As much as what they are saying is idiotic, we can sort of understand why politicians that reside near the southern border of these here United States would like to weigh in and talk tough about porous borders and illeaglle children and brown hordes or whatever. But asking Michele Bachmann, a person who is quitting […]

Welcome to your new Wonkette, which is all Bergdahl, all the time. Mostly we’ve been busy mocking Republicans who suddenly are pretty solid on hating the troops, mere days after crying insincere troop-loving crocodile tears over the VA hospital scandal, but today we’re going to take a break from that and hate on CNN instead, […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson and former CNN science correspondent Miles O’Brien had a nice chat about how cable news — especially CNN — doesn’t do so well with this “reporting” stuff. On Tyson’s “StarTalk” podcast, O’Brien said that CNN didn’t care so much for science reporters: “After all, what do we know about the Kardashians?” RawStory […]

Sadly, AC360 has only put  5 minutes of last night’s Donald Sterling debacle online, which is a shame because Sterling let his racist freak flag fly, except that he’s not a racist because he says he’s not a racist, which is a magical shield against being racist. Also, he bashed Magic Johnson. Dude, you do […]

Remember Gurbaksh Chahal? He’s the cool dude tech guy who beat the shit out of his girlfriend but then pleaded down to two misdemeanor battery counts so he could keep his job as CEO of RadiumOne. Except then RadiumOne fired him anyway. Since then Chahal’s been on a whineathon and has just released the emails […]

You people honestly didn’t think you’d heard the last out of Cliven Bundy, did you? Do not be such sillybillies! Poor old boy’s been forsaken by his pals at Fox, where for nine straight hours Thursday, there was literally no mention of his racist remarks during the daytime news programming, and Gretchen Carlson actually shut […]

On Sunday, CNN finally found something other than Flight 370 to be blindingly stupid about, asking whether, in the wake of the murders of three people at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas last week by racist and anti-Semite Frazier Glenn Miller, it might be possible for the Ku Klux Klan to “rebrand” itself. Spoiler: […]

We decided not to give you any Happy links yesterday for a reason we’ve now forgotten in the mists of alcohol time, so today you’re getting a double dose. Lucky duckies! We recapped Patton Oswalt’s turn on Agents of SHIELD, which is getting better but is still probably not good. We reviewed Draft Day, the […]

Remember last month when all CNN did was show planes and more planes to keep your eyeballs glued to the screen over the missing Malaysian Air jet? As the saga dragged on, CNN logged ceaseless hours in a flight simulator with a pilot, but now that pilot has been fired for looking grubby and shaming […]

Saturday Night Live has a pretty creative take on CNN’s constant, terrible coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner: What if CNN made a pregnancy test? You’d get constant updates, but no real information. It’s a cute fake ad, even if it’s no Happy Fun Ball, but it might have been funnier if instead of the […]

Jon Stewart is in Full Media Critic Mode again; that’s always a beautiful thing to behold. Tuesday’s Daily Show brought another look at CNN’s increasingly content-free coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner. Sure, CNN got a ratings bump by becoming the Flight 370 Network, but Stewart has to ask: Is It Good For the News? […]

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show returned from vacation last night, and not a moment too soon, because we really needed Stewart to mock the unrelenting wall of nonsense that is CNN’s coverage of the missing plane. And oh, mock he did. He reminded us that things started out in a relatively sober non-ridiculous fashion, […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you stories that didn’t quite merit a post of their own, but that were too stupid to ignore altogether. As always, you may want to fortify yourself with whatever you believe necessary to get through the experience — we suggest a couple […]

We are a little in love with this Chris Hayes clip for his earnest pissed-offedness at what 24-hour cable news can do with a story when the demand for information far outstrips the supply of actual new information. With Flight 370, there’s only so many times you can say, “Nope, still don’t know anything new.” […]

CNN’s Don Lemon is just trying to top himself, we guess. On Sunday, he wondered if maybe something supernatural had happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370, since why not? And then by Wednesday, he was just throwing questions from Twitter at a panel of experts, because again, this is how science works: take any […]