Dr. Marcia Bowden and her husband, Ira Marche. (pic via The New Tri-State Defender)
Dr. Marcia Bowden and her husband, Ira Marche. (pic via The New Tri-State Defender)

Picture it: You’re a doctor. In fact, you run your own internal medicine practice. You’re a medical geneticist, in one of the hardest, most specialized fields in medicine. You get a patient emergency call, so you drop everything and go. Do you have your driver’s licenses on you? Maybe, not sure, GOTTA GO. Your husband is driving you, in his Jaguar. Are you speeding? Fuck yes, you’re speeding. If you get pulled over, you’ll pay the ticket. And you do get pulled over. And your husband says, “Officer, I know we were speeding, we’ll take the ticket. She’s a doctor and we’re rushing to a patient right now.” And the cop gives you the ticket and you go off to save your patient’s life or whatever. That’s what happens, right? Did we forget to mention that you’re a black lady and your husband is a black man?

Dr. Marcia Bowden of Memphis tells a different story of what happened when she and her husband were pulled over in the Memphis suburb of Southaven, Mississippi, on Sept. 7. Details are still one-sided, so we will issue a disclaimer and a trigger warning (because all internet articles need those), simply to say for the record that we have one account, from one person, and the Southaven Police Department isn’t talking. We’ve been racking our brain and haven’t figured out a reason for a woman of such prominence to lie, though.

Here’s how Dr. Bowden tells it, in an email to Memphis’s New Tri-State Defender:

My husband gave the officer my business card. He asked, ‘What is this for?’ My husband said this is my wife’s business card, we were heading to her office for a patient’s emergency. The officer said he didn’t care about that. The officer asked my husband for his name and address. […] The officer had called for backup and Officer Delany approached.

Backup, obviously, because black people are in a Jaguar, so it’s probably stolen, right? Dr. Bowden said in her email that at this point, the officer ran her husband’s license, but we’re going to guess she meant they ran other stuff, because clearly her husband did not have his license readily available:

My husband asked if he could look in the trunk for his license, the officer said yes. Officer Delany immediately talked about arresting my husband. My husband was allowed to look in the trunk. The officers at no time asked if they could search the car, but proceeded to look in the trunk and search the car.

According to the New Tri-State Defender, he thought he had his license, but they’d been to a formal social event the night before and it was in the jacket pocket of the tux he wore that night. Oops. We’ve all been jailed for that, haven’t we? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Officer Delany asked who I was to ‘that man?’ I said he is my husband. Officer Delany said, ‘You are lying, y’all don’t even have the same last name.’ I said, officer I had a business 9-10 years before we got married and I didn’t change my name, My business is in my name “Bowden Internal Medicine” He (asked) where is that, I said Memphis. Officer Delany said you are lying, y’all don’t have the same address. I said we are married.

It’s super confusing how women don’t always automatically take their guardians’ husbands’ names, especially when they own businesses and are known by their given names. This must be part of that thing rednecks are upset about when they say they want their country back.

Dr. Bowden’s husband, Ira Marche, was still reportedly trying to figure out where the fuck he had put his license. Maybe the glove box? He asked the officer permission to check there for it, Dr. Bowden swung her legs out of the way and out of the car, and that’s when she got scared:

I looked out of the door (and) Officer Delany had his hand on the trigger of his revolver and had it lifted in the holster on his right hip. I was terrified that he would shoot my husband in the back. ‘I said officers don’t shoot us, we are law abiding citizens. I support the police and donate to all police causes, I know how hard the job is, but we are not criminals. PLEASE, you do not have to take your gun out, I am afraid.’

“Officer Delany said, ‘shut up maam and get out of the car and let me see your license.’ My husband said to me, ‘Honey, be quiet, these people are red neck, they will hurt you. They don’t care who you are or what you have done for the community.

At some point during this interaction, Marche reportedly SAID A CUSS, which, as we know, is illegal under American Redneck White Trash Sharia Law.

So, Dr. Bowden tried to find her license, and she was getting scared and stressed out, and apparently her purse was a messy pit of hell no man dare rifle through, like many ladies’ purses are. (NOT JUDGING, JUST SAYING A TRUTH.)

Finally, she gave the officer her purse, because if he needs that license so bad, FEEL FREE TO FIND IT. At this point, sounds like everybody knows Mr. Marche’s driver’s license is somewhere else. Bowden offered that they probably accidentally left it at her dad’s house around the corner, maybe? They can just go there and get it? You can come with? Something other than jail? Nope. (Remember, it was in the tuxedo jacket from the night before.)

Officer Delany said, ‘I am not about to wait for you to do nothing. I will have this car towed and throw you in jail too; that man is going to jail today.’

“I said, I can call the mayor’s wife, she can vouch for us. Officer Delany yelled, ‘I don’t care who you call.’

“I was in the process of explaining to Mrs. Wharton (Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr.’s wife) the situation. I was so frightened I couldn’t tell Mrs. Wharton the whole story and she asked to speak to the officer so that she could vouch for us. I gave the phone to Officer Delany. He told Mrs. Wharton, ‘I don’t care who you are’ and hung up on her. I tried to explain to Officer Delany that Mrs. Wharton could vouch for me and Officer Delany said, ‘I don’t care who you know, you are going to jail if you don’t show me your license.

Yr Wonkette knows Mrs. Wharton. She is lovely. We were playing piano at a party recently and she said we “made her night” by playing show tunes for her. She’s a big fan of “Phantom Of The Opera.” Anyway.

The cop cuffed Dr. Bowden, and she reports he put weight on the cuffs in a way that hurt and ultimately left marks on her. He didn’t let her have access to her inhaler. (Hey, remember what happened LAST TIME the Southaven Police Department wouldn’t let somebody have their inhaler?)

Then everybody got to go to jail:

“I asked Officer Delany what he was charging my husband with. He said the use of profane language. I said officer, ‘My husband was talking to me, you can’t charge him with the use of profanity. Officer Delany said, ‘He used profane language in the presence of two people, he is getting arrested today.’

COCK DICK MOTHERFUCKER TWAT GODDAMNED JESUS PUSSY BRITCHES. You gonna come arrest Wonkette now, Southaven PD? Haha just kidding, everybody who works at Wonkette is white.

Her asthma started acting up, and by the time she was in jail, she was full-on getting sick and throwing up. Finally, she convinced them to take her to the hospital, where the doctor said, surprise, you’re getting sick because of the stress they’re putting you through. Remember what happened LAST TIME somebody went to the hospital in the custody of Southaven PD?

When she was well enough to go back to jail (for ?????? crime), she was paraded in cuffs in front of her colleagues at the hospital. She reports that she was trying to be quiet and nice, but couldn’t help herself from yell-whispering, “THIS IS FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION” to the people who were probably all “Why is Dr. Bowden here in handcuffs?”

She did not have to stay in jail for very long after that:

“When I arrived at the Desoto jail, the jailer said, ‘I don’t know who you are, but you have friends in high places, everyone has called for you. I am going to book you in and book you back out.’

Oh, guess she wasn’t fucking around when she called THE MEMPHIS MAYOR’S WIFE.

About what happened, Dr. Bowden told the Tri-State Defender a story about her grandfather’s home being raided by the police without a warrant when her dad was four, and said this:

“It was such a different day in that time,” said Bowden, “but the situation is exactly the same. We haven’t made any progress in our nation. I love America; I love being an American. But what is happening in our country, we’ve got to address!”

The couple appears in court on Sept. 16, to get sentenced for being black or whatever.

[New Tri-State Defender]

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  • Lizzietish81

    If we don’t allow police to brutalize two innocent people and throw them in jail without charges, then the terrorists have won!

    • Antonin Dvorak

      The only way to ensure everyone’s freedom is to deny everyone’s freedom!

      • jmk

        Our freedoms are too precious to risk by using them!!

    • Msgr_Moment

      If we don’t allow police to brutalize strike terror in two innocent people and throw them in jail without charges, then the terrorists have won!

