Fatuous sparkleturd and Breitbart scribe Milo Yiannopoulos is hoping that his new video, featuring a burning rainbow flag, will convince LGBTQ Americans to VOTE TRUMP. He implores them, in his best, most sincerest-est “Sarah McLachlan narrating an ad about shelter dogs” voice, to understand that Donald Trump is the only man who is going to protect them from EVIL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS who are definitely going to come over here and murder them.


Transcript via Towleroad:

I’m here to give you a warning from Europe. I know what happens when government and the media colludes to pander to Islam. I know what happens to gay people that the left claims that it is here to defend. The regressive left is the single biggest enemy to the well-being of homosexuals and every other minority they claim to represent that exist in America today. They are not helping you, they are instead lulling you into a false sense of security that you are safe. We have a threat on our shores, in our communities that requires a response from the minorities the left has given up on. Importing Muslims into this country is going to represent significant risks to minorities…Please don’t make our mistakes. America is better than that.

The speech took place at Pulse Nightclub and was ostensibly meant to use that tragedy in order to highlight the “danger” of Muslim immigrants. Of course, as Sean Mandell at Towleroad points out, this whole argument is made rather awkward by the fact that the Orlando shooter was not a Muslim immigrant. He wasn’t imported from anywhere. He was born here, in America!

Nevertheless, basically what he is saying is that the Left (which, you know, includes many gay people) has fought for gay rights for the past god knows how many years, simply for the purpose of “lulling you into a false sense of security” — just so that all the gay people could later be murdered by Muslim immigrants? Oh my! That is quite an elaborate plan!

And, naturally, the party that has fought against gay rights, marriage equality and AIDS funding, and for keeping sodomy laws; the party still whining about letting trans people use the bathroom; the party that has a presidential nominee who says he would appoint Supreme Court judges that would overturn same-sex marriage and a vice-presidential nominee who once wrote an essay telling employers not to hire LGBTQ people — they are the party that really has always the best interests of LGBTQ citizens at heart. That totally makes all of the sense.

This is actually a fairly common argument made in conservative cesspools on the internet, that the Left has tricked the minorities into voting for them by very slyly not being actively horrible to them or suggesting they should not have rights, and also by bribing them with social welfare programs and not just letting poor people die of starvation, as the conservatives who truly respect them would prefer. We’ve always wondered what our Secret Evil Endgame for this was supposed to be, and it turns out, at least for the gays, it is to watch them all die at the hands of Muslim immigrants. Makes sense!


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  • Señor The Final Countdown!
  • DainBramage

    Milo needs to go to horse camp.

  • Anna Rompage

    Funny, I have Muslim neighbors across the street from my place and often hang out and chat with them. We all get along great, however the conservative evangelicals two doors down, not so much…

    • Angela Ruzzo

      I have Muslim relatives-by-marriage – Syrians, as a matter of fact – and several Muslim nephews and nieces. They are all super nice. Smart, too. They also cook great food, which they frequently share with me. When my mother died, my sister’s 80-yr-old mother-in-law drove 80 miles across rural Syria to a Christian monastery to buy a rosary blessed with holy water from Jerusalem to send to us as a sympathy present. It was a very nice thought.

      However, my fundamentalist Christian minister uncle-by-blood hates Gays, Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Muslims, basically everyone who isn’t in his own church, and when my family made a passing visit to his family in 1962 while on our way to somewhere else, he wouldn’t let us inside his house or offer us a drink of water or let us use his bathroom, because we were Catholic. He is 90 now, and to this day I do not recall him ever inviting me to his house to share food. He did not come to my mother’s funeral. I think you can guess who he is going to vote for.

      • Crank Tango


        • Angela Ruzzo

          He would if he could.

        • nothingisamiss

          I miss “Hitler” being the ironical answer.

    • ThisNameInUse

      Well, a study out recently found that since 2002 homegrown conservative whites have committed more terrorist acts than radical Muslims. So it’s probably wise to stay away from the former.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        Homegrown conservative white men have been committing terrorist acts for a very long time. Andrew Jackson committed genocide, and that was in 1838.

    • Bear OmNomNom

      Can second this. My neighborhood gay dive bar is two doors down from a Somali cafe, and there hasn’t been a hint of friction. One night, a teenager leaving the cafe had to jump in through the window of his friend’s janky car. Another Somali dude and a diesel dyke, neither of whom was even *alive* in 1980, shouted “Dukes of Hazzard!” in unison. Maybe it was just the beer on board, but that seemed a lot more fun than MiloWorld…

      • NastySnarkOff

        Am thinking “gay dive bar” and “not a hint of friction” is some kind of twisted code.

    • SecludedCompound

      Yes, let’s keep this going.

