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Did you know San Bernardino and Orlando wouldn't have happened if Homeland Security wasn't so scared of saying Muslim words? IT'S TRUE!

Is the FBI missing something? Is everybody else missing something?

Donald Trump is going to be incredibly ready for his debates with Hillary Clinton, although he hasn't started preparing for them yet. September is FOREVER away.

There's a lot of 'allegedly' in this story, but boy oh boy, if this is true.

As gently as possible, may we suggest that it's probably time for him to STFU?

And Disney World? They were scoping out Disney World? What is even going on here?

All of a sudden it's starting to make more sense.

Good White Christian Americans need to step off and shut their yaps.

Just imagine what fun the Bundy Militia could have had during their occupation of a federal wildlife refuge if they'd had a .50 caliber machine gun!

Yes, Virginia, there IS a federal investigation. But we have no idea what exactly is being investigated. It's Terry McAuliffe, there's always something.

Hot mess zebra twats like H.A. Goodman and Donald Trump have been waiting for the day when the whole presidential campaign changes, when the...

Seriously, he is so sorry, HIS BAD, he promises this will not happen again.

One of the biggest disappointments for the Bundy Militia Freedom Insurgents was, of course, their complete failure to rally the people of Oregon, or...

Hey, if you're sick of stories about cops behaving badly and getting away with it, how about a change of pace? From Louisiana, we...

Time for an update on one of the Ew Gross stories that happened in the Year Of Our Lord 2015. Quick recap: Former...

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