George W. Bush can fuck himself. That sentiment doesn’t really need context, does it? Pick your reason. There are many. So many. A million kinds of many. But today, we have a new reason to add to the endless list of why George W. Bush can fuck himself. He slammed Guccifer, the hacker who intercepted […]

So by now you’ve probably seen the bit from yesterday’s Obamacare Website Blame Hearings where New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone called the proceedings a “monkey court” (wrong species, guy) and accused Republicans of trying to scare people away from signing up for the Affordable Care Act. What’s gotten a bit less attention was the substance […]

If there’s anyone we can trust for her expertise on health care policy, it’s Betsy McCaughey, the genius who decided that if Medicare pays for seniors to meet with a doctor to discuss living wills, that’s a DEATH PANEL. That’s a hell of a lie, and really, there’s no way she could hope to top […]

[Author's note: Corrections and clarifications are appended throughout reflecting valid points raised by readers.] Yr Wonkette read/looked at every word in the leaked top-secret very hush-hush “Presidential Policy Directive 20″ that a furiously-fapping Glenn Greenwald just “scooped” for the Guardian, the Big Reveal apparently being that the relevant agencies have been asked to “draw up […]

Would you like a story about schools that isn’t horribly depressing, but only mildly eye-rolling? As it happens, we have one for you! A number of Texas school districts (yes, Texas again!) have figured out that since federal school funding is largely based on the numbers of butts in seats on a given school day, […]

Some folks out in Real America who probably have no problem with President Obama’s unchecked expansion of the drone war to kill children in 500 countries or its use of drones to survey the Mexican border or its use of domestic drones everywhere else because this is something we’ve allowed to happen have finally come […]

Today, it’s all about robotic fish, robotic laughter, and how robots are taking all our data and trying to become human. Just kidding! Actually it’s about how scientists are looking at all the awkward things you write on Facebook. There is a significant debate going on about using people’s data on social media sites for […]

It’s been a rather slow news week, so the media elites and pretty much everyone else have decided it’s time to unleash the research that will ruin Donald Trump’s shot at the Republican presidential nomination. (Not like it was hard to uncover or anything.) 2012′s cartoon rich man frontrunner won’t even make it to his […]

Several weeks ago, a brave Computer Hacker proved to an anxious nation that at least one citizen still has an operating brain and can use it to crack difficult computer codes like “Where did you meet your spouse?” Authorities believe they have found the terrible miscreant who broke into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account, and today […]

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Samantha Bee Is Watching You

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Oh Boy! Oversight!

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