      One of my bestest friends ever is Palestinian. He’s not particularly observant, but cares obviously about how the Muslim community is perceived and treated.. He likes comic books, movies, and girls love him, which we constantly pick on him for. His family is amazing, sweet, funny, and the most welcoming people on the planet. At one point, we lived in a house of roommates with, no kidding, a Muslim, a Christian, an atheist, and a Jew. We all loved each other like brothers.

      This brand of stupid, broad aimed hatred just has to stop. I can’t stand seeing these leering, sadistic people full of hate and out for blood couch their disgusting views in some sort of faux concern for others. It’s repulsive.

  • Bill D. Burger

    MilO’ is a Barney-wearing-a-teen’s-poplin-top-Wonka-accident-gobstopper-ass motherfucker.

  • Callyson

    Oh, for fuck’s sake.

    And on that note, I’m off to go to yoga class and then phone bank. Let’s do this thing!

    • Nastyinencinitas

      I got some decent food to bring to the kids interning at the campaign office tonight. They’ve been living on candy. I would have gone into a diabetic coma weeks ago.

    • arundel

      Love you, Daily News. XO

  • memzilla

    The one thing this election has shown me is that right wing nut jobs will do anything, say anything, and fuck anyone over they can for money, and it doesn’t matter a microfuck if it conflicts with anything they claim to believe.

    • Look Closer

      It’s been quite amazing how effortlessly they lie and cheat just to get their way. I hope the American people send them a strong message that we will not tolerate their bullshit anymore!

    • Good_Trouble_Yall

      It also doesn’t matter at all if it will eventually completely destroy this country.

  • Gwennie_G

    Wait, that motherfucker went to PULSE and said that?!

    • Swampgas_Man

      And wasn’t immediately beaten (more) senseless? With votes, even?

      • A LITtle Annoyed, Yet ARoused

        We homosexxicans don’t “beat”, we bitchslap.

    • Spotts1701, The Baddest Hombre

      Well, if you’re going to be a narcissistic dickwad, go big or go home.

  • A Grumpy Cat

    Yeah, no. #GlitterWearingQueerForHillary

  • ThisNameInUse

    More and more, I am becoming convinced that the Trump Bowel Movement is really an elaborate National IQ Test being administered by that evil Department of Education. Sadly, 40% of the voting population is failing it miserably. Which doesn’t bode well for our future, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday. These cognitively stunted cases will still walk amongst us.

    • mancityhombres

      Plausible, but I’m still going with aliens and an intergalactic reality show.

      • Dr.Zoidberg

        Oh god I hope they don’t decide to cancel us.

      • starkitty

        Its always aliens.

    • NastySnarkOff

      Horrifyingly, something like 90 percent of Americans believe in angels, so…

    • Historicat

      I’m thinking it’s more mass insanity. Can we get a group-rate on therapy for about 90 million people?

  • Crank Tango

    My say something nice is he looks like he would be very fun to beat up.

    With votes or whatever.

    • ThisNameInUse

      Kind of like the Second Amendment Remedy. Which is all about votes, you understand.

      • Crank Tango

        Surveyor’s marks and all that, wot wot.

        • ThisNameInUse

          All wearing upside down sheriff’s badges.

    • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

      My say something nice is that he stopped bleaching his hair.

      • starkitty

        I actually like his hair. It’s his personality that’s the problem.

  • UncleTravelingMatt

    Stupid gays. When are you gonna realize that the bigots are just being honest with you, and that is a Good Thing? The real evil is the people who don’t say or do bigoted things because they are being “polite” or “decent” or “adults.” They’re just liars.

    • Spotts1701, The Baddest Hombre

      It’s just “tough love”. You know, like whipping you with a belt is “teaching discipline”.

      • UncleTravelingMatt

        Works best while shouting biblebabble.

    • Dr.Zoidberg

      Yes, when I march in support of equal rights I’m secretly plotting to put all the gheys in camps!

      Hey…gay camps, or camp gays?

  • Crystalclear12

    Democrats planning things. Do those words even go together?
    Yeah, we don’t do that very well.

    • ThisNameInUse

      “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

      — Will Rogers

  • DoILookAmused2u ?

    Has anybody thought of setting him up with Matt Drudge and “his friend”?

    • Bear OmNomNom

      …G. David Schine?

      • Carpe Vagenda


    • cousin itt

      How many legs does his friend have?

  • ThisNameInUse

    Here’s a “warning from Europe” – specifically the UK. Their idiot xenophobe Trump voters voted for Brexit. Now the place is spiraling into a deep recession.

    Don’t be stupid. Don’t be like Milo. Vote Hillary.

    • Thiazin Red

      Homophobic violence is also way up, and not from the evil immigrants either.

  • Royal Ugly Hombre

    It wasn’t that long ago that republicans would pander to Muslims by pointing out their shared commitment to “family values.” Translation: we hate gays! Let’s be friends.

