PepsiCo’s president is some dumb lady, Indra Nooyi we guess, and she was pretty excited when she got some dumb important job, instead of knowing where her real priorities should lie. (“Family.” “It’s all about family.” Which is in no way a sentiment that brings out the worst vice-cloaked-as-virtue Americans are prone to, the xenophobic […]

Have you seen that ADORABLE ad, about how moms are unpaid slaves and what kind of idiot would take a job as one? Here, watch all 14 hours because apparently Ghost Andy Warhol is making greeting card viral videos now. (My mom: “I watched ‘Empire’ in the theater. It was WONDERFUL.” My mom is a […]

Hey ladies, how are you screwing up your children today? Are you smothering them? You are probably smothering them. Are you neglecting them, with your whoring at your “job”? You are probably doing that too. Are you turning them all into little homicidal maniacs, with, we dunno, welfare fraud? OF COURSE YOU ARE, DON’T BE […]

You may go elsewhere to read about Elmo maybe raping your children, because Sonia Sotomayor raping traditional gender roles is the only Sesame Street story your Wonkette will be covering this fine Veterans Day. So let’s get right to it: why does known feminazi and United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor want to indoctrinate […]

Oh how precious, NPR thinks that Mitt Romney will stop running around lying to everyone’s face about welfare reform if only he is presented with the “facts.” But like most “severe conservatives,” Romney knows you can use facts to prove anything that’s even REMOTELY true — and even things that aren’t!

Oh noez! The moms did not get the memo that it is that dastardly Barack Obama who is #WARRING them, because a Democrat said something catty once! Either that, or all moms just hate all other moms and cannot wait to WAR on them too, because players gotta play, cats gotta be bitchez. (Right, Richard […]

Between conquering Spain, vanquishing obesity and dancing around India, our beloved FLOTUS had some good times in 2010. What will 2011 bring for our First Lady, we wonder? A workout DVD, co-starring Bo the Fitness Dog? Girl Scouts, led by Jamie Lee Curtis, going door to door to sell easy-to-digest yogurt? More likely, we can […]

Mama Grizzlies, Wal-Mart Moms and probably the Daughters of the Confederacy have come together, as white ladies, and formed their own World of Warcraft guild, “The Kitchen Cabinet” — because women who are worried about Barack Obama’s socialism but who are also stay-at-home-in-the-cabinet moms deserve a voice, too, even if it is a very faint […]

Sarah Palin has inspired a generation of stay-at-home-mommies to strip their “mama bear” suits (their “fursonas,” if you will) and run for political office. [Matt Yglesias] Ayn Rand is so popular now, someone even made a straight-to-YouTube movie about her and who knows what’s next, maybe a Hulu minseries? [Hit & Run] Dear Young Person: […]

World Cocktail Week: In this city you don’t need an excuse to drink … ever, really. But for those who like to have a reason to get inebriated (helps you fall asleep? totally understandable), it’s World Cocktail Week. According to the Museum of the American Cocktail (note to self: must go there), the Week was […]