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Who Wore The Sunday Shows Worse? Santorum, Franklin Graham, Or Megs McCain?

Did you watch the Sunday shows? No? Then you probably weren't getting Danger Pay to do so. Let's relive (or live for the first time!) the dumbest things that happened when people stopped being polite and started being Rick...


All of GOP Washington is telling Steve Bannon to fuck off. Is this hilarious, or is it TOTALLY HILARIOUS?

This Is Not Good News For John McCain

Well, shit. Nobody should ever have to face cancer.

How Do Rightwingers React To Trump Jr.’s Emails? With Calls To Arrest Obama, Of Course!

A good old Children's Treasury of rightwing Deep Thoughts on Donald Trump Jr's emails.


McCain says he's OK and shouldn't have stayed up past bedtime watching baseball.

Hey, Remember That Time Meghan McCain Begged Donald Trump For A Job?

The Meghan McCain of 2016 is taking her toys and going home or something, GRRRRR SHE IS MAD.

Meghan McCain Wishes RNC Hadn’t Given Hillary That Sexxxy Tongue Bath

Meghan McCain was really disappointed the GOP Convention was so friendly to Hillary Clinton. Hmm.

Meghan McCain Springs Lady Boner Over How Sexxxy Carly Fiorina ‘Warms Up’ Ted Cruz

Hi, Meghan McCain, what's makin' a ruckus between your dumb ears today? You're so excited about how Ted Cruz tapped Carly Fiorina to be his "running mate" in the presidential race he's really not a viable contender in anymore?...
You have GOT to be freaking kidding me.

Fox News Pretty Sure Hillary Should Fry For Obama’s SCOTUS Pick

You know that Cards Against Humanity card that says "Pooping back and forth forever?" It's from a movie, but it might as well be about Fox News and other assorted wingnut pundits. We saw it this week on Fox when...

Meghan McCain Said A Mouth Fart About Obama’s SCOTUS Nomination

Every so often it's important for us to check in with the GOP's greatest mind. No, not Ann Coulter, she's a crusty pile of washed-up nothingess. We are of course talking about Meghan McCain, who for some reason is...

Sad Republicans Forced To Choose Between Guy They Can’t Stand And Guy They Hate

It's real hard to be a "reasonable" Republican these days. Sad conservative columnist David Brooks has even taken to drinking on the job. That is how hard it is. On the one hand, the GOP looks pretty good and stuck with...

Barack Obama Proposes A Few Minor Tweaks To Prevent Gun Deaths, Usual Freakout Ensues

Now that Barack Obama has nullified the Second Amendment and grabbed all the guns, we'd like to look back at the speech in which he sounded the death knell of freedom for approximately the 1,485th time in his presidency....

Meghan McCain Will Defend Ted Cruz’s Jerk Babies From All Of You Apes

We guess someone said something mean about Ted Cruz's kids, and it was not Wonkette. Which is weird, because we were calling them jerk babies back when Dad was just getting sworn in to his first term in the...

Cops Disappoint Fox News Morons, Still Refuse To Call San Bernardino Shootings ‘Terrorism’

The Fox News Couch of Knicker-Jizzing Hysteria was in full effect Thursday morning. Andrea Tantaros, Meghan McCain, and whatever the other ones' names are yapped at each other, because the latest press conference on the San Bernardino shootings was...

Dumb Fox Chick Not Scared Of Old Grandma Muslims, Just The Kids

Are you ready for more HYSTERIA OMG SYRIAN MUSLIM REFUGEE PANIC?! Cool, because Fox News lady windsock Andrea Tantaros went to work Wednesday. It's time for another episode of "Outnumbered," where spunky Republican jaw-flappers flap their jaws about stuff...
No, Bill, we haven't forgotten.

It’s Official: Bill Clinton Did 9/11

It has long been the position of the Republican Party that 9/11 was the worst thing to ever happen to America, at least until Barack Obama was elected president (twice). But the party has never been comfortable with the FACT that...