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Tag: nice time

It’s Your Super Duper Mega-Nice 2016 Ultimate Nice Time Compendium!

We could all use some Nice Time about now. Here, have a whole lot of it.

Obama Designates Two New National Monuments. Normal, Non-Jerk People Think This Is Great!

Wednesday was a very good day for protection of the West's endangered places.
Also a TrekkER, not a TrekkIE

Nice Time! Congress Votes Unanimously To Protect Nonbelievers’ Rights. What Are They Up To????

'The God I don't believe in is a kind and loving God.' -- Catch-22
Artistic rendering.

Los Angeles Police Chief To Trump: Nah Mang, We Ain’t Doing Your Dirty Work

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says deportation is 'not our job; nor will I make it our job.' Applause!
Portrait of volunteer Karen Green by 12-year-old refugee kid. Note: glittery stars could be used as shrapnel in a bomb.

Dumb Americans Forget To Be Afraid Of Syrian Refugees, What A Bunch Of Dummies!

A few reminders that real Americans aren't as dumb as Donald Trump wants them to be.
Really a surprising number of pics of ponies reading the paper...all from one episode, sure...

Wonkagenda, Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You get in here and you read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Nice Time! Gay Syrian Refugee Pretty Darn Happy To Be In Boise. Yes, The One In Idaho

You need to start your Fourth Of July weekend with a happy story. WELL HERE YOU GO.

Stoners Do Good, Save All The Homelesses In Colorado With Their Pot Tax Dollars

Instead of paying money to send people to jail for possession, Aurora, Colorado is taxing it and then doing good stuff with the money.
Well, yes, that's outrageous all right. Guy's beard looks TERRIBLE

John McCain’s Son Has Thing Or Two To Say To Gross Internet Racists

You'd sort of think that 49 years after Loving v. Virginia, nobody would be much bothered by media depictions of interracial couples, but that would probably be because you actually do think, instead of simply reacting straight from your...
thanks seattle

Starbucks Shocks America, Breaks Streak Of Phenomenal Stupidity On Race Issues

Ugh, Starbucks, really? You're going to try to tackle actual serious societal problems again, now in Ferguson, Missouri, no less? Okay, fine, how are you falling on your face this time? Wait ... Starbucks' plan is actually well-thought-out and...

We Found A Fast Food CEO Who Is Not Entirely A Jerkface

Wait, we have a Nice Time story about a fast food company? Seriously? That's a thing?! Well, golly gee willikers! Yes, it turns out Sonic CEO Clifford Hudson is not a deranged sociopath willing to paint a dire, ludicrously unrealistic...

SCOTUS Semi-Nice Time: It’s Slightly Harder To Death Penalty People In Florida Now

Thanks to the conservatives having a 5-4 majority at the Supreme Court of these here United States, every term is another opportunity for the complete dismantling of pretty much everything we liberals hold dear. That's why we're always surprised...
Not pictured: His dad's pride and joy, apparently.

Hey Everyone, Let’s Talk About Justin Bieber’s Penis, With His Dad!

Dads are great. (Unless yours isn't.) They share wisdom. (Unless yours doesn't.) They go to your piano recitals, and they never fail to support whatever it is their crazy kids get into, even if they don't always know what...

Portland, Oregon, We Are In You. You Come To Our Party Now, Tonight!

Hi Portland, whatcha doing? Legalizing the pot like a common Coloradan? Well, I guess we will throw you a party then. How's tonight? Does tonight work for you? Shut up, yes it does. DON'T BE A DENVER and act like...