    • VandeGraf

      Who’s up for summary execution? The terrorists are local, and they’re winning.

      • Lizzietish81

        He waz en feer for hiz life

  • Oblios_Cap

    I hate cops.

    • Logic of Color

      c’mon now, be cool

      • Oblios_Cap

        i know not all of them are bad eggs. it just seems like all the ones I have the misfortune to encounter are steroid-addled jackasses. I try to avoid doing anything to attract their attention.

        Plus, the fact that we’re supposed to give them respect when they don’t seem to think we’re worthy of the same treatment rankles my ass.

        • willi0000000

          yeah . . . that one-way respect street is getting pretty old . . . and i’m a white guy!

          time was when you could treat a cop like anybody else and they treated you like people.

          [ . . . that time is long gone . . . and never was for minorities ]

    • Msgr_Moment

      “yeah, me too.”

  • Msgr_Moment

    #asthmaticlivesmatter Represent!

    • Lizzietish81


    • FauxAntocles


    • MsAnthropesMr

      But not too vigorously.

    • willi0000000

      does COPD count?

      [ or do i have to start my own tag? ]

    • calliecallie

      Damn ragweed!

    • mtn_philosoph


  • Olav_Pompatus

    Thugs, obviously.

  • Zippy


    Doctoring while black

  • It’s getting to where racists white cops can’t even harass law-abiding (or trivial law-breaking) black citizens without everyone having to say something about it!

    • willi0000000

      bout fucking time!

  • Belasaurius

    I sense that Officer Bocephus went home and complained about uppity N_____ later that night, probably before he beat the kids and then later after he got his three inches of manhood into Mrs. Bocephus who just lay there like a wet towel and prayed to an absent God for him to finish in time for her to catch Fallon’s opening monologue.

  • MrBlobfish
  • Jeamonn

    Wow, I hope this shit weasel cop learned a lesson from all of this after he is fired. He won’t. He’ll sit around his trailer and lament the fact that this woman was allowed to go to college and become a doctor and have friends in higher social circles than he does. This is the thing that just boils my blood about white trash types. No matter what, they genuinely think that they are better because they are white. Fucking blows my mind.

    • VandeGraf

      He’ll probably just say they called him a Stupid Honky Mutherfucker. It’s two black folk’s obviously deceitful lying words against the word of a valiant police hero just performing public service keeping us all safe, so there will probably be some sort of slap on the wrist note stuck in the cops file.

      • Lizzietish81

        otoh, the mayor’s wife is behind her.

        • lesterthegiantape

          The mayor’s wife was behind me once, and I can assure you if we’d been discovered I would still be incarcerated.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        If this was a normal black vs white thing, I would say you were right – however there is the problem of the mayor’s wife & people in “high places”.

        • Axomamma

          Hahaha – the mayor of Memphis is also a blah, so he and his wife can safely be ignored.

          • HogeyeGrex

            Hence the officer’s reaction. “I don’t care if some other niclang can ‘vouch’ for you. This white man says your ass is in chains.”

            They just can’t stop losing the Civil War, can they.

    • Axomamma

      You are dreaming if you think this guy will get fired. More likely, he’ll be promoted.

  • VandeGraf

    The stupider the cop, the bigger the bully. The racial thing is bad, obviously. But, really, no licenses? Like, where are most people that they don’t have licenses on them, in the shower, in bed, swimming, or what? But driving? What guy doesn’t know where his wallet is? That’s plain weird. Izzis a social class or ethnic group sort of thing?

    • Ricky Gay

      praise jeebus that you never have a really shitty day

      • Ricky Gay

        not trying to be a scold or nothin, honest. I do recall 3 times I have driven without my wallet cuz I can be A idiot – but since I was not pulled over i praise the Jeebs!

    • Belasaurius

      i used to work in a library, you would be surprised how many people go out in public without their license.

    • House0fTheBlueLights

      Especially as it’s not actually illegal to drive without your license on you. What’s illegal is to drive without owning a valid license. If you don’t have your license on you, most jurisdictions give you some specified amount of time to present it at the police dept.

      At least if you’re white.

      • That_got_me_thinking

        Silly. The arrest was for using profanity in the presence of two delicate flowers.

        Still not sure why SHE was arrested. For hearing profanity?

        • Belasaurius

          Hearing while black

          • willi0000000


            * Existing While Not White

        • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

          Because she didn’t have the same last name as her hubby? Or maybe it was being a doctor while black.

          • willi0000000

            . . . and apparently because her business address didn’t match his residential address so they couldn’t possibly be married.

            [ when have you ever heard of a doctor who didn’t work out of an office downstairs in their home? . . . INCONCEIVABLE! ]

        • toomanyrappers

          Silly doctor lady, you can’t ride in a Jaguar while being black. It’s one or the other!

          How dare one of those people find a way past the opportunity barrier. We needs Donald Trump to build a HOOOOOOGE wall and keep out those blacks, too!

          ..And, also, NASCAR! I love you, Dale! (*sniff*)

        • dshwa

          Lack of proper deference while black.

        • Toomush_Infer

          Gah! For riding around in a jag, obv…..

    • listen2meIsmart

      I frequently forget my license. If we are going some place I don’t want to take my purse, I just take my ID and a debit card I give it to my husband to carry. Then 9 times out of 10 I forget it and don’t think about it until I’m at the grocery store buying groceries and don’t have my card or my ID. Since I’m such a young looking 45 year old they won’t sell me alcohol with out my ID, because obvi I’m under 21 (and yes that is sarcasm). So I have to put my liquor back and just get the food, then I get home and again forget to ask hubby for the ID until I realize I we don’t’ have any wine when I looking to drink a glass of wine then I’m like OH yeah and I get from him.

    • NorthStarSpanx

      It happens, like when you’ve been traveling and you had to have your DL on hand for TSA and you didn’t put it back in your wallet or purse when you continue your business. This kind of victim-shaming goes nicely with, “Well, if she didn’t want the boys sticking their digits in her vajay-jay when she was passed out, she shouldn’t have dressed that way.”

    • chicken thief

      I typically carry only paper money (right front pants pocket) and a cigarette lighter (left front). If I’m going into a store and happen to lock my car, then I add a debit/credit card to the right front and my car key to the left front and take the cell phone.

      Rarely do I have any ID on me, though generally it is not far away – in my man purse/brief case that I leave in the car.

    • dshwa

      Actually, I don’t have mine on me right now. Got it renewed and forgot to put the new one in my wallet. I have my expired one but not a current one.

    • Beezelbubbles

      I’ve twice needed to scan my license. Twice I’ve left it in the scanner while I went on errands.

    • Axomamma

      I do not carry a wallet or a purse, just jam shit in my pockets, and I drive fairly infrequently, so sometimes I forget, especially if I am not going to the bank, because I keep my license and ATM card together on a shelf. But I am white, so …

    • mtn_philosoph

      I don’t even leave my bedroom without my wallet and license. Not because I need it right away but because I don’t want to get into the habit of going out without it. It comes from having been a punk kid who was always new in town and therefore having to always prove who I was, then being a college kid on campus and always having to prove that I belonged there, and then finally from having worked for years in controlled access institutions and having to produce my ID in order to get into work.

  • And I had just barely recovered from reading about the black lady banker who spent like a week in the psych ward because she claimed she was driving her own BMW, like that’s even possible.

    • lesterthegiantape

      It took me a while to realize it wasn’t the same story.

  • Also, too: police officer people – being able to say a swear to you is absolutely the pure essence of First Amendment rights.

    • Msgr_Moment


  • Ryan Denniston

    So, what happened to the patient?

    • lesterthegiantape

      I’ll pull through. Kind of relieved this happened, because Negro doctors? Who decided to send me those? Come on, they would have done some voodoo stuff. I only needed a transfusion.

      • JustPixelz

        Something similar happened to me. I needed a heart transplant but they sent a Negro. I told him to go back to the Pullman car where he belonged. Whew! That was a close one. Then I died.

