This guy's smirk illustrates the entry for 'backpfeifengesicht' in several dictionaries
This guy’s smirk illustrates the entry for ‘backpfeifengesicht’ in several dictionaries

In an age when there’s so much division and hate, it’s nice when people from all walks of life can come together in agreement on one thing: Martin Shkreli, the CEO who raised the price of a lifesaving drug for a rare disease, from $13.50 to $750 a dose, so his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, would become profitable overnight, is an asshole. Even a lot of the people who support his decision seem to at least agree on that. The internet went into Full Outrage Mode over the weekend after a New York Times story on the price-gouging douchebro, who in August bought a small pharmaceutical company that controlled the drug Daraprim largely for the chance to raise its price to astronomical levels. That’s some market, that free market.

Daraprim has been around for 62 years and isn’t particularly costly to make. It used to sell for $1 a pill, until its price was bumped up a few years ago, after a previous buyout. It’s the preferred treatment for toxoplasmosis, the disease spread by a bizarre parasite that lives in cat shit. As the Times story explains, toxoplasmosis “can cause serious or even life-threatening problems for babies born to women who become infected during pregnancy, and also for people with compromised immune systems, like AIDS patients and certain cancer patients.” It’s a relatively rare disease, requiring only about 12,700 prescriptions a year. But thanks to Shkreli’s brilliant decision to jack the price, hospitals are already having difficulty getting the drug, and they worry they’ll have to start using alternative treatments that are less effective.

But Shkreli doesn’t see why anyone would make a big deal about this. After all, isn’t making a profit the whole point of business? He claims that the price increase will make it possible for Turing to develop a new, improved version of the drug with fewer side effects, not that the medical community has been clamoring for such a thing.

“This isn’t the greedy drug company trying to gouge patients, it is us trying to stay in business,” Mr. Shkreli said. He said that many patients use the drug for far less than a year and that the price was now more in line with those of other drugs for rare diseases.

“This is still one of the smallest pharmaceutical products in the world,” he said. “It really doesn’t make sense to get any criticism for this.”

Jesus, calm your tits, people. A guy has to be able to afford his helicopter and his good wine, after all. Besides, since it’s such a rare disease, the important thing was that nobody was getting rich off it like a lot of makers of other “orphan drugs” have, so really, it’s only a market correction. Bummer about your sick baby, but not exploiting this sucker for all it’s worth would be unnatural.

The Times also notes that not everyone will be gouged, just almost everybody:

Medicaid and certain hospitals will be able to get the drug inexpensively under federal rules for discounts and rebates. But private insurers, Medicare and hospitalized patients would have to pay an amount closer to the list price.

Here’s Shkreli in full-charm mode on CNBC. The little smirk he breaks into at the end of every statement is meant, we think, to denote sincerity, but instead comes off as sheer assholery. Crowning moment of douchebaggery in the video? Asked if he’s reconsidering the price hike, Shkreli simply says “No,” and flashes that fucking smirk again. Watch:



Since Daraprim’s patents have expired, a competitor could, in theory, produce a generic version. But distribution of the drug is tightly controlled, making it difficult to acquire a sample. And there’s simply not much profit in a generic version of a drug that’s rarely prescribed, however desperate those who would benefit from a cheaper version might be. Thus, the company’s appeal to Shkreli, who knows an opportunity to exploit market dominance and gouge sick people when he sees one.

Ah, but Martin Shkreli isn’t merely a loathsome price-gouger! As Rawstory details, he’s also being sued for $65 million in damages by the company he founded in 2009,whose board voted to oust him last year after concluding that he’d been involved in sleazy stock deals. The lawsuit accuses Shkreli of using the biotech company “as his personal bank” to pay off losses in a hedge fund that he also managed. On top of that, he allegedly threatened a former employee of that hedge fund, sending a letter to the former employee’s wife that, according to the employee, read: “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this.” Also, we’re fairly sure that the ghost of pioneering computer genius Alan Turing is pretty pissed that his name is in any way associated with this asshole.

He seems nice. Especially as a poster boy for why we need a single-payer healthcare system.

[NYT / RawStory / RawStory again / Radiolab]

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  • AngryBlakGuy

    …gotta love those “job creators”!!!

  • diogenez
  • Reddishrabbit

    There is room in the GOP clown car now. Seems like a perfect fit to me.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …please someone explain to me how the “invisible hand” of supply and demand will correct this?!?!

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Let the taking ‘demanders’ die?

    • willi0000000

      the invisible hand full of votes of someone who’s loved one has died because they couldn’t afford the prescription will probably vote this sumbitch real hard some night in an alley.

  • Callyson

    Here’s Shkreli in full-charm mode on CNBC

    I made it to 42 seconds before I wanted to slap this asshole upside the head with a chainsaw of profit declines and lawsuits.–G2sATbY0–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_320/uucyuxistlreh427gro5.gif

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Waaay front-of-the-line for slapping, even waaay-er than O’Keefe.

  • docterry6973

    I certainly hope this comes up at the next GOP debate. This guy is a TRUE REPUBLICAN HERO!!!

  • r m reddicks

    That’s a nose just made for punching and breaking (with votes if necessary).

  • Callyson

    Tell me, WaPo linky, does it get worse?

    “Our first and primary stakeholder is patients. There’s no doubt about that,” he said on CBS. He said that the price of the drug had been so low that “any company selling it would be losing money” and that at the new price, there would be “a reasonable profit, not excessive at all.”

    “I can see how it looks greedy but I think there’s a lot of altruistic properties to it,” he said.

    “We raised the price to make money, but in an altruistic way!!!”

  • thirdeblue

    “…I was riding through Iowa and saw some hogs rooting in a field. The first thought that came to me was that those hogs were destroying a great deal in value and then my mind ran back to the time when I lived upon a farm and when we had hogs. Then I thought of the way in which we used to protect property from the hogs by putting rings in the noses of the hogs and then the question came to me why did we do it? So that while they were getting fat they would not destroy more than they were worth. And then the thought came to me that one of the great purposes of government was to put rings in the noses of hogs.”

    (edited for clarity)

    William Jennings Bryan Sept. 9, 1896

    • calliecallie

      That is downright beautiful! Thank you.

