Gather round, little children, your Tennessee Wonkette has a nice story for you! It is about one of our august state representatives, a gentlelady by the name of Sheila Butt, who once said there would be no global warming if we used more hairspray, but this is not about that. This is about the fact that Sheila is Not Racist. Everybody is being mean to her and saying she is racist, though, because she went on the Facebook recently to comment on a nice note from the Council on American-Islamic Relations encouraging Republicans to stop hating Muslims so much. Butt said what we REALLY NEED is a “Council on Christian Relations” and a “NAAWP,” which some dumb liberal media types are dumbly and liberally assuming might stand for National Association For The Advancement Of White People, but they are wrong.


NOT RACIST, Rep. Butt can explain.

The Republican floor leader posted the comment on Jan. 27 on the Facebook page of Cathy Hinners, who operates Daily Roll Call, a website critical of Muslims in America and specifically in Tennessee. The comment, obtained by Pith, was deleted and later replaced with, “We need groups that will stand for Christians and our Western culture. We don’t have groups dedicated to speaking on our behalf.”


Butt, a tea party-leaning Republican from Columbia who was newly elected as floor leader, repeatedly refused to explain to Pith what she meant by the comment and the meaning of NAAWP. She said only that reading the acronym as the National Association for the Advancement of White people is “totally misinterpreted.”

“I think that’s funny because that isn’t even what that’s supposed to be. You’re making a story out of nothing,” said Butt, who then refused to explain what she meant by the comment. “Oh, I know exactly what it is, but it’s not what you say it is.”

“I’ll let people decide,” she said.

Oh, just kidding, Rep. Butt will not explain, she knows exactly what word she meant the “W” to stand for, but she is not telling, and she will let the people decide! So what do YOU think the “W” stands for, Wonketariat? Butt deleted the comment later anyway, no harm no foul, replacing it with the thing about how Christians and Western Culture have NO GROUPS who will stand up for them. Now, you might counter, “Hey Rep. Butt, isn’t this kind of like when racists say we need a white history month, and then sane people remind them that ALL THE MONTHS are white history month?” But no, you are wrong, Butt is a good Christian, let her explain again:

“It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist. Instead of realizing my post was actually about making sure that every race, religion, gender, and culture has a seat at the table, liberal groups have once again incorrectly and falsely jumped the gun. It seems to me that if we could take the focus off of race, as I am convinced the Lord does, we could better solve the problems in our state and nation that face every single one of us.”

Yes, the world is a terrible place, when conservatives can’t hurl around racial slurs during drunk Facebook time without being accused of racism. CAIR is predictably annoyed by all this and is asking all the Tennessee Republicans to condemn the Butt. To their credit, they are not really defending her, so here’s to you, Tennessee Republicans, you managed to get one single gold sticker, don’t lick it too hard:

CAIR called the comment racist, saying the NAAWP term has been used by several white supremacist organizations in the past. Former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke at one time headed a group called the NAAWP.

She didn’t know! She probably didn’t even know that there was also something called the NAACP either, because again, if you are a Republican Who Doesn’t See Race, you can’t even SEE the NAACP. Like, they could be right in front of her, and she would not see them. She made up “NAAWP” by herself, in her own Butt Brain, and she is grieved that you misinterpreted her so badly.

In case you are going to be difficult about this, Steve Cavendish of the Nashville Scene points out that Butt has actually offered several MORE explanations, if the ones typed above don’t satisfy you. Like this one, this one will totally convince you:

“I came from Rockford, Ill., so racism was never part of my culture, never has been part of my culture,” she said.

NO RACISM IN ROCKFORD. Cavendish points out that Rockford, Illinois, has a chapter of the KKK, but, duh, it probably doesn’t stand for what you think it does either, it stands for Krazy Knitting Klub, and they meet on Wednesday nights. You should see the neat hoods they just finished making, they are like SO WARM.

Anyway, Cavendish helps us out with the needed context, proving once and for all that Sheila is not racist, by pointing us to Butt’s work as the author of a Jesus book for girls called Everyday Princess: Daughter Of The King. It is a very nice book with four whole reviews on Amazon, and in it Butt discusses interracial dating:

Will dating someone of another race be helpful or beneficial? Understanding that you will eventually marry someone that you date, will you be just as happy for your children to grow up biracial? I have seen instances when a young lady started dating someone of another race, and there were those of her own race who were not interested in dating her after that. There will always be those who look at the race of the person a young lady dates rather then the character of the person.

Ha ha ha, if you date a person of another race, not that you can see race in the first place, will you be okay with having dark children, not that there is anything wrong with that? Or aren’t you worried that if when you break up, other racists won’t want to fuck you anymore? Oh, Sheila Butt, you are a gem and Wonkette will be extra sure to pay closer attention to you in the future.

