Looks like the end of Close Encounters, only with tear gas.

The fallout continues in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, following the Justice Department’s report on how the city pretty much ran its police force as a revenue-collection operation aimed at transferring money from black citizens to the city’s general fund. On Wednesday, Chief of Police Thomas Jackson announced, “with profound sadness,” that he is resigning, effective March 19.

Jackson’s the one who entertained the nation with his whimsical versions of press briefings, which contained no information. He took nearly a week to release the name of the officer who shot Mike Brown, then claimed that reporters had been demanding that he also release video surveillance tapes of Michael Brown taking cigarillos from a convenience store.

It turned out nobody requested the tapes since no one knew they existed. Jackson also helped calm frayed nerves by telling Ferguson citizens to stay off the streets after dark if they knew what was good for them.

On the other hand, he apologized for letting Brown’s body lie in the street for hours, so surely that counts for something.

Oh, yes, and then there were also the years and years of shaking down black residents of Ferguson — and travelers passing through town — for traffic tickets and fines and stuff, too. The Justice Department didn’t like that either.

Jackson’s only the latest to resign in Ferguson. On Tuesday, municipal judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer resigned after the report showed that he’d fixed friends’ traffic tickets while imprisoning less-pale residents for unpaid fines. City Manager John Shaw also resigned Tuesday night; the DOJ report said that Shaw had praised Brockmeyer “as a money maker and revenue generator for the city.” While Shaw denied that he had instructed city employees to violate anyone’s constitutional rights, he was apparently winking so frequently that it was difficult to tell whether he really meant it.

Last week, a couple of minor city and court officials were fired. Two police officers who sent racist emails also quit.

And now Jackson’s packing up his desk and heading out the door. As MSNBC notes, there had been previous rumors that Jackson was on the verge of resigning that turned out to be false. But those previous reports weren’t accompanied by a report from the U.S. Department of Justice outlining systemic racism in the Ferguson PD. While a little systemic racism in the Ferguson PD has never slowed Jackson down before, guess a nudge from the DOJ did the trick.

[St Louis Today / MSNBC/St. Louis Today]

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  • Nounverb911

    Does this mean that the victimized black peoples of Ferguson will get a refund for all of their DWB violations?

    • SmokinGood

      No. Instead, they get their sales and property taxes jacked through the roof and their municipal bonds downgraded to FFUU.

    • Blueb4sunrise

      They can haz Class Action Lawsuit?

      • willi0000000

        sure . . . and they’ll just end up paying themselves.

        [plus lawyers fees for both sides]

    • Bill Slider

      I want what you are having.

  • Callyson

    Works for me…

  • baconzgood

    Boy this PD seems to be having problems.

  • KinkyReggae

    Between the Frat douchnozzles at Oklahoma and Ferguson one can tell that there is no racism in Amerika no more!

    • willi0000000

      “we’re post-racial now”
      – john roberts

  • Spotts1701

    Don’t let him turn in his badge! That’s not right!
    I want a ceremony in front of city hall where Eric Holder walks up, yanks the badge right off his chest (maybe taking some uniform shirt with it), and hurls it to the ground. Then we’re talking.

  • No Justice, No Jobs

  • WiscoJoe

    Hopefully most of them can get a job working at Fox News where sending racist emails and demonizing black people is not only commonplace, it’s encouraged. Dream big, Ferguson, dream big!

  • ThePuckStopsHere

    I’m sure cops who were fired/quit will have no problems getting jobs with Fox Security–the private police force that comes calling when Bill O’Reilly gets an audience member phone call he doesn’t like.

    • Beowoof14

      Isn’t that the Fox private gestapo? You know just to make the Fox guys comfortable.

    • willi0000000

      are you kidding me? . . . all they have to do is apply one or two towns over and all will be well.

      [c’mon . . . these are experienced professional cops . . . and there’s always a demand for bigots with beating skills]

  • elviouslyqueer

    According to Twitter, Chief Jackson is slated to receive a severance package and health insurance for a year. Because apparently, after all this, he still seems nice.

    • SmokinGood

      Not to mention that “resigned” looks better on your CV than “fired for cause (corrupt racist).”

      • TheBidenator

        Especially if he applies in Cleveland because they don’t check references anyway…

      • malsperanza

        Mysteriously, he gets a severance package even though he resigned. Normally you lose your severance if you quit.

    • Me not sure

      Also gets to shoot a black man on his way out as part of his severance package.

    • I can think of at least one thing I’d like to sever…maybe three.

    • TheBidenator

      On the plus side he’ll lose his license to shoot and kill black people…

      • Blank Ron

        He’s gonna stop being white?