    • thirdeblue

      I just realized it, but the guy on the right in my profile picture is based on William Jennings Bryan. The movie is Inherit the Wind which is a fictionalized account of the Scopes Monkey Trial back in the 1920s. William Jennings Bryan was the prosecuting attorney, who was sworn in as a witness as a self-proclaimed expert on the Bible and cross-examined by Clarence Darrow the defense attorney and leader of the ACLU.

    • Seek

      tl/dr: Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.

  • Lizzietish81

    He’s right up there with Cruz for face punchability

    • Belasaurius

      or face kicking

    • emmelemm

      Yeah, that is a face MADE FOR PUNCHING (with votes).

      Look at that fucking smirk!!

  • JohnnyZhivago2

    May a cat take a shit in his caviar.

    • eggsacklywright

      May the farts of a thousand camels fly up his nose.

      • willi0000000

        may the fleas of ten thousand syphilitic camels descend upon his crotch.

  • Belasaurius

    must not advocate violence…

    • eggsacklywright

      “Now, Robbie, aim that blaster at the Commander’s head. Right between the eyes.”

  • You know, I dare say that it’s nearly time for a real, genuine, authentic, capital-S Socialist revolution, folks, just to see the look on faces like this when the army comes in and seizes control of banks, energy, and pharmaceutical companies.

    • Swampay

      The list of people who are going to be first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes is getting embarrassingly large

      • calliecallie

        Is someone actually keeping a list? If not, we should start.

      • lesterthegiantape

        Let’s make Trump build that wall. He can test it first.

    • SpideySenser

      He may want to brush up on what the hell happened to Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste

  • memzilla

    He’s just the guy who, when he’s drowning, you’d like to negotiate the sale of a life jacket to.

    • eggsacklywright

      Or you stumble upon him while he’s on fire, and you just had 9 beers.

      • willi0000000

        i wouldn’t waste all that carefully filtered and hoarded beer byproduct.

        [ there has to be a shrubbery nearby that needs watering ]

      • Brother Yam

        I’d piss just far enough away for him to feel the splash…

  • Scott1960

    I may reconsider starting my guillotine manufacturing business…

  • Spurning Beer

    This asshole needs a dose of his own medicine.

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Or none when/if he needs it.

  • elviouslyqueer

    Also, we’re fairly sure that the ghost of pioneering computer genius Alan Turing is pretty pissed that his name is in any way associated with this asshole.

    “pioneering GAY computer genius.”

    And yes, he would be very very very very pissed at the association with this motherfucker’s douchebaggery.

    • docterry6973

      I dunno. Turing always looked pretty sad to me.

      • wide_stance_hubby

        Chemical castration is a real downer.

  • Oblios_Cap

    You’d think he could afford a decent haircut.

    • wide_stance_hubby

      No one decent will cut it.

      • elviouslyqueer

        Probably more afraid that any stylist would slip and cut his jugular.

    • lesterthegiantape

      It looked better when he had the little mustache to go with it.

    • Spotts1701

      Here’s another look for maximum punchability.

      • Vegan and Tiara

        Oh, sweet Jesus, that is one punchable face. I picture him doing coke off a hooker’s ass and expounding on how if the maggots who are sick don’t like it, they can just work harder to make more money to buy his drug. He looks like he inherited money.

    • Vegan and Tiara

      His mom grounded him last week and took away his comb.

  • Lizzietish81
  • Angry_Cop

    This guy gives capitalist scum a bad name.

    As yes, he has my vote for most punchable face ever.

    PR PROTIP: Do not grin like you just raped a ten-year old boy when talking about how you had no choice but to price-gouge sick people.

    • eggsacklywright

      Definitely a high coefficient of puncheability. Off the charts, I’d say.

      • Vegan and Tiara

        He’s reached Ted Cruz/Eric Cantor/Paul Ryan levels of punchability.

    • Lizzietish81

      Is he related to Romney?

    • Michael Smith

      He looks like Peter Parker in that awful scene in Spider Man 3 where he’s turning evil and walking down the street with “cocky bad guy” swagger.

  • Joshua Norton

    And if Bamz says anything against this robber baron, Fox and the Wingnut Wurlitzer will start praising him as the greatest person since Jonas Salk. Just watch.

  • elpinche
  • Oblios_Cap

    On top of that, he allegedly threatened a former employee of that hedge fund, sending a letter to the former employee’s wife that, according to the employee, read: “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this.”

    He seems nice.

  • marxalot

    Smirking grease stain who hopes to profit from human misery and/or death says what?

    Oh, fuck it, up against the wall and let’s see the color of your donations to the glorious people’s cooperative movement.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    Hmmm … “tightly controlled distribution” by a monopoly supplier? I think this douchebag has an appointment with the FTC.

    • willi0000000

      i’m kind of surprised that the expired patent doesn’t give enough information to synthesize a knockoff . . . patents are supposed to describe an invention in detail, aren’t they?

      [ and think of the goodwill one of the big pharma companies could get just for making it available for $1/pill again . . . hypocritical, but worth it ]

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        FDA regs require you to show “bioequivalence” to the marketed product. Basically, that means a similar rate of absorption, similar bood levels, and similar pharmacodynamics. For that, you need acccess to a hefty supply of the actual “reference listed drug” to do your comparison to.
        Refusing to supply a generic competitor is the sort of asshole move you’d expect from this douchebag, but he’s not the first to play the game:

  • elviouslyqueer

    I hope he realizes that his tweetstream is perilously close to being insider trading. And it would be a shame if the SEC were to get involved.

  • Lizzietish81

    Actually here’s a better link for Hillary crushing biotech

    • Angry_Cop

      The biotech industry makes the money it does solely though one route: patents.

      Change patent law and you pull the rentier profits out of the system.

      This is what should happen. The odds that Clinton would actually do it are zero, sadly.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        You wouldn’t see many new biotech drugs, either. Patents aren’t the problem – what’s screwed up is how prices are set and how drugs are paid for.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    If the “market” worked, wouldn’t some discount rival make and sell it for $500, then another rival would come in for $250, and so on, until competition brought the price down to the minimum that would allow a fair profit?

