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Twitter Won’t Unmask Rogue ‘Alt-Gov’ Accounts To Help Trump, Is That Even Legal?

Government attempt to unmask Twitter user gets a Fail Whale.

Trump & Assad: LET’S HAVE A WAR! Wonkagenda For Fri., April 7, 2017

Trump plays with his missile, conspiracy cooks are going bonkers, and Russia is mad Trump lied...to THEM! Your morning news brief!

TrumpCare Back? Back Again?! Wonkagenda For Thurs., April 6, 2017

Congress trashes TrumpCare, Trump dumps Bannon, and Valdimir Putin HATES being called a gay clown! Your morning news brief!

James O’Keefe Wannabes Get So Many Felonies! Just Like James O’Keefe! Wonkagenda For Wed., March 29, 2017

Hillary went out last night to kick ass and wear leather; red states are beefing up Medicaid expansion now the black guy's gone; and Trump's hands too tiny and weak to throw out a sportsball 'first pitch,' whatever that might be. Your morning news!

TrumpCare 2.0: Shut Up And Eat It! Wonkagenda For Tues., March 21, 2017

The House unveils TrumpCare 2.0, Jeff Sessions tries to scare sanctuary cities, and Tomi Laharen gets hit with the ban hammer! Your morning news brief!

Trump’s Cabinet Brings The Circus To Washington. Wonkagenda for January 10, 2017

Trump's nominee's face the music, Jason Chaffetz is a spiteful cry baby, and Senate Dem's ruin sportsball with a talk-a-thon. Your morning news brief!

Intel Committee: Snowden Gave Our Sh*t To Russia Because He’s A Typical F*cking Millennial

The House Intelligence Committee does not care for Edward Snowden's hijinks!

Let’s Pretend 2017 Won’t Be Even Worse! Your Year-End 2016 Corporate Grab Bag

Amazon's dumb Echo speaker, like a Siri with whom you can curl up and watch a movie and ask, "is that the guy from Mr. Holland's Opus??" is dotting the home front for the lonely and the reckless wielders...

Washington State’s Weird Primary/Caucus System Is Bad And Washington Should Feel Bad

Washington State's primary Monday had two winners; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Only one of them actually won any delegates, because Washington does things strangely.
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Uh-Oh, Wonkette’s Killing White Folks Again!

Happy "Big Game Sunday" -- as all the ads which haven't paid the necessary licensing fee must call it -- O ye Wonkers! Are you rooting for the one team of giant men who will suffer permanent brain damage...
Is magical disappearing ink also a form of hacking?

Epic Comment Fight Of The Week: NO ONE IS SAFE On Wonkette! (Trigger Warning)

This week's Deleted Comments column is unusual in that no comments were actually deleted, although there was far greater drama than in the average deletia, and a commenter did end up getting tapped with the Banhammer of Loving Correction...
The drugs are hidden SOMEWHERE, Tennessee Republicans just KNOWS it.

Even Maine’s A-Hole Governor Thinks New ‘Shame The Poors’ Project Is Gross And Bad

You can't say that Maine Gov. Paul LePage isn't inspiring to his fellow Republicans, at least for certain values of "inspiring." The governor's Fuck The Poor policies have rubbed off on Robert Macdonald, who's running for a third term...
REAL science helps the jerb creators

Republicans Will Save Hero Polluters From EPA’s Mad Scientists

You've got to at least respect the cunning of the oil industry buddies in Congress who are pushing a pair of bills aimed at restricting the EPA: They've given their bills names that Frank Luntz would just love --...
They don't make butlers like Carson anymore.

Rich People Tired Of Living In Giant Mansions, Long For Merely Huge Mansions

Claudio Stivelman is a real estate developer whose corporate biography modestly alludes to his "prophetic vision to invest along the Northern coast of Miami-Dade County." He got stupid-rich and built himself an "11,000-square-foot dream house," only to find that...

New Tech Thingy Will Protect You From the #Tyranny of Google Glass

Google Glass is the super-obnoxious new wearable technology that privacy advocates claim will turn America into the kind of dystopian panopticon envisioned by George Orwell, or Judas Priest, take your pick. Google Glass is ugly, it is dumb, and...

Mean Judge Blocks Wingnut Search For All The Gays In Justice Department

Pour out a 40 for the latest rightwing witch hunt, which was burned at the stake by Federal Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle -- she decided against a Judicial Watch lawsuit in a Freedom of Information Act case. All Judicial...