But it does not swallow.

On Thursday, wingnut Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed his state’s Fuck The Gays bill into law, which basically says that as long as your religion tells you Jesus’s first and only question on Judgment Day will be “and how many of my gay children did you personally abuse?”, you are free to use those beliefs to deny LGBT people service and accommodations in the forgotten, godforsaken state of Indiana. Gov. Pence did so because apparently the threat of losing tourism dollars and business is less important than making sure nobody forces Aunt Lurlene to bake a pie for a fag. This is called Religious Freedom, and it is somehow what this great nation was founded upon, according to idiots.

The Disciples of Christ denomination issued a statement saying, basically, “We don’t think Jesus is a bigot, and we might have to take our huge annual convention elsewhere if you sign this.” Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in the country, said they might just have to do the same when their contract expires in 2020, depriving the state of some $50 million in tourism moneys per year.

Now companies are starting to come through on those promises! Salesforce, a $43 billion software company, is making good on threats to pick up and leave Indiana if Pence signed the bill. Scott McCorkle, CEO of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud division, had explained in a previous letter that you simply can’t attract the best and brightest people if some of those people have to worry they’ll be forced to endure legalized discrimination at the hands of Bible-beating bigots (not the best and brightest) as a part of their daily life.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports, in a series of tweets, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff confirmed that no, these were not idle threats, because fuck you, Indiana:



Bye bye, those moneys! How else are the theocratic fuckweasels of Indiana going to bring harm to the good people of the state of Indiana, not just LGBT people, but all people whose livelihoods depend on corporations like these?

Think Progress reports that Yelp is pretty pissed off as well, not only at Indiana, but ANY state considering these laws. Here is a fun part of Yelp’s open letter to the Backward States, signed by Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman:

While Indiana is the most recent state to enact a law allowing for this kind of discrimination by businesses, unfortunately measures are being debated in other states across the country that would follow Indiana’s example. These laws set a terrible precedent that will likely harm the broader economic health of the states where they have been adopted, the businesses currently operating in those states and, most importantly, the consumers who could be victimized under these laws.

Just as I said in my letter to Governor Brewer, it is unconscionable to imagine that Yelp would create, maintain, or expand a significant business presence in any state that encouraged discrimination by businesses against our employees, or consumers at large. I encourage states that are considering passing laws like the one rejected by Arizona or adopted by Indiana to reconsider and abandon these discriminatory actions. (We’re looking at you, Arkansas.)

The reason they are looking at Arkansas is that, at the time of the letter, the Arkansas Senate was debating an Indiana-style Fuck The Gays bill. The Arkansas Senate passed that bill on Friday.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The city of San Francisco is just going to cold-boycott Indiana, by refusing to fly into the air and land the entire city in the middle of one of the state’s many open expanses of void, despair, and nothingness. Just kidding, but San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee has announced that, from now on, city employees will not be permitted to travel to Indiana for anything related to their work:

San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced that he is banning all city-funded trips to Indiana in light of the passing of what some call discriminatory legislation.

“We stand united as San Franciscans to condemn Indiana’s new discriminatory law, and will work together to protect the civil rights of all Americans including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals,” Lee said in a statement.

Lee ordered city departments to bar city employees from taking work-related trips to Indiana on the taxpayer’s dime unless it’s necessary for public health and safety.

Also pissed off, but not taking concrete action (so far), are Apple, Eli Lilly, and the NCAA. Wouldn’t it suck if the NCAA pulled out of Indianapolis, all because a rabid cohort who are rapidly aging out of human life can’t stand gay people? It could happen!

Think Progress also collected an assortment of Mean Tweets directed at Gov. Pence, from Hillary Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, George Takei, and James Van Der Beek, but we have picked our favorite Celebrity Twitter rant, and it is from Audra McDonald, the immensely talented Tony Award-winning singer and actress. She has some QUESTIONS for Gov. Pence and his cohort of Stone Age troglodytes:





We would say “Brava!” but she’s probably heard that so many times she’s bored by it. But if you’re not down for that kind of Nice Time, being a terrible Wonkette reader, Miley Cyrus is probably more your speed. She just called Mike Pence an asshole and dropped the mic.