        • lesterthegiantape

          actual throaty mirth noise

      • Querolous


  • Blender_415

    Confession: when I read shit like this, I go to my happy place and re-imagine it happening like this:
    1. Cop pulls over speeding car
    2. Occupant identifies herself as a doctor, and is dealing with a medical emergency.
    3. Cop says, “Oh shit, we’re wasting time. I’m going to escort you, b/c I have all these sirens and lights and stuff, which will announce our presence and make it much less likely you are injured in a car accident b/c you are driving like hell in a car that doesn’t have sirens and lights and stuff. Let’s go!”
    4. The end.


    • Villago Delenda Est

      The only problem here is blah. It gets in the way of the very reasonable scenario you’ve outlined. Blah makes all the fucking difference in the world, you know.

      • listen2meIsmart

        Yes, because we know all blah people are hoodlums and criminals that are going to kill cops so the cops must kill them 1st.

  • Msgr_Moment

    Mr. Dan Brooks (now that we know you’re a lurker):

    Did you spot the deeper truths yet? If not, let us know, and we’ll try it again in Semaphore.

    • jmk

      Mon dieu, Monseigneur, vous êtes magnifique.

  • FauxAntocles

    Hopefully the patient is ok.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      When the case comes up in court, that as well as Dr. Bowden’s asthma should be part of the complaint against the police. I figure that these guys will have plenty of character witnesses anyway. DAs hate to be handed cases they know they cannot win; this policeman may find himself on “latrine” duty for awhile. DAs hate cases where people in high places & you know the mayor’s wife is gonna make a stink – know that the police there are incompetent boobs. I predict that this policeman is going to wish that day had never happened. Of course, he won’t take it as an object lesson on ‘how to act’ – no it will all be that uppity black woman’s fault & the hatred will go on.

      • dshwa

        “no it will all be the uppity black woman’s fault and the hatred will continue.”

        You nailed it.

        • Axomamma

          Yeah, I don’t see this cop suffering any repercussions from this. He was “just doing his job.” Not his fault he happened on the one black couple out of a thousand who had resources.

      • nothingisamiss

        So..why would the cop be “on latrine duty for awhile” and not fired? This is part of what chaps my ass.

        • Spotts1701

          Because the guy’s gonna yell for his union, and his union’s gonna spend the next two weeks sliming the couple and insinuating that doing anything more than slapping the guy on the wrist is going to result in a metric ton of grief for the mayor (should he be up for re-election) as “not standing up for cops”.

    • essbird

      I was thinking that, and that he/she could file a juicy lawsuit to accompany Dr. Bowden’s.

  • ZangoCrudmonger

    How is profanity a criminal offense when the first amendment is being swung around like a dead cat for any cause these days? Another question, doesn’t every damn police cruiser have a computer which can be used to pull up the digitized license of any driver in the nationwide shared database? Hell. here in Oregon the insurance companies give data on all policies so the police can run your plate and know if you are insured. From what I understand, a hard copy of a drivers license is unnecessary/redundant. But, Mississippi.

    • Msgr_Moment

      Because said criminal didn’t have the 2nd Amendment on his side?

      • willi0000000

        if either of them had a gun or there was a gun in the car, even if they announced the fact clearly before any other business with their hands in clear sight, there would be two more dead black people today.

    • MrBlobfish

      How? Because the cop is an asshole.

    • Spotts1701

      They racked her for “failure to obey police officer” and him for “disturbing the peace” (by swears). You know, those very broad and vague charges when they don’t have anything specific but want to take you in anyways.

      • willi0000000

        they can rack you for not providing the wreck of the Titanic on a silver platter if told to.

      • Amy!

        Besides, they were loitering at high speed when the cop pulled ’em over.

    • Thaumaturgist

      Contempt of cop

      • HogeyeGrex

        They’re gonna need a bigger jail.

      • mtn_philosoph

        They failed to respect his authoritah.

    • LarkintheAM

      I know it’s stupid in the digital age, but in most states it’s still a law on the books that if you are operating a motor vehicle, you must have your license in your possession. But it’s a very minor offense in my state if you don’t, and most tickets for it are waived if you show up at the courthouse within 48 hours with it or a temporary replacement from the DMV if it’s been lost. That said, you are right that most police departments equip their cars with laptops and hotspots so that they can pull up your records – not only if you and your vehicle are licensed and insured, but if there are any outstanding tickets/warrants, how many points you are carrying and what for. So it’s very rare for an officer to even issue a ticket for not having your license in your possession while operating.

  • edith prickly

    Maybe Southaven would be better off without a police department.

    • Dudleydidwrong

      I’m not sure it has one now. It seems to have a motley collection of armed, uniformed rednecks.

      • VandeGraf

        Sorta like a Oath Keeping Jackbooted Gendarmerie. Sans beer. Plus testosterone and guns.

        • Belasaurius

          and man-boobs

          • lesterthegiantape

            Thanks a lot, now I have a boner in the teacher’s lounge

          • chicken thief

            You say ‘man-boobs’ like they are a bad thing.

            ~ Chris Christie

  • superdave

    Jesus Fucking Christ!

  • Playonwords

    But the poor police are under so much pressure to solve real crimes that you cannot expect them to actually be courteous and thoughtful. I mean, if a blah a man cusses them or says a word that they doan unnerstand cors thay wuz hoamskuled and wuz compost Comcast knocked screwy when playin’ man gaymz an havin’ someone hold there drink, that is a capitol office.

    An Womenz not taking their husbands names is not Biblical so they’re not really married or could be homosexes so they double need arrestin’, it’s just not classy; you don’t get the Queen of England acting like that

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      Brilliant commentary. Sorry that in some places in America; it is the gospel truth.


    There is a law there against profanity? People should start following cops around recording and filing complaints

    • UncleNine

      There cannot be a law against profanity. Nearly every Constitutional Court in America (except for ‘some’ Southern ones) would strike down such a law. And there are three types of “swears:” Profanity (referring to God,) Vulgarity (referring to excrement or other bodily or animal functions,) and Obscenity (referring specifically to human or animal sexual functions.) I’ll bet you a steak dinner that 1) the “law” in question isn’t smart enough to make this distinction, and 2) It wasn’t Profanity that the good Dr.’s husband uttered. Betcha.

  • drbloor

    “‘He used profane language in the presence of two people, he is getting arrested today.’”

    Well, DUH. That’s like the first or second law in the “Uppity in Public” chapter of the Tennessee Criminal Law book.

  • This reminds me of a fictitious encounter I had with the cops one time.

    I was minding my own business driving home from the bar after a dozen or so cocktails when, right out of nowhere, a school bus with a bunch of disabled children appeared in front of me at an intersection. I t-boned the school bus sending it flying into a jam packed Starbucks storefront at which point it erupted in flames. Fortunately for me, the car I had borrowed to get home was still running so I continued on.

    Now get this, some asshole then pulls up along side of me and, real angry like, yells at me to pull over and stop. Well, this dude was obviously crazy so I pulled out the pistol that was in the borrowed car’s glovebox, thank God, and fired a couple of hot ones his way to back him off. He careened off the road and into a telephone pole erupting the PCB filled transformer at the top of the pole. Dude was out of line.

    At this point I’m a little upset about the inconveniences I’ve encountered just trying to get home and into a shower to sober up before work. A few blocks from home I see in the rearview the flashing reds and blues of a cop car. I pull over to let the cop by thinking that some asshole is totally busted. To my surprise the cop stops behind me and slowly approches the borrowed car I’m driving.

    “License”, he demands.

    “I must have left it in the bar”, I reply.

    “Registration”, he barks.

    “I can’t find it, this isn’t my car, some dude at the bar let me borrow it”, I explained.

    “Do you realize that you’ve caused several accidents, including sending a school bus full of disabled children into a crowded storefront, killing many people?” There are reports that you fired multiple shots at another vehicle as well.

    “I did?”

    “What’s you’re name sir”, he asks.

    “Rich N. White, sir”, I proudly state.

    “Well Mr. White, please be more careful next time. Go home, take a shower, and have a nice day”, he says as he stops traffic to let me merge back into the slow lane.

