'Andrea Tantaros bikini'
‘Andrea Tantaros bikini’

You know how we at Wonkette are superduper hilarious and also quite funny? Shut up yes we are. WELL! One of our longtime jokes in the chatcave is wondering who comes to the site every so often searching for “Andrea Tantaros bikini.” Oh, we have such fun, chortling and guffawing. “Andrea Tantaros is googling herself again,” we say, because we are catty bitches. It must be Andrea Tantaros! Who else could it possibly be???

According to [Andrea] Tantaros’s account, [Fox News chief Roger] Ailes began harassing her on August 12, 2014. During a meeting in Ailes’s office, Ailes allegedly asked Tantaros to do “the twirl” so he could see her figure. She refused. Then, in mid-December of that year, Ailes made another advance, Burstein says. “Ailes asked her to turn around, and then he said, ‘Come over here so I can give you a hug.’” Tantaros rebuffed the advance, Burstein says.

In February 2015, Tantaros was pulled off the 5 p.m. program The Five and demoted to working full-time on the midday show Outnumbered. In February 2015, according to Burstein, Ailes allegedly harassed Tantaros again in his office, asking about her workout routine because her body “looked good” and mentioning that she must “really look good in a bikini.”

OH MY FUCKING GOD, IT WAS ROGER AILES ALL ALONG. (In the study, with his hamburger meatballs.)

New York Mag’s Gabriel Sherman reveals much more than just Tantaros’s bikini, of course, as he has been doing for years (but particularly in the month-ish since Gretchen Carlson sued the bejesus out of Roger Ailes for canning her for not showing him her cans).

For instance! We did not notice Tantaros had been taken off the air back in April, because why would we notice that, but apparently she was! And she says it’s because she refused the objectively disgusting lecher’s advances! (Also, she went to HR. Repeatedly. For over a year. And HR was decidedly less than helpful!)

Yesterday we were also treated to this fascinating story by a high-up Fox producer, who thought she and her lawyers had cured Ailes of his piggery once and for all.

Following Sherman, Buzzfeed comes in with the assist, with the extra news that Tantaros also complained about other jackasses:

The four-page letter was made available to be reviewed by BuzzFeed News and read in its entirety on the condition that it not be published. In the March 16 letter, Tantaros, through her lawyer, accused by name four Fox News male personalities — two on-air contributors, a correspondent, and a host — of inappropriate behavior.

We’re gonna go with Doocy, Ablow, Todd Starnes, and Ed Henry, but we’re not sure about Ed Henry. (Is Peter Doocy a “correspondent”? If he is, it’s totally Peter Doocy.) The rest of those dudes? Did it for sure, ALLEGEDLY! (Alleged by us, guessing, here.)

Anyway, we are sorry those gross pigs grossed all over you, Andrea Tantaros. Even though you’re the worst, you still get to have feminism.

[NYMag / DailyBeast / Buzzfeed]

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  • weejee

    Peter Douchey?

  • Toomush_Infer

    I take it all 28 of those women are now voting for Hillary?…

    • natoslug

      Ha! You fool.

    • There is a price on dignity, and it is a large tax cut and eliminating the estate tax.

    • limberrat

      They’d sooner vote for Gary Johnson.

      • Spurning Beer

        Interesting fact: “Gary” is what Ailes calls his johnson.

        • Usedtobeyellerdawg

          That’s “Garish.” Common mistake.

        • Spurning Beer

          Well, either “Gary” or “Sloppy Joe.”

          • kindness

            Maybe ‘Sloppy Joe’ is how Scarborough ended up at MSNBC?

  • Crystalclear12

    Boy, look at those family values!

    PS articles like this before lunch are just cruel.

  • Mpeg

    Sadly, Mr. Ailes — and brace yourself, because I know it’s not gonna be easy to absorb the news, but – – … I don’t think you’d qualify for Dancing With the Stars when this is all over.

  • natoslug

    It’s a good thing Fox guys are white, or these might not have been totally unrelated, isolated incidences.