[The New Civil Rights Movement/Think Progress/IndyStar]

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  • memzilla

    Indiana, in the mid-1920s, had the highest per-capita membership of the KKK in the US, and the highest state membership tally. “By 1925 over half the elected members of the Indiana General Assembly, the Governor of Indiana, and many other high-ranking officials in local and state government were members of the Klan.”

    Hate is a Hoosier tradition.

    • noen

      You use the past tense “were.” Are you sure about that? Maybe now it’s like only a quarter of high ranking officials are in the Klan.

      • chicken thief

        I’m from there – southern Indiana. There is no shortage of Klan or Klan wannabees there today.

    • malsperanza

      When I was a small kid in Chicago, my family summered in Indiana, on the lake. The quaint, charming nearby town, with its old-timey bandstand in the park, loaded with painted scrollwork, and its ice cream parlour and the barber shop with the striped swirly pole, could not have been more picturesque. And it had a sundown law. Not on the books, you understand, but strictly enforced nonetheless. And that was northern Indiana, above the Mason-Dixon Faubus-Bull Connor line.

  • FlownOver

    I’m boycotting Indiana too, although neither of us will notice.

  • Nounverb911

    Can we give Indiana back to India now?

    • DahBoner

      Press the Any key…

  • whatwhomever

    It’s gratifying to see that corporations and celebrities have finally adopted my own, long-standing policy.

  • LarryHoudini

    Hmmm . . . I never thought of myself as a Miley Cyrus fan before.

  • JMPesq

    Man, I can’t wait until Leslie Knope is finally governor of Indiana instead of this asshole.

  • Ain’t that America…

    • NationalGalleryofClipArt

      Little pink houses for you & me….

      Wait!? PINK?

      Go tell Ma — they got to Johnny Cougar.

      • Finally someone picked up what I was layin’ down!

        (The whole “suckin’ on chili dogs outside the Tastee Freez” euphemism should’ve tipped everyone off a long time ago…)

        • NationalGalleryofClipArt

          Not just any weiners — Mexican weiners. Miscegeny AND sodomy.

  • elviouslyqueer

    No snark, and not to be pedantic, y’all, but Mississippi did the same goddamn thing last year and there were a LOT of us who protested but were basically rewarded with “Meh, Mississippi, go figure.”

    My point is this: discrimination and bigotry have no place IN ANY STATE, and any elected official, religious pulpit-pounder, or average run-of-the-mill knuckle-dragger who thinks otherwise needs to go fuck themselves with a rusty chainsaw.

    And yes, Mike Pence is still and will always be an asshole.

    • memzilla

      Now now… in the spirit of comity and bipartisanship, I propose a compromise: we will allow the use of a brand new chainsaw for the aforementioned rectadectomy.

    • malsperanza

      I think there’s a sense that Indiana can be pressured into reversing itself, as Arizona did, ditto Arkansas. Whereas Mississippi seems to enthusiastically double down on its passion for abusing its own citizens.

      • teddy21

        Also, there isn’t a lot to boycott in Mississippi and god knows they’ve been shamed enough. So what do you do about a problem like Mississippi?

        • ButIKnowWhatILike

          Give it back to the Choctaw and Chickasaw?

          • Blank Ron

            There’s a LOT of states that kind of thinking should apply to

        • NationalGalleryofClipArt

          Tunica & Biloxi casinos? Elvis birthplace?

  • kmv1

    You know, “how many of my gay children did you personally abuse?” may well be Jesus’ first question on the day of judgment. Of course, He’s going to be looking for a different answer than Governor Pence and the AFA will have to give.

    • ButIKnowWhatILike

      Yeah, the “AOTK” followed by high-fiving each other won’t help their case as much as they think it will.

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    crappy song for a crappy state.

    • OneYieldRegular

      Lord, I won’t go back there.

  • ArgieBargie

    Mike Pence None The Richer, worst band ever.

  • Nounverb911

    No more Gomer Pyle singing at the Indy 500.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    Well. There are consequences in being spiteful, hate filled bigots.

    Imagine that!

  • schmannity

    No more Ski Indiana! No more Surf’s up in Gary! No more Elkhart Theater District. No more Muncie Nouville Cuisine.

  • chazmanr

    Indiana, where residents of the south side of Chicago go to buy cheap cigarettes.

    • mrpuma2u

      and fireworks!

  • Callyson
  • Spotts1701

    Well, so much for my 10-year class reunion in Bloomington.