    • Thatsitfor Theotherwon


      • willi0000000

        i have a feeling that the best course of action for a non-white person when asked for their license is to say to the cop “i’m just gonna turn around slowly and assume the position, feel free to get it for yourself.”

  • drbloor

    So as part of the settlement, will they be renaming the town “Bowdenville” or “FuckyourKKKopville?”

  • MrBlobfish

    I don’t know why city mayors and managers let this shit happen. And yet I do. It costs their fair city money and brings bad publicity. Unless Southaven is the kind of town that winks at this shit and will re-elect the fuckers over and over.

  • schmannity

    Artificial intelligence cannot progress fast enough to replace these jackboots with benignly programmed robots.

  • That_got_me_thinking

    I bet racist, roid raging, authoritarian POS Officer Delany cares now who the mayor’s wife was.

  • NorthStarSpanx

    Officer Delaney was going to arrest them no matter what, even without the Mister calling him a redneck under his breath.

  • Me not sure

    When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When in Memphis do as you’re told.

    • zerosumgame0005

      or else

      • toomanyrappers

        Probably “and” the else part. :(

    • chicken thief

      BULLSHI….!!!! Oops, off I go…

    • Rick Hill

      “…do as you’re told.”

      Even that’s no guarantee.

      • willi0000000

        “shut up and tell me your name!”

        “don’t move and turn around!”

    • Sharon Bowers

      In Red Neck Speak, that means: “Know Your Place, N—a!

  • lesterthegiantape

    I got no funny on this one. It’s a miracle these folks didn’t get shot dead — and somewhere in America, somebody else in the same situation DID get shot dead.

  • PirateCafe

    Couple of repugnant asswhipes need to find new careers, and be unburdened from the ball and chain that is their badges and guns. Permanently.

  • Rick Hill

    Here’s another one of those “isolated incidents” for those folks who say the police are the bestest people in the universe and gawd loves them the most.

    • Good_Gawd_Yall

      I totally don’t.

  • chicken thief

    So those Southhaven loser cops never did find the drugs? THEY’RE IN THE FRAME OF THE JAG, DUMBASSES!!11!!!

    • david green

      The are in the pocket of Officer Dipshit until they are placed in the frame of the Jag.

  • Paperless Tiger

    Dr. Bowden said in her email that at this point, the officer ran her husband’s license, but we’re going to guess she meant they ran other stuff, because clearly her husband did not have his license readily available …

    If they can “run” his license, it means they can access the database and verify his license using his name, if they want to.

    • 1captainhooker1

      I’ve gotten by fine in a traffic stop just by knowing my license #. Of course, I’m white…

  • MrCanoehead

    Keep in mind, this is how someone WHO KNOWS THE MAYOR’S WIFE PERSONALLY was treated. I’d hate to be a black doctor with no friends in high places to call when I get pulled over rushing to a patient.

  • Spotts1701

    I forsee two lawsuits a-comin’ – one from the lady doctor and her husband, and one from the patient’s family (should anything untoward have happened to the patient because the po-po was too busy trying to “make an example” of a couple of folks with excessive melanin).

    • willi0000000

      the doctor and her husband should sue separately . . . i mean, since they’re not married.

  • I hadn’t watched the video before.

    Memphis man, reportedly hogtied by police, dies in Mississippi

    This is why we have a DOJ and an FBI. To stop this shit.


    • Goposaur

      and again, police intimidation of someone recording the event when they are half a football field away. no cooperation, do not answer any question without your attorney present. record everything, but do not interfere and adhere to lawful commands.

      they are not your friends. LEOS are secretaries with guns.

  • PirateCafe

    Tom Long, Chief of Police

    8691 Northwest Dr.
    Southaven, MS 38671

    Ph: 662-393-8652
    Fx: 662-393-7138

  • PirateCafe

    Is Delany the one who killed the concert goer?

  • Portia McGonagal

    I’m sorry is this still 2015?

  • chicken thief

    Damn. And I used to really like Delaney when him and Bonnie worked with Clapton.

  • The Molten Soul

    There once was a pretty doctor squirrel lady. She worked very hard to build her medical practice after she had worked very hard to gain her medical license. She thought all that hard work and earned wealth gave her the right to own a Jaguar. Well, Officer Nutsack taught her about the Real America.

    • Bad Granny

      If she had planned better she could have been a white squirrel.

      • Antimassacree

        “…with Liberty and Justice for all white squirrels.”

    • Putty

      Now you’re going all Stumpy on us.

    • LadyeCatte

      All ya’ll.. BAD!! (LOL!)

  • Not So Much

    Well, this was a shitty story with which to begin my Monday. I cannot Adult any more today. I’m taking a bottle of hooch and heading back to bed.

    • LadyeCatte

      Right behind ya with a blunt. We’ll share.

  • toomanyrappers

    I figured it out! Clearly, the bad language was the kind that is:

    applied mechanically, artlessly, in a way that does not encourage the reader toward a deeper truth.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Upfists for reference to post on Saturday!

      • calliecallie

        Upfists for a memory good enough to remember this language from the post onSaturday!

  • Swampay


  • Latverian Diplomat

    This is a serious and upsetting story, and I hope Dr. Bowden’s get a pound and a half of flesh out of the police department.

    That said,and hopefully in the fun loving spirit of this site, a “genetic emergency” sounds like something that would happen to one of the X-men.

  • Swampay

    Something tells me officer Delaney is going to be lucky to get a job cleaning toilets when the mayor’s wife gets done with him

  • Dave

    FWIW, I live in a neighbor were 75% of the households have doctor in the family. I moved in 20 years ago when it was mostly farmland. On average the houses are 4 times larger than the rest of the county

    Sadly, the neighborhood has gone from a pleasant place to an area full of entitled assholes :(

    There is an interesting cycle regarding speeding.

    1. At community events people complain incessantly about how fast people drive in the neighborhood full of kids.

    2. They call the police and request a “police presence.” When people with this much influence (wealth) live in a dense area, the police show up.

    3. However, when they get stopped for speeding. They are indigent about how the law doesn’t apply to them because they are important and in a hurry.

    Much weeping and gnashing of teeth occurs.

  • Toomush_Infer

    The paranoid echo chambers that are most police departments in this country ensure that a lot of cops feel they are a small, mistreated minority of their own, and it’s the fault of every other minority out there…

  • Callyson
  • Cismontane

    Sir, I’m Officer White. I’m placing you under arrest for six very serious charges:
    – Failure to produce papers quickly enough.
    – Driving while black.
    – Mouthing off to a white person while black.
    – Failure to exercise control over your wife.
    – Failure to produce papers for your wife on demand.
    – Allowing your wife to speak in public.

    • cessnadriver

      One of the problems is that most people don’t have the resources to get into this cop’s life and prove to the world what he is: kkk

      • Pisto75666

        Anonymous (the hacker group) most likely could. If they’re still a thing, that is.

    • OneDemin EOr

      Oooooo, Oooooo, you forgot the seventh: you are not (white) man enough to make your wife change her name!

  • JustPixelz

    ““I asked Officer Delany what he was charging my husband with. He said the use of profane language.”

    I don’t see the problem. He was speaking American.

    • OneDemin EOr

      But not as fluently as certain drunken Wasilla-ettes.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I hope Dr. Bowden’s patient sues the shit out of the police for putting his/her life in danger for no good goddamn reason.

  • JustPixelz

    Obama is the real criminal. When is he going to speak up against this sort of police-shaming by professional victims?

    • LadyeCatte

      As soon as you get your daddy’s pecker out of your mouth and learn to face reality without the Klan sheet you normally use to wipe up the santorum.

      • grmpy

        Wow, way to keep it classy with those whom you disagree.

        • natoslug

          Obama is the real criminal for not providing more Santorum Klan sheets. When is he going to speak up against this sort of Pixelz-shaming by new commenters who apparently haven’t read teh Wonkette, or have yet to familiarize themselves with our etiquette (not you, obvs., but LC Humorless above you).