    • Bernarda Alba

      Yeah, if they had been Muslims the Foxheads would have been screaming that they needed to be rounded up and put in camps.

  • Msgr_Moment

    Ailes allegedly harassed Tantaros again in his office, asking about her workout routine because her body “looked good” and mentioning that she must “really look good in a bikini.”

    Doocy rolled his eyes and told Tantaros, “I call that ‘Tuesday’.”

  • Unfortunately for Ms. Tantaros little did she know that at Fox News “HR” stands for “Hand Release”.

    • Toomush_Infer

      I thought it was for “His Reserved”…

    • SnarkOff

      That’s what “HR” stands for at every corporation. Fucking worthless department.

      • Seek

        My favorite HR rep told me she got into it because she was looking for good husband material. WTF? Dumb bitch was useless.

  • Gross and disgusting sexual accusations against a conservative? I’m shocked. Shocked!

    • Crystalclear12

      Needs more projection.

      • anna rampage

        Hillary was sexually harassing Ambassador Stevens, and when he threatened to tell on her, she sent him to a remote outpost and had Ben Ghazi off him?

        • SnarkOff

          Vince Foster refused to be her sex puppet, and we all know how that turned out.

          • tehbaddr

            Please! The correct term is Fuck Puppet, don’t be all demotional about it!

          • anna rampage

            I thought Vince caught Bill having an affair with Barak Obama in the Lincoln bedroom back in the 90s, and that’s why he was offed…

  • laughingnome

    When it concerns Ailes it’s always too early for Cocktober.

  • laughingnome

    How many of these women told Ailes “fat chance”?

  • Lizzietish81

    “Cured him of his piggary”?

    Was it an exorcism?

    • Well, here’s the thing…
      in Shakespeare, a whorehouse was a “nunnery”.
      So what would a piggery be? Can I even handle knowing?

    • Spotts1701

      Don’t you have to have a soul to replace the demon that’s expelled?

      • Lizzietish81

        Not necessarily.

        According to season 1 Angel anyways.

  • Crystalclear12

    Democrats are falling behind in ssx scandals.
    Damn lazy liberals!

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …the one thing positive about Ailes is he was “consistent”! That bag of horse shit knew the only way he can get anything with a vagina(human or otherwise) to sleep with him is to join a company that makes a back alley abortion seem “civilized”!!! The shit I want to say about Roger Ailes would get me banned, but what I can say is “FUCK….THAT….GUY!!!!

    • borninatrailer

      “anything with a vagina(human or otherwise)”

      Would ewe spin around for me?

  • Indiepalin

    I once asked my girlfriend to do the twirl. She broke my nose.

    • Toomush_Infer

      I sincerely hope she’s not your girlfriend any more…

  • Ms.MLG1979

    In my dreams, these pigbros are paraded to their firings through a crowd of every woman they’ve victimized and made fear for her safety and career, in banana hammocks, while the women hurl judgments at their bodies and rate them on a 1-10 scale.

    • FauxAntocles

      I was waiting for “beaten with canes”… with votes(?)

      • Ms.MLG1979

        I had to heavily edit my dream for banhammer avoidance. But you get the gist.

    • SnarkOff

      All while paying the men 77 cents for every dollar they earn. And also, after a long day’s work, the pigbros must go home, shop for groceries, cook dinner, clean up the house and take care of the kids while their wives hide upstairs, jerking off to online porn.

  • Msgr_Moment

    OT, but I couldn’t help but share. From the Hillary Ebola-watch thread:

  • ThePuckStopsHere

    I don’t get it. Wasn’t Andrea just supposed to be strong and not put up with this bullshit and go and get herself another job? Isn’t that the Trump way; the Republican Way?

  • Bernarda Alba

    There have been rumors around for years that the female talent on Fox News is expected to suck off Roger as part of their regular duties, so it’s to Andrea’s advantage if she makes it clear that she is not among the cock-gobblers. But what does this say about those who rushed to defend Roger against Gretchen Carlson’s allegations? I’m looking at you, Greta.