    • nanuq1

      If they sever his package, I’m OK with it. Probably a small loss.

  • OneYieldRegular


  • mrFawkes

    Word on the street is that Jackson and George Zimmerman are in talks with Fox for a new reality show. There is some debate over the title–“Bad Cop Wannabee Cop…Bad Cop Idiot Cop…Black Killer White Protector…

    • MOG253

      I’d laugh, but no doubt they’ll end up as talking heads.

      • NellCote71

        Joe the Plumber liable.

        • malsperanza

          Liable for the general dumbing down of the public discourse, sure, but I don’t think I’d hold him responsible for all of it.

  • memzilla

    Of course, with these firings, what looks like a badge of shame to us will be nothing but a STERLING JOB RECOMMENDATION in about 35,768 other fine communities in Jeebustan.

  • memzilla

    In unrelated news: “National SIgma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Announces New Hires.”

    • MOG253

      Or he could go to work for Arpaio!

  • Bill Slider

    Fuck these fucking fuckers. Now the minority population’s majority status monies can go not for paying thetickets but for their police pensions. Progress.

  • sw19womble

    At least the PD still has a week to round up a few n*****rs and shake ’em down, so they can buy Jackson a lovely going-away present.

  • JMPesq

    Hit the road, Jack[son], and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more; hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more.

  • Beowoof14

    The shame is it took a kid being killed before anyone got attention for an almost all white police force in a town that is 2/3 black. Insert right wing denials here.

  • docterry6973

    Holder shouldn’t stop with Ferguson. I hear that this is SOP in every town surrounding Ole St. Lou.

    • sw19womble

      Oregon and Washington State Police have their favourite spots on the I-5 too.
      However, they don’t discriminate AFAIK. Everyone’s money is considered good.

      • ibwilliamsi

        There’s a little spot on I-95 just North of the Georgia/Florida line that’s making a bundle, too. There’s a great stand of trees in the middle of the highway right where it goes from 4 lanes to 10, and there are always at least 10 squad cars in the trees and 10 squad cars on the side of the road writing up those $280 tickets for the out of staters on their way to/from Disney or a cruise who are so thrilled to get past the semi truck they’ve been stuck behind for the last 80 miles. If you’ve got an NC tag with an Oregon Ducks sticker on the back window, you’d better be prepared to pay that fine.

        • Steverino247

          No one can top Nolanville, Texas. The State of Texas even put up warning signs on both sides of town on the state highway going through there.

  • dave.lefevre

    Fed. Justice needs to GET OFF THEIR ASS and call these assholes out *before* people die. Judging on how FUCKED UP departments are in parts of the Midwest, I judge roughly 52% of the Justice Department’s time should be getting these people off our backs. GOP.. are you REALLY for small government, or just for corporate anarchy? If you really are “small government” then pitch in.

    • willi0000000


    • Villago Delenda Est

      Just for corporate anarchy, aka neofeudalism. It’s what the Koch brothers want, after all.

  • FZsdaughter

    Ferguson is taking the flier for the rest of the state to go on doing its thing. But this really needs to be the start of a domino effect that brings them all down.

  • GldnAngl

    If black folk do decide to revolt, it’s likely to turn out very badly for some other folk.
    I’m not saying black folk are going to revolt, because you are all/nearly all white, and I’m not allowed to give up those sorts of secrets.

    • sw19womble

      It’s next Thursday night, right? Over by the Chevron dealership?
      Asking for a black friend.

      • ez

        SW5, The Boltons, be there or be square. Party later on Earls Court road.

    • The gay agenda is unclear on what I’m supposed to do in that eventuality.

      • nanuq1


        • starfanglednut

          Goes without saying.

        • So, business as usual?

      • Steverino247

        Suck for Peace?


  • AnOuthouse

    Is there a video showing the chief dressed as a kitten walking out of town carrying his belongings on a stick? because kitten videos make us happy.

    • sw19womble

      Ask and ye shall receive

      • sw19womble

        No wait, that one was too jaunty.

        • Alex Grey

          I just know there is a joke to be made here about the cat being black, but it is just not coming to me.

        • willi0000000

          cat . . . work?

          • nanuq1

            Imperious derision is not easy.

          • DahBoner

            Chairman Maew delegates work!

  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    Say, you know who else was named Thomas Jackson?

  • Sheesko

    “On the other hand, he apologized for letting Brown’s body lie in the street for hours, so surely that counts for something.”

    To be fair, they had to be sure he was really most completely dead. Rigor mortis takes a little time.

    • nanuq1

      When they asked him, he said he wasn’t dead, but you know how “those people” like to lie.