    That’s not happening, so does that mean the “market” does not work in all cases, and regulation is required in some? There’s a valuable lesson there for somebody…

    • Oblios_Cap

      Since Daraprim’s patents have expired, a competitor could, in theory, produce a generic version. But distribution of the drug is tightly controlled, making it difficult to acquire a sample. And there’s simply not much profit in a generic version of a drug that that’s rarely prescribed, however desperate those who would benefit from a cheaper version might be.

      They call these factors “barriers to entry”.

      • Angry_Cop

        I could have a sample of this drug by next week. That is a problem but it is not THE problem. The problem is providing enough incentive (money) for someone to make it.

        I kind of like India’s approach to this. It saves lives? Fuck your patent.

        • My incentive would be to wipe that smug, superior, psychopathic smile off his fucking face. If I won powerball, that’s the first thing I would do.

        • Lefty Frizzell

          What’s the problem then? If it costs $1 to make and the current price is $700 isn’t that incentive enough?

          Is it that as soon as the competition starts you’ve only got a few months before the price is back down to something like $5, so long term there’s no point in gearing up for a profit that small in a market that small?

          Wouldn’t it be worth a Gates or somebody doing this anyway, just because? They wouldn’t lose much, might even make a bit.

  • lesterthegiantape

    It’s well worth your time to watch fifteen seconds of this guy trying to appear sane. He’s obviously straddling the line between sociopath and psychopath and doesn’t quite know how to simulate human emotions.
    If you watch anything more than fifteen seconds of him, not well worth your time.

  • Enfant Terrible

    This isn’t capitalism, this is economic rape. Seriously, fuck this guy.

    • willi0000000

      capitalism always devolves into rape if not strictly regulated . . . it’s the nature of the beast . . . to maximize profit you always charge the maximum that the market will bear while skimping on worker pay, safety, etc. and buying only the cheapest raw materials or parts . . . all the while doing everything in your power to pay the executives far more than they are worth but not quite enough to start a shareholder revolt.

  • exinkwretch

    I hope he gets cancer of the asshole and the chemo costs $5 million a pop.

    • lesterthegiantape

      “cancer of the asshole” he IS cancer of the asshole.

  • LarryHoudini

    I had toxoplasmosis. It’s actualy pretty common in the third world.
    When mice get it, they become fearless in front of cats and attracted to their smell, which leads to their being eaten, which allows the parasite which causes toxoplasmosis to reproduce (they can only reproduce in a cat’s gut).
    They aren’t sure what happens to human behavior with toxoplasmosis, but someone in Eastern Europe was doing studies showing that humans are more likely to get in car crashes if they have had toxoplasmosis. I’m not sure how that plays into the parasite’s evolution . . .
    At any rate, fuck this douche bag.

  • Vicious Babushka

    I predict that in 20 years this little shitmonster will be serving out a 40-year sentence for graft, theft, fraud, extortion and probably also murdering some people. Or else he will be running for President.

    • Or both.

      • willi0000000

        you took the mouth right out from around my words.

        • stevola

          I’m stealing that.
          Edit: Thanks for my first grin on this thread.

  • JoeChristmas


  • BearGHAZI

    Is he even out of prep school? Shouldn’t he get back to the quad?

    • blondeiq

      Probably “got” his quota of freshman girls, moving on now…

  • calliecallie

    Karma is a mean bitch, Martin. Just saying.

    • willi0000000

      karma is the laziest bitch in the universe . . . the only time she comes around is when a group of people drag her by the scruff of the neck and throw her at a problem.

      [ come to think of it, she sneaks off even then . . . so i guess it’s all up to us ]

  • timpundit

    I don’t know how some people, completely rotted on the inside, can still manage to exist without imploding.

  • Spotts1701

    Hey, if you can’t scrape up the dough you can’t be that sick now can you?

    • willi0000000

      well . . . i guess i can’t get sick then . . . that’ll take a load off my kids minds . . . and i guess i can throw out all my meds now.

  • Jen_Baker_VA

    Oh look, smirking unregulated free market douchebag.
    You can haz please. Do not want back, thnx

  • MrBlobfish

    Doesn’t he know the real money is in harvesting baby parts?

  • Vecciojohn

    Anyone remember the name of the French Revolution figure who drew up a list of people who deserved to die? Just asking out of curiousity, you understand.

    • Tansy Geek

      It wasn’t the old lady with the knitting needles, was it?

      • bozilingus

        Madame Defarge.

        • Tansy Geek

          Did she knit her list?

    • eggsacklywright


  • Msgr_Moment

    I’d say Backpfeifengesicht, but why stop voting* at just his face?

  • jviscont1

    this dude makes Carly look like Mother Cabrini by comparison.

  • SadDemInTex

    Evil scumbag.

  • Joshua Norton

    I fully expected him to go full douchbro and wink and say “Am I right, or am I right?” while making finger guns at the camera.

  • Luthe Tucker

    I hope he gets MRSA of the testicles and a raging case of C. diff while he’s at it.

  • TigerTron

    My brother is on this drug for Lyme. Im super pissed about this.

    • JoeChristmas

      Well your brother is getting ripped off twice. There is NO indication for this drug in Lyme disease.
      Punchable face boy would like nothing more than getting this drug being used for a non-existant entity such as “chronic Lyme.”

      • Anarchy Pony

        Isn’t lyme supposed to be treated with tetracycline?

        • TigerTron

          An excellent question. However, he has many of the co-infections that are passed via ticks including babesia.

          • JoeChristmas

            Thanks for making me brush up on babesiosis. It’s very uncommon. But, in mild-to-moderate babesiosis, the treatment of choice is a combination of atovaquone and azithromycin. This regimen is preferred to clindamycin and quinine because side effects are fewer. In life-threatening cases, exchange transfusion is performed.
            In any case, there is no doubt that punchable fuck face boy would like nothing more than every tick bite to be treated with his “new” wonder drug.

  • JMP

    Why are we still allowing capitalism and free markets to be a thing again?

    • Anarchy Pony

      Regulatory capture.

      • willi0000000

        and subsequent Stockholm Syndrome i suppose.

