Statistician Twilight Is Offended By Your Pathetic Excuse For A Plot

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington) had a great idea to document just how horrible Obamacare has been for Americans: She went to her Facebook page, posted a chart that doesn’t merely lie about the ACA but also makes no logical sense (a bullet point list of lies would at least look sensible, but a line graph?), and invited readers to share their Obamacare horror stories:

Whether it’s turned your tax filing into a nightmare, you’re facing skyrocketing premiums, or your employer has reduced your work hours, I want to hear about it.

Please share your story with me so that I can better understand the challenges you’re facing:

And just like the time last year when Ted Cruz tried the same dumb stunt, people flooded the page with stories of how they’d finally gotten insurance after being denied due to pre-existing conditions, or how their previous private plans covered practically nothing, or how they were healthcare workers who were seeing a lot of new patients who otherwise might have gone to the ER for unaffordable care. Oops.

If McMorris Rodgers hadn’t heard what happened when Cruz tried this at home, you’d think she’d at least have learned something from that time when she devoted much of her 2014 State Of The Union response to the poorly fact-checked story of a constituent, “Bette from Spokane,” who was kicked off her wonderful health insurance and would have to spend $700 more a month for a new plan under the ACA. Except none of that turned out to be true: Bette’s old “affordable” plan only covered catastrophic care, with a $10,000 annual deductible — though it did include four (4) free office visits a year. And the replacement plan she complained about to McMorris Rodgers was one of the priciest plans offered by her insurer when it canceled her junk insurance — Bette didn’t even bother looking on “that Obama website at all,” because it was communist, although she’d have found several options providing better coverage at the same price as her junk plan.

So, let’s take a look at some of the tales of Obamacare Terror that people shared with McMorris Rodgers. We bet they’re just full of woe and heartbreak!

obamacare facebook 1

Oh. Well, let’s scroll down and see if somebody was forced to see only the doctors that Uncle Sam approved, maybe:

obamacare facebook 2

Um. Well, surely someone must have seen their rates skyrocketing, right?

obamacare facebook 3

First pony pic I trolled with, back for even more trollingHmmm. So obviously, the takeaway here is that Obamacare is such a huge failure that the government is paying people to troll Facebook and lie about how much they like the ACA, because liberals are congenital liars, and poor Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a victim of cyberbullying, the end.

[Cathy McMorris Rodgers on Facebook via Twitter tip by Michael Whitney]

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  • cousin itt

    Now, she is a troll who should be fed.

    Rx: Salted rat dicks. Daily.

  • SuspectedDemocrat

    Obamacare turned me into a newt!

    But thanks to my new coverage under PPACA, I got better.

  • Callyson

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to see Ted Cruz’s comment.

    • Tendernob

      “As a Canadian, I totally disagree with the concept of universal health care. I believe only in the three Gs: God, Guns, and Invasive Gynecological Procedures. Medicine is for Harvard-educated libtard elites, anyway. Don’t worry, we’re not doomed to repeat history, because I’ll get rid of that in schools right after science.” ~ T. Cruz, Alberta, Texas

  • TeenLaQueefa

    You know, when smart people do something and it fails, they stop doing it.

    • whatwhomever

      as do sane people.

  • memzilla

    Gender equality-wise, Cathie McMorris Rodgers proves that a woman can be a dick. #hatefail

  • Lizzietish81

    What do the cupcakes have to do with it?

    • Mary Sandoras

      5 yr. anniversary, 5 cupcakes?

    • nmmagyar

      Those are the cakes we like

    • OneYieldRegular

      Wai-wha-what? You get cupcakes for signing up on the exchanges? Damn. I have employer-provided coverage.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      You didn’t get yours?

  • elviouslyqueer
    • weejee

      EQ, presume yer referring to the photog a few posts above.

  • SmokinGood

    I just filed my taxes, and I can confirm that the healthcare portion of my “tax filing nightmare” was a single Yes/No checkbox. Literally the most straightforward item on the entire 1040.

    Now the capital gains calculations on the other hand, THAT is the platonic ideal of a “tax nightmare”.

    • willi0000000

      it simplifies the calculations if you assume a perfectly spherical cow.

    • ThePuckStopsHere

      What is a capital gain?

  • KinkyReggae

    No idea there were so many commies in Spokane WA.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      You thought they were all concentrated in the Soviet of Seattle, didn’t you?