    • Shibusa

      Fox News finally got its no-gone zone: Indiana.

    • Howdy, dirt farmer! I was born in Bloomington, moved away when I was three, and have been passively boycotting the place ever since.

      I will admit to watching Breaking Away whenever it’s on, but that’s only because both my little pink house and my dad are in it, and I have a predilection for shaving my legs and zipping around town in super tight shorty-shorts.

      • Vienna Woods

        That is one hell of a good movie. My younger son was hooked on it when he was 3, and I then bought him his first 2-wheeler. It just seemed right. I can still quote extensively from it.

        • “What are we going to do about him?”

          “I don’t know, dear. We could always strangle him while he’s asleep.”

          A two-wheeler at three? Sei una brava Mamma!

          When I finally pulled this move off, at the indestructibly dumb age of fourteen on my hand-me-down Bianchi, my feet didn’t touch the ground for a week:

          • mtn_philosoph


    • chicken thief

      IU grad? The school with the library that sank because they forgot to factor in the weight of the books?

  • Blueb4sunrise

    In signing the bill, Pence said, “It’s Gary and Marion, not Franklin and Seymour.”

    • junior friggster

      Say whuuut?

    • LIT_Fag

      Why can’t they just let Franklin and Seymour live their lives in peace in Kokahomo?

      • DahBoner

        And why were the Beach Boys so keen on going back to Kokomo?

        • Querolous

          Curse you! Now I have a “CamelToe” earworm!

  • Wild Cat

    So that’s why Peyton had to leave!

  • geoffalnutt

    I don’t think that Indiana is such a wealthy state that it can afford to lose large chunks of revenue. I could be wrong, but the jet-set, moguls, execs, etc. don’t bee-line to Indiana to party and soak up the…DUST. Do they? Hmmm. What about The Indianapolis 500. Somehow, I think it’ll ignore the whole thing…for a while.

  • whitroth

    One thing I don’t understand: doesn’t this violate the Civil Rights Act of ’65, that said, among other things, that if you were a public business, you couldn’t discriminate, which meant, then, color of skin, but shouldn’t it apply here, as well?


    • Wild Cat

      In Indiania, the color of one’s testicles is generally blue, despite the red-state label. The sheep, however, are well-satisfied creatures.

      • whitroth

        So it’s Indiana, not just Utah?
        “I’m from Utah, where the men are men, and the sheep are scared! I’m from Utah, where the only way you get virgin wool is from sheep that can outrun the Mormons and the Republicans!” – the late, great, U. Utah Phillips

        • And the followup, “Arizona, where the men are men, and the sheep are used to it.”

          • YourMom

            Idaho, where men are men and the sheep know it.

    • BeckyLB

      The discrimination in the Civil Rights Act is spelled out specifically into “protected classes” Of which gender identity and sexual orientation is not included.

      There’s been multiple accepts to add gender identity and sexual orientation to the federal law, but take three guesses who resists it at every turn.

      • Mehmeisterjr

        The Party of Aaron Schock, I’m be guessing.

  • chicken thief

    But seriously, you libtards, what can Pence do? THE LORD SAID!!1!!!!!

  • Marceline

    My birthday is next week and I demand that someone get me that shirt.

    • chicken thief

      I would, but my sincerely held religious beliefs prohibit me from being generous or kind.

      • junior friggster

        Harrumph…another NO FUN-damentalist.

  • Bill Slider

    Perhaps the state’s legislature should consider renaming the state. I suggest calling it North Kentucky.

    • Weldon Thomas

      The good people of Kentucky would object.

      • If only they voted.

      • Bill Slider

        As well they should.

      • YourMom beat me to it. I’m not a Kentuckian, but I suspect they would be right irritated.

    • OrdinaryJoe


      • DahBoner

        How about Land of the Dumb White People?

        –Native Americans, why did you name it after us. We don’t live there

    • YourMom

      I suspect the Kentuckians would object.

  • Me not sure

    If one accepts a license from the government to serve the public, doesn’t that mean all of the public?
    Become a private baked goods club or whatever if you want to do otherwise.

    • I wonder if the state has developed a standardized questionnaire businesses can distribute before providing a service.

      • Me not sure

        Question 1. GAY?

    • YourMom

      Not to mention all of the other public services they use as businesses… police and fire protection, etc.

