Meghan McCain

Welp, time for another of our periodic muckings-out of the old comments queue. Friday’s piece on David Brooks and his explanation of why “income inequality” ain’t no thing was not well-received by “DavDar,” whose pseudonym suggests they have an uncanny ability to spot any Daves in the room at a glance. DavDar is one of […]

Damnit, Republicans, why don’t you listen to Meghan McCain and all her super nifty ideas about how to make the Republican Party, you know, relevant? Sure, most of her ideas come down to telling you how much you suck, but come on. You do suck. And besides, don’t you know who the f she is? […]

You see, Wonkdiddlydaddies, this is why we won’t let you ideate on murdering your political enemies. You thought it was just us never letting you have any fun, when, in reality, it was to save you from ever having to look into a mirror and realize you acted like Ann Coulter.

Are you a huge sports fan? Of course not. You are reading Wonkette, which means that you spent gym class defending yourself from a cloud of dodgeballs being thrown in your direction with copies of Mad Magazine and A People’s History to the United States. Well, in between seasons in professional sports, there is this […]

Here’s an interesting question: what if one of America’s oldest and greatest cities was covered in ocean water and subjected to a once-in-a-lifetime style weather event because the moon happened to be full when a tropical hurricane drifted north and collided with an arctic storm? If that happened, do you think that the GOP might […]

All those years of hair-braiding and pillow fights. All those thousands of reader comments devoted to saying really terribly offensive shit about your rack. We loved you long time, Megs McCabe, but sometimes the things that fall out of your typey fingers are just too much to bear. You wanna side with Sarah Palin on […]

Samuel Wurzelbacher emitted one of his periodic publicity-grunts the other day while campaigning in Prescott AZ for Republican state House candidate and pointing-guns-at-people enthusiast Lori Klein. Since the self-designated Raging Id of Conservative America found himself in Arizona, he apparently thought it a good location to say something inflamatory about Mexicans, so he said this: […]

Dan Abrams, owner of the often-fun Mediaite, wants you to know right in his headline that he, Dan Abrams, questioned his writer, Noah Rothman, over what Abrams perceived as Rothman’s total-bullshit hack-job hit piece on Meghan McCain, wherein Rothman said McCain was a “bully” for saying Michelle Malkin was a syphilitic granny-raper and that Andrew […]

Wonkette bestie Megs McCabe was on The Al Sharpton Show (because why wouldn’t she be?) and she simply does not care for the rest of her Republican party fellows treating her like a freak and a mutant just because she loves gay marriage and boning! More big tents for Megs! (Also, the Democrats do it […]

Hooray, you guys, “Country First” John McCain can now go back to being America’s Sweetheart Divorced Husband! Having just a few weeks ago voted for the Blunt Amendment — that stupid thing that Mitch McConnell got a boner for, about letting all private employers determine just how slutty their workers were allowed to be in […]

You guys are gonna be sorry you ever said anything mean about Young Meg McCabe, for serious, because her new Playboy interview is out and she is basically the greatest political progeny ever. That’s right — even better than Amy Carter! Remember how you felt about Sarah Palin, when she was just Wonkette’s GILF and […]

The natural conclusion to MSNBC’s long effort to win the Pulitzer in Applied Stupidity was reached today when the cable-talk station hired vapid airhead Meghan McCain as some type of on-air personality. “We were looking for someone who literally knows nothing about anything, MSNBC vice president of programming Koko the Klown said in pantomime, while […]

This is a very inane video and we do not generally like to reward insipid topics like “interviews with Newt Gingrich” with more viewz, but this one is fun because it includes Newt having a giggle at Meghan McCain’s constant ridiculousness. Finally, a single theme that can bring America back together again! Who even cares […]

EVERYONE EXHALE, America’s foremost pillar of Internet opinionation Meghan McCain has finally found time in her manic schedule writing her bi-monthly Daily Beast column to drop by Zuccotti Park so she can do her part and help explain to any of her readers who have been in a coma for the last month, “what’s up […]

Oh boohoo, Meghan McCain is furious because mean old troll Erick Erickson’s right-wing website posted some kind of half-wit parody of Meghan McCain’s vapid Daily Beast columns that her lawyers say too closely resembles her actual half-wit columns to count as satire. The original post has been taken down, but the full version of […]