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Politico, which is a publication we all still have to pretend isn’t just a retrograde mouthpiece for dickheads, gave human death’s head mask Dick Cheney, his bride of satan, Lynne, and his chip-off-the-old-demon Liz (the gay offspring wisely declined to attend) a lunchtime platform to spew some nonsense and hate about oh, so many things […]

Iraq is back in the news, and so no one should be surprised, says Jon Stewart, that we’ve had another flare-up of “America’s tragedy herpe, Dick Cheney,” who’s returned like a venereal wart of sadness and fail. Fine, Dick, go ahead and “tell us how we have done everything wrong since you left office and, […]

Since they’re getting the old Iraq War band together for a Greatest Misses tour, it only stands to reason that we’d hear from the group’s publicist, Judith Miller. On Fox News Friday, Miller said that it is just SO UNFAIR for anyone to doubt the counsel of the people who were so spectacularly wrong on […]

It was only yesterday that we had to endure Dick and Liz Cheney’s Op-Ed at the Wall Street Journal. It was a quaint little trip down memory lane, reminiscing about how when Cheney was the puppetmaster of one George W. Bush, everything was the coolest because we had war all the time. The Cheneys aren’t […]

For the most part, we are not big fans of Fox’s Megyn Kelly. There’s just something about her head-tilted, unbelieving-skeptic pose that screams Fakey McFakerton to us, as if attitude = hard-hitting journalism. All the same, it’s kind of fun to see that pissed-off sorority-girl-who-can’t-believe-she-got-a-”C” face turned on kitten-devouring warmonkey Dick Cheney and his prop […]

We never remember what the paywall rules are over at the Wall Street Journal, so we can’t guarantee you’ll even be able to read the the link we’re about to yell about, but once you check out the yelling, you may not actually want to read the WSJ piece. Lord knows we wish we hadn’t. […]

Failed “Wyoming” Senatorial candidate Liz Cheney has triumphantly returned to her previous job as a Fox News contributor, proving that government assistance to the unemployed is not needed when you’re a friend of the conservative mediaplex. After a spectacularly unsuccessful challenge to incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi, Cheney ended her campaign in January, citing unspecified “serious […]

It’s been about ten seconds since we had some nonsense person declare that he’s a salt of the earth man o’ the people tax-hatin’ rootin-tootin’ kinda guy, so let’s meet Ben Sasse. Mr. Sasse is running for Senate in corn-fed Nebraska, and he has a super smart idea we’re sure you’ll all dig: In a […]

Shut it down, people. The 2014 midterms just got a lot less interesting as psychotic swamp beast Liz Cheney emerged from her Sith Meditation Pod and announced she is ending her bid for the Senate seat from Wyoming, citing unspecified “serious health issues” in her family. This was followed by a tortured howl of misery […]

Oh 2013, how we will miss you and your multitudes of bad analogies, even though we are pretty sure 2014 will bring us even more bad analogies, because America is awful and Americans are awful, and it is now standard practice to compare anything you do not like to really bad stuff and/or really bad […]

Wyoming’s Own Liz Cheney is very from Wyoming, and probably so is her husband Phil Perry, who “continues to practice law in Washington,” and “has been registered to vote in both Virginia and Wyoming for the past nine months, even though he signed a document in Wyoming saying he was not registered elsewhere,” which is such […]

Today on “Fun With Grammar,” let’s take a look at an old favorite, the political passive voice. The great thing about the passive voice, as we all know, is that you can say stuff happened without actually saying who did that stuff, the classic example being “Mistakes were made.” And now, here’s everyone’s favorite kitten-chomper […]

In this new campaign ad, creatively titled “Daughters,” Liz Cheney’s daughters talk about their family’s “deep roots” in the state that their mother left during junior high school and returned to last year to run for Senate. She is totally a Wyoming … what is the word you people say… “gal.” Through and through. Her […]

In what has to be the teensiest ittle-bitty political shocker of the year, Mary Cheney emailed Politico to say that she doesn’t intend to support her sister Liz Cheney’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in whichever western state Liz decided was her “home” last year: “I’m not supporting Liz’s candidacy.” She later clarified: “By supporting, […]

Senate candidate and purported Wyoming resident Liz Cheney restated on Fox News Sunday that she is a big fan of “the traditional definition of marriage,” which is the bestest definition of marriage there ever was. In response, Cheney’s sister Mary and her wife Heather Poe reminded Liz of their existence, gently pointing out that Liz […]