedom and states’ rights. Those people want to take all your money away and call it “reparations.” Why do they get to say The N Word, and we don’t? There is no racism except for the racism of the people who call us racists. The Blacks are worse off on the Democrat Plantation [sic] than they were as slaves.”

      This constant dinning away at this handful of talking points has been effective, especially among white people who were disposed to be angry, frightened and resentful in the first place, like the Southern whites who were the original object of the Republican Party’s Southern strategy, as well as Northern industrial workers–the so-called “Reagan Democrats”–who left the Democratic Party in the 1980s as Reagan and his Republicans successfully played to their unacknowledged racial bigotry and malice, and who never came back.

      For a long time, the reality of racism was still something these white people were ashamed of–and rightly so. Now that Trumpism has recast white racism as a virtue, who knows where all this goes next? But until now–from the Republican attacks on civil rights that started with the Goldwater revolution in the 1960s to the present moment–the Republicans have threaded the needle of appealing to rank racism, while pretending that such a thing didn’t even exist and that the charge of racism was just an evil liberal tactic.

      That was how the Republican propagandists who profited from all that racial rage came up with the talking points we’ve all heard a thousand times a day for more than a generation, all designed to absolve racist whites of any responsibility for their own vile racism.

      • OrG

        There’s a reason they love the poorly educated.

      • Jonny On Maui

        Well said.

    • OrG

      Very easy to believe a falsehood that validates your prejudice.

  • chicken thief

    ‘Nefarious Actors’ is going to be the name of my new Taj Mahal cover band.

    • JustDon’tSayHombre

      Because ‘Garaj Mahal’ was taken already?

      • JustDon’tSayHombre

        “Have you seen my …poodle”

  • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

    What also bothers me are the employees who went along with it.

    • Shibusa

      My first office job (30+ years ago) was at a manufacturing plant on the west side of Chicago. The area was very racially and ethnically segregated. Occasionally, somebody would walk in and fill out a job application. If the person was black, the application immediately went into the trash. I wish I’d spoken up back then, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t.

      • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

        Yeah. Fear of retribution has silenced many good men.

      • disqus_lWwzrwNaw6

        You were far from alone. I remember decades ago going to look at an apartment, also in Chicago, in the Rogers Park area which was virtually all white in those days, and being upset that another applicant, a black couple, had gotten in to see it just before me. I said something about being too late, and the rental agent sort of smirked at me and said, don’t worry, we have to show it but they won’t get it, just between us this building is restricted.

        I did nothing either. Walked away from the apartment, but didn’t speak up. Didn’t file a complaint, didn’t make a fuss, didn’t say a word. Still ashamed.

        • starkitty

          But you learned from it. And you’ll always carry it as a humble reminder of what you don’t want to be. That’s how its supposed to work and that’s what makes us strive to be better people. =^-^=

  • Shibusa
    • JustDon’tSayHombre

      But it’s a cute nothin!

    • Major_Major_Major

      Pumpkin spice bacon?

    • Be Gin

      Piglets in a pumpkin is NOT “nothing”.

      They made the trip to Wonkette tonight Extra Special!

    • phoenix00

      What a basket of deplorables!

  • I admit I generally dislike people being judged on their relatives. My parents are weirdo militia types who were reading Ron Paul’s anti-government newsletters back in the ’80s. Because I loved them and didn’t know any better until I went to college, I went along with that stuff for a while. Even registered as a Libertarian when I was 19, and fought against gun control. Once I got out into the real world and realized they were totally full of shit, I changed (getting involved in queer politics helped), but still. I’d hate to run for office and have people assume I’m a closet racist just because my dad’s a non-closeted one.

    That said: When you DO end up doing things more or less exactly like Racist Daddy did, and you keep doing it your entire adult life, then yeah. Apples falling from trees and all that.

  • chascates

    It’ll probably take an amendment to the Constitution but we need national standards for voter registration and election laws. And to prevent gerrymandering after each census.

    • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

      And to make unicorns fart rainbows.

      • JustDon’tSayHombre

        They already do. Where do you think rainbows come from, dragons?

        • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

          Uh, no. Dragons shoot hot sauce from their “private area”.

          • JustDon’tSayHombre

            I believe the correct term is “wherevers”.

          • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

            Got it. O_o

          • Nasty_ahughes798_woman

            Only if they’re female dragons.

  • azeyote

    he may have a lot of his father in him, but he really channels his dear grandpa Friedrich, who was a notorious pimp, and brothel inn keeper, who after fleeing the U.S. was eventually kicked out of Europe for being a tax evader – “all in the family” episode pending –

  • Longstreet63

    Welcome to Indiana, guys. Our red folks are happy to cater to your particular discriminatory needs, whatever they may be. Of course, we specialize these days in gay-hating, but the old favorites are always available.
    Salt of the earth, we are…
    You know…morons…

    • Querolous

      “A group by the name of the Indiana Voter Registration Project has forged voter registrations.” Fuzzy writing. Does she wish to imply that IVRP forged these registrations or is she reporting as fact that some undefined number of registrations were forged by someone unknown?

  • nasty taco truck vagenda

    Gosh, wouldn’t it be swell if we had a free press that could report on things like blatant voter suppression in Indiana?

    • Vagendadentacohontas

      Didn’t you hear? They’re fixated on sex.

  • Me not sure

    At least the old man had the decency to look bat-shit crazy from the get-go.

  • Iron Monkey

    “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,” it might be unfair to make too much of a 17-year-old Donald nodding along with his dad while he said all that, because people raised by bigots sometimes grow past their roots. The problem is that Donald Trump “has shown no sense that he’s changed at all”

    Cutting this Bozo way too much slack. I was raised in an extremely racist household–although not the different from a lot of white/Irish/Italian/Polish/whatever families on the old south side of Chicago. Not long ago I was talking with my sister about how ALL the “jokes” around the dinner table (or so we both recalled) were racist garbage. And when I was 17 I marched with the Chicago Freedom Movement for open housing in Marquette Park, led by Martin Luther King.

    Scary as hell–I knew how insane those people were. A lot of people in the open housing campaigns did the same thing and most of them much more–including all those who weren’t able to hop on the EL and turn into just another anonymous white guy, protected by the color of his skin.

    Sorry, bu by the time a person is 17 he knows right from wrong–unless his is a psycho like Trump who still hasn’t figured it out.

    • starkitty

      Yeh, but people do vary widely at how long it takes to cut the psychological apron strings. Some of us do it at an unhealthily early age(pre-teen) because our families are shit and if we don’t we won’t survive. Others still have their parents in their heads into their fifties. I firmly believe part of the definition of adulthood is being able to call your parents on their shit, even if otherwise they’re good people.

      The main point stands: there is NO evidence Trump has changed. Of course given that, he displays narcissist grandiose traits across the board and has a pathological lack of self awareness, none of this comes as a surprise.

  • guppy06

    “You know I don’t rent to niggers.”

    Actually, there’s a bit of ambiguity in the self-censored transcript: “I don’t rent to niggers,” or “I don’t rent to The Niggers?”

  • Vagendadentacohontas

    “Growing and learning are not exactly his core competencies.”
    This is going into my regular rotation.

    • Brendan_M

      Back when she was here at Wonkette, she would have just called him a fucking moron.

      • jmk

        Shows how we’ve grown. Now we know enough to say that he is a fucking morAN.

  • Ducksworthy

    Well, Fred was born in his father’s whore house in British Columbia.

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