      • Me not sure

        They use the sewer system more than most, I suspect.

  • I’m getting tired of social media fuckwits barfing up the “this has nothing to do with homosexuality” bullshit.

    • chicken thief

      What do they think – bakers are going to object to baking cakes for Alpine skiers? Auto mechanics? Mail persons?

      • Do you really want to rent a room out to a pair of Irish Catholics? You know what those people are like.

        • DahBoner

          Maybe they can have separate drinking fountains for Irish Catholic…

      • That’s what you get when you find a stranger in the alps.

  • MOG253

    Time to break out the “We reserve the right to refuse anyone service” signs, with an AK47 rampant on a field of buttercream icing.

  • JDM

    Knocking Miley is a minor industry, but the girl has long shown she’s got her heart and soul in the right place.

    • nmmagyar

      I keep hoping my 10 year old says she likes her so I have a reason to buy one of her albums, ‘cuz Lord knows I won’t listen to her music, but I like to support those who support issues near and dear to me.

  • Tallmutha

    The way things are going, nobody’s going to want to go to Indiana any more.

    • OrdinaryJoe

      Problem is, nobody wanted to before.

      • DahBoner

        Same as it always was

    • handyhippie65

      i don’t think anyone could want to any less. i always say it is the armpit of the world. i’m still here to look after my mom. when she is gone, so will i.

    • YourMom

      The business CEOs quoted in the article have it exactly right. Attracting employees to a hate state will not be easy. Same with sports athletes.

  • Weldon Thomas

    “Who let all this riff-raff into the room?”

    • Steverino247

      I’ve got bad news for you, Sunshine.

  • Lazy Media

    Not to in any way downgrade the sentiment, but is there anything with less downside than boycotting Indiana? I’ve been doing it my whole life for no reason other than, gah, Indiana.

    • Beaumarchais?

      It’s like a hallway. You have to go through it, but there’s no reason to linger.

    • nmmagyar

      I have an Aunt that I already won’t talk to in Ft. Wayne. I guess I’ll just add this to the list of reason I have to continue not talking to her.

      • Vienna Woods

        One of our favorite people grew up in Indiana. She left.

  • Axomamma

    It is hard to imagine that Pence didn’t see this was going to blow up in his face. Makes you wonder whether it’s a dead woman or a live man.

    • sw19womble

      …locked in his basement?

      • NationalGalleryofClipArt

        Is that an Eminem song?

    • misscellaneous

      You mean dead hooker or live boy. LOL!

  • ThisMicah

    I’m anticipating hearing about all of the Christian-owned restaurants in Indiana who will be refusing to serve gluttons now that they are free to withhold service from people who are sinning.

    Oh wait, that’s not going to happen, because they’re total fucking hypocrites.

  • JustPixelz

    Time for some no traffic to Indianapolis

  • Steverino247

    Important safety tip: This law allows persons with sincerely held religious beliefs to discriminate against ANYBODY.

    • mfp

      my religion compels me to discriminate only against religious people

  • cobalt100

    Fuk the Indy 500, fuk Purdue, fuk Pence.

  • mrpuma2u

    The real question is what does John Cougar Mellencamp think about all this?

    • He just needs a lover that won’t drive him crazy.

    • Weldon Thomas

      Didn’t he say that he got to feel up Jesus in a small town?

    • DahBoner

      Hurts so good.

    • mtn_philosoph

      Oh well, life goes on long after the will for livin’ is gone.

  • The only thing I know about Indiana is some song about a dude named Gary and basketball….The Hosers or something? Oh, and that thing about race…the Indy 500 hundred or something. Is that where some multiple of 500 white people come out and watch 200mph billboards?

    • Swampgas_Man

      I’m holding off until David Letterman makes a statement.

    • OzoneTom

      And who could forget this classic:

    • NationalGalleryofClipArt

      & even Gary had to go to Iowa to find his Shpoopi (sp?).

  • mfp

    if jeebus were half the man he was 2000 yrs ago, he take a flamethrower to this fucking place

  • undercover epicurean

    I would like to say mazel tov to…what’s the word for people from Indiana, Indians?

    Anyway, congrats, I didn’t think it was possible for your lame state to be any worse than it already was. You sure proved me wrong!