    • BeliTsari
      • willi0000000


        By 1971, future Supreme Court justice Lewis Powell felt compelled to
        assert, in a memo that was to help galvanize business circles, that the
        “American economic system is under broad attack.” This attack, Powell
        maintained, required mobilization for political combat: “Business must
        learn the lesson . . . that political power is necessary; that such
        power must be assiduously cultivated; and that when necessary, it must
        be used aggressively and with determination—without embarrassment and
        without the reluctance which has been so characteristic of American
        business.” Moreover, Powell stressed, the critical ingredient for
        success would be organization: “Strength lies in organization, in
        careful long-range planning and implementation, in consistency of action
        over an indefinite period of years, in the scale of financing available
        only through joint effort, and in the political power available only
        through united action and national organizations.”

        [ whenever i read one of Moyers’ pieces i always hear it in his voice . . . completely earnest and often totally outraged but always under control . . . i wonder if he would do voice-overs for Bernie’s policy infomercials? ]

  • Tansy Geek

    Someone may have already mentioned it but Bernie and Elijah Cummings are co-sponsoring something looking a situations like this. Sorry, at work, can’t find the link.

  • JoeChristmas

    Let’s not forget albuterol: One of the great medications of the 20th century. Saved thousands (maybe millions) of lives as a cheap, safe and effective treatment for asthma and underwent a similar — if much less publicized — scam. When it went off patent the retail cost was in the neighborhood of five dollars. Because of the Montreal Protocol, circa 2007, which requires the banning of the use of ozone-layer depleting CFCs, some crafty free market capitalist scum came in with a proprietary propellant that jacked the price up to the $75 range. Profits!

    Unfortunately, it was done all hush hush and without a Big Pharma punchable face like this ass knuckle.

    • willi0000000

      HFA-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) $3,167/ton

      best wild guess for filling a typical 200-dose inhaler less than $0.0035/container (at 1g each)

      [ hfa-134a . . . other uses: automobile and other small air conditioning unit refrigerant ]

      • r m reddicks

        I’ll send the wife and kiddo on down to the auto parts store! Won’t be as easy to carry around but think of the savings from buying in bulk! Plus you get those handy hoses for almost nothing extra.

        • willi0000000

          the trick is in getting the tops off the cans, tossing in the albuterol sulfate and getting the lid back on before the gas gets out.

          [ once you’ve mastered that the rest is easy ]

          • r m reddicks

            I knew I was forgetting one step.

          • willi0000000

            it’s always summit . . . innit?

          • r m reddicks

            Yep. Need to stay on top of those things.

  • Gorillionaire

    People with organ transplants are also at risk for toxiplasmosis, like cystic fibrosis children, for example. Just sayin’.

  • Walter Wellstone

    I say “sociopath douchebag piece of shit”. Everyone OK with that assessment?

    • r m reddicks

      It’s a start.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Capitalist medicine, not the same as extortion because we say so.

  • amindofitsown

    Now I’m sure a Deleted Commentor will be along shortly to explain to us all how we’re just freedom-hating Commies and that Douchebag-Americans like this one are perfectly within their rights as capitalism-loving ‘Muricans to be sociopathic greedy assholes.

  • blondeiq

    I hope his parents have the good sense to hide in a cave for the rest of their natural lives for having raised a sociopath.

    • Dee Andee

      Chances are at least one of them is one as well. They’re probably proud to no end at his ‘success.’

    • r m reddicks

      I would be surprised if he hasn’t killed them.

  • chicken thief

    This asshole is just a punchable face to a problem that has existed for years. That is why insurance companies are charged more for prescriptions that vets charge for the same drug administered to animals and why prescription meds are cheaper in Canada than in the US.

    • willi0000000

      but Congress in its infinite wisdom (wow, that hurt to type) has declared that medicare and medicaid can’t bulk-buy drugs and/or medical supplies.

      do you have any idea what the unit prices would be on a billion aspirin . . . or fifty million doses of MMR vaccine?

    • Vienna Woods

      Oh, we can have the same problems here north of the border.

  • Steven M. Harries

    Even the Russian serfs knew when to kill a cruel landlord.

  • azeyote

    they gouged me out of Colchicine ( gout med) years ago – went from a few bucks to a few hundred over night – single payer all the way

    • willi0000000

      if you would just stop eating all that rich food, like Fancy Feast Crab Legs, on your SNAP card you wouldn’t have that problem.

      • azeyote

        if only i had one – here in the great state of Oregon we catch the crabs – wait that didn’t sound right –

        • Anarchy Pony

          Dungeness crab is best crab.

        • Doug Langley

          Why bother catching them? You have the all-you-can-eat buffet on the ocean cruises you keep taking.

        • willi0000000

          i occasionally patronize the cheap Chinese food joint across the street . . . i once found a tiny piece of crab in my Crab Rangoon . . . up until then i thought those little red dots were paprika.

          [ of course, as a somewhat provincial child (from nearly Boston) i was in college and finally exposed to other regional accents before i realized that “fart” was spelled with an “r” ]

    • r m reddicks

      Yer, shittin’ me? I used to take it. It used to be cheap as dirt which is pretty much where it secondarily derived from. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t taken it in years so I lost sight of the pricing. About 3.00 per month back when.

  • Metadude

    Oh, and he’s being investigated for stalking. He hit the douche-bro trifecta!

    • laineypc

      3 douch-bros may qualify you for sociopath. Check with your local therapist for details.
      edit: ah I see I am not the first…

  • edith prickly

    This piece of work is the douchebag’s douchebag. It was nice of him to sign up to be the new face of corporate assholery, Jamie Dimon must be getting so so tired of we little people snapping at his heels all the time.

  • Ellis_Weiner

    I was wondering why it doesn’t “go generic” but the good Dok wonksplained it nicely, so thankx.

  • Ryan Denniston

    Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have found our great, white, GOP hope for 2016.

  • blondeiq

    Joffrey Baratheon, back from the dead.

    • Anarchy Pony

      The North remembers!

  • dslindc

    I do hope karma comes around to fuck him in the ear with a donkey dildo with all deliberate haste.

    • Kitsapian

      A Drano enema for this asshole sprang to my depraved mind.

    • grmpy

      Hasn’t yet and he was a hedge fun manager.

  • Ellis_Weiner

    Oh, and: “He claims that the price increase will make it possible for Turing to develop a new, improved version of the drug with fewer side effects…”

    As Dominic Dunne said when O.J. said he would devote the rest of his life to finding the real killer of his wife, “Let’s watch.”