[Nashville Scene/WKRN-TV]

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  • BinK

    I didn’t know grapes would grow there, but apparently the South is full of White Whine these days.

    • JohnBull

      White whine goes perfect with Cheez Whiz. The ONLY acceptable American cheese.

      • Herasmus B. Lyon

        You’re talking about the cheese of my people!

      • sw19womble

        Cracker Barrel libel!!!!!

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        I thought it was cedar cheese.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      For Allahbammy judge “Ten Commandments” Moore, it’s the days of whine and Moses.

  • Joshua Norton

    It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist.


  • MsAnthropesMr

    What we really need is a National Association for the Advancement of Stupid People. Oh wait – it’s called the GOP.

    • How can they be stupid when they self-assuredly know economics, climate science, evolution, chemistry better than Nobel Prize Winners? Checkmate!

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        They also know the Old Testament better than them Jews and Ay-rabs.

  • TundraGrifter

    So her son is Butt Boy?

  • chicken thief

    She sounds nice. For a bigoted cunt.

  • chicken thief

    Butt’s making an ass of herself.

  • CalvinianChoice

    National Association for the Advancement of the Wonkette Proletariat

    • Herasmus B. Lyon

      We have a winner, folks!

    • Are we the mensheviks or the bolsheviks?

      • docterry6973

        Just sheviks. No sexism either.

      • ThatDale

        Are we not men?

  • “Will dating someone of another race be helpful or beneficial? Understanding that you will eventually marry someone that you date, will you be just as happy for your children to grow up biracial?”

    It’s worked out super for me and the non-white Mrs. White. Our kids have the most adorable multi-colored coats and we couldn’t be more proud of them, especially at the dog park where they play with kids of all colors and backgrounds.

    I’d call this lady an ass but that would be redundant.

    • weejee

      Mrs. weejee and I have a double mixed marriage. She’s a tall country gal and I’m a short city slicker.

    • Toomush_Infer

      Mrs. Toomush is a woman, but I don’t hold it against her more than necessary…

    • MrBlobfish

      Ditto. MrsBlobfish’s lovely ebony skin looks so nice next to my pale, pink pastiness.

  • JVisconti

    Sheila will not be Butt of any of your jokes, if Wonkette even allowed butt jokes.

    • Shibusa

      If Sheila phones you for campaign cash, is it a Booty Call?

      • JVisconti

        I’ll take her call if we can get
        to the bottom of the issues that divide this nation like a large crack and put these differences behind us.

        • Shibusa

          Touché! (Or should I say Tushie.)

          • Amy!

            Tush, eh?

      • Gleem-McShinez

        When she deleted her post, would you call it a “Butt wipe?”

  • Toomush_Infer

    Nightly Adjustment of An Awful Wig Placement – you racists!

    • weejee

      She wears the wig cuz she can’t find ozone-depleting hair spray no more.

    • Callyson

      I thought that was the name of Donald Trump’s SuperPAC.

  • Spotts1701

    National Association for the Advancement of Well Plumbers?

  • Tallmutha

    Jeez you guys, she just meant National Association of Awesome People. What’s wrong with you?

  • laineypc

    Naawp, I don’t see no race. Naawp me. It’s just another colloquial Tennessee term for ‘no’ or ‘not’.

  • chicken thief

    Sheila looks like she could be Sally Field’s great grandma.

    • weejee

      ‘Cept the autographed photog of dearly departed Nate Forrest hangin’ on the wall.

    • docterry6973

      I’ll be darned. She does.

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    Once you go black Sheila Butt won’t touch that.

  • weejee

    Klan libel!

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    Who let her out of her Barbie house?

  • sw19womble

    Nailed-on Argument Against Whiney Princesses

  • Bubble Genius

    The W in NAAWP stands for “Widiot.” The W is silent.

  • Fartknocker

    She should be a guest author for Bob Jones University. She’s quite the literary scholar with her latest works on gay parents:

    • Left Coast Tom

      I’d apologize, too, if I published something like that.

    • Callyson

      Does God Love Michael’s Two Daddies?

    • BehaveYrself

      “…showing, in a loving way, that homosexuality is wrong.” What a vile bitch.

  • GunToting[Redacted]

    To be fair, if she is against the Muslims she really isn’t a racist. She’s a bigot.

    • chicken thief

      I suspect her take on dating covers the ‘racist’ part.

    • nmmagyar

      Most of these folks can’t imagine that all Muslims aren’t Arab. My blue eyed, German cousin would confuse the shit out of them.

  • MrBlobfish
    • calliecallie

      To the tune of “I’m So Fancy”

      I’m not racist
      I don’t see race, oh nooo!
      I just love white folks
      From Georgia to Ohio.

    • DemmeFatale

      How great is/was Father Ted?

  • cheetojeebus

    When she’s not reading Old South Gothic romances Sheila loves to go on long walks in the rain. Sheila hates mean people and those that have dated black people. Sheila’s favorite color is white.