    • Weldon Thomas

      “I would like to say molotov to them.” — Scott Walker

    • Celtic_Gnome

      I think they’re called Indianaians. Or maybe it’s Vorlons. I always get those two mixed up.

      • kwachie

        We just call ’em “fuckin’ Hoosiers.”

    • DahBoner

      You sure proved me wrong!


  • AngstAMillion

    And meanwhile, there’s that little matter of the HIV outbreak in IN, courtesy of the toothless rural druggie contingent sharing their icky needles. And Gov Pence can see fit to expand needle sharing programs because I guess the druggies are more godly than the gay residents. smh

  • say wha

    Indiana “The CROSS roads of America”

  • doq

    .. was there a separate but equal line for loaves and fishes ? …

  • JAWs

    You know, I worked in retail. If I proclaimed that my “sincere religious beliefs” prohibited me from associating with assholes, then 90% of the stores clientele wouldn’t be served.

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    Avoid the “I” states, I always say.
    >This tacitly assumes that Chicago is not truly part of Illinois.<

    • kwachie

      As a resident of Southern Illinois (yes, there really is Illinois south of Chicago) let me just say that my spouse and I were the first lesbian couple to get married in Alexander County … and don’t let that photo in a tractor wheel fool you, we’re white collar, college educated professionals. Weird, huh?

      At any rate, even here in *Southern* Illinois no one gives a damn if you’re gay. Even defecting Hoosiers would be tolerated.

    • MAZS

      Not sure Chicago really considers itself part of Illinois–more like the capitol of the Midwest–at least in the minds of Chicagoans.

    • celtic_buddha

      I try to avoid the State of Intolerance.

  • Celtic_Gnome

    Maybe we’ll have activists putting stickers near the entrances of businesses that discriminate so people will know about that before they set foot in the door.

    It’s not vandalism. It’s a consumer protection act.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Watching Arkansas get the hell boycotted out of it might make the sting from my state thinking bigotry is more important than my basic human rights sting a little less.

  • DahBoner

    I think the Indiana First Church of Cannabis needs to to make Mike Pence feel better about them being a real church…

    By tearing pages out of The Bible and rolling spleefs with them.

    • Blank Ron

      I wanna make a joke about Panama Red-Letter but it’s not coming together. I prolly just need another couple of hits.

  • OneYieldRegular

    This Mike Pence seems to be an incredibly small-minded person. In the same week as he dropped this pant load of “religious” intolerance, he’s forced to carve out an exception to his opposition to needle-exchange programs (WTF? – it’s 2015, dude) because he suddenly has – surprise! – an HIV epidemic on his hands in a corner of his state.

  • Thom

    Some years ago I managed to escape Indiana and seek my fortune in the Greater United States of America. I can remember how tense we were driving across the boarder into Illinois, thinking for sure the guard at the checkpoint would find out. Sadly my family is unable to seek refuge and they must live in a nightmare of believing the poor aren’t taxed enough and that all the college educated young people aren’t really fleeing the state in droves.

    • Mehmeisterjr

      If SCOTUS revives the Dred Scott case, they might drag you back across the border. Plan ahead.

      • Thom

        This is Indiana we’re talking about. They pursue people with 90’s dial-up and CD-ROM technology.

    • Everybodhi

      I escaped Florida in the early eighties leaving my family behind, I believe they are still alive but worry they are held hostage as the tea party posts from all their facebook pages.

  • ViveLaRes

    Indiana has tourism?

    • Mr. Fusion

      Oh ya. We’re famous for our submarine races. Great spectator sport.

    • Blank Ron

      There’s a couple of good automotive museums in Auburn and South Bend. That COULD be it.

  • buckguy

    You always know when you enter/leave Indiana. For one thing, you don’t see Indiana plates in the adjacent states whereas people in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, & even Kentucky are willing to at least cross the Hoosier State. This is probably the only northern state ever run by the Klan. There’s an old story that the town fathers of Indianapolis opted not to have car factories built in the early 20th century because they didn’t want immigrants moving in (they later had a lot of parts plants for Detroit). “Liberal” Bloomington (well half of it sortof is), home of Indiana University, was a sundown town (no Blacks after dark) until after WWII, when integration (with token numbers) was the price of attracting electronics and appliance factories as well as bringing IU into something resembling the 20th century. It’s a backward insular place and despite Indianapolis’annoying boosterism, Indy is probably the dullest place imaginable–makes Columbus Ohio (another dull boosterish place) seem stimulating by comparison.