  • theblackdog

    Oh Milo, I wish you would leave and try your shtick somewhere else where you think they will love it. I hear Siberia is nice.

  • The Deplorable Ms. MLG

    Do the gheys really have time to worry about being murdered by hypothetical imported Muslims when there are so many Christians made right here in the USA who want to kill them?

    • Khavrinen

      Oh, so that’s why they want to keep the Muslims out! There just aren’t enough gheys around for the Christians to share the chance to kill them, right? Come on, people, it’s just supply and demand…

  • cousin itt

    A gay møøsë bit my sistër oncë?

  • HazooToo

    What is he doing this for? Is it attention and money? Because if that is his bottom line, there are a million less reprehensible ways to get it.

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      He’s making his bid for the “Biggest Asshole in the World Who Is Also a Gay Man” Award, left vacant ever since Andy Dick retreated into hiding.

      • Berkeleybear94

        Peter Thiel has that on lock these days, though. Because his sexuality is just an afterthought to his dickishness whereas for Milo it seems like he’s trying a bit too hard.

        • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

          It really depends on where you rank your identity, I guess. Peter Thiel is a libertarian with sociopathic leanings who happens to be gay. Milo is a gay man, who plays up that gayness in order to excuse being a huge asshole.

          • Carpe Vagenda

            I don’t know that Milo’s paroxysms of fabulousness are any more performative than Thiel’s years in the closet.

          • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

            Mmm. I’m not as familiar with Thiel, but I do know that Milo will only ever mention his gayness in the context of excusing whatever horrible thing he’s doing. Usually along the lines of “I fuck [n-word] men, so I can’t be gay or racist! Wheeeee”. He’s essentially using his minority status as a way to beg sympathy from the audience he’s screaming racial slurs at.

          • Carpe Vagenda

            Oh, nah, that’s bog standards conservative asshole stuff. My (straight, white) dad used to scour the news for conservative asshole members of groups he thought got too much deference from liberals and demand to know how dared I disagree with them, since they were [a woman/jewish/black/gay/whatever].

            Milo’s pretty much as fabulous as an eighty-year-old dead irish-yankee white guy from the Bronx, is what I’m getting at..

          • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

            OT, but I once used the phrase “bog standard” in front of people in Ireland, which was followed by an uncomfortable silence before they asked me what the hell I meant by that.

          • Carpe Vagenda

            the way mummy used to do it ;)

    • starkitty

      Milo is an odd duck for the alt -right. Imma guessing some of it is for money and some of it is unresolved daddy issues.

  • FauxAntocles

    He was born here, in America!
    Like all those “lone wolf” WASP terrorists.

  • Carpe Vagenda
  • Spotts1701, The Baddest Hombre

    “Okay, so we won’t kill you. We’ll make your life miserable by saying you’re evil and perverted, make sure you are shunned, deny you equal rights and protections under the law, force you to be ‘re-educated’, deny you certain employment opportunities, stand idly by while you are beaten or killed because of who you are, and generally make your life so miserable that you’ll kill yourself. But we won’t kill you.”

    As sales pitches go, it needs work.

    • jowgajen

      they have done plenty of killing. matthew sheppard wasnt that long ago. scores of transgender people have been murdered in 2016. they would kill us.

      • Spotts1701, The Baddest Hombre

        I guess by “we” I meant in more the formalized, governmental sense. Loses a bit in the translation.

        • jowgajen

          Failing to investigate and failing to gain convictions isnt that different.

    • Berkeleybear94

      We won’t kill you – as long as you stay deep in the closet like we told you to. Otherwise all bets are off.

      Substitute on the plantation for in the closet and you have the GOP pitch for African Americans, and kitchen for closet gives you the pitch for women.

      • Bad Hombre Ron

        Now that’s efficient!

  • Swampay

    “we may hate you, but those bastards will kill you”

  • Taco Treg

    “I’m here to give you a warning from Europe. I know what happens when government and the media colludes to pander to Islam. I know what happens to gay people that the left claims that it is here to defend. The regressive left is the single biggest enemy to the well-being of homosexuals and every other minority they claim to represent that exist in America today.”

    All this and a bossy bottom to boot. I see why Milo is single.

    • starkitty

      I suspect Milo is one of those people who’s good for one lay, but not relationship material. Probably very selfish in bed.

  • Michael Smith

    (1) The enemy Milo is talking about is not real. It is a phantasm invented by racists who hate everyone that isn’t white and/or Christian.

    (2) Even if the enemy were real, and Teh Gays had common cause with conservatives, what makes you think the Republicans would show any appreciation for their assistance? Many black people put aside their issues with the U.S. over the years to join in common defense, yet nevertheless they came home to a place where they were held in contempt by the majority.

