vagina monologues

On Saturday, we pointed you to the flat-out batshit (and seemingly intentionally hilarious!) three-minute video campaign ad by Tim Donnelly, who will win 28 percent of the vote to not-become California’s next governor. The ad costars Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who is conservative and loves her some huevos grandes de la Tim Donnelly! Now […]

Eric Owens has what may be the easiest job at Tucker Carlson’s Home for the Chronically Angry — he’s the “Education Editor.” So basically, his job is to find news items about teachers who say dumb things, professors who hurt conservative students’ delicate sensibilities, and, his favorite topic, the “national epidemic of schoolteachers having sex […]

Your Wonkette did not go to the Vagina Monologues fun time at the Michigan State Capitol because Lansing is a long drive. Also, with that many women gathered in one place, you’re liable to attract bears. Fortunately, there were no bear attacks Monday and even more fortunately intrepid gay Todd Heywood braved this sea of […]

Michigan just cannot stop being ridiculous. State Rep. Lesia Liss, the only female Democrat to vote for the recent package of anti-abortion bills you may have heard about, was so overcome with the vapors following the utterance of the word vagina, her husband had to speak on her behalf. What does Mark Liss’ wife, the […]