    • handyhippie65

      i live here, in the 70’s after 6 on sunday, the only thing open was the er at the hospital. hope ya didn’t need any thing between saturday night, and monday morning. there are STILL no sunday sales of alcohol. that is why there are so many carry out places across the borders to other states. sunday out-of-state beer runs for those who don’t plan very well. but, if you sell enough food, you can sell alcohol to be consumed on site. we be drownin’ in a sea of hypocrisy. where i live, there are lots of amish, and used- to- be amish. they all vote for who the church leaders tell them to. three guesses which god-fearin party they choose, and the first two don’t count.

  • MAZS

    I’ve always enjoyed the slogan “Indiana, the only state south of Mississippi”.

  • Bahhhdman

    I’m all for this boycotting business, but who in Indiana is this most likely to bother and actually affect? I’m guessing people in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Chicago exburbs – people who as a whole probably didn’t vote for Pence.

    The rural spite-driven voters won’t shed a tear.

    • unionthuggery

      It’ll impact them. When tax revenues drop and budget cuts detract from the funds for their roads, schools, and food assistance. They’ll still be too dumb to notice the connection and vaguely blame “the gurbment”.

      • handyhippie65

        the roads suck now, and if they could, they would end “food assistance” by the government. i live in the rural north, willful ignorance, is not stupidity. they’re not stupid, they just don’t care about things that don’t fit in their little world. “religious freedom” here has always meant the freedom to impose christianity upon everyone. repent, or die.

    • GigiNotNormal

      Thanks…. please know SO MANY TRIED TO TELL THIS DENCE PENCE! He knew what was going to happen… I think he was so “sure” he was going to be picked to run for president, he turned into “W” – “I’m the decider here!” Then he Fucked himself! (Think they only considered him because of his profile picture.) here is a link that shows they knew…
      I think they are going to find something worse in our water (along w/all the crap poor Flint MI has) like some kind of mind control drug that only a few of us are immune to. I really can’t figure out some of the people I’ve known for YEARS and how they forgot where they came from and what they did… Really sad here. I’d move, but am too poor (Only in the 75% of poverty, have to be in the 400% to get help here) and taking care of my mom who is 84 and has dementia.

  • Incoming Ham

    Congratulations Indiana! You are now officially and forever fly over country. Watch the money just fly right past you. Grown-ups don’t need your shit.

  • FinalOpinion

    Surely Indiana you can come up with something better than a discrimination law to demonstrate how backward, and uneducated you are. You couldn’t even be original, as Kathy Herrod and the Arizona Republican Trolls (legislators) already tried to do it. At least the AZ governor had smarts enough to veto this type silly nuisance created the religious fanatics. Now the lawyers are going to make a bundle off the tax payers of Indiana.

    • Mr. Fusion

      Their new found “right” infringes on my religious rights.

  • handyhippie65

    why don’t people understand that freedom, and tolerance, are opposite sides of the same coin. there is no freedom without tolerance. which is why i always thought “religious freedom” was an oxymoron. name a religion that favors freedom, over control. the satanists mebbe. you cannot enjoy your freedom, if i will not tolerate you to have it.

    • unionthuggery

      I’m cool with religion being about control when it’s about self control. There’s a few of those. Regardless, absolutely right about freedom and tolerance, can’t really have one without the other.

    • GigiNotNormal

      You have a good point! I can name a religion though…Witch – Wicca – There has never been a war started by Witches. The Rules – “Harm None Do as Ye Will” and the Rede – Basically – Whatever you do comes back to you 3 fold. (Karma’s a bitch – don’t do bad!) We don’t believe in the devil… and believe in respect for all people of all religions as long as they don’t hurt anyone and don’t interfere w/anyone else’s rights. At the base of all true religions, these things are supposed to be there… they just don’t get followed by so many. Having said this… who do you think gets more crap – Christians or Witches? LMAO! Never had a single bad time or cross word with any Witch/Wiccan/Pagan. We are not Satanists we don’t even believe in the devil! Peace, Love, Joy, Hope and Blessings to All. <|:)

      • handyhippie65

        i spent four years studying witchcraft. i have read the witch hammer, and some of the transcripts of the witch trials. there lies the seeds of nightmare. i have cunningham’s books, and have read many others, as well as old herbals from the 15th-16th centuries. i even learned a little latin to do so. the statement from the bible ” thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” shows how evil the christians are. not only can they not tolerate them, they must actively exterminate them, even if they have committed no crime. i mentioned the satanists, because they are organized, and poke the fundies in the eye, on a regular basis. wiccans are more solitary. i have never been in a coven, and owe allegiance to none save the goddess. blessed be.