    If there were a serious threat, you can bet Hillary Clinton is much more capable of dealing with it than is Trump. And Hillary won’t destroy decades of progress as a price for her services. In conclusion, Milo is A Idiot of the highest degree.

    • Carpe Vagenda

      (2) you could ask Andrew Sullivan how that worked out for him.

  • Thanksgiving Loki

    “Hi gay people! Wouldn’t you like to help us hate another, even weaker group?”

    So apparently we are supposed to forget that the right-wing decided it didn’t quite hate gay people the moment it realized it could use LGBT people as a cudgel against Muslims?

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      That’s really what this is all about. Just like the poor farmers who marched for the Confederacy, what they’re offering is the ability to step on someone else because you think you’re inherently better. Even though you’re still a lower rung on the ladder.

    • Carpe Vagenda

      I think they still quite hate gay people.

      • jowgajen

        The gaps in their rhetoric are becoming more obvious at least.

      • Thanksgiving Loki

        Oh, they do. The Ted Cruz is so pro-gay that, instead of pushing for ENDA, he’s anti-Muslim.

    • starkitty

      But I thought that what Trans people are for. Or are they on equal footing with Muslins now in the twisted alt-right brain?

  • Bear OmNomNom

    Fuck Milo Yiannopoulos. Well… er… I mean… don’t. But you get the idea.

  • cousin itt

    Fucking fuckity fuck. I just got a robocall from Usay Trump, violating my aural cavities. Fuck him. His Vater is going to be here tomorrow night. He will be at the National Western Stock Show Complex in Denver. Fitting. Should I go and protest or stew in my cabernet while waiting for SNL?


  • DoILookAmused2u ?

    In a surprise ruling, a US district judge in Ohio issued a restraining order
    against Donald Trump’s campaign to prevent anyone working on the
    campaign from harassing and intimidating voters at the polls on Tuesday.

    The order came after a two-hour hearing in which the judge pressed
    Trump’s lawyer to justify the candidate’s inflammatory rhetoric about
    voter fraud. It also applies to close Trump adviser Roger Stone, who has
    organized poll-watching activities, and the “officers, agents,
    servants, and employees” of Trump and Stone.

  • Carpe Vagenda
    • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

      Why not both???

      • Carpe Vagenda

        or all three.

    • AnOuthouse

      Uncle Tomming pays pretty good these days

    • mancityhombres

      You expect me to read all of that?
      I’ll be back in an hour or so.

    • mancityhombres

      From your first link, talking about Geert Wilders: “There is a dustbin fire behind the blank eyes of his human suit.”
      That is a line. Truly beautiful

    • mancityhombres

      Ok, I read the first link, skimmed the rest. The second too are of the *clutches pearls* and “where’s my fainting couch?” level of snark. Too foreseeable to even think about.
      The first one is a thing of beauty.
      Seriously, click it and read it.
      I’ve been reading a lot of the good Dr. Thompson lately, and I have to say that Laurie Penny has her own voice, and it’s good.

      • puredog

        Yes, Dr. Thompson would be proud. I am sorry he is not around to cover this election, just as I am sorry that Jon is not on the air much or at all.

        • mancityhombres

          he always appreciated good writing, but was increasingly upset with both parties.
          He hated Reagan, and hated it even more that things just got worse after him.

      • PubOption

        OT, but a Trick-Or-Treater, probably about 9 years old, dressed as Hunter Thompson came to my house on Monday. I said something to his father about bat country, which seemed to go over the father’s head.

        • mancityhombres

          that kid might just go places.

  • Dr.Zoidberg

    What the ever-loving-fuck is this horseshit?

    • Wee Mousie

      Well, when the chickens finish pecking the undigested oats and partially digested corn out of it, it will be pure horseshit.

  • TJ Barke

    “Hey gays, come join the right. We won’t defend your rights or treat you like human beings, but we’ll be happy to exploit your fear in order to build a more authoritarian society.”

    • jowgajen

      When you put it that way, that’s their pitch to most anyone.

    • Crank Tango

      Boom! There’s yer bumper sticker!

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      “Join the Republican Party, and step on someone who we arbitrarily rank lower than you.”

      • Land Shark Hombre

        “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Milo party!”

    • Serai 1

      And when we’re done with you, we have a nice vacation resort out in the desert for all of you.

    • Gayer Than Thou

      Don’t be stupid, be a smarty – come and join the Nazi party!

  • Marceline

    I’m pretty high right now and that headline is really fucking with my head. I’m going to go heat up some soup.

    • Vincent Ricola

      I’m pretty high right now too and you just reminded me I put soup in the microwave to heat up about 45 minutes ago.

      • Shan the Nasty Libtart

        So this is why my son never remembers to do anything I ask.

      • puredog

        This just in: It’s warm now. Unless you have a gerbil-powered microwave. Running on abused gerbils (just to stay on topic here).