    • FlownOver

      Not to be all “looks-ist,” but I’m guessing Greta never experienced Ailes’s attempted Hutt-slime.

      • Bernarda Alba

        I don’t know about that. There was a time when Greta (and Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin) were touted by Republicans as HAWT STEAMIN BABES.

      • kindness

        Let’s not forget Roger’s point of view. He only really cares what the top of their heads look like.

        • Mehmeisterjr

          Yup. Say what you will of Roger Ailes but he is not hung up on looks. He fucks women over for the sheer sadistic pleasure of fucking them over. Men, too!

  • Nockular cavity

    Todd Starnes? I don’t know. Is it really harassment when you just ask for someone’s pee?

    • Gleem-McShinez

      “Gee whizz, Andrea, don’t take it the wrong way! MMM WHIZZ”

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    I’m shocked, sh…

    Fuck it.

  • ManchuCandidate

    Ailes is discovering that you can metaphorically chain them up and put them in metaphorical metal bikinis, but in the end they all end up choking the financial shit out of him on his sail barge when they get the chance.

  • Sardonicuss

    Didn’t she write (have ghost written) an entire book dedicated to her important take on what an enormous failure the feminist movement was?
    Twirling..twirling towards freedom.

    • Bernarda Alba

      You just watch, she’ll find a way to blame this on the Muslims and welfare moms.

  • I really appreciate the picture at the top of the story. My desktop at work now has a slammin’ new background pic.

    • SnarkOff

      I’m looking at it and for the first time am thinking about how Carrie Fisher probably had to starve herself for weeks to get into that bikini. She looks emaciated, and ravenous.

      • Ms.MLG1979

        As women should.

      • Thank you, Buzzkill McRuinit.

      • MississippiLefty

        Not probably, definitely. I read it in an article that came out during the publicity tour for The Force Awakens. She weighed something ridiculous (can’t remember and it was a UK article so they said it in “stones” anyway) and they still wanted her to lose more weight.

  • Señor Skwerl

    Ailes allegedly asked Tantaros to do “the twirl” so he could see her figure. She refused.

    I do this after complimenting a nice outfit (and it has to be a good outfit with reasons I can articulate) and get a twirl and a peck on the cheek. Of course I don’t ask to see a woman’s figure, let alone a coworkers. This pile of shit must really be the King of Creep.

    • SnarkOff

      Are you gay? This only works if you’re openly gay.

  • I Only Like Cats

    Is it OK if I say I hope Fox news will collapse under the weight of all their own terribleness? (I’m pretty sure CNN will hire the people who lose their job because CNN)

  • PortTaiLand

    I’m starting to understand that to some people nothing bad is real unless it happens to them. The woman who thought she de-pigged Ailes said “I thought I was his first and his last.”
    I bet he tells that to all the girls.

    • SnarkOff

      See: All Republicans.

  • Spotts1701

    You know the worst part? This is only the top layer of the slime that’s being scraped off. But now that there’s no real downside to speaking out, the river of ooze that will be coming down the way will make us beg for mercy.

    • FlownOver

      The real worst part is that no matter how gross/widespread/disgusting it gets, most of the Fox viewing universe will respond with a hearty “So?”

      • Spotts1701

      • Toomush_Infer

        I’m sure there’s a large element of voyeur viewer there…

        • FauxAntocles

          They only watch for the excellent journamalism, not the short short dresses.

          • Toomush_Infer

            You mean I’m wrong about the glass tables? They’re only there because they’re easy to keep clean?…

      • TheDogAteMyVote

        And then they will want Andrea to tell them exactly what happened in detail and a little slower.

    • goonemeritus

      Actually the worst part is that the Fox News organization not only condoned this behavior but they had an extensive operation whose sole function was to attack and discredit the victims

  • memzilla

    In his defense, Roger Ailes’ attorney Barry Asen cited the legal precedent of Droit du Seigneur.

    • Toomush_Infer

      I thought that was covered in Noblesse Oblige….

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        Knobless Obese would be a bit more on point.