        • GigiNotNormal

          :) Solitary myself… I find you intelligent and funny… I practice from my soul, heart, spirit…. Read much myself. Old soul… always have been a Witch, just didn’t know the name for many years… Blessed Be to you as well Brother

          • handyhippie65

            thank you. it is your heart, soul and spirit that gives your spells power. you sound to be on the right path. practicing tai chi will help to strengthen your power, and focus. i wish you luck, and remember, being solitary does not always mean you are alone. it is a pleasure to have met you. stay strong. blessed be to you and yours. ;)

          • handyhippie65

            are you in indiana too?

  • ButchWagstaff

    Spent one horrible week in Indianapolis once. That was enough for me. To quote Lewis Black: “Some states shouldn’t be states.”

  • unionthuggery

    My respect for Miley just leveled up.

  • Blank Ron

    One wonders what notable Indianapolis native son Kurt Vonnegut would have had to say about this, hmm?

    • NationalGalleryofClipArt

      Considering his preferred non-letter character was the bunghole (*) he’d prolly not be keen on the law.

  • Blank Ron

    Umm… does this mean I have to boycott Indiana Jones movies? I mean, besides the fourth one, which I boycott for artistic reasons.

  • Shelley Cataldo
    • CriticalDragon1177

      Oh yes, and its a conservative website that reported it!

    • Enfant Terrible

      Alas, the story is not true. National Report (a satirical web site that posts false news stories) strikes again.

  • lalameda

    Angie’s List has halted plans for expansion that would have added 1000 jobs in Indiana.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    This is the inevitable result of the Hobby Lobby decision.

  • JRC

    I would think this a two way street. If I owned a business in Indiana I would just place a sign on the door that “No christians will be served because of my religious beliefs that there should be no religion.” Of course then they would just create a new law stating I cannot do that. But until then I would refuse service. Almost makes me want to go there and set up shop just to be able to do that. But then those good christians would prob burn down my store.

    • devo-T

      That’s fair, but the problem with it is you’d go out of business — there are way more Xtians than gays. Now, were there a shitload of homosexual customers banging down your door, you know businesses would be welcoming them with open arms and setting out fishbowls of free condoms and lube.

    • GigiNotNormal

      Yep – they damn well would… just like at Trump rallies… Please know that a lot of us tried to get this Dence Pence to stop… If I had a business… they’d have to pass a test… “Do unto others!” HA! not really funny because I live here…

  • laugh or retch

    This all started with the federal RFRA which was way too broad in scope. It was originally brought up to protect Native Americans taking peyote in their religious ceremonies but it was written as a blanket means of allowing religious beliefs to trump the law. These laws need to be reigned in to only cover ceremonies.

  • Slinger


  • Immir

    Its way past time we started taxing churches as they are involved so deeply in politics. And BTW, F*ck Indiana and Mike Pence. Boycott the state.

  • devo-T

    It’s not often that Michiganders can feel superior vis-à-vis gay rights, but holy shit, Mike Pence… well played, sir.

  • Craig_Hubley

    One of these dirty little states needs to be crushed economically so that it literally never recovers. It will save a few others if that happens very fast.

  • Trance Will

    I’m okay with religion being about control when it’s about self control. There’s a few of those. Regardless, absolutely right about freedom and tolerance, can’t really have one without the other.

    Trance Will | Indiana And Chicago Firework Super Store

  • blah

    Penis’ are supposed to go into vaginas. I didn’t make the rules. Babies don’t come from butts or scissoring. Just saying. Gay marriage sure go ahead, let it be so, but keep the playing field fair and even. No favoritism toward any one group of people. There are alot more inherent and critical problems plaguing this world right now. Suck it up and read the actual writing on the wall, they don’t give two shits about any of us, just using it all to divide and conquer.

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