    • mancityhombres

      I’ll just sit here in Kansas, plotting out my next trip to Colorado, thank you very much.

  • boyblue123
    • Carpe Vagenda

      Wait, we needed 60k. We might get 110k?

    • Wee Mousie

      If nothing else, it’s good to hear something about decided voters, for a change.

  • Taco Treg

    I’d like to see his papers please.

  • The Bird in a Red Pantsuit

    Is t his what being contrarian is all about?

  • Anna Rompage

    Here’s a great thing, being a member of a large LGBT community here in Portland, everyone I know from that community thinks this guy is a complete and total hoofwanking bunglecunt…

    • mancityhombres

      I don’t know how he ever gets laid without paying for it, and I don’t want to know.
      But I just can’t imagine any self respecting gay man would want to sleep with him.

    • puredog

      That’s “The People’s Republic of Portland.” There, FTFY. Who’s surprised?

    • Bmaccnm

      Hey, neighbor. I’m in the shiny, happy, people’s republic of Buckman. I missed the official drinky thing because I was traveling. We should have another, even if Trix and the gang can’t make it. And how should i vote on Measure 97, because it don’t make no sense to me?

      • Anna Rompage

        Howdy neighbor!

        I’m down in the Woodstock neighborhood myself!

        It would totally be fun to do another drinky thing, as there’s quite a Wonkette posse here in Portland!

        As far as 97 goes, I voted yes. I read that it only effects 1 out of 400 businesses, and feel the state could use a little additional funding for essential services. There are a lot of other reasons too, but those were the two that really stood out to me. That, and we have one of the lowest effective corporate tax rates in the country

  • Suse

    Honestly, I wish the intertubez had never been invented. Thanks, Al Gore!

  • chascates

    Whatever happened to that ‘Jews for Hitler’ group?

    • Crank Tango

      They were resettled in the east.

  • AnOuthouse

    If no one knows you’re gay, then no one will kill you. Makes sense. Keep redecorating that closet.

  • starkitty

    “Breitbart’s Milo Rallies All The Gays To Trump”

    So he’s convince how many so far? Three? Including himself?

    • mancityhombres

      has anyone heard from the log cabin republicans? what’s their stance on Trump?

      • starkitty

        This is an excellent question. According to this, that would be a “no”:

        Their reasoning leaves something to be desired on the finer points.

        • mancityhombres

          “The group criticized the Republican Party in July for not backing a pro-LGBT platform.”
          Just because you share their ideals of lower taxes doing anything positive (even though the evidence does not support the claim), does not mean they will accept you in any way, shape or form.
          Which means more, basic human rights or the low taxes that are currently devastating Kansas?

          • starkitty

            Yeah, it’s like I want to break it to them there’s no Tooth Fairy either…

      • therblig

        wide? ISWYDT

        • mancityhombres

          I don’t think they need to be foot tapping in a bathroom stall, honestly.
          They just don’t talk about politics.

    • Thanksgiving Loki

      The exact same shit stain gay people who vote Republican year after year are going to vote Republican this year. #Shocking

      So, he convinced no one.

      • Wee Mousie

        Some will hold their nose and vote Clinton. Some will vote the rest of the ticket, but mark no choice for president. Some will stay home, and wonder what went wrong, after all they had 16 other candidates?!?!

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      If only he was a US citizen . . .

  • Vincent Ricola

    This dumb fuck doesn’t seem to realize the demographics that make up the “regressive left.”

  • Crank Tango

    I wonder how much this guy is getting paid.

    • mancityhombres

      enough to keep up his shtick?

  • Iam Reading

    Robyn, you will pretty please excuse me if I don’t deign to pay attention to a man with frosted tips. I mean, frosted tips. FFS.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    Milo is a Blue Falcon.

    He also longs to be a Kapo in Pat Robertson’s Vernichtungslagern for fags.

  • Suse

    I just saw Drumpf’s nasty ad featuring “Weiner’s laptop” and Huma. Ugly.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    I don’t find this guy the least bit credible. I understand that the right has got to grift, but do they have to be so obvious about it. Come on Merlot, at least sell us something, bunker food or a T-shirt…something.

  • azeyote

    he found himself a spotlight and a mic as the alt right token gay – is that hair his version of doing black face?

    • Wee Mousie

      He’s training his hair to look like Trump’s headpiece. but it takes time. It takes time..

  • Thanksgiving Loki

    What really pisses me off is that Hillary Clinton has done more for gay people than literally anyone else on the planet. The moment she became Secretary of State she used the power of the office to tenaciously fight for gay people. She prioritized LGBT refugees, reversing the Bush era policy “send them back to die.” She pushed LGBT rights resolutions through the UN. She tied US aid to counties’ LGBT rights records. She was aggressive in her lobbying against anti-LGBT laws that the president of Uganda vetoed the countries “kill the gays” bill, and then complained about her interference (he latter got a modified version passed, which quite sucks).