    • chicken thief

      Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at the Butt household was pretty easy – some white folk.

  • FlownOver

    Not Another Asshole With Pudenda.

  • Shibusa


  • calliecallie

    Should you date folks of other races? Ask Sarah Palin.

    • chicken thief

      Might wanna check with Glenn also too. He may have had second thoughts.

  • Flashman

    The “N” in NAAWP stands for “knowledge”.

  • barrelhse

    Now THAT’S Butt hurt.

  • trackhorse

    She’s just mad about everybody making fun of her name in middle school. And high school. And that junior college she tried for a week. And, well…always. I mean: “Sheila”. Geez, I’m laughing now.

    • BackDoorMan

      Kids can be so cruel. You just know they called her “Sheloves Butts”.

  • SayItWithWookies

    I have seen instances when a young lady
    started dating someone of another race, and there were those of her own
    race who were not interested in dating her after that. There will always
    be those who look at the race of the person a young lady dates rather
    then the character of the person.

    Because really, what kind of society would this be if we didn’t let the bigots govern our opinions?

    • nmmagyar

      “Once you go black, you’ll never go back” wasn’t meant to be a warning.

    • Guest

      “there were those of her own race who were not interested in dating her after that.”

      Right – as if she gave a shit about racist assholes leaving her alone.
      Every woman should be so lucky!

  • SFRealness

    National Association for the Advancement of Wingnut Puritans?

    I figured that was just the Republican Party nowadays, but hey, everyone needs their own club…

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    “We don’t have groups dedicated to speaking on our behalf.”

    You’ve got a whole fucking “news” network spewing propaganda for you, and you’re whining about what again?

    NAAWP = Never Acknowledge the Advantages of White People

    • House0fTheBlueLights

      We have a winner

  • OneYieldRegular

    National Association for the Advancement of Westernculturedefending People, duh.

    • Derp perp

      National Association of Wonkette People.

  • mrpuma2u

    Holy crap I live in this state now. I haz a sad.

    • harryeagar

      Wait’ll you find out about Congressman DesJarlais

  • JoeChristmas

    I’m guessing she’s against Buttsex too.

    • Zippy

      This may be the only time in history when Teh Wonket is against butt sechs

  • cousin itt

    Because nothing says we don’t care about our way of life like groups of nuclear weapons stationed on land, sea and air that can deliver instant death to hundreds of millions of people.

  • Callyson

    So what do YOU think the “W” stands for, Wonketariat?

    Let’s see…is it:

    1. Wacko?

    2. Wussy?

    3. Windbag?

    Trick question: of course it’s all of them, Katie…

    • Jukesgrrl


    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      I’m going with “witless”.

    • House0fTheBlueLights

      Well, I don’t know what the W stands for, but I’m guessing the P is for Penis, right?

      • Amy!


      • Weldon Thomas

        I’m guessing the W stands for Wingnut and the P means Pricks.

    • Amy!






      or, alternately:

      wonderful wise western white, which are more likely to be the aot,k that she was thinking of.

  • ibwilliamsi

    “W” is for “WASP”, right?

    • Callyson

      Damn, I should have included that one in my list!

    • Blank Ron

      And you can leave US out of it too.
      – the Angles and the Saxons

  • Callyson

    It seems to me that if we could take the focus off of race, as I am convinced the Lord does

    “Would you wingnuts kindly leave Me out of it? You’ve caused enough trouble as it is.”

    – God

  • Jukesgrrl

    Butt, Butt, Butt … she’s so purty, the Lord must love her.

  • Olav_Pompatus

    WP = Wonkette Posters???

    • docterry6973

      Well god bless her then.

  • docterry6973

    Practically every institution in the US favors white people. You’d think she’d be satisfied.

    • nmmagyar

      But those institutions don’t SAY they favor white folks in their names. Don’t you see the injustice?!??!?!??!??!!!!

      • OrdinaryJoe

        “White” House. Ok, maybe not so much anymore.

  • Callyson

    And I can’t believe this classic hasn’t been posted yet:

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    “there were those of her own race who were not interested in dating her after that.”

    So, the racist assholes left her alone?
    Every woman should be so lucky.

    • Blank Ron

      Yeah, I’m not seeing a down side to this.

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    Never Antagonize Adam Clayton Powel.

  • Bitter Scribe

    “There will always be those who look at the race of the person a young lady dates rather then the character of the person.
    “Like me.”

  • HolyCow!

    Let’s not forget the history of where she is living. Her district is right next to Pulaski, TN which is the birthplace of the KKK. Columbia it’s self had America’s first post WW II racial riots. This area has a long and nasty history of racism.

    • Weldon Thomas

      Ninety-two percent of her constituents claim Nathan Bedford Forrest as their great-great granddaddy.

