nation of retards

Here is a Paradox, if you like such things: America is a Nation of Semi-Literate Buffoons, but America is also a Nation of Over-Educated (but still dumb) service workers. What? “In all, about 17 million people in this country have completed college only to end up working jobs that require a skill level below that […]

The Supreme Court and the Obama Administration and the Troops/Veterans and Jesus all got together to try to keep an illegal goddamned religious statue in Mojave National Preserve, but guess what? The Devil is stronger, because He Is Legion, and the dumb/hideous Mojave Cross Made of Plumbing Pipe was cut down by Heroes and now […]


TUESDAY FUN LINK  5:42 pm June 23, 2009

by Jim Newell

WRITE YOUR OWN POLITICAL ANGLE: “RICHFIELD (WKOW) — Police say a South Milwaukee man drank at least 10 beers at a golf course on state Highway 167, and after being left behind by the relatives who brought him there, he decided to drive himself the nearly 40 miles back to his home…in a golf cart. […]

Oh look, it’s America, the nation of 11-year-old fat kids who lack the intellectual capacity to process anything beyond comic books. Have you heard about the greatest work of cinematic art in history, 300 Explosions With Batman and Joker? It’s the most “mature” of this year’s crop of 500 fucking movies about comic books, according […]

You’ve been waiting for it all day, and here it is: your “Tuesday Fun Link.” Today’s link directs you to “Boycott McDonald’s,” an effort from some terrible thing called the American Family Association. Naturally, these people are not boycotting McDonald’s because they are starting diets — on the contrary, we assume they are all fat […]

It’s summertime and the living is terrible. Would you enjoy a Top Ten List of all the apocalyptic current events proving this is the End of America and probably The World? We thought you’d like that, you elitist doom-porn scumsacks.

Rep. John Hall (Dirty Hippie, NY) became a congressman in 2006, when even a naked “soft rock” hippie seemed less dangerous than Mark Foley or Don Sherwood or John Sweeney. Problem is, hippiez r dum! Hall is now sending official congressional spam about the alleged Bush Administration plot to stop solar energy so the Oil […]