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Tag: inquisition

Another day of being forced to make gay pizzas. Sigh.

Thanks A Lot, Liberals, For LITERALLY HOLOCAUSTING That Dumb Bigot Pizza Place Family

It has long been part of the conservative lexicon to compare anything they don't like -- net neutrality, abortion, gun control, the theory of evolution, marriage equality, Obamacare, complaints about Google buses -- to the Holocaust. But this week, the...

Glenn Beck Logic Time: Creationists Are Galileo, And Bill Nye, ‘Science’ Guy, Is The Catholic Church Inquisitioning Them

Glenn Beck, what is up with you? You pass into seeming irrelevance, and then alla sudden, you are getting an amazeballs amount of attention. Within a few hours of our story yesterday about how you felt kinda-sorta sorry that...

Pope Pulls A Palin

Almost exactly 600 years after the last pope to resign resigned, Pope Benedict XVI is hanging up his Prada shoes and dancing off into ... well, we don't even know! Where do ex-popes go? Probably Boca. News organizations are...