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Colin Powell advised Hillary to use her own private emails, and he probably did Benghazi too.

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW

Could Trump's national security briefing end up leaking state secrets to Russia? MAYBE.

Exactly how many nudie pictures is the DNC emailing around to itself?

How many times can Scott Baio say he doesn't care in one interview? A WHOLE MANY TIMES.

Middle Eastern terrorists are so last season, it's all about cyber now!

Are you a person who can do the critical thinking? Do you prefer evidence to supposition when forming conclusions? Well, then, congratulations to you,...

We heard from the Usual Gang of Idiots this week, but sadly, not a one of them is smart enough to work for MAD magazine.

SOURCES SAY Bernie will endorse Hillary at a rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday, hooray!

Sheesh. What a sad, terrible, violent week. It is time for your top ten weekend reading list, though, and it is Saturday morning, so...

What did we learn from the GOP's incessant badgering of James Comey? Lots! But not what the GOP wanted us to learn.

Probably because Hillary bribed her, ayup, that's the ticket, you bet.

Paul Ryan would prefer that Hillary Clinton not know America's secrets. Or at least not any that she didn't already know after four years as Secretary of State.

Ooh, ooh! Maybe they could investigate Benghazi some more while they're at it!

Guys, we don't think Sarah Palin is real happy with the FBI's decision not to recommend indictment for Hillary.

Read this so you can explain How Things Work to your dumb right-wing uncle.

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