        • oh like YOU haven’t ever talked about your daddy’s pecker while completely misunderstanding justpixelz’s snark.

      • janecita

        Welcome to Wonkette, he is just being ironic, we have a warped sense of humor around here.

      • marxalot

        Oh, you must be new. You’ve got the vocabulary, just need to tweak your exasperated-irony detector a bit.

      • JustPixelz

        Let me help you with the context.

        Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker repeated his charge Sunday that President Barack Obama has contributed to an anti-police environment that has led to more shootings.

        If Scott Walker is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    These cops seem to have the same personality disorder as cops who block EMS from accessing people they just shot.

    • LadyeCatte

      I saw that story, too. And people still think the best thing black people can do is “cooperate” with these dangerous armed thugs.

      • grmpy

        really, i would totally cooperate with an armed thug. if some armed thug walks into a bank to rob it I would do everything they told me. the police are no different

  • DahBoner

    Backup, obviously, because black people are in a Jaguar, so it’s probably stolen, right?


  • Blerg

    It’s weird that this story isn’t on Fox “News” this morning. No time, I guess between Hillary The Devil, Donald Trump is The Greatest of All Time, Syrian Refugees Comin’ to Git Us, and White Trooper Shot By Ni…oops I Mean Black Guy.

    • And don’t forget about Kim Davis of Nazareth, Frumpy Savior of Religious Obstructionism here to save us from the scourge of people practice thier right to love!

  • Goposaur

    I will NEVER support any sort of violence anywhere anywhom towards LEOs (and the rest of us), but cooperation should come to a standstill in terms of voluntary statements, identification , eg. They are the most dangerous element on the streets.

    • LadyeCatte

      Just because a sociopath managed to get a badge to wear doesn’t automatically make him someone to revere. You band together as legalized thugs to treat other humans like trash, you get what’s coming to you.
      The days of “Judge, he tried to grab my gun, so I shot him. Fifteen times. The broken arm and missing teeth he suffered was because he assaulted me. No, there’s no video, but it doesn’t’ matter what the bystanders said. I’m an cop, so my word is holds more weight in court, right? Good.
      If we’re done here, I’m late for my Klan meeting.”?? They’re over.

      • Swampgas_Man

        Not according to most blah people.

  • AnOuthouse

    I wonder how long Officer Delany will continue to be employed. I heard that Ferguson is hiring.

    • DsMTwoShoes

      Delany will be around a lot longer than most would be uncomfortable with!

  • Villago Delenda Est

    Mistake number one: Driving any car while blah. Mistake number two: driving an EXPENSIVE car while blah. Mistake number three: BEING blah.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  • AnOuthouse

    Potentially unmarried people who may or may not live at the same address riding together in a Jaguar? Throw away the key.

  • Cismontane

    For the first and only time ever, I find myself in agrement with The Donald: “We are led by very, very stupid people.” Yep. MS, AL, TN, KY are certainly being led by people who fit that criteria. It’s all “sprinkly ferry dust blown from atop [a] unicorn” (to paraphrase Caribou Barbie) down there.

  • amazon_ww

    The doctor, her husband, and the cops would have all rushed to the patient together with lights and sirens blaring if only that couple had had the decency to be born white.

  • Tendernob

    As a married person who also did not take my husband’s name when we married (I was 38, fer shit’s sake!), I am very very relieved that I live in a big librul city that doesn’t call me a liar whenever I tell people I’m married.

    • Vienna Woods

      In our small town back in 1988 I was told I would have to file change of name papers to prevent them from changing my name automatically… but if a woman was changing her name she would have to file change of name papers to change her name. Let’s just say that their advice to me was wrong, and I didn’t follow it, and after my wedding I went in and yelled at them for being idiots.
      Then I felt better.

    • marxalot

      I grew up having to patiently, and with some bewilderment, explain to people that Comrade Mom was my mom, even if she had a different last name, and no my parents weren’t divorced, she just never changed her name, what is so hard about that.

      • OneDemin EOr

        I did the hyphen thingy and I’m sure my children enjoyed every second of the ‘splainin’. As have I. (Sigh)

        • H0mer0

          oh, I misread that as “hymen.”

      • Rex Thorne

        If anything is different than it is in their own families, the dumb Conservatives will become confused and enraged just about every time.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      My wife didn’t take my last name, and we always carried a copy of our marriage license for those odd hotel clerks who were hesitant to provide a room if we weren’t married. Now, that we’re old, no one cares, because they know we aren’t going to be doing anything in there that would piss off Leviticus.

  • Beowoof14

    The south, continues to be the bastion of all things truly representative of the confederacy, bigotry, hatred, and the inability to comprehend what the Bible says. And you wonder why they keep the schools in 49th place.

  • George

    And so…I didn’t read her story beyond the Wonkette-derived cliff notes. What happened to the patient with the emergency that got this whole shit show started? Everyone ok?

    • malsperanza

      No. None of us are ok.

  • DsMTwoShoes

    Every time I read a story like this, the first thing that comes to mind is; Don’t these idiots (police or individuals in authority who shouldn’t be) read the paper or watch television?

    • cessnadriver

      Reminds me of when LaVar Burton bought a new Mercedes and got stopped every time he drove on Ventura Boulevard.

    • Cismontane

      This assumes that the primary mission for local law enforcement in much for this country is protecting public safety or upholding the rule of law. Instead, in some places, it may simply be to protect male and white privilege through fear. And the white males in charge in those localities are idiots.

      • Basicalky, they’re Nelson Muntz’so who traded their slingshotsite for tasers and guns.

  • cessnadriver

    Mike Schmuckabee needs to get there quick and give the arresting officers a nice foot rub.

    • OneDemin EOr

      Then he washes said feet with his tears and dries them with his hair. Always striving to be Mary Magdalene.

  • grmpy

    and what has happened to officer Delany?

  • grmpy

    Also what happened with her emergency?what happened to that patient she was speeding to get to? Did they die? Could the family sue the cops for wrongful death?

    • UncleNine

      It totally doesn’t matter. You (and the cops) don’t get to decide. How would you like some redneck cop to decide for you what constituted your medical emergency. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Give them the ticket, as they expected to get, and MOVE ON.

      • lsmith

        It definitely matters what happened to the emergency. That was the reason for speeding in the first place. Widen your scope a little to see the big picture. If somebody died due to these cops, that is much bigger than the insult.

        • UncleNine

          Sorry, I just don’t agree–mainly because even considering that part of the story lessens the much needed attention on the real issue, INJUSTICE and MISTREATMENT of black people in America. In other words, if this couple was speeding home to take a shower together, would the situation be less important?

          • LarkintheAM

            Yes. It would. My brother is a cop, and he tells me that if he pulls over a physician who is speeding to get to a medical emergency, then the S.O.P. in his department is to give them a warning and then escort them to the scene of the emergency. So if this really was any emergency, then they had a legitimate reason to be speeding (which is breaking the law, btw) that the officer is *supposed* to acknowledge and then is supposed to assist them in taking care of by getting them safely to the scene of the emergency. If they had been speeding home to take a shower, it still wouldn’t have justified the treatment they got, but breaking the law by speeding and by the driver not being in possession of his license should have resulted in a ticket for the speeding and one for the lack of license with a waiver if they show up at the courthouse with it in hand. Even if the driver swore at the cop, that is not enough to justify arrest. The police are supposed to be taught to DE-escalate situations, not make them worse. My bro could give you chapter and verse on how things have changed since the force went from majority civilian to majority military since the Gulf/Iraq/Afghanistan wars. I’m not saying that race wasn’t involved, since we darn good and well that a white couple speeding at night in a black jag would be not automatically considered to be up to no good, only that there was a reason to stop them in the first place, and that the reason that they were speeding SHOULD have made a difference to the cop.