        • Toomush_Infer

          The devil you say!…

        • alwayspunkindrublic

          Can I borrow some of your sense of humor? You seem to have an abundance today.

          • Biel_ze_Bubba

            After today’s spew from the Drumpfenführer, I’m afraid I’m going to be needing all of it. But check back next week.

          • alwayspunkindrublic

            Wonkette does function somewhat like a snark co-op…you can borrow some from others when you’re in short supply.

    • Mr. Blobfish

      Ipso fatso.

  • cousin itt

    Probably good idea not to let Fox guard a political cathouse.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    “Does this outfit make my boss look fat?”

  • Reddishrabbit

    I just finished Sherman book on Alies, and oddly Tantaros attacked him as a harasser and Soros puppet. Maybe she will apologise now that it seems that Sherman was pretty much on the ball (Alies is a paranoid nasty harassing man (allegedly)).

  • Mr. Blobfish

    When I think of Andrea Tantrum’s bikini area I think of bubbling cauldrons of acid and Snapping Turtles. Do not go near. Danger.

    • Usedtobeyellerdawg

      Unless you’re into that. No judgement here.

    • Spotts1701

      Something like this, then?

      • Gleem-McShinez

        “Did you wear a condom?!”

        “Yes… but only on my penis!”

    • Bernarda Alba

      No, just the same little benign recessed aperture we all have. No teeth, no magic powers, and the blood that comes out is just nature’s oil change.

    • tehbaddr

      Meh, she looks ok. I’d grudge shtup her!

  • SnarkOff

    Just curious, do you ever wonder who comes here searching for “Ol Handsome Joe Shirtless”?

  • Nockular cavity

    You mean to tell me that a company where people regularly make excuses for slavery doesn’t treat its employees well? I find that hard to believe.

  • Tallmutha

    I don’t even wanna think about how Todd Starnes propositions someone.

  • Oblios_Cap

    See? That’s why we have to return to the Good Old Days and lose out Political Correctness. None of this kind of stuff ever happened in America’s Golden Age™.

    • Khavrinen

      Because back then “it didn’t happen” and “nobody gave a shit when it happened ( except the victims, who don’t count )” were exactly the same thing…

  • Scooby

    People are saying he’s going to manage a TV station on n Slovenia where guys like him are appreciated.

  • Duke

    Gotta be fun at Fox now with everyone wondering, or knowing, who fucked their way to where they are.

    • Spotts1701

      Considering Ailes ran the place like his own personal “black bag” shop, where spying and digging up dirt was not only encouraged but expected, employees probably also wonder who the snitches are.

      • Duke

        And who is both a whore and a snitch. That’s how you get the good assignments.

        I bet that in six months the staff at Fox has turned over a lot. There’ll probably be a second wave of harassment claims against like-minded scumbags.

        • kindness

          No one has mentioned it yet but you don’t have to wonder too much why all the Fox men are shown biting a pillow in their official portraits. Roger…….even O’Reily? You are one sick geezer!

    • Toomush_Infer

      I suppose the whole atmosphere of key party swaps is ruined….damn you, Obama!…

    • OrdinaryJoe

      AOT, K?

  • dshwa

    Wait, the point of getting ahead at work is not to eventually be getting head at work? Fuck, there goes my ambition.

    • Gleem-McShinez

      Care for a Roger Ailes hug instead?

  • natoslug

    If ever there was a place that should have been handing out punch cards for the neighborhood abortionplex, it is Fox News.

  • I Only Like Cats

    Wow, that was a really moving intelligent article. She was really lucky she had people willing to stand up for her, even if she was uncomfortable with the confrontation. If every woman had the ability, support, and resources she did with Roger Ailes we might actually be able to get rid of these creeps. I’ve commented on it before but rape accusations in the army have much improved. My roommate didn’t have witnesses but because her story was credible and he apparently had a history, he was in the midst of being ousted when she moved (she also started receiving therapy). He should’ve been gone with the first accusation and he definitely shouldn’t have been around my roommate after that, even at work, but it is improvement.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    Honestly, bikini pics or no, she’s not all that. Which just goes to show what a fking evil opportunistic predator Ailes is/was.