  • Last Hussar

    For some reason Google pushes stories from the US (and Australia and India) on to my tablet, because I live in the UK, and therefore our friendly neighbourhood little guy who happens to be one of the biggest companies in the world, and so worried about us all that it uses my data like a drunk whore…

    …. sorry where was I?

    Oh yeah. Im in the UK but get lots of US news. For some reason I keep getting right-wing opinion pieces. These state.
    1) Obamacare has killed jobs
    2) caused inflation in premiums.
    3) Pushed up co-pays (is this like an excess on insurance. I am stuck with the NHS, which insists on treating my parents for free, even though their house is worth a fortune, and my share would pay my mortgage. I WAS PROMISED DEATH PANELS)
    4) Made companies fire people, pay them less, or even go bust.

    How many people read this and believe it. (Before you say they are dumb Rethuglicans, how many of you run with negative stories stating the GOP is evil, Obviously the Right is evil- they come out with plans that are obviously evil, like putting profit before health. And I know that’s true because one of these Right wing rags is say that’s the way it should be: not even pretending!)

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Sounds like Murdoch & Minions have your email address. You should probably change it – it will be well worth the hassle.

  • JustPixelz

    Ted Cruz My wife had to take a leave of absence from work. Rather than pay high premiums to continue her employer coverage, I was able to sign up for affordable ACA coverage. With two young daughters, this has been a Godsend for us. Thanks Obama. Do not listen to the naysayers.

  • JohnBull

    At least SOMEONE allows comments!

  • CalvinianChoice

    When my wife and I got sick I went to GoFundMe and begged like a starving dog. If I had taken advantage of the ACA it might have cost me dozens of dollars. Thanks a lot Obama.

    R. Mack

  • CapnFatback

    Yeah, well, her Friendster account is just blowing up with ACA horror stories.

    • FlownOver

      And her Tinder account is a bunch of dikpix – all of which she swipes right.

  • deanbooth

    Also, too, the Dems that ran away from obamacare in 2014 (and lost) can go fuck themselves.

  • SmokinGood

    That’s not a line graph. It’s a map of Boehener’s stumble home from the pub.

  • Baby_Raptor

    She now has my Obamacare success story sitting in her inbox.

    • chicken thief

      That’s not a you ‘shoved it up her ass’ reference, is it?

      • Baby_Raptor

        I am an ass person but I am not at all interested in her ass.

  • Boscoe

    “Obamacare is such a huge failure that the government is paying people to troll Facebook and lie about how much they like the ACA, because liberals are congenital liars, and poor Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a victim of cyberbullying, the end.”

    SPOILERS!!1! Thanks for ruining the surprise, Dok! ;P

  • Joshua Norton

    Shorter Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

    If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is!

  • onesetofeyes

    Couple of questions for the congresswoman…

    1) if she can genuinely read (beginning to wonder if any GOP pol can) wonder what the inertia and totality
    of real life experience and feedback means to her and the compassionate GOP heart she proclaims to have

    2) can she actually think for herself and reflect the needs of her constituents as opposed to reciting and regurgitating GOP talking

    • Boscoe

      Well, to be honest, expecting a Republican to reflect the needs of her constituents over the guys who paid for her campaign is like expecting a Mc Donald’s employee to refuse to serve you a Big Mac because it’s bad for you.

  • weejee

    This was something interesting I found on Spoka-lulu Cathie’s Phaserbook page – who knew?

  • laineypc

    I am here to tell you that Obamacare is not working as promised by Fox News. My highly annoying neighbor was supposed to be death paneled. Here he still is, walking down to the mailbox, telling me my grass needs to be cut…that my daughter needs to stop climbing trees…it’s a nightmare.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    Anybody care to wager that this experience will change Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ position on Obamacare?

    • MrBlobfish

      I’m guessing somewhere between nil and zero.

      • Boscoe


      • Mehmeisterjr

        Let’s split the difference and call it “none.”

    • retiredeng

      Not a chance. She’s the original Vancombe Lady.

    • Weldon Thomas

      I hear she’s permanently ending her relationship with facebook over this, and also her mirror, mirror on the wall.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Teabagger v. facts? Lemme think about that for a microsecond…

  • MrBlobfish

    Obama paid me in food stamps to post from my Obamaphone. What did you guys get?

    • Boscoe

      All I got was ebola and teh socializms! No, wait… I meant the other things… what were they again… …Oh yeah, health care and an improved economy. ;)

    • Me not sure

      I actually have a horror story, it involves my shitty Republican governor, insurance commissioner, and state legislature. They left hundreds of thousands of Georgians uncovered.