    • Anarchy Pony

      Just like the trickle they keep telling us will come down.

      • bookish

        I got trickled on in 2008.

  • TMK

    There is just not enough funny to make this ok, ever.

  • DahBoner

    Candyman: Choke on these prices, kids!

  • TheBidenator

    The wonders of the free market in action! Well neo-Randites here is your poster boy for good capitalist action and his spotless reasoning “if you can gouge the bejesus out people, why not?” he makes me almost want to break into Q-Bert syntax since I can’t go full on vulgarian the piece of gobshite.

  • KittySoft Paws Rolufs

    This can’t be real can it?? I mean look at him, he’s too
    perfectly comic book character creepy, the practiced, unapologetic smarm and
    shit eating grin, the greasy hair and the checkered past of a hedge fund
    misfit. Please someone tell me this is some sort of gimmick to raise awareness of
    the evil deeds of big pharma and this guy is just an actor. He’s too perfectly
    awful to be real.

    • beatbort

      The bad news is that he’s real. The good news is that he has as even a chance of contracting toxoplasmosis as anyone else.
      Don’t know about you, but I am going to suggest people with fouled kitty litter boxes send El Douchebag an early Christmas present.

  • Notreelyhelping

    If an industry ever cried out for price controls, it’s this one. We can completely cure hepatitis C in most cases, but the drug costs $100,000 for an average course of treatment. Obscene.

  • TheBidenator

    Shkreli sounds like a combination of Rick Santelli and shit….I think that’s the amalgam.

  • Mhael


  • We’re going to need a bigger wall… Can we re-purpose Trump’s for all these rich assholes to get up against?

  • Respiteini

    I let you haz a cake, but I eated it.

  • TMK

    Could we kickstart a generic version? I’m not smart enough but someone must be.

    • Michael Smith

      That’s what I was thinking. If we can raise almost a mil for anti-gay bakers, you’d think we could at least try to raise some money to produce a generic! And if that’s not enough motivation, think of how sad this moron would be if we did that and he didn’t get all the money he’s hoping for.

    • Respiteini

      This lovely gentleman bought the rights to the distribution. You have to order through him, which makes it near impossible to buy enough of the drug to re-engineer a generic. That’s part of the problem.

      • TMK

        A large body of case law stops “upstream” interference with competition as anti-free market infringement. Might he not have a choice?

      • TMK

        In fact, it is available in the UK for about $0.50, so one could buy plenty of it there for use in reverse-engineering.

        • grmpy

          Or just consumption

  • Michael Smith

    How is this guy not running for the Republican nomination?

    • ClueBat

      He’s too young. At 32 now, he’ll be able to run next time.

      • grmpy

        I’m sure he could run for pres in Tennessee.

  • beatbort

    Jaime Dimon, meet your cellmate in the best of all possible world of the future when you motherfuckers are called to account for your grievous sins.

    • Ricky Gay

      two guys one cup (hey as long as we are dreaming!)

  • amazon_ww

    Why is this such a big deal? Only the grossly affluent matter enough to be treated for disease.

    • laineypc

      Also applies to shipwrecks.
      Rose: Half the people on this ship are going to die!
      Cal: Not the better half.

  • BeliTsari

    Anybody else feeling kinda suspicious about the whole timing on the CA EPA vs Volkswagen, shtick? Like it’s going to escalate into a yooge “Thanks OBAMA! thing in a Trade Agreement court segment on FOX?

  • Mormos

    and this, ladies and gentlemen, is what an actual psychopath looks like.

  • Mormos

    What clever man has ever needed to commit a crime? Crime is the last resort of political half-wits.

  • OneYieldRegular

    Shkreli – isn’t that a term for abnormal penile shrinkage due to colossal douchebaggery, and for which there is no pharmaceutical treatment?

  • SpaceCaptainWarlock

    One parasite getting rich off another. Diabolical.

  • data_ninja

    This guy comes off to me as the Trump wannabe’s “No such thing as bad press”. His smirking is just him being happy that people are talking about him, even if it’s in a bad way. Some combination of meglomaniac and sociopathic tendencies.

    While it’s a problem that he did this price gouging, isn’t it even a bigger problem that he was somehow allowed to arrive into his position of power? Aren’t there some sort of checks and balances to prevent these things, or am I dreaming again of a rational world?

    • grmpy

      Isn’t price gouging against the law?

    • stevola

      Allowed? Prevent? The system is designed for this kind of creep.

  • BeliTsari

    Thank GOD our last remaining drops of water is already spoken for, by Nestle, Coke & the Resnick’s!

  • HereKitty

    Serious question for Wonketteers in pharma, health care, patent law, government &c.: Why not just nationalize every single one of the drug companies? TIA.

    • Notreelyhelping

      Besides lack of political will and fear of losing donors, the biggest companies are multinationals.

      • dshwa

        There are ways around that. Most other single payer countries simply have set prices from negotiations with those companies, or laws about pricing. Only in America do we let the free for all market shit like this fly.

        • Notreelyhelping

          Price control is clearly the answer, despite those who will call it Godless communism.

    • chemboy01

      It’s not possible for exactly what Notreelyhelping said, and research would halt in this country as well… But this example of price gouging is so egregious that most industry insiders are loudly denouncing it (with a lack of response from many chief execs, unfortunately). Read Derek Lowe at In The pipeline (, and the comments (he’s followed by mostly researchers) or John Carroll at FierceBiotech (followed by all types of biotechers) to see what they think.

      In the end a generic company will compete with this, because despite what the articles are saying I could get samples made literally tomorrow, and if I had the money I could launch an equivalency trial, and someone will, most likely a company from Israel or India. That’s going to take years while this idiot destroys the availability of a simple lifesaving drug.

      • “and research would halt.”

        Check Dean Baker at CEPR.

        Our current drug development model is not the only one possible. In fact, lots of drugs were developed by the government, and many more could be.

        • chemboy01

          “lots of drugs were developed by the government”. Not in the past 30 years..only a tiny percentage. It would be great if we could just replace the current system with a government run system, but reality is it can’t work until you go fully nationalized. Good luck with that. Price controls are a much better, workable solution.

        • chemboy01

          Oh, and the link you gave is to a vaccine. Simple to do. I agree that vaccine development should definitely be run by the government. It’s a completely different field, and relatively straightforward compared to drug development.