    • Ms.MLG1979

      So, if she was “all that” in your estimation, then he wouldn’t have been an evil, opportunistic predator, but an innocent man who was simply overwhelmed with temptation by her sinful lady-body?

      • OrdinaryJoe

        No. He’d still be a predator. The point is he didn’t really care what they looked like, he was using his power to get his rocks off. IMHO

        • retiredeng

          Zactly. Come on. Andrea Tantaros and “attractive”? WTF?

      • tehbaddr

        Sinful lady-body, sounds like a good name for my next solo multiple music machine project!

  • bozilingus

    “Andrea Tantaros And Her Bikini”

    Once again I am lured into an article and THERE ARE NO PICTURES!!1!

    • cousin itt

      Click bait and run!

  • TheGrandWaz00

    I’m such a slacker I let other people search ‘Andrea Tantaros bikini’ pics for me.

    PS: I haven’t got all day.

    • Vecchiojohn

      I’ll get right on that.

    • HolidayinCambodia

      I did, and I don’t see what the big deal is. Photos, or even better, video, of her earning her “5” in “Teamwork” would be better. Although probably gross enough to be found in the “fetish” category on porn sites.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    I would like to hear Andrea Tantaros’ opinion on whether policy positions of tax cuts, deregulation, rolling back the safety net, rolling back government in general, and opposing equal pay and maternity leave legislation would be more likely to encourage or discourage this sort of behaviour.

  • say wha

    “Roger Ailes bikini”

    • btwbfdimho

      • Villago Delenda Est

        That must be the slimmed down version of Ailes from say 50 years ago…

  • Spurning Beer

    Have we heard anything on this subject yet from Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who left FoxNews last November? To spend more time with her family?

    I’m sure Roger was always a total gentleman with her.

    • Gleem-McShinez

      If there’s any news about her becoming a vegan, we know what happened.

  • atheistinafoxhole

    Fox is now contracting their news videos out to PornHub.

    • Vincent Ricola

      PornHub would provide too much nuance and thoughtfulness in their videos for Fox news.

    • btwbfdimho

      As long as Pornhub doesn’t contract their new videos at Fox…

  • Spotts1701

    OT: Oh, great. The right-wing’s gonna have fun with the father of the Pulse nightclub gunman attending a Clinton rally and expressing support for her.

  • Jeff in the desert

    Sounds like we could get a good orgy going with Ailes, and the Good Morning America crew oiling him down…oh puke…..

  • arglebargle

    Hey – he wasn’t banging teenage boys, so no biggie in Republicanville.

    • Vecchiojohn

      I mean, why do you hire chicks in the first place, amirite or amirite?

      • arglebargle

        He wasn’t expecting them do do any actual work, like the men do.

    • Mehmeisterjr

      Assumes facts not in evidence.

  • Vecchiojohn

    Jesus fuckaduck. This reminds me of the Reaganite women at Evil Incarnate LLC who were shocked and appalled and just couldn’t believe that the boys would treat them in such a crude and abusive way. But yeah, you still get feminism.

  • cousin itt

    To be fair, Andrea has a degree from The Sorbonne.

    Do you know who else marched through Paris?

    • Vecchiojohn

      No, but I’ve got a sore bun pun you might like.

      Hey, that rhymes!

    • btwbfdimho

      Lance Armstrong?

    • anna rampage

      Mittens R-Money, when he fled the US to avoid the draft?

    • RandomNameAllocated

      Me! on the way to BHV (Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville) Its a department store and has the best and biggest selection of door handles I’ve ever seen! I never knew I was that interested in door handles till I went there – amazing.

      However they don’t have that many loos / bathrooms (on the other hand they probably don’t give a merde if you’re transgendered or not)

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Kaiser Wilhelm I?

    • Nockular cavity

      Ernest Hemingway?

    • Thaumaturgist

      Who else marched through Paris? You talkin bout The Donald?

    • chicken thief

      Vincent Van Gogh?