      • Boscoe

        Cue Fox bobbleheads’ outrage over Obama NOT issuing an executive order to force them in 5… 4… 3…

      • Logic of Color

        Right there with you!
        –fellow sufferer in SC

      • Pierre_de_Fermat

        And they’re quite pleased with themselves for doing it too.

      • mrpuma2u

        Same bullshit in TN. The plan here is for poorz to die, and hopefully not where any state legislature douchnozzle will have to step over them.

      • Ann Ferreira

        Our shitty governor in Maine, as well.

    • elpinche

      Full access to all white women.

    • nmmagyar

      Crab legs and a bag of pot the size of a cantaloupe.

    • Logic of Color

      Obama showed up at my house and apologized, like he tends to do.

    • timpundit

      I got a bedazzler and a FEMA RULZ cap. So, I know what I’m doing this weekend.

    • chicken thief

      Invite to the next DEA Bogota coke-n-hooker fest bi-otches!

    • Reddishrabbit

      I’ve been promised a commandant position at a FEMA camp once they finally open. Starting to wonder when, only 2 years left…

    • jmk

      Those cakes we like.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Health insurance.

  • Wow, that chart is all over the place.

    • elpinche

      I didn’t know thew new Excel v72 accepted plates of pastries as a numerical values. awesome.

      • FlownOver

        I read that as “plates of pasties.” Is Cathy Morris Mr. Rogers making a career move?

    • MrBlobfish

      Boy howdy. It looks like one of the Family Circus cartoons where Billy goes wandering around da hood instead of doing stuff.

      • This works too.

        • MrBlobfish

          That’s what the internet was made for. That, and porn.

  • MrBlobfish


    • Boscoe

      Glenn Beck/Alex Jones 2016!!
      “-Or you will all die!”™

      • MrBlobfish


        • Anarchy Pony


          • Boscoe

            Also too: INPEECH!!1!

      • Damian L

        Of Gold Fever? Or,Super Giant Woody Pill-itis?

    • Sensory_Homunculus


  • jmk

    So I sent ol’Cath the following, even though I don’t live in her state:

    “My employer did not offer health insurance, so I accessed the NY State of Health website to sign up for Obamacare. The website was clear and well organized, with intuitive navigation and easy-to-understand results. I entered my information and got a comprehensive list of the plans for which I was eligible from which to choose. After doing my initial research on the plans, I had a few questions about how best to structure my coverage, so I called the exhange support number and spoke to a knowledgeable, pleasant woman who walked me through my options with patience and good humor, and gave me contact numbers for different providers for more specific questions. The providers couldn’t have been nicer, not only answering my questions fully and giving me unbiased advice, but also following up in the weeks after to make sure I had all the information I needed. Once I selected a plan, signing up was a breeze, and I ended up with better coverage than my employer previously offered, and at lower monthly rates.

    All in all, it was great.

    Thanks for asking.”

    • Dusty Ayres

      That’s showing her!

  • Shibusa

    That chart looks just like Ted Cruz’s electrocardiogram did when he saw what COBRA coverage was going to cost his family.

  • OneYieldRegular

    16 million Americans have insurance who didn’t have it before. 16 million. That’s 16 million Americans who no longer have to live in fear that a medical problem will send them into poverty.

    • chicken thief

      To be fair, even with excellent medical coverage an American, and only an American in America, can go bankrupt from a major medical event. THANKS OBUMMER!!11!

    • timpundit

      And hopefully 16 million less people crammed into the emergency room because they couldn’t afford to go to a doctor’s office.

    • Wombat

      Clearly they are all lyng, because everyone knows the ACA is a total failure that is killing people in the streets. Plus death panels! And taxes! And THINGS!

      • Cindyinencinitas

        If the FEMA camps or Benghazi!!!1! won’t get you, the THINGS will!!

      • Grokenstein

        It is our ‘Muriken duty to die in the gutter.

  • chicken thief

    Couldn’t she just check with herself?

  • brbr2424

    Thank you for pointing out that the line graph was meaningless. I was trying to figure it out. What is the x axis – time? what is the y axis? I thought I was losing it. I guess at Pensacola Christian College she learned that math is confusing and too hard to attempt. Just because she doesn’t understand graphs, maybe the rest of us will look at it and conclude Obamacare – bad. Epic fail dear Republican beard.