  • chemboy01

    This is pretty funny from the Taiwanese viewpoint:

  • Werewolf

    I hope this פד״מניק never again knows the taste of food or drink without body fluids.

  • Ascend Asheville

    Hey! I know that smirk.

  • r m reddicks
  • Bitter Scribe

    Has this guy ever produced anything in his life?

    • Juan de Fuca


    • willi0000000

      do disgust and hate count?

  • dshwa

    That’s the point that needs to be made. We have two options, either the government controls health care, or assholes like this do. Your move, America.

    • All the upthumbs.

      • Vienna Woods

        However, even in our system here in Canuckistan, drugs are not necessarily covered by Medicare. Which is why the Liberals and NDP both want a Pharmacare plan.

    • Of course it took me literally thirty seconds to find a comment to an article on this asshole saying that this is all *really* the fault of government regulations, for reasons. I don’t work out outside my wimpy powerwalk so I was surprised I snapped my laptop in two…

      • dshwa

        That hurts my head.

    • Hardly Ideal

      I forget who said it, but we already have death panels. They’re called private insurance companies.

  • Duke

    Back off on this job creator! Anyone who can get piles of money for themselves is a Great American with irreproachable values!

    Where are the 15 clowns for a photo op with this jackass?

  • Douglas White

    Plus he looks likes he’s already practicing for his future Donald Trump combover…. If there is a better correlating feature to being a d!ckhead I haven’t seen it yet….

  • Juan de Fuca

    If I smacked him in the face with the entire box, is it still technically “hitting him with votes”?

  • JoeChristmas

    Side effects include: nausea, vomiting, disgust and wanting to punch faces.

  • 3583818

    Fucking piece of shit.

    • willi0000000

      succinct, to the point . . . i like it!

    • keke

      Well said!

  • VandeGraf

    Maybe eminent domain will work. Martin Shkreli is a douche bag who needs to be tromped on, publicly, remorselessly, and with enthusiasm.

  • Ergoetal

    I hear Mitt Romney’s trying to adopt this kid.

    • willi0000000

      nah . . . Mittens would fear him getting too close to his money.

  • greyXstar

    Oh my Crom, he even looks like the smarmiest douche weasel on Earth! That’s impressive.

  • Vienna Woods

    Since Daraprim’s patents have expired
    I read that as “patients”. Give him time…

  • Mehmeisterjr

    On a positive note, we have our next Bond villain.

    • danah gaz

      Thank you for making me laugh over this. I didn’t think it was possible.

    • Gleem-McShinez

      The Man With the Golden Catshit

  • Spalding

    This guy is amazing, I have had Bloomberg and CNBC play around me all day for 20+ years. I do believe he is the most morally bankrupt revolting troll to ever appear on financial TV. That is amazing, it is like looking into the eyes of a soulless ghoul, with nasty greasy hair to boot.

  • Rachel Book Harlot

    That is the face of evil, Ladies & Gents.

    • Hardly Ideal

      And only in his early thirties, around my age. I thought that was too young to be so evil.

      • grmpy

        What are all the experts sating about Millennials?

        • Rick Hill

          I’d imagine that the children of today’s rich will do nothing other than learn ways to take money from others using whatever “legal” means necessary and have not a tinge of remorse.

    • keke

      Looks like he’s a MTV graduate.

  • vivian

    Another day, another shitweasel who thinks it’s all just a game.

    • HeywoodJablomey

      Just playin’ around with people’s lives, no big.

  • Kristin Peters

    I am utterly baffled by this flotsam. He doesn’t even have shame. He is proud of himself. I hope his fall is public and painful. I hope he loses whatever he deems valuable to him. I hope rich folks snub

  • JB20010

    I’m glad this guy’s the face of Pharma on this issue.

    He’s like a douche-bro stereotype straight out of central casting.

    In response to criticism, he posted an Eminem video. He’s a walking caricature.

  • whitroth

    I say give him a stake.

    Through the heart.

    mark “friggin’ vampire”

  • Marie Watkins Crocker

    Does he think this is the Eighties or what?

  • Seems appropriate this fellow is profiting on something caused by wormy cat shit.

  • I can only stay sane by imagining the ever gorgeous Stephen Amell confronting him and growling, “You have failed this city…”

  • Last Hussar

    “The $20 million per paracetemol, Mr Shkreli – right there in the document you signed when you were brought into the hospital, next to the HMO waiver.”

  • Jeff Mc Donald

    And he seemed like such a nice young man….until until he opened his filthy yapper and let the stupid out. The good thing for him of course is that if HE ever needs the drug he can still get it cheep. Things like that are what makes La Terreur such a beautifully nostalgic period of history.

    • docterry6973

      Yeah, I like the traditional French recipe for this guy.

  • Paperless Tiger

    Capitalism, gotta love it.

    • grmpy

      I beleive what they call this is Monopoly

  • Mavenmaven

    Shrek was much nicer in the movies…

  • Izzy

    My brother’s cancer medicine is$400 per pill; that is $12,000 per month, and I cannot find any medical person who can explain why it is so expensive. Oh, by the way, he has to take it the rest of his life. There is a GoFundMe account in his name–Steve Schell– because he certainly cannot afford this. And no, insurance does not cover all of it.

  • grmpy

    “2 patients died due to autoimmune encephalitis from toxoplasmosis”

    and without even taking a breath

    “So, there is a lot of people that die from Toxoplasmosis.”

    Because two dead is “a lot” from treatment versus the hundreds or thousands that won’t die from the treatment but will die because they can’t afford it. But, Hey, his drug will no longer be responsible for the two. and that’s called GOOD PR, people! good fro him!
    What a Filthy, Smarmy, Frat pig of a little boy.

  • HuddledMass

    So he’s in competition for “Worst Person in the World?” I’m seriously considering giving him my vote…

  • kaw143

    Man, Harold, Maude would not approve of what you’ve become since her death.

  • Ron Jones

    He was also accused of serious “harassment,” faces $65M lawsuit from former company.

    “Retrophin’s board later move to replace Shkreli as CEO, and he resigned his positions. Retrophin is now suing him for $65 million in a case where he is accused of acting against the interests of the company. ”

    This guy has to be a sociopath.