  • Vincent Ricola

    Gross Ailes and the Douchey dad/son combo always sniffing around for unsolicited lady hugs is exactly how I’ve always pictured the Fox newz offices.

    Get money ladies, get all the money.

    • Vecchiojohn

      Document it. Then sue.

  • Redgyal

    Hmmm…..something something something should have seen that coming.

    • Vecchiojohn

      You had to say coming, didn’t you?

      • Redgyal

        Is the right response to that “That’s what she said”?

        • Whale Chowder

          Not in the eye!

  • kindness

    I for one would sure like to see Fox’s video’s of the job interviews. No! Not so that I could see Andrea gobble Roger’s wobble. That’d be gross. No, I’d just like proof as to which of the Fox babes got their job ‘the old fashioned way’. Well, yea they earned it I guess. Eww.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    Remember Billo always threatening to sic “Fox security” on his critics? Apparently not far from the truth, as Ailes had his own private goon squad that he used to follow, harass, and intimidate enemies/accusers both inside Fox and the press in general.

    • Vecchiojohn

      Smithers, release the goons.

    • jmhm

      Billo must be terrified that he has to live his life without our generation’s J Edgar Hoover keeping him out of the papers.

  • bubbuhh

    How many of us want a public trial(s)? I do! I do!

    • Villago Delenda Est

      And stocks!

    • Gleem-McShinez

      Does Obamacare cover brain bleachings? I’m not sure my gag reflexes are ready for Olympian-level workouts.

  • Duke

    It sounds like classic “conditioning.” Asking for increasing levels of inappropriateness starting with something minor. Just whipping out the hamburger dick probably didn’t work often.

  • Gorillionaire

    Tantaros is exactly the kind of person who would tell another woman in this situation to just suck it up because derp derp derp. And she would say it on television and get paid for it.

    • janecita

      I know, out of all the horrible women that work, or in her case worked, at Fox, I always found Tantaros to be the worst. I truly can’t stand that woman.

    • Good news. You don’t have to put that in the hypothetical with her. Here’s her pearls of wisdom on the subject (regarding the Hermain Cain accusations a while back):

      Tantaros: “At What Point Do Women Need To Take Some Responsibility?”

      I wonder if ANDREA thinks that ANDREA wasn’t “taking enough responsibility?”

      Also she’s a Trump supporter, which is the political equivalent of what Gorillionaire above just described.

  • Royal Ugly Dude, Esq.

    The Fox lawyers are certainly preparing their nuts & sluts defense. Any prospective jurors out there should know that you still don’t get to harass your employees (even if those are the very qualities that made Fox News put them on the air on the first place).

  • Callyson

    Just remember, no one should have to put up with this boorish behavior on the job. Not even FOX News employees…

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    ‘Trix…it’s clearly Brian Kilmeade. He probably tried to slip her a roofie because he’s all date rapey even when not on a date (he calls these times, puff balls).

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    He’s a complicated Hut
    Who’s always harassing the women
    Ailes, Roger Ailes
    You’re damn right

    • Gleem-McShinez

      He’s one Raw Hamburg–
      I’m just talking to HR
      No, you can zip it

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    I dunno, Bill O’Reilly probably knows falafel is Mediterranean and Tantaros is Greek….

  • Villago Delenda Est

    I would hazard to guess that the ONLY Faux Noise personality with a dick who doesn’t engage in this behavior is Shep Smith. Because he’s the only guy they’ve got who actually makes an honest attempt a being a journalist, not a wingnut propagandist.

    • jmk

      This is my guess also too.

      It’s much easier to work out who ISN’T likely to engage in this behavior than it is to try to narrow the field of “personalities” who ARE down to only four.

  • DodgeDixie&Descartes

    Despite telling investors that the good ship FUX would stay the course and remain Fair and Balanced, I reckon after milking the election into November the MadMurdocks might change things up. Surely there is woman out there with all the gravitas and rage of Billo. What’s Nancy Grace up to?

  • davefromoregon

    This just gets better and better. I wonder how many people will remain at Faux after this is all revealed and how big the settlements will be.