    • MOG253

      NO math there, jus loaves and fishes.

      • sw19womble


    • Grokenstein

      But it looks impressive to people who “ain’t knows nuffin’ an’ likes it thet way,” which are the only ones she’s trying to reach–everyone else is a stupid libtard fascist, you know.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Needs a Venn diagram to really be complete.

  • Nuke90210

    Ol’ Teddy didn’t learn the first time, so what makes anyone think this monster will?

  • FauxAntocles


  • JDM

    I’d actually almost feel sorry for people like Rodgers… If they weren’t trying to kill people.

    • tinker12

      I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. She’s a lying sack o’ crap, token female warrior in the GOTP’s War On Women, who’s too fking corrupt and/or stupid to see what horrors her party and corporate masters have unleased on everyone who isn’t rich, white, and male. Fk her. Bitch.

      • JDM

        I think that “if” I put in there is a pretty big if.

        • tinker12

          Got it. I just had to unleash because I’m in Washington and am so fking sick of seeing her Stepford-wife face behind John Boehner whenever he’s speaking (lying)..

  • Greg Fuderer

    what did ted cruz have to say?

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Scroll down. Your wish is the Wonketariat’s command.

    • OrdinaryJoe

      Don’t know yet. He is exchanging brain fart messages with the Congressgal.

  • NorfolkAndWay

    Stop confusing her with the facts.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I think I’ll go drop a comment about the 2 free abortions I had with my shiny new Obamacare :)

    • OrdinaryJoe

      I got a vasectomy with Obamacare and it only cost my $5 co-pay !!

  • OrdinaryJoe

    Dear Congresslady. My Obamacare is ruining my life because I want to vote Republican so I can vote for you but before I can do that I need a lobotomy and my Obamacare won’t pay for it so where is the freedom????

  • beatbort

    I hope her constituents write her to ask her to quick fucking off on their dime and start doing her job.
    Being a Republican Congressperson must be the easiest job in the world, up there with being Don Rickles’ hairdresser…

    • alwaysamazed

      I keep trying but I think she still has the stethoscope ear pieces in her ears from playing Dr. during the shutdown!! I will keep trying I promise.

  • glennisw

    Boy, that’s something. And above the post where she solicits stories, she posts a video of negative stories. But the comments are kicking her ass!

  • Paperless Tiger

    If Republicans were honest, they would admit that the only thing wrong with ACA is that it was decades overdue, but that’s their fault too.

    • Damian L

      Single payer would be WAY better and much cheaper.

  • Cindyinencinitas

    It’s George Sauros and his minions that are trolling this poor Congresscritter. Poor, poor thing. Damn you, Sauros!

    • You mispelled “George Sauron and his ringwraiths”. Hope this helps.

      • Dusty Ayres

        I love your comment, and your avatar.

        • The Silhouette didn’t get enough screen time in the movie (or the book, come to think of it).

  • Marchant2

    And to think, when you ask Republican morons why they think Obama is a bigger liar than Bush, the first thing that projectile vomits out of their mouth is, “He said you can keep your doctor.”

    Sounds to me like that’s a lie the majority of us are able to live with. How many could’ve done without WMD?

    • Zippy

      the vast majority of people DID keep their doctor, because most of them already had employer based insurance and weren’t affected by Obamacare (other than their policies likely improving to meet the minimum guidelines). Of those who did go the exchange route, most also were able to keep their doctor. The baseline churn for individual policies was already close to 50%- it was a very volatile market long before the ACA. Very few people actually were not able to keep their doctor as a result of the ACA- Politifact took a major dive to appease the “both sides do it” Gods of false equivalence.

      • ViveLaRes

        I’ve had an employer plan for 35 years and have had to change doctors a zillion times over many of those years because insurance companies have always dicked with us to save money.

        • Zippy

          me too- that’s what makes their whole argument so damned stupid. The boss changed policies all the time, which meant that you ended up with a new PCP every year or two. Our whole small business finally said screw it and we all went to the exchange- everybody got better policies for less money. First year, I saved about $2400, awfully close to that other “lie” about saving $2500.

        • jqheywood


        • Mehmeisterjr

          I was forced to change doctors three times in less than two years and then, despite the supposed cost-savings of managed care, could not pay the premiums that skyrocketed (thanks for the word, Cathy) every single year. I had to fly without a net for seven years until I finally qualified for Medicare. So yeah, that’s a horror story, but not about the ACA.