    • data_ninja

      Confirmed. Who in the hell let this guy get near a modicum of power?

      • Ron Jones

        Happens a bit. There are socipathic execs in the business world. They do well because they have no conscience.

  • grmpy

    This guy was born on April 1.
    I think that about says it all.

  • Barneaux

    Karma will ensure this pond scum will suffer from an untreatable disease and die a slow, agonizing death, knowing all his money couldn’t save his miserable, puckered-up ass…

    • keke

      Flesh-eating bacteria on his groin would be apropos.

    • stevola

      Isn’t it pretty to think so

    • blaid droog

      I have about as much faith in karma as I do in jeebus. The kocksuckers certainly deserve as much enmity as this little capitalist shitsucker. The kocksuck brothers have been rich their entire lives. They are old and appear in good health. Karma seems to have rewarded them.

  • malsperanza

    Toxo causes babies to be born blind.
    Greed is sociopathic.

  • Steverino247

    Today’s Entrenching Tool to the Head Award goes to…

    • willi0000000


  • DahBoner

    This is how Unregulated Capitalism is supposed to work:


    • handyhippie65

      exactly. the absolute highest price you can get is the only is one that is correct. “whatever the market will bear.” is the prime directive.

    • Except that this version seems to lack the “Go Directly to Jail” square.

  • handyhippie65

    excessive greed should be a capital offense, punishable by immediate execution. since the bible says that greed is the root of all evil, the conservative christians should be on board with that right?

  • Brazilian Fart Porn

    He looks like he could be a brother of James O’Keefe.

  • keke

    What a COMPLETE & TOTAL douchebag!

  • Cismontane

    Well, considering he’s charging Medicare the full price for his 62 year old drug, I’m not sure merely have single-payor will help stop this douche. An SEC investigation, on the other hand….

    • doktorzoom

      In Euro-style single-payer systems (yes, I know I’m dreaming…), prices are negotiated between pharma and medical providers and the government, so that price gouging is avoided.

      • Pecker Rider of Pern

        As long as we’re trying to establish a better healthcare system, we might as well add in things like this to preempt Shkreli’s kind of ass-hattery.


    MSNBC just said he’s considering lowering the price again, but nowhere near the original thirteen bucks a pop.

    Whatta guy!

  • logocracy

    It’s Patrick Bateman!
    Naming your company after Alan Turing makes you neither smart nor cool.
    Go fuck your own face.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Obummmercare is teh ebil! Communism! Death panels!1!!!1!! OMG the moooslim Kenyan Presidents is gonna put is all in death camps! Overturn veto Obummer care! Capitalism Über Alles!

    Wait? Wait a minute? My medication costs how much money now?

  • tohu777

    Shkreli (who’s but a fraction of my age) and even J.P. Morgan’s “London Whale” Bruno Iksil, both of whom I rate somewhere down with Nazi war criminals, didn’t create this criminal system of capitalist exploitation. I’m disturbed with the thought that, yet again, the younger bounders/cowboys/sociopaths are public villains for a system designed/run by the old. We’re toiling under a gerontocracy whose inclinations and missions were in place even before banking deregulation, dissolution of unions, lightning-fast mobility of capital and information, etc; and long before there were sociopathic hacks like Thomas Friedman to laud all this madness. The Kochs for example are like Rockefellers to Shkreli’s Gatsby. This guy is just pond scum; while the old men far above him have the power to kill ocean environments, contaminate whole towns.

    • tommyk

      We have been living under a bastardization of what capitalism was suppose to be for America for a long time. People are responsible for making sure that good ideas aren’t turned into something dangerous. It had happened before with other forms of government and other ways to manage societies.

      This little evil capitalism idealist seems to think we are dumb enough to believe he is interested in the health of anyone. Much less the many infants,chemo patients,pregnant mothers and AIDS suffers and elderly,who are vulnerable and have been for decades to the whim of a stunt like this to make a lot of money so people,lime this twirp can have his toys…

      If his toys weren’t bought at the expense of those above mentioned most vulnerable in our world,I wouldn’t care…except that we forget what your post so truthfully points out. These are the people who are destroying not just capitalism but the planet itself!

      • Pecker Rider of Pern

        As people often say of socialism, capitalism works great, in theory…

        • tommyk

          Right”..Exactly my point…

          • Pecker Rider of Pern

            I may have misread you, but your “bastardization of what capitalism was supposed to be” phrasing suggests that capitalism can still work if done right. I am less optimistic.

          • tommyk

            Well I’m not sure about any of this to be honest…my point was that on paper a lot of things look good for the many..or all of socialism prob out best bet….but communism etc…all looked good on paper to those who wanted to change things…then when implemented …the selfishness of people takes hold and it is bastardized…that’s all…

        • Vinchenzo C

          Theory? It’s been in practice by the United States for over 200 yrs. Jesus, man/woman/trans/. And what they actually may say about Socialism is that it sounds good on paper, but in practice, which it also has been in China and the Soviet Union, it fails. Maybe your thinking of the expression, “Capitalism is our worst economic system besides all the rest.” Or maybe you’re not thinking.

    • Pecker Rider of Pern

      A better world is necessary. Bernie Sanders is more of an old school liberal (as opposed to the neo- variety) than a socialist, but electing him gets us farther on the way out of capitalism than any other viable presidential candidate.

      Also, uh, buttsechs. Mustn’t neglect the Wonkette style guidelines.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild
    • ButchWagstaff

      We’re doomed.

  • stevola

    I can’t say a damn thing about this guy without violation every Commenting Rule. Especially Rule 6.

  • Ricky Gay

    If I can’t say it, I can picture it!

    • Ricky Gay

      with votes…zzzzzz

    • Edward Boothe

      I would rather punch yours that either of them.

      • Ricky Gay

        Fuck off 2 year old toughguy. You’re late. And lame.

  • CptnSpldng

    My wife’s first reaction to this story was to reconsider the death penalty, but I pointed out that Darth Cheney has instructed us that pointless, vindictive and interminable torture can be justified in this New American Century©.

  • Jerry Noneofyourbizz

    You know this guy goes out to eat, not because he’s hungry, but so he can treat the waiter or waitress like shit.