    There are tens of thousands, if not up to millions, of LGBT people alive today directly due to Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

    Seriously, fuck that pile of human garbage.

    • Crank Tango

      Yeah, but emails!

      • therblig


        • OrdinaryJoe

          Anthony WEEEner.

    • La Cieca

      Something that happened in 1996!

  • Frosted tips? Is it 1998?? I thought the gay homosexuals were supposed to be fashionable.

    • Thanksgiving Loki

      Do you think someone infatuated by Donald Trump would be particularly fashionable?

  • VMink

    Milo Ren is the embodiment of every angsty boy who was given everything as a young boy but ran full-tilt into the real world when you can’t just throw a tantrum and get what you want.

  • puipui

    I really thought that this election had already squeezed every last drop of rage out of me, until I was just wrung out and tired and unsurprised by anything, but no, look at that, just the fact that he spewed his mouthshit all over Pulse has gotten me all raged up again. I am filled to the brim with brand new rage!

    So thanks, Milo, for giving me new energy for my GOTV efforts, and also fuck you.

  • Anna Rompage

    I dream of a day when stupid fuck pukes like this guy are laughed at and shown a better way, instead of rewarded with a high paying job, when they come out with stupid ridiculous shit…

  • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

    Is anyone going to tell the big gay fuckstick that a bird shit on his head?

    • JustDon’tSayHombre

      He knows. That’s how much he hates himself.

    • Kiri the Nasty Unicorn

      Shhh…He’s trying to start a trend.

  • Khavrinen

    “protect them from EVIL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS who are definitely going to come over here and murder them.”

    Yes, because as we all know “Christian” “patriots” never ever ever beat/murder anyone who identifies as LGBT.

    And if you believe that, I’ve got some ocean-front property in Arizona I can sell you at a really great price…

  • Bitter Scribe

    Sometimes I wonder how anyone as apparently self-adoring as Milo can accommodate the self-hatred necessary to be a gay right-winger.

    • puredog

      It’s like the Good Gay Poet said: “He is large. He contains multitudes.”

    • dshwa

      That level of projected self adoration frequently is a cover for a very deep self loathing.

    • Someone forgot to read the “Exceptionism Clause” in their Republican handbook.

  • Kiri the Nasty Unicorn

    As gay AmeriSexicans, aren’t we supposed to have the Satan-granted power to cram our gayness down everybody’s throats and make them like it? That’s what our churchy people say. These Muslim immigrants shouldn’t be much trouble.

    • a_pink_poodle

      Well stop slacking off and get to it!

    • mml1996

      I’ve been doing it all this time. Flashing my gay toy infront of heteros, which automatically turns them all homo permamanently!

      • Kiri the Nasty Unicorn

        We are that irresistible!

        • SweetDeeKat

          Well, your fashion sense is impeccable.

    • IOnlyLikeCats

      Some of us are asexual and immune to your charms. But totally available to help you in your world takeover.

  • rafflesia123

    People actually give a shit about what Milo thinks?

  • OrG

    What did Milo say?Cause all I heard was”arglebarglesomethingsomethingderpderp”

    • phoenix00

      Sounds about right. You didn’t miss much. Carry on carrying on.

  • geoffalnutt

    I’m sorry. They call him “a homocon” It’s just “con”. Who cares what he fucks…or THAT he fucks at all. I’m horrifyingly gay so I can say it. I’m also old and pathetic.

  • mml1996

    I have the strongest urge to punch that coiffed dickturd.

  • Courser

    Milo looks like he’s got a wad of cat hair on his head.

  • TimJ

    Certainly no gay people give a flying f what he thinks. But there are no doubt a few deplorables who think “oooh, we have a gaaaay man on our side!” even though they hate him.

  • amindofitsown

    The self-loathing alt-right sympathizer is trying to tell other gay people what ideology to support. Yeah, totally buying it.

  • Why do they keep talking about sexism and homophobia among hard-right Muslims, and then at the same time argue that the solution for this is BOMBING THE PLACES QUEER AND FEMALE MUSLIMS LIVE?

    Oh, and sure, let’s not bother letting people trying to escape those regimes live somewhere that won’t stone them to death.

    (FWIW, this is also why I dislike the calls to just let Texas or SC secede. I think about all the poor folks there–especially kids–who wouldn’t be able to escape.)

    • Darkrose

      I admit I’ve been tempted by the “let them secede” argument, but only on the condition that the secessionist states would be required to pay the full cost to relocate anyone who wants to leave to anywhere else in the US, and that all resettlement would have to be complete before the secession process could start.