        • Damian L

          It is amazing to me that anyone would’nt know that it is the insurance company that changes or cancels your policy,not Obama

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Since you can shop for a plan that your doctor participates in, I’ve never quite understood this particular bit of teabuggery. Or is this true only in states that set up exchanges?

    • mtn_philosoph

      I didn’t have to worry about losing my doctor — the old system took care of that. With my new insurance I finally have a doctor again!

      “Losing your doctor” isn’t much of a concern for people who didn’t have one in the first place.

  • Gleem-McShinez

    Here, Cathy! I made a better chart for you!

    • ViveLaRes

      You have a bright future making graphs of credit default swaps.

    • Guest

      That’s a thing of beauty. I hope you don’t mind but I’m swiping it to post on CMR’s FB page. If you’d like credit I’ll go back and add that.

      • Gleem-McShinez

        Spread it wherever you like! I am always just having fun, fucking around for the Wonkegian lulz.

        Now if you figure out how to make money with that, you be sure to let me know.

    • burro

      A thing of beauty. You capture the essence of both CMR and the crappy r’s.

    • bobbert

      Gleem strikes again. Brilliant!

    • Tendernob

      That belongs in the Louvre.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      mmmmmm – pasta!

    • Lizzietish81

      Swiped and shared on facebook

    • JustPixelz

      That Spaghetti Monster … it’s flying.

  • Jeamonn

    Why would some one open themselves to this type of social media…um, I am not even sure if I can come up with the right word to to describe it…its as if she asked the entire country to punch her in the face. Two possible things going on here: 1. She actually thought her base would take the time to gen up the lies needed to support this stupid post, OR 2. She actually believes there are horror stories out there. Her bubble be mad thick yo.

    • Mehmeisterjr

      Explanation 1 does not exclude explanation 2. I think they co-exist along with your unnumbered third possibility, that her bubble be mad thick yo. A Venn diagram of greed, ignorance and crazy in which every sector intersects.

  • ViveLaRes

    I have never met Erika Dennis but I want to gay-marry her.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Is she going to take down all these posts, or simply pretend they don’t exist?

    • Mehmeisterjr


      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        She’ll have some flunky sift through them, looking for the occasional made-up tale of teabagger woe. Then she’ll delete the other 99%.

        • Blank Ron

          And if he can’t find one, he’s under orders to write one himself.

    • brbr2424

      More evidence of her incompetence and general unfitness to serve. She didn’t have anyone at the ready to scrub the negative comments as soon as she made the post.

      • Axomamma

        Well, to be honest, she wanted negative comments. It’s the flood of positive comments for which she was inexplicably not prepared. How stupid do you have to be – and how divorced from reality – to not realize after five years that the ACA is doing what it was designed to do? Republican stupid. Cathy McMorris Rogers exemplifies it.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    I notice that the screen capture shows the comments but not the replies to those comments. So I assume that all of those replies conclusively refute the Obummercare zombies, right? Because if not, it would appear that Congresscritter Cathy McMorris Rodgers bought herself a bear trap, opened the jaws and stepped in it.

  • KeepItReal

    Wow, the message list has gotten huge! I can’t believe the GOP didn’t learn their lesson when Ted Cruz did this last time. I think the response list to that one was over 50,000. It will be interesting to see how many respond to her. This is simply amazing.

  • Poly_Ester

    Obviously an infestation of trolls. They’re everywhere.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Is that a graph? Or a really lame constellation?

    • Mehmeisterjr

      It’s the paranormal aura of a brain fart.

    • MrBlobfish

      Cassiopeia Falling Down The Stairs

      • Mehmeisterjr

        ♪ When a loon’s in the fucking House
        And Cathy R. aligns with Cruz
        And derp will guide the Congress
        Then John B. drinks all the booze
        This is the dawning of the age of Assquarius
        Age of Assquarius
        Assquarius, Assquarius ♫

        • Richard Tibbitts

          I loved this! Brilliant, son, just brilliant!! I laughed so hard I woke up my girlfriend AND both the dogs. :-)

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        One of Picasso’s greatest lost works.

      • mtn_philosoph

        That made me giggle so much that my wife thought I was having a heart attack. You win all the internetz today.

      • Lizzietish81

        Just like when she insulted Thetis, sloppy drunk and tripping all over her gown.

    • Poly_Ester

      Its an example of tea bagger reasoning,

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        1. Obama!
        2. Random thoughts.
        ⫶ Random thoughts.
        99. Random thoughts.
        100. Inpeach!!!!!!