      • Steverino247

        They thought he was pining for the fjords?!

      • DahBoner

        Face down, with blood gushing out of bullet holes in their backs?

        • nightmoth

          Well, you know, those big bucks are like supermen—able to run through a hail of bullets and still kill an overseer with their bare hands. A refined white gentleman can’t be too careful.

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    “the city pretty much ran its police force as a revenue-collection operation protection racket.


    • “Nice little set of Constitutional rights you have there – sure be a shame if anything happened to ’em…”

  • Skelton, Jason

    It is almost as of the people protesting in Ferguson were right.

  • malsperanza

    Dear Eric Holder, now what about the other 50,000 or so small municipalities in the USA?

    • nanuq1

      And hundreds of big cities.

  • exinkwretch

    It would be nice if the chief got a federal civil rights prosecution as a retirement gift. But that would require someone with a backbone running the Justice Department.

  • ViveLaRes

    What about the douchebag grand jury? Can’t they be censured or defrocked or whatever?

    • zerosumgame0005

      it was that crooked DA, he fed them garbage so of course garbage came out

      • Steverino247

        Indeed. One of them is really pissed about it and making as much noise as possible.

        • LaylaOhGee

          I’m glad to hear that at least one of them has a conscience.

          But, doe anyone know if there is ia grand jury confidentiality issue? I’d think not, bc Prosecutor Dicksmack released at least some of the stuff.

      • anniegetyerfun

        I keep hoping that he will be the next to go.

  • zerosumgame0005

    they are going to stamp their feetsies and go off and make their OWN fort and and and (sniffle, sniffle) make sure nobody else gets in!

    • snarkycomments

      They were going to try and pledge with Sigma Alpha Epsilon but that fell through for some reason.

      • IndianaKevin

        SAE wouldn’t have them?

  • “I am resigning with profound sadness…that I got caught”.

  • Pecker Rider of Pern

    This is nice and all, but still not very reassuring. Killer Darren Wilson was a reject from the disfunctional-to-the-point-of-being-disbanded Jennings, MO police force. What’s stopping any of these psychos from just picking up where they left off in another municipality? Until we establish a reliable means to punish killer cops as criminals, we’re just playing a futile game of whack-a-mole with these monsters. Unfortunately, this fight is slow going in MO, as we’re dealing with a state legislature packed with Tea Party f*ckwits and Dems bought-and-paid for by police unions.

  • anniegetyerfun

    OT, but is anyone else having issues with the page automatically scrolling to the bottom (over and over) on mobile devices? Just started happening today.

    • smashedinhat

      Yes! Grrr…

    • IndianaKevin

      It happened to me and my laptop on the Wonkette home page this morning.

  • Paperless Tiger

    DHS needed an outpost in the heartland, damn, I keep forgetting, homeland, especially now that Stop-and-frisky is gone from their Capitol, New York. Look for lots of drills nearby. If they go live, run.

  • 19th Amendment

    Ferguson City Council seat elections are 7th of April. Unfortunately, the deadline to register as a candidate closed Jan. 20. As a Californian, I hope voters in Ferguson show up en mass. Citizens looking to make a change would do well to start with local, city, county, school board and state races. Midterms matter. Local elections matter.

    Take a look at both chambers of the US Congress; 2010 and 2014 brought an influx of freshman baggers, most of whom started their political ascents locally.

  • LaylaOhGee

    Holy shit. AP says two police officers shot ***when Ferguson protest get violent.***

    Edit- I don’t know how to do the cross-out thing.
    Correction– officers shot as peaceful(ish) protest was winding down for the night. Shots seemed to come from some distance away- think grassy knoll.

  • DahBoner

    What’s so racist about a White cop shooting a little, old lady standing in her backyard, minding her own business, trying to see what all the commotion was about just because she’s black?



  • amindofitsown

    Cue the deleted commentators’ bitching about race baiting, blacks are the real racists, if that thug Michael Brown hadn’t attacked a cop, yaddah yaddah yaddah. Because the KKK never existed and cops never lie, Praize Jeebus!!1!!

  • Let Ferguson hire all minority people for all services, govt included and see how it goes…………….Lets see if they all act equally…………………….

  • nightmoth

    Does anyone else remember that when Brown got killed, those cheeky hackers Anonymous jumped into the fray and accessed Tom Jackson’s home security cameras? And released a frame showing a big ass Confederate flag on Jackson’s living room wall? It disappeared from the news pretty quickly, after the usual whining about “That’s my herrrriitage!”

  • James B.

    I’m personally astounded that there are any officers left in Ferguson PD. For a department that size, pay isn’t great, and community relations are clearly terrible.

  • DEricx


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