      • Yeah, but I still worry about their queer kids getting put through conversion torture and whatnot. :(

        • Darkrose

          Oh, yah–it’s an awful idea in general. But sometimes I just want to call their bluff to see how fast they’d backtrack.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    What an asshole. SSDD

  • NastySnarkOff

    I’m sorry, gays, but if you are dumb enough to fall for this, you are way too dumb to have morally objectionable sex.

    • Liminal

      Oh look the guy erasing gay male victims of rape actually finds them “morally objectionable”….what a surprise, never could have seen it coming your where a homophobic heterosexual out to please females probably for sex (I pray they aren’t stupid enough to fall for it)

      • NastySnarkOff

        Liminal, whoever you are, you have no clue what you are talking about. Maybe read Wonkette before you start mouthing off about homophobic commenters. For fuck’s sake.

        • kareemachan

          I’d ask you to translate lim’s frothings, but I don’t want to put you through that.

          • NastySnarkOff

            He is mad at me from some comment on another blog and seems to be following me around the Interwebs, accusing me of being a bully.

  • Panika MCD

    I guess Milo has been getting some of that special jeebus love from the Cowboy Church parishioners.

  • NastySnarkOff

    Shorter Milo: “I want to be relevant!!!!”

    • Serai 1

      Shorter shorter: LOOK AT MY DICK

      • zerosumgame0005

        is that a dick joke? please, let it be a dick joke!

      • La Cieca

        Shortest shortest.

      • Wee Mousie

        Here take these tweezers and jeweler’s loupe.

  • SecludedCompound

    “We’re just like the radicals that we claim all do bad things to you and that the Left won’t defend you from so join us first so that….er…..”

  • Gert

    On behalf of the Ole’Blighty people, I apologise for letting Milonutz escape. MUST work on stronger straightjackets!

  • Snicker Haha

    Why doesn’t Milo make a real statement and cut off his penis for Trump? What better sacrifice for the cause?

  • sincarne

    “Fatuous sparkleturd” is probably my least favourite of all these next-gen My Little Ponies.

  • doggiedaddy
  • i’mjustaskingthequestion

    I was thinking some mean stuff about that fucker…about his future and back alley drug overdoses and other nasty things. But then I thought I’d be the better person, and just hope that he finds the wisdom one day to shut the fuck up.

  • jmk

    Was the title of this speech “War is Peace and Hate is Love, All Hail Big Tangerine”?

  • i’mjustaskingthequestion

    Muslim immigrants in Europe have been treated like shit and ghettoized. This has been going on for generations. Then people say…”go back to your own country if you don’t like it”. Just because one country is marginally better than another doesn’t mean the new place is a fucking wonderland.

    You treat people like fucking shit and surprise! they get groomed by nutzies. This shure as fuck isn’t unique to muslims. Pick your fucking flavour.

    So…dickwad….you’re actually right. We should not follow in the footsteps of Europe. We should embrace our diverse and beautiful immigrants. We should explore their various cultures. We should treat these people as our brothers and sisters. I promise you if we do that, we’ve got nothing to worry about.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Make them welcome, and they’ll toss their bodies in front of an IED loaded vehicle and save a lot of lives.

      You know, like CPT Humayun Khan did on June 8th, 2004. Which happens to have also been my late father’s 85th birthday.

  • RobKanC

    Totally makes sense. If you want to summon the devil, you burn the 666 flag. Standard operating procedure for these cases.

  • Calton

    How does this douchebag sleep at night?

    • CatDog

      on a douchebag?

    • John Smith

      In a coffin?

      • phoenix00

        WITH VOTES

        (there now you’re inside the rules!)

        • John Smith

          I actually meant he’s a vampire, but thanks.

    • Darkrose


    • Nick Slaughter

      paranoid and unhappy. which makes me feel safe and happy.

  • CatDog

    He’s a self-trolling gay person. The one thing the US has to be proud about in relation to the EU is it’s much better record at accepting and integrating Muslim immigrants. Seems to correlate with a lower rate of ‘radical Islamic terror’. duh!

  • Because intentionally displaying the Pride flag *upside down* wasn’t insulting and disrespectful enough to us for Trump’s campaign?

  • Incoming Ham

    What won’t this attention whore do?

    • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

      Don’t give him any ideas.

  • Bad Hombre Ron

    One day little Milo will wake up and look in his mirror (you KNOW he has at least a couple of full-length ones) and realise, at long last, what he has become. Should be good for a couple buckets of popcorn with extra butter.

    • Kiri the Nasty Unicorn

      “What he has become”…A bitter, friendless old queen?

      • SPG138

        An empire of dirt?

      • Wee Mousie

        I doubt it. Milo’s ability to obscure the obvious behind a manure pile of bad analogies, obfuscation, and barefaced lies demonstrates that he will never have to acknowledge reality. That’s the wonderful thing about having a fucked up brain.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    Of all the weird, clearly unhinged characters who have drifted through Breitbart World over the years, not excepting Bannon and dead-B himself, Milo must surely be the strangest.