        • Anarchy Pony

          101. ???
          102. PROFIT!

        • brbr2424


  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    Five years and 18 million people later . . . and the Repugs are STILL looking for someone, anyone, with an Obamacare horror story that’s not made-up bullshit? I left that thought on this idiot’s FaceBuch page.
    When a 2×4 upside the head fails to get a teabagger’s attention, I believe there’s only one thing to do: pick up a 4×6. (A 4×6 of votes, natch, in the form of tens of thousands of messages telling her that she’s being A Idiot.)

  • DahBoner

    Lost Doctors?

    Yeah, Doctors are dropping out of Med school, because they don’t want to have to deal with the same insurance company paperwork they had to deal with before Obamacare…

    • brbr2424

      Is someone making that claim? I would estimate that exactly zero medical students drop out of medical school because of Obamacare.

  • mtn_philosoph

    When you let preschoolers play with PowerPoint, you get charts that look like that.

    And wowzers Erika Dennis! You should be in Congress!

  • brbr2424

    Whatever happened to Bette in Spokane. She and her husband were a mess. He was a roofer but he couldn’t work on account of him falling of the roof and all. I think they were both smokers. Like Sheriff Mack, she didn’t want none of that commie pinko Muslim Obamacare. I would love to read an update to see if she is still an ignorant Tea bagger or if she wised up.

  • freakishlystrong

    Does it ever occur to these fucking idiots that there are gobs of fucking Republicans currently insured because of the ACA? I’m looking at you, Kentucky.

    • Lizzietish81

      Wat dat bout da colored boy?

    • K Smith

      That was so funny to see those MULTIPLE reports of those Kentuckians who swore that Kentucky Connect was “ten thousand times better than ObamaCare.”

  • micster50

    I got my taxes done yesterday and I bought insurance on the exchange and get a small subsidy.
    I came out owing the IRS 2.00.
    Went and had a nice dinner with the hubby to celebrate.
    Screw you GOP!

  • Good to know I can complain to Congress if my employer reduces my work hours.

  • labman57

    “Obamacare is a complete disaster that must be killed” is another Republican baseless conclusion desperately in search of a rationalization.

  • My dad was without health insurance for a decade until the ACA came along. Now he can get checkups and afford the prescription medicine he needs. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Mr. President!

  • Bad Granny

    I’m late to the party because I’ve been in a tent on a mountain for a few days, but I had to log in to point out that this story was quoted on MaddowBlog! I get so excited when St. Rachel notices us.

  • kiptw

    She probably knew she’d get these (to her) horror stories, but thought there would be a residue of good stories she could use, from good honest Americans who all misspell the same three words the same way. Her error was not realizing that in such a public forum, people can actually see what’s being said. Apparently that’s something they don’t teach in Republican School.

    (Sorry: Skool)

  • Marc Jordan

    While I am one of those that believe ACA has been a success thus far, I am wondering where the horror stories are regarding high deductibles.

    The Facebook replies talk of American’s finally getting covered, but what good is being covered when that $350 office visit falls under their $7,000 annual deductible? To me that’s as good as not being covered at all, yet I haven’t read any stories about this anywhere.

    • Howard Peters

      Marc Jordan: You need to get educated about how health insurance works. A doctor may start out charging $350, but that’s not how it ends up. If he accepts the insurance, he has to take the plan-negotiated rate and write off the rest, a steep deduction from the “sticker price.” Next, the insurance company picks up and pays its assigned share (60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%, depending on whether the plan is “bronze,” “silver,” “gold,” or “platinum,” as they’re called under ACA. So that’s another steep reduction. Finally, the patient pays only the designated remaining percentage under his/her plan.

      You apparently believe that your hypothetical patient has to pay the full $350, and insurance coverage only kicks in when the annual deductible limit is reached. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t spend your time spreading ignorance. Do some research and learn the facts.

      • Marc Jordan

        Howard, you may not believe me but I’ve been working in the health insurance industry for the past 30 years and know how it works quite well as I’m responsible for negotiating provider contracts. I am well aware that the $350 billed charge is reduced by (on average) 1/3 of that, called the “Allowed” amount in industry terms. Add to the mix concepts such as RBRVS and local adjustment schemes and you get to the final amount that the plan will pay the provider.