          • H0mer0

            intent is a BIG part in a court of law ; might I call attention here to how everyone who got emotional in their non-comments all had points of view that were valid and how the discussion escalated to “shouting” very quickly?
            As a physician, I have a hard time understanding what constitutes a genetic emergency and there are emergency personnel at the hospital to manage the “ABCDs” (you know, airway-breathing-circulation-drugs-…)while waiting for her to show up. However, if she questioned the competence and experience of the personnel which may vary community by community, (cough [anthrax attacks,] cough, barf [ebola]..)
            I could understand her wanting to get there ASAP.

            I should get back to work with the forms ….

          • LarkintheAM

            I’m with you on the ‘genetic emergency’ bit (and on the screaming match in the non-existent comments), but once she identified herself as a physician on the way to an emergency, then there is a standard procedure (at least in my brother’s department and I doubt that his mid-sized midwestern city is unique) that the officer was supposed to follow and did not. The only reason I can come up with for that is that the officer wasn’t inclined to listen to the doc because he didn’t believe her and that he didn’t believe her because of their race combined with the lack of license + car which could only have been purchased through ill-gotten gains because Black. So the officer is going to get a lot of behind-the-scenes flack from his supervisors over that, and may end up being penalized for it.

            Have fun with your forms. Do you have to call and yell at insurance companies, too? I have a neonatologist friend who spends hours on the phone yelling explaining why 500 gram babies are in no condition to be released from the hospital.

          • H0mer0

            my billing person does that for me since she knows I’m a coward. She puts up with my passive aggressive personality and ADHD. The idiocy of having to esplain to a utilization/prior authorization nurse at the insurance company about the limited viability of a ~ 1 lb baby once you send them home is infuriating (dats IT! metric system!)

            I agree with you about the cop being supposed to follow a procedure and provide police escort if any doubt exists (but I’ve had my experiences with ED physicians and cops forgetting to follow procedure, thankfully not fatal experiences for any of those for whom I was advocating in those situations.)
            I do get kind of annoyed at people name dropping, but having been in the military, I put up with it and thank my lucky stars that I’m enough of a nobody that none of them (the glitterati) seek out my services. I did have the opportunity to contact a patient of mine on the school board to advocate for one of my sons, but fortunately the situation turned out in his favor without my intercession (smacked of coercion, mebbe, the doctor-patient relationship being seen as unequal historically in the days of paternalistic medicine?)
            Yeah, getting nosebleeds up on the pedestal :)

      • Lord-Nash

        You keep saying MOVE ON, as if the officer was happy to let them go if they found the missing license. Don’t think that’s the way it was gonna go down. He took the man to jail for profanity. He was obviously trying to goad them into making a mistake he could jail them for, whether it was racism (it was) or just a power trip (yeah, this too).

        • UncleNine

          I’m so glad that you know what is “obvious” in this incident, except that you don’t. Here’s what I think: If you check ALL the arrest records for this little dung-hole town, I’ll bet you a steak dinner nobody but black people get taken to jail for using “profanity” in this type of situation. Further, such a law against using “profanity” in a “non-public” situation like this would be struck down by nearly every Constitutional Court in America. For good reason. Everybody uses profanity–even ignorant, racist, moron, thug cops.

          Finally, every state in the country has systems that allow checking a license plate for the description, license, registration, and insurance status of the owner of the car, and his/her family. Quick and easy. Even Rat Poop, Mississippi has access to these systems. In the cop car. In two minutes.

          There is much more to this story left to unfold. I hope.

      • grmpy

        Way to miss the entire point of my post. Good for you.
        and it totally does matter since she was speeding to a matter of life and death emergency. I want to know if the cops killed that person by stopping her for DTFWB. and if it wasn’t a matter of life and death it would appear the speeding was unnecessary since speeding only made her even more late.

        • UncleNine

          Way to miss MY entire post. None of what you brought up in your original post matters in the very least. What you posted simply takes attention away from the horrific injustice that this incident represents. She walks past her colleagues, handcuffed, wrists bruised and maybe bleeding, and whispers to them that ‘this is for a traffic violation.’ To use a way-overworked analogy, we may as well be in WWII Nazi Germany. Whether the patient died, or whether there was even a medical emergency at all, just simply, absolutely, doesn’t matter at all.

          I don’t care about any of the sideline stuff you posted. Not one bit.

  • calliecallie

    I have racially mixed feelings (again) about this. Officer Delaney is clearly a redneck asshole, and a disgrace to his Irish name, and to the police force, and should be fired. But on the other hand I have known some doctors who think their profession allows them to do whatever they want and the little people who don’t like it can just talk to the Mayor’s wife. A genetic emergency? Why didn’t she just drive herself? If he’s married to a doctor isn’t he smart enough to know you don’t speed in a Jaguar at night while black? And what grown-up misplaces a driver’s license like that? There are two sides to this story, and they’re both bad. Just glad no one got shot or dead in some other way.

    • grmpy

      I thought the same thing… someone name dropping on me doesn’t make me happy or impress me either. You don’t get to break laws because of who you know. How were the cops to know there was a real emergency? although, that being said a modicum of decency doesn’t seem wildly inappropriate from the fuzz in this situation

      • UncleNine

        Unbelievable. Both grmpy and calliecallie. These people weren’t trying to “break laws.” They knew they’d get a ticket and accept it. And you don’t get to decide what constitutes a medical emergency. And about “mixed feelings:” What a load of dung you are espousing, that he should be “smart enough to know you don’t speed in a Jaguar at night while black.” Who the fuck do you two think you are? That it’s okay to tell black people not to speed at night, and not white people? That it’s okay to tell police officers that many white people share this view? Are you NUTS? The cops didn’t need “to know there was a real emergency.” Give them SAME TREATMENT as would be given to any while couple in the same circumstances. I have been stopped–in the South–without my license and was told to move on. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION, NO EXCUSE FOR THIS STORY EXCEPT FOR RACISM–PURE WHITE HATRED. It has to STOP. NOW!

        • Dave

          As medical professional I have to disagree with you on this one. The behavior of many of my colleagues towards anyone they feel is subordinate is often reprehensible and occasionally criminal. The only reason they get away with it because they have more influence.

          As much as I dislike…. scratch that, as much as I hate the behavior of law enforcement, let’s wait for both sides of the story.

          • grmpy

            OOH dead give away of racism right there. RACIST RACIST RACIST!!!!!!!! stop that NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!1!111111!!!

          • amindofitsown

            There’s a chance we may never know the *whole story.

          • UncleNine

            I don’t disagree with you that the behavior of many medical professionals is arrogant, “reprehensible” and maybe even “criminal.” I don’t disagree. But I also feel strongly that it is irrelevant and just doesn’t matter. Doctor or not, treating a (maybe belligerent) cop in a reprehensible or superior manner IS NOT ILLEGAL. Using foul language (especially if not directed at the cop) CANNOT BE ILLEGAL. Every Constitutional Court in America would agree.

            I also don’t disagree with the writer of this article who searched his/her conscience to determine if there was any reason Dr. Broward would lie, and faithfully decided that there was not. I believe, admittedly as a matter of faith, that we HAVE heard both sides of the story.

        • grmpy

          OH EM G you wrote SOME words in CAPS and others in lower case, NOW i see how your opinion is more better than mine. I’m sure any white people name dropping would’ve been given the same treatment but that’s prolly not TRUE cAUSE all cops everywhere are RACIST. FACTs n stuff. (BTW I never said that driving at night while in jaguar and black stuff)

          • UncleNine

            Huh? What are you ranting about? My use of caps? Caps mean I’m raising my voice vs. the surrounding text. Not quite ‘yelling’ but speaking more loudly. To emphasize my feeling, like I would if you were standing next to me, which you’re not, and I can’t raise my voice on a keyboard. Unnerstand? It’s not at all because I feel my ‘opinion is more better than yours.’ Do you do internet much? Funny how commenters on this site try to write like the writers on this site write. Not so much. I never said I believe “all cops everywhere are RACIST.” Not a majority, not even a big minority. Just a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER in the SOUTH and some other places. That’s all. Just a significant number. ‘Prolly’ not even a bigger percentage than the population at large, just ‘prolly’ enough to ‘prolly’ cause a whole bunch of injustice. SO THERE.