    We are witnessing the end of an era and a potential popcorn shortage.

  • Randy Riddle

    And all along, we didn’t suspect that their slogan “Fair and Balanced” referred to women’s breasts ….

  • TeeRaak
  • janecita

    Sexual Harassment is the invention of evil feminists, the type that don’t make sandwiches and grab a beer for their men right after sex! Is Andrea sure that she wants to complaint about Ailes?

  • Master Contrail Program

    The more that comes out about this, the more it reminds me of the movie Sucker Punch.

    Makes sense. Most of what passes for news on FNC are delusions and power fantasies with a barely coherent overall theme.

    I wonder when the Foxes fight the steam punk Nazis and giant ghost samurais?

    • handyhippie65

      that movie is frickin awesome, but the end kinda sucks. shoulda given the whole staff lobotomies with a railroad spike.

  • Robin

    I though fair and balanced was the hair colour (fair) and numbers of Catholic and evengelical commentators (balanced).

    • Ghenghis McCann

      I thought it was pronounced ‘fairly unbalanced’. Meaning ‘teetering on the edge of bat-shit crazy’.

      • svejk

        whaddya mean, ‘teetering’? fell offa that cliff full-tilt when fox was founded and ain’t never been innerested in climbin’ back up to civilization.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    To be fair to Fox News H.R., it is hard to do the Relations part in a company that doesn’t hire humans.

    • Hardly Ideal

      A minotaur, clutching a blood-caked axe and everything, enters an office with “Inhuman Resources” on the door and meekly asks for a day off next week.

      (since I can’t find a decade-old sprite-rip comic, you’ll just have to imagine it yourself)

  • Zyxomma

    I’ve never heard of her. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have cable TV.

  • chicken thief

    The most shocking part of this story is that Tantaros has some principles. Who knew?!

    • J.Bo

      I don’t think those are “principles” so much as grievances. As a bonafide, sorority-sister Mean Girl, she’s got lots of grievances… and feminism, also too.

  • Gleem-McShinez

    I made lots of funnytime jokes about the ladiez at FOX News being sexually objectified by the gross Ailes and his glass desks.

    I feel kind of bad because it really isn’t funny, that sack-o-sleaze used his power to ruin womens’ careers if they didn’t sample his bitesize raw slider.

  • Beowoof14

    This is such a miserable human, just looking at her would preclude trying to have a conversation with her. Then she starts talking and I am convinced any conversation would go badly. For me she defines resting bitch face.
    Oh and Roger Ailes is a huge scumbag for treating his female employees this way, and I hate to say it but on this issue I agree with Andrea.

  • VforV, I’m with Her!

    “Well, sure, I knew going in that they were racist, xenophobic, misogynistic douchepigs, but I never thought they’d do that to me!”

  • anna rampage

    Come on folks, this is the same network where many of the women commentators go on air in cocktail dresses, looking like they’re ready to go out clubbing, not to mention that Watters asshole who feel that if he buys a woman an expensive dinner, that they are obligated to have sex with him….

  • Angela Ruzzo

    At a previous job I was once required to attend a Sexual Harassment In The Workplace class, along with every other employee, EXCEPT for the executives. I thought it was a waste of time until I got there. It was actually very informative and useful, although they never did it again, so it’s long-term usefulness is questionable. Perhaps every employer should be required by law to offer such a class once a year, and include the executives and top management. Then they can’t claim later that they didn’t know their actions were illegal.

    • Bitter Scribe

      In most places I’ve worked, that stuff doesn’t apply to the executives anyway.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        Yeah, for real. At the same job I mentioned, the Chairman of the College of Business Administration (a professor) was found with gigabytes of porn on his computer. He was given early retirement. If an ordinary staffer had done the same thing, he/she would have been fired and arrested.

        • Bitter Scribe

          I just DO NOT understand why anyone would download porn on a work computer. How hard could it be for a chairman of a college of business administration to realize that you don’t have an expectation of privacy on your work system?

