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Steve Bannon, the guy in charge of a campaign that hates women, has a history of allegedly abusing them!

Hillary also teaching America about the pathetic 'alt-right' movement. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, idiots!

What is YOUR favorite disgusting, racist, homophobic, misogynistic Breitbart headline? The Democrats want to know!

Finally, a Hillary 'scandal' that can be debunked in 5 seconds on late night TV!

Mean New York City took the statue away, but you can still enjoy Trump's tiny penis in other places.

This is going to be awkward for the 'You're just jealous of his high testosterone levels!' crowd.

Hey Trumpkins! Are you sick of winning YET? Because my god, Trump is just winning so hard, all over the place these days, and...

Shouldn't the vote just love Donald Trump tremendously and bigly, and come directly to him?

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Nancy thinks Republicans denying Zika funding because of Planned Parenthood are a buncha birth control-using hypocrites, yep yep yep.

How weird, since Trump is addressing an INSANE anti-gay summit this week!

Also, two economists! Plus a dude who made all his money betting that people would lose their houses!

How many times will Obama talk about what a pompous dumb loser Trump is? AS MANY TIMES AS HE WANTS TO.

We hope you don't have to pee, because you'll do it in your pants from laughing so hard!

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