  • Dee Andee

    Just read that asshole junior here has gotten a YOOOGE backlash and has announced he’ll be lowering the price again–in the next few weeks–but doesn’t say by how much. Watch and wait, I guess.

  • Lord-Nash

    “He claims that the price increase will make it possible for Turing to
    develop a new, improved version of the drug with fewer side effects”

    But by his own admission, relatively few prescriptions of this type are sold. So explain HOW this could be used to generate profits?

  • Zachariah

    The Bloomberg interview was an eye opener too. He basically said that $1000 was WAY too cheap a price to pay for having your life saved, and it should be closer to the hundreds of thousands that some other drugs cost. What a nice chap.

  • DoILookAmused2u ?

    Your money or your life?

    • “I’m thinking it over!” – Jack Benny

  • Pecker Rider of Pern

    Shkreli’s a scumbag, but he’s scummy like a fox…some sort of scummy fox? He’s been short-selling stock in his own pharmaceutical company over this. His payday isn’t coming from obscenely over-priced medicine, but from the viral reaction to said obscenity tanking his company’s stock. His twitter feed has since been made private, but on August 12 he tweeted “$VTL is a short. I think it goes down 80% in the next few weeks.” That lawsuit accusing him of using his company as his own private bank? This is just more of that.

    Incidentally, Bernie Sanders’ proposed Robin Hood tax on Wall Street’s financial transactions would put a damper on this kind of skeazy speculation, while simultaneously funding free college!

    • bardgal

      WOW. Insider trading at it’s finest. Short selling his own stock, knowing he was going to obscenely raise the price of a 62? yr-old drug, which would cause global outrage, likely affecting his stock price and causing it to fall. Nothing to do with actual sick people, this is about manipulating the stock so he can make a windfall. He needs to be in prison, and we need to join every other developed nation on the planet and make it ILLEGAL to make a profit of anyone’s health, since it’s a giant conflict on interest.

      • Edward Boothe

        Trouble is he is only one of millions of his kind who are destroying the world.

  • Mintie

    I know this is way late, but I’d thought I’d put this up anyway:

    I used to work for a pharmaceutical market research company, and we ran into the “this necessary drug is priced too high” argument a lot. I’m not saying we disagreed, but there are three semi-legitimate reasons why some drugs–especially drugs to treat/cure rare conditions–are so expensive:

    1. Companies need to recoup their R&D costs (those microbologists/research pharmacists don’t come cheap) and fund the manufacturing and marketing.
    2. Actually manufacturing the drug(s) is incredibly complex and expensive (see, as a random example, the medication producing lab scene in Lorenzo’s Oil, where formulating even one drop took, like, an hour or more.
    3. The medication patent (or company) has been bought and the new owner(s) need to recoup the price (sleezy, yes, but there you go)

    So for this product:

    1. It’s decades-old. The R&D costs were covered a LONG time ago. All that’s left to pay for is manufacturing and marketing, and it sounds like they don’t have to pay for much in the way of marketing these days. Regardless, this explains the original $1 cost.

    2. Manufacturing probably wasn’t that difficult, given the original $1 cost.

    3. Buying it probably was pricey, as it’s the preferred treatment for a devastating rare condition. However, the original rise to $13 already was a shitty thing to do, and no doubt there was much beating of spears on shields when it happened. This price hike? No fucking way. Trust men when I say the CEOs of all the Big Pharma companies currently are shaking their heads in wonderment that anyone could think them reprehensible when this dingleberry exists.

    • Truly Madly Derply

      Yeah, the $13 a pill is still shockingly expensive, when you’re looking at a typical dosage: 50 to 75 mg QD for 1 to 3 weeks, followed by maintenance dosage of half the mg amount for up to 5 weeks. The pills come doses in 25 mg, so at $13 a pill the initial cost for my son, who “caught” toxoplasmosis from a dirty carpet/padding (he’s a flooring/carpet installer; you can’t imagine the filth trapped in carpet padding, even in CLEAN homes) to fill his prescription was $850. That was just for the first 3 weeks. He didn’t know he had toxoplasmosis until his eye started bothering him and he was diagnosed by an ophthalmologist, by which time he had permanently lost the vision in his right eye. He later developed pericarditis, another effect of toxo, for which he was hospitalized for 3 days and placed on an IV drip, which cleared up the pericarditis but there’s a good chance the toxoplasmosis is still lurking and wreaking further havoc. I think Shkreli is a piece of Cheney shit, don’t get me wrong, but the jackholes who racheted the price of the pill from $1 to $13.50 are pieces of Bush shit (stinky slimy brown loaves of digested fatty foods as opposed to stinky slimy brown loaves of digested puppies and kittens). Full disclosure: I couldn’t help him because I’ve been unemployed for 5+ years (one of those 55-ish sad sacks who will probably never work again, thanks Republicans!) and I’m barely hanging on ova heah. His dad wouldn’t help him because Dad is a Republican who loves his money more than he loves his kids.

      • Edward Boothe

        And you Derply are a piece of Obama shit.

  • PoeticJusticeLeague

    AHAH!, A new face for toilet paper, smiling as he scr.over the sick. Where are the pinatas? May he catch a rare form of toxoplasmosis that can’t be cured and live a thousand years. Question: from which part of his mother’s body did he exit?

  • quatra

    Consider the follwing narrative: I’ve been retired since 2009. Last January I was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage IIB. I’ll have my verdict next Monday.
    I think it’ll be 6-12 months of chemo.
    Between us, I think I’ve satisfied all my life’s desires, like saying “been there, saw it and done it”. So what’s left? Trying to get to be 90 years old?

    My mother passed away 3 years ago at 91. In her sleep. Perfectly healthy. She walked the dog a couple of hours before and spoke to neighbors.

    So, what I have on my plate: what should I do? Go on and keep on living my life as I’ve always done? Smoking, drinking and enjoying fine food during the time left? Or “chemo”? We all have to go. Presidents, popes, artists.

    The question is: How do we want to go. Making doctors (The Referring Mafia) and Big Pharma rich? Or with dignity, without suffering?

    I mean, we’ve been told that the most precious thing we have is life (after that we might find out that we lived in Hell all the time).
    My life is the only thing that’s REALLY mine. I’ll decide how to end it.

  • Edward Boothe

    Hell is too good for an ashole like Shkreli and his kind.

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