          For Christ’s sake, if you can’t afford a computer for yourself to download porn onto, you need another job.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Most people are so clueless about computers and networks that I’m sure it never crossed his mind anyone would access it. What was really dumb, however, was that we redirected everyone’s “My Documents” folder to a network drive so that they could be backed up every night, and we found the porn when that server crashed and we had to restore from backup. Staff had no idea we were redirecting folders, or would have understood it if we had told them.

        • Was the “porn” of the illegal variety? Why would he have been (possibly) arrested for that?

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Misuse of state-owned computers. It was a state university, and there are university regulations forbidding this, and state laws as well (if they choose to enforce them, which they often don’t). I do not know what kind of porn it was, as it was all hushed up.

    • Plushinobi

      My current place of employment was fairly recently acquired by a European company. I think our parent company does this right. We had our first annual harassment training a few months ago. After the general training we all had to attend, managers had to go to another specifically for them. It was twice as long as the general training and focused on such points as where the line should be with your subordinates and how to properly handle complaints.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        What an excellent idea.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Considering how consistently obnoxious this woman has been, I am really having a hard time feeling sorry for her.

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    OK. Started typing out a response about 5 times but I Can’t Even. You reap what you sow, Fox Ladies. Imagine the shit the secretaries in your hell-born corporation are having to put up with, because they don’t have famous names and faces, or the economic freedom to complain.

    tl:dr- just fuck you, Andrea.

  • JackLinks

    Just a clip or two from the following post:

    “I say that the grass is greener here at Fox News because I’ve mowed both lawns. I used to be a guest [at other networks], so I know how I was treated there. And I know how I’m treated here, and it’s very different,” says Tantaros. “If you ask a lot of the Democrats here [at Fox], they feel well respected, like they can make a point and have a respectful debate. And that’s what we do here at Fox News, we present both sides.”

    “Being relatable – or “likable” as Fox News network genius Roger Ailes has frequently termed it – is the litmus test his hosts must pass if they are to advance at the network. The other test, no doubt, is being easy on the eyes. If my own pair, along with the outsized Internet inventory of her physical appearance are to be believed, Tantaros has passed that test too.”

  • JParkerSD46

    Two things: 1) it can’t be Todd Starnes. He has no sex hormones in his pudgy little body. And B) why didn’t Andrea just remember WWID? Ivanka would have just moved on to another employer, just like Daddy says.

  • Serai 1


  • Celtic_Gnome

    Come on in, Andrea! The water’s fine! We even believe that a woman is qualified to be President of the United States of America.

    • She doesn’t though. She’s a bonafied Trump supporter, who’s campaign platform is making all women do “The Twirl.”

  • pixeloid

    When a horrible rotten evil person does awful things to another horrible rotten evil person, I really have a hard time feeling any sympathy.

  • Boy, Andrea Tantaros might have a few choice words for…Andrea Tantaros who thinks sexual harrasment victims are just whiners who need to learn to take responsibility for it.

    There you N.O.W. chapter member, Tantaros proclaiming that she would never make a big litigous deal out of a little thing like sexual harrasment and assault:

    Tantaros: “Bob Threw A Candy Corn Down My Dress Yesterday, And I Didn’t Sue.”


    “Stop bring such an uppity and troublesome broad and learn to take it, Andrea Tantaros” says Andrea Tantaros.

    And since her career at Fox seems to be done she can always get a job as a grief councilor, what with her empathetic nature and all:

    Tantaros On Alleged Victim: “Two Words: Scam Artist.” After one of Cain’s media addresses about the allegations, Tantaros attacked one of his accusers as a “scam artist” with an “illegitimate child”

    “That Andrea Tantaros is just a lying vindictive slut” says Andrea Tantaros.

  • BreakingDeadMen

    IDK about Todd Starnes. I believe he would do all sorts of inappropriate things, but I’ve always guessed his target demo is younger and less female.

  • Ryan Denniston

    I remember Ed Henry when he was on CNN. Seemed fine, until he left for Fox. So yeah. Here’s hoping HR is run by women.

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