  • Jen B_VA

    Holy shit, that is one bad ombre.

  • Electriq

    He should probably just gay bash himself and be done with it.

    If he’s thorough enough, I might even light a candle and sing an Elton song on his behalf. It will probably be a peppy one, though.

    • Wee Mousie

      Are you speaking about self abuse? I don’t doubt Milo Whatzit already goes in for a lot of that. So, if you’re going to light a candle, don’t forget to hide it under a bushel, because nobody wants to see that!

    • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

      Honky Cat?

  • Jen B_VA

    Feelin proud of myself so leavin this here. I know I know, I will show myself out.

  • Kiri the Nasty Unicorn

    I like to think that most LGBTQ-whatev people are savvy enough to notice all the anti-gay jerkwads who are supporting Trump. Oh look, here’s one now:

  • JHan

    can never take this dude seriously.

  • Webster

    I am reminded of the great British poet Dame Edith Sitwell, who once said, “I am patient with stupidity — but not with those who are proud of it.”

  • Callyson

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    So busy at tonight’s phone bank. Forget about making any calls–I was too busy acting as the assistant manager because we were so overwhelmed (again.) Which is a good problem to have, but I better get some of those 5-hour energy drinks or Red Bull or something to get through the next four days.

    But it’s worth it, isn’t it?

  • UnsaltedSinner

    When Britain sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending Dr. Who. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing racism. They’re bringing misogyny. They’re fascists. And some, I assume, are good people. But not Milo.

  • Power bottom and queen, Miss Milo Yiannopoulos, did what???

  • hvdv

    While I do not think Trump, deep down in his horrible shitty heart, really gives a rat’s ass about teh ghey, he’s sure wiling to hate them publicly.What does this overripe twink think he’s doing?

    • Miss Yiannopoulous is 33. She’s hardly a “twink.” In gay years, she’s practically dead with one foot in the grave.

      • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

        Oh good, soon he will be having a mid-life crisis over the utter waste he’s made of his life.

        • Mid-life crisis for gays is 27 years old – ‘cuz life is over at 35.

          • Edita Espinosa (Edith Prickly)

            Oh good, that means we only have 2 more years of Miss Milo’s shenanigans and then he will be fetching gin for Ann Coulter at the Dinesh D’Souza Home for Washed-Up Conservahacks.

  • I Am Helpy

    If we’re gonna call Milo “Breitbart’s Milo”, can we start calling Trump “Putin’s Trump”?

    I crave consistency.

    • Mintie

      Works for me.

  • Stulexington

    Oh, don’t forget Penence is trying to get the state to pay for conversion therapy. So people’s taxes can go towards actively reducing the dating pool (or would if it actually worked).

    I always get the impression that conservatives treat Milo as sort of a puppy. A yappy little companion, loyal but don’t treat him like a real person. It’s the main reason I pay so little attention to him, I figure he’ll just be tossed aside when he’s no longer useful.

  • TribeGadgets

    ‘sparkleturd’ is a nice name – I wonder if I have something needing naming somewhere.

  • Milo wants Trump to be President. So does Heartiste, who we all read about JUST YESTERDAY saying, among other things, that “a healthy and strong society with rock-ribbed shitlord norms can keep gays far enough in the closet that their petri dish flamboyance doesn’t creep out the kids”.
    I was going to end with a punchline. What could I even say?

  • You know, Twitter did a poor job of “oppressing” Milo’s free speech ….

  • Walter Wellstone

    Well, Milo doesn’t live here, which means he’s going to be safe from Trump’s Brown Shirts. He doesn’t really care what happens to the gay community on this side of the pond as long as Bannon pays him to talk shit in front of a camera.

  • Awesome Man

    Let’s see if he tweeted anything else about it.

  • Me not sure

    Sexually liberating thoughts from “The Little Red Book Of Chairman Mouth”.

    Entry 69. “I will be soooo good for the gays, belive me. I’ll also be good for the lesbians, but only if they let me watch.”

  • Vagenda and Tiara

    As one gay to another: you make me fucking sick Milo. You are the kind of queer who brings out homophobia…in ME, and I’ve been gay my whole fucking life. Seriously, go screw yourself. If you think these Nazi fucks are going to let you sit at the table after they’ve finished destroying everything good about America, you’re sadly mistaken. You’ll be in the gas chamber with the rest of us, you stupid, stupid, little man.

  • Ryan Gunn

    Orlando shooter wasn’t an immigrant, he’s the son of a radical political refugee (immigrant) who attended an Orlando Mosque well known for being pro-ISIS and anti-gay. That was Milo’s point. If we hadn’t allowed in immigrants with radical beliefs (his father), then the Orlando shooter wouldn’t have been born here.

    Context. It helps.

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