        Now then, my point was that when Mr. X goes to the doctor and the doctor bills the carrier for the encounter (it’s not called a “visit” in insurance speak), the physician will bill the usual and customary amount of $350 of which, as you said, expect to get about 1/3 of that, or about $116.00. The patient is responsible for that $116 until he fulfills his deductible.

        My question is, there are a lot of American’s that find themselves with a serious ailment and will need to seek treatment which will cost tens of thousands. My point is, how many of them could afford to layout the first $7,500?

        Also, you need a lesson on the different plans. The 60,70 80% applies to how much the plan will pay towards the claim once you satisfy the deductible. For example, if the negotiated amount for a $300 visit is reduced to $100, the plan will pay (for example) 70% or $70. You as the patient will be responsible for paying the provider the remaining $30. I can’t believe how wrong you got this part of the equation. Let me reiterate, the health plan will not pay one red cent until you meet the $7500 deductible. Not one penny.

        I find it almost laughable that you don’t know how deductibles work, and you are calling me “ignorant”.

        Finally, I don’t expect you to reply to this since it shows just how uneducated you are on the matter, but it made me feel better getting it off my chest.

        • DT

          Marc, since the plans have caps for maximum out-of-pocket, there is at least a chance to not have to go bankrupt over medical bills, whereas there was no such protection before the ACA.

    • Woodsy

      Since the ACA plan subsidies are based on income and family size, they’re adjusted such that if you’re not getting a subsidy, you can afford the $7,000 total out of pocket (though the highest I found in Covered California was $6,250). That’s just the standard in the private market (vs. employer provided). For years, my out of pocket was $7,000 for a plan costing $1,100/month by the time ACA started. Now, my out of pocket, adjusted for our income of $30,000 year is $2,200 which is affordable.

      So it’s reasonable to also ask — pre ACA — how someone with a $30,000/year income could afford a $7,000 total out of pocket per year. Answer, they couldn’t. Thus, the ACA is a major improvement for those dependent on non-employer insurance.

  • crescentfang

    We all have had to deal with it now and half the country wants it repealed.

  • D.M. Brooks

    I for one can give a “horror story” for the ACA, but I am going to say right now that I am not for or against it, nor am I anti Obama or anything else people will gleefully slap onto anything I say in order for it to fit into their own personal opinions of any of it. This is simply what it has meant for me.

    I had a PPO that, while it was not a comprehensive policy it did cover 100% of hospitalization, labs and radiology, surgeries (both in and out patient) along with home care provisions after a $3,500 deductible had been met. I also had prescription drug coverage with a $10/30 co-pay on medications. I was allowed one doctor visit a year, anything above that I paid for out of pocket, which was only $55 to see an internal medicine doctor and $80 to see my cardiologist. Not a big deal since I only saw my PCP twice a year and my cardiologist three times a year as my conditions were stable and well managed. All in all the policy I had was more a major medical coverage plan with prescription drug benefits. Then along came the ACA and suddenly this policy did not meet the governments minimum requirements for coverage so it was terminated. After nearly six months of dealing with signing up, re-signing up and eventually having to get a health care advocate to deal with it for me because the website was either constantly crashing, losing my account or altering information such as changing gender or suddenly there were 240 people in my household (that was the most amusing glitch), it was just a hassle to try and simply get signed up.

    Then came the sticker shock. I was paying $189 a month for the plan that I had….granted I had that plan since I was 19 (I’m now 40) and the rates have gone up steadily as I’ve aged, but I nearly had a heart attack when the ACA gave me my choices of plans. Interestingly enough I qualified for Medicaid with my state or, I could pick from one of a total of six plans they had for me. The lowest cost plan of the group would have me paying $1673 a month, with the highest cost plan being over $2200 a month. Where they expect me to come up with that kind of cash, a house payment, property taxes, car insurance, house insurance, food, utilities and any other standard cost of living fees is beyond me. So, my choice was Medicaid.

    Now that I was forced to Medicaid, I have a choice of five doctors who accept Medicaid and who are accepting new patients. The average wait time for an appointment is 3-5 months as opposed to 2-3 days with my former doctor. My health has spiraled downward and resulted in two hospital stays lasting over five days each in ICU because the new doctor and cardiologist have no idea how to treat my conditions, constantly screw with medication because they wont file for pre-authorization of medications I was taking that Medicaid wont otherwise pay for. Mind you that previously I had not been in the hospital since 2001, now I frequent the ER and have had two extended stays in the hospital….and guess what, the feds and tax payers are footing my bill now because none of this costs me a cent. Everything is 100% free.