        • Grmpy is the guy who says that black people should stop being all angry and aggro about their rights and peaceably take their beatings just like Dr King. I think he has a problem with uppity black folks.

      • NoniMausa

        It’s one thing to name-drop when trying to get a nice table in a crowded restaurant. It is another thing altogether when you have reason to believe there’s a good chance you and your husband are about to get shot to death on the road.

        This reminds me of the situation with women under threat (i.e. Most unaccompanied women almost anywhere.) They are expected to be under the protection of some male, who even if not actually present himself, will be angry if his daughter/wife/girlfriend is damaged. Somehow, “My husband/father will kill you!” carries a lot more menace than “My friend/mother/sister will kill you.”

        Of course it is shameful that Dr. Bowden and her husband’s opinion of this situation had no bearing, but when faced with a frothing guy with a gun and the approval of the justice system, what would you do?

        • grmpy

          Or name dropping to get out of a ticket as the cops had reason to beleive what was going on.

    • JoeChristmas

      I’m with you on this one cc. The “medical emergency” and ‘Oh, where is my license?” stories are sketchy at best. Plus, I hate when people pull the “don’t you know who I am card?” At the same time the PO was a dick too.

    • LarkintheAM

      You have to admit that perp-walking the doc through the hospital was meant to be an exercise in humiliation – perhaps for pulling the ‘I know people in high places’ card – but it still was incredibly unprofessional.

  • ænəræk

    OMG! that is such an ugly story. I wonder if they feel lucky to still be alive?

  • David Trammel

    Why don’t we all email the Mayor? And let him know of our minor displeasure at the way his police force does it’s job? LOL.

    From the Southhaven website

    Be sure to mention you just read the story here on and perhaps we can really piss some people off…

    Dear Mayor Musselwhite,

    I read with some concern the recent blog post on (insert link) about your police force arresting local doctor Marcia Bowden and her husband. To say I’m glad I live in another town and yes another complete state from yours is an understatement.

    Well at least your police didn’t shoot them both. What a mess that would have been.

    It’s reassuring to see the level of training and professionalism, that you as Mayor encourages your Police force to strive for. Protect and to Serve the Public is the motto, isn’t it?. Remember, the buck stops at your desk. Please try not to blame others.

    No doubt in the next few weeks, as the Media descends upon you town, and you are forced to do interview after interview explaining how utterly unprofessional the representatives of your administration, abused their authority, threatened violence on a prominent member of your town, and luckily didn’t shoot them both, you will think long and hard on what you want to do AFTER public service.

    If you don’t have to reply to this email, I understand. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

    Did I mention how luckily the police didn’t shoot them both?

    Yours Truly…”

    • David Trammel

      I probably would add:

      “Least you misunderstand my concern, I’m white, male and 57. And its way past time that this kind of thing happens. When it does, what makes America great gets a bit more tarnished.”

  • natoslug

    Sometimes I feel like the occasional police officer does not fully understand the whole “To Serve and Protect” slogan.

    • Glock H. Palin, Esq.

      No, see you’re the one that doesn’t understand it. They serve the portion of white people in this country who are terrified of black people, and they are in turn protected from the consequences if they should deem it necessary to shoot one of those unarmed black people who for some reason always seem to charge armed officers as long as there’s nobody recording the encounter.

      • natoslug

        I knew I shouldn’t have given myself the benefit of the doubt.

        • H0mer0

          yeah, and I believed all the cop shows on teevee growing up on how they kept us safe (authority figures in uniform still scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.) Something, something, something, transference.

    • Hardly Ideal
      • H0mer0

        I was thinking about the prison-industrial complex the other day and the similarities with our historical “peculiar institution” for which the repugs seem to nostalgic. Your post seems to depict that quite well.

  • Delany Dean

    Wow, I just ran a search and found NOTHING about this in the Commercial Appeal! There’s an article in the Pittsburgh Courier, of all places, but zip in Memphis. That is amazing and of course unacceptable. I used to be in law enforcement myself but/and have to say that these cops are completely out of control, and seemingly on a downward trajectory as they become more defensive about being called on this brutality.

    • Hardly Ideal

      After that one guy died from suffocation on their watch, it should be clear to anyone without an -R next to their name that the whole department is made of rot.

  • Mary Sandoras

    Driving a Jaguar while black is a moving violation, or so I am told.

  • Iam Reading

    Fascist southern pigs

    • lsmith

      It’s not a geographical problem. It’s a police problem.

      • Villago Delenda Est

        I agree. Police everywhere are utterly out of control. The lesson they learned from Ferguson is that they can get away with murder.

        • James Christopher Owen

          And if they had any doubts, the total walk given to the murderers of Eric Garner should have cleared that right up.

  • Suse

    The jury deadlocked a few days ago in the trial of that Alabama cop who slammed the tiny Indian grandfather to the ground and partially paralyzed him. He will be retried.

  • darnyoudarnyoutoheck

    Well if these blah people would drive the right type of car the poor police wouldn’t have to assume they were bad guys. Well maintained 4 to 7 year old american sedan, that’s what all blahs should drive.

    • Jen_Baker_VA

      I ride a moderately well maintained 10 year old american sedan. Can I haz no cop bustin?

      • darnyoudarnyoutoheck

        Maybe, if you live in an almost-no-winter place so road salt hasn’t rusted it to shit. My 20 year old minivan is right out – but I has the whites so no problem here.

  • Last Hussar

    Thank the FSM she didn’t anything REALLY illegal, like having Baz follow her on Twitter

    (I know it’s old news but that is still a British paper pointing at Yank cops)

  • NoniMausa

    Dear Dr. Bowden, there’s always Canada. Canada really enjoys getting more doctors. Plus you won’t have to do 1200 pages of documentation so just to get paid. Just sayin’.

    • April Lamba

      Unfortunately the pay and hours for doctors is really shitty compared to America, plus harder to open private practices… But still white supremacy is everywhere, even in Canada.

      • NoniMausa

        As Pratchett said,
        “I am offering you the chance of a lifetime.”
        “I am offering you the chance to HAVE a lifetime.”

        Brownie points for the reference. No actual brownies are involved.

        • Annie Towne

          Are you offering brownie points if I tell you it’s from Going Postal, or are you claiming them for yourself for quoting it?

          • NoniMausa

            Not Going Postal, though that’s a good guess. Think The Stance of the Coyote.

          • Annie Towne

            Right, right, right. Lobsang! Lu-Tze (can’t remember exactly how to spell it)! Must be Thief of Time. Frankly, though, I prefer the Monks of Cool to the History Monks, but only just a little bit.

          • NoniMausa

            Congratulations, you are An Smart Brownie. With a point.

            Anyway, the chance of HAVING a lifetime is really not much of a choice at all. I wonder how often this sort of thing simply drives skilled or thoughtful citizens, blah or not, out of these towns and states, thus gradually making those jurisdictions more and more poor. “Upward mobility” should not mean “moving to Canada.”

      • Lynn Rowe

        Both the Netherlands & Australia pay higher salaries than the USA; my choice, for pay & real actual freedoms, would be the Netherlands.

        • H0mer0

          there is no salary in private practice if you “own” your practice (I use quotes for “own” because I still owe my dad lots of Ameros for helping keep me afloat during the crappy Bush recession during which I started it since no one who interviewed me about a job had the decency to call or phone or email back on their decision.) Hah, jokes on them, this is right before the positive stereotype about Indian doctors pervaded and ironically enough allowed me to exploit my melanin to my advantage. Now I just work for da best bosses (my 15 year old sons.)

        • MissTee

          Not true. But whatever.

  • Gleem-McShinez

    We are a nation of Laws No Naughty Words!

    Good thing the police stopped that profanity from escaping out into the world, where it could fuck some fucker up the fucking cockfaced ass-fucking-hole.

    • H0mer0

      Fuck yeah! (tits too!)