    What have I done, well I decided the hell with this and I am just going to play the system. I found one doctor who takes Medicaid who is a “yes man” doctor. If I come in with suggestions from other doctors, he will do them. So, I have started seeing my old PCP and old cardiologist as a cash pay patient…still $55 and $80, have gotten back on the medications I was on prior (though, two of them I order from India as Medicaid refused to pay for them for any reason and its 1/3 the cost of buying them in the States). So now I just see my old doctors, have my “yes man” doctor order the tests the other doctors want and let Medicaid and tax payers foot the bill.

    If the feds wont let me have health care plans and coverage that is affordable, give me a choice of doctors who aren’t one step above med school drop outs and prescription coverage of all medications like I had before, then that’s fine. I’ll let them pick up the tab for me.

    I’m not alone in this. I know hundreds of friends, coworkers, business associates and professionals who have opted to just pay the fine and not have any insurance coverage because they don’t want to deal with the nightmare that it inflicts, and in many cases doctors, labs and other medical facilities are willing to cut you steep discounts (often lower than co-pays for procedures) if you pay with cash.

    So while yes, it may have given coverage to millions without any…it’s also lowered the standard of care below that of a third world country in the process.

    • Marc Jordan

      While your story is comprehensive, some things don’t make sense to me. You said that you were on a PPO and that hospitalization was covered 100%. By it’s very nature of a PPO vs HMO, PPO’s do not cover anything at 100%, it’s typically a 70/30 or 80/20 arrangement. So that statement has me perplexed.

      Next you said that the plan offered under ACA was going to cost $1,673 a month, but in your next breath you said you qualified for Medicaid, I assume due to income. My question here is why you didn’t qualify for a subsidy which would have brought the $1,673 premium down to approx $200 a month.

      • D.M. Brooks

        Read more carefully and your questions would have been answered. The PPO plan pays 100% -after- a $3500 deductible was met.

        “I had a PPO that, while it was not a comprehensive policy it did cover 100% of hospitalization, labs and radiology, surgeries (both in and out patient) along with home care provisions after a $3,500 deductible had been met.”

        As I also said, this was a more a major medical plan, which is not a standard PPO health insurance plan, they work a lot differently than your standard health care plan in that they really only cover major medical and not all of your typical outpatient office visits, outpatient labs and other exams. I got this plan back in 1997 when they offered the addition of prescription coverage for an extra fee a month (the newer plans didn’t have any provisions for that)

        As far as a Medicaid vs. normal plan with a subsidy, when I applied it gave me two choices, the high premium traditional plans or “you may qualify for Medicaid with your state” plan. After seeing the costs of the plans I went to my states website and I did qualify for Medicaid based on # of people in the house and income of the household. But because it was such a nightmare, I decided to go through the sign up agents that were offered at no cost, so I could wade through all the red tape and nonsense. After seeing two different health insurance agents, if I was to take a ACA paid plan, the very best I would be paying out of pocket (after subsidies) was still upwards of $800 a month for the ACA nonsense. Even having my CPA do my taxes this year, I would have ended up in a huge hole due to the ACA BS and “dance around” laws (as the CPA called them) that negated a lot of the benefits of the subsidies anyways.

        • Woodsy

          DM. With respect, that still doesn’t make sense. My wife and I have an income of around $30,000 and don’t qualify for medicaid — which would be, I think, below $20,000 in California (but haven’t checked). Still, our subsidized premiums for a Silver Plan is $107/month. This vs. the $1,100/month I was paying for a high deductible pre-ACA plan two years ago. Also, it defies logic that you know “hundreds” of people who are just going to pay the fine. You must live in a particularly unrepresentative area. Most have health insurance through work. Those that don’t have signed up for ACA policies in the millions. Basically, I don’t believe that. Finally, I just don’t see where your “red tape” nonsense comes from. The web interface worked fine for me, no crashes, and it was really straightforward. Enter number in household under policy; enter ages; enter income. It spits out plans and prices. It’s really not that hard. If you qualify for medicare, your premiums shouldn’t be that high.

          I think you need to drop those agents and try again.

          • akita96th

            Woodsy haven’t you learned dont feed the trolls…

  • Sam

    This isn’t about making anyone’s life better. It is about politics and failed ideas.

    ACA or Obamacare or what not, have made things better.

  • akita96th

    To republicans facts are like getting a case of crabs you know you got em but you dont want anyone to know.

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