    • “Remember what the MPAA says: Horrific deplorable violence is OK, as long as nobody says any naughty words!” – Kyle’s mom, “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”

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    • Markuserektus

      Rowan County clerk pays much better and you don’t have to work at ALL.

  • NotReveen

    Why was she arrested? What was the charge?

    • Spotts1701

      Failure to obey police officer. No really, that’s what the charge was.

      • David Hickernell

        The article doesn’t mention any order the officer issued that she failed to obey, or even any question that she failed to answer.

        • MissTee

          He told her to get back in the car and she didn’t. And you know, talented, wealthy, prominent, intelligent women are just fine with the police in Southaven IF they are white.

          If not, talented, wealthy, intelligent, prominent women are scary scary dangerous. Watch out. They might get out of their car and call your boss.

          • David Hickernell

            Unless I misread something, he told her to get OUT of the car, and she did. I didn’t see anything about him telling her to get back in.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Why? She’s black and uppity and in a car the police officer felt a black person shouldn’t be allowed to own. That is why.

  • TheBidenator

    I guess someone got cut off at Krispy Kreme on the wrong day….white trash goober. You know it’s funny in that it’s not funny at all: white cops seem to enjoy beating up poor black people out of some sense of racial superiority but then white cops seem to enjoy beating up successful black people out of some sense of racial grievance. Either way these two cops need to be suspended and told to go Duggar themselves with a rusty lawnmower for a month sans pay like Josh Duggar is actually doing right now….

  • Callie Ge

    If this is true, & I don’t doubt that it is , It is fucking CRAZY, never, NEVER in Australia would the Passenger in a car be arrested for Anything, for a simple traffic stop WTF, the driver would not be arrested either, when stopped for speeding you get a ticket, and a fine, & another fine for not having your licence on you and 24 hours to go to any police station with your licence to prove you have one.

    • handyhippie65

      that is the way it works here if you are white. same thing happened to me. a couple of tickets, and away i went. the cop knew i HAD a license, he ran my name. i just didn’t have it on me.

    • edlobel

      Guess you hve never been in the US where this happens all the time. Crime is called “Driving while Black” I am white and had a similar incident when driving in Dallas with my son. My son was driving and we were in heavy traffic. We were going 15 – 20 MPH when we were moving and all of a sudden a Dallas policeman pulled behind us and motioned my son to the side of the road. I know better than to argue with a cop in the south. I could not really hear the conversation between my son and the cop and sat quietly in the front passenger seat. Then the trunk was opened and I got out of the car. The officer sid to get back in the car and I promptly said NO! I am going to get my phone and call this boys’ Aunt to find out why you stopped him and are searching him. As you can imagine he looked at me like I was crazy and said get back in the car. I again I said NO! I asked him why he stopped my son and said “this was a known drug route and drug dealers drive this kind of car, I refused to believe him and told him that didn’t matter and that he stopped my son illegally and asked him to search the car illegally and I them handed him my phone and gave him a phone number to call and when the phone is answered to ask for the US Attorney who us this boys aunt! He again look at me like I was crazy then looked back at my son’s drivers license and made the association between last names and had a completely diiffent expression, aplologized and sent us on our way. This is a true story and I do believe that the story in the post is absolutely true!


        If you weren’t white, you would have been shot when he said get back in and you refused. Glad you didn’t.

        • edlobel

, Me too!

    • H0mer0

      This story just reminded me of “Mississippi Burning” as far as the traffic stop and arrest for flimsy reasons. I’m not sure if this might be analogous to going Godwin, but it gave me that nauseated feeling that watching the aforementioned movie gave me.

    • ryanmrichardson

      Also, can they not look up a license in a database? That seems like a thing they should be able to do.

      • Carly

        They can. They will still give you a ticket for driving without a license, as I found out, despite having my license on me, after an accident. When they immediately towed me to a rental place, at which I had to present my license in order to rent a car, I was given the keys to a rental and drove home. They dropped the ticket. In some ways, I have to thank my light skinned black mother for marrying a white dude, so when I get pulled over I am not automatically assumed to be black.

    • I AM R U

      Yeah, as a fellow Australian the idea that a passenger, without actually doing something (like assaulting an officer) could be arrested in a “routine” traffic stop is ridiculous. The driver would receive a fine and perhaps an extra penalty like receiving demerit points, and if you don’t have your licence on you, you have 7 days to go to a police station and show it to them otherwise you get an additional fine (in Victoria, anyway). Also, swearing at an officer? Would get a warning, and perhaps you’d be arrested if you’ve done something else or have a serious history of violent interactions with police. A friend of mine is a cop, and tells a story of a couple of guys who were arrested after making pig noises at some police – they got a warning, and were asked what they were up to as they seemed in their early to mid-teens. They gave their names as a couple of notorious police murderers – so they got arrested and held until their legal guardians arrived. But that’s basically that it takes :/

  • uniquename72

    Nice to Wonkette ridiculing the idea of trigger warnings on everything under the sun.

    Maybe you could have a chat with TheMarySue.

  • listen2meIsmart

    I often think of the meme with Snoop on the Martha Stewart show pic that says “Only one of them is a convicted felon” and them something about stereo types being great. Yes, because the middle aged white lady is pure and sweet while the scary black man with weird hair is obviously a hood.

    • ryanmrichardson

      But Snoop is a convicted felon.


        Might be an old picture.

  • Ellis_Weiner


    • woodwoman

      Someone might think you’re using Jesus’ name as a swear and try to take you to jail.

  • An indigenous professor once suggested that the definition of “black” in any country is “if you get stopped by the cops when you drive a nice car”.

  • handyhippie65

    i don’t think the constitution says free speech, except swears. mebbe i’m wrong.

  • Annie Towne

    I am so angry right now I can barely type this.

    • sillyclucker

      Ditto. Fuming! Can someone explain to me how racism is over again?

  • MissTee

    I live in Memphis and I can vouch that she is, indeed, fairly prominent. I’ve certainly heard of her, even though she isnt my doctor. She sponsors public radio, for one thing. (Hey, maybe thats why she was arrested. Damn hippie public radio) There’s no excuse for treating her and her husband this way.

  • MissTee

    I’m actually kind of surprised that, when he told them his name was Ira, the police didnt arrest him for not looking Jewish. .

  • YayConspiracy

    The husband is going to spend a long time in jail. There are several felonies: -being educated while black; driving jaguar while black; going to formal social events while black; not sharing the same last name while married an black; talking to a white police officer while black; using the name of the Lord ™ in vain ™ while black.

  • tomamitai

    If only this couple had been white, we could all join snarkily in condemning them for being name dropping rich douche bags. Damn you racism, you ruin everything!

    • David Hickernell

      Except that then there would be no story because they would not have been jailed.

  • EmmettGrogan

    What a horrible event.
    In 2006, the FBI released a report on how white supremacists were taking over police depts in the U.S. It was promptly ignored. This is the result.

  • bardgal

    Seven Fucking Hells. Please tell me they have a lawsuit against this fuckwad control-freak of a cop.

  • Magic Juan

    “It was such a different day in that time,” said Bowden, “but the situation is exactly the same. We haven’t made any progress in our nation.”

    It’s not quite as bad as it was but in a lot of situations like this one and many we’ve seen lately on the news it is. And all us white folks know it whether we admit it or not.

    And would probably be the same is this video in almost any similar situation

    • Robyn Ann

      If she had not known the Mayor’s wife or worked in a hospital as a resident doctor (impossible in that time), she would have never been booked back out. But that was after the situation. The situation (any black person’s interaction with police) is still the same. I’m not confident it will ever change given our current police state the nation is in.

  • woodwoman

    Cops spend taxpayer money doing shit like this and then the city/county governments spend taxpayer money settling lawsuits. When is EVERYBODY going to get tired of this and demand a change? Anyone with a wallet or a bank account should know why their local taxes are going up.

  • Zyxomma

    I remember when harassment by cops was also meted out toward longhairs a/k/a hippie freaks. I remember because I was/am one. Guess that makes me old.

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