  • johnnyangel

    When will white christians get a seat at the table?

    • willi0000000

      when those 13 Jews finish their dinner party?

  • OrdinaryJoe

    This is what you get when you stir up a toxic mix of white paranoid racist fear with Christian martyrdom complex. Seemora Butt.

  • Spork

    Obviously she meant National Association for the Advancement of Wee People. Rep. Butt (R-Giggle) is a staunch advocate for those under 5′ 6″.

    • BoatOfVelociraptors

      Butt’s in 4 tha shorties!

  • Sam Hain

    Sheila Butt, the 70’s called…. they want their hairstyle back…you racist piggy-pooh.

    • Spurning Beer

      It looks like Ms. Butt has contributed heavily to the hairspray use in the past decades.

      • Blank Ron

        I don’t think it worked.

    • ViveLaRes

      And their eye shadow.

  • HobbesEvilTwin

    I see a legislative shitmuffin award in Butt’s future.

  • 0gham

    Silly Wonkette. The only racist thing a person can do today is call a racist person a racist. That’s real racism right there.

  • beatbort

    Man, if Louie Gohmert was only a Mormon, he could take this Butt womern to be one of his extry wifes.

  • Me not sure

    She seems a bit cheeky to me. I assume the Initial K. stands for her maiden name Kiester.

    • sw19womble

      it’s Kissma, actually

  • HarryButtle

    If you don’t want to be called a racist, stop saying racist things you dumb cracker. You can even still BE a racist if you really want to be, but if you keep your fucking mouth shut, nobody will know.

    • isthisrob

      You are a racist for saying this.

      • Blank Ron

        Yeah, well, you’re a racist for pointing it out…

        • isthisrob


  • Paperless Tiger

    Does this mean big hair is back?

    • DahBoner

      If you’re a heroin addict from England singing like a Black woman, yes!

  • harryeagar

    National Association for the Advancement of Wonkette People, I’m pretty sure

  • unStunned

    National Association of Asshole White People?

  • chascates

    But I thought hair spray was bad for the environment!!! I’m going right out and buy one and start huffing it!

  • Rebecca Gardner

    “It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist.”

    There, I fixed it for you.

  • Jerry Noneofyourbizz

    ““I came from Rockford, Ill., so racism was never part of my culture…”
    But it IS part of Tennessean culture???????? Isn’t that pretty much what she implied with that comment?

    • Incoming Ham

      Trust me – Rockford Illinois is not the bastion of tolerance and I certainly wouldn’t call it culture.

  • BehaveYrself

    Oh, I’ve really done it this time…I clicked on the Amazon link, then clicked on the “look inside” clicky thing, and I read the Princess book. Friends, I will never be the same, now that I’ve learned that women are servants who should marry white Christian boys and have grandbabbies for god because he has no grandchildren of his own (yeah, it says that) and that we should strive to out-servant all the other dumb bad girls because Jeebus who is NOT your homeboy (yes, also says that, too, and that Justin Beiber is ungodly for saying so, duh) Amen.

    All my scientific learnin’ and university trainin’ by perfessors has spoilt me for the lord.

    • Jukesgrrl

      You didn’t Behave Yrself and the devil had his way with you.

    • Msgr_Moment

      common sense >> scientific book learnin’

  • TootsStansbury

    Is she related to Bertha?

    • sillyclucker

      Her father’s name is Harry.

    • Virginia Dreaming

      Is she one of the Butt sisters?

  • elpinche

    “…will you be just as happy for your children to grow up biracial? ”

    Has Butt seen Jessica Alba?” I would be happy to eat the corn out Alba’s poop. I’m getting sick just thinking about Butt caucusing. HAHAHAha ha..heh…ugh.

  • Notreelyhelping

    “Wretched” works for me.

  • Incoming Ham

    “We need groups that will stand for Christians and our Western culture. We don’t have groups dedicated to speaking on our behalf.”

    You don’t need “groups”, everyone in “Western Culture” (i.e. white protestants) IS the fucking “group”. Just. Shut. Up.

    • Suttree

      It’s just like the support group for people who hate their jobs, it’s called everyone and we meet at the bar around five. Only we aren’t entitled assholes like Mms. butt .

      • Incoming Ham

        My guess is she hits the Chardonnay (brand: Forever Alone.)

  • ViveLaRes

    She is a “tea-party leaning Republican” and still thinks no one is representing white people? Doesn’t her cable company carry Fox News?

  • ViveLaRes

    Ummm, I’ve been to Tennessee and I’m pretty sure that the use of hairspray just in Nashville is the cause of global warming.

    • mtn_philosoph

      1. Widespread use of hairspray leads to hairdos being shampooed less frequently.
      2. Less frequent hair washing causes a drop in household consumption of hot water.
      3. Less frequent need for hot water heater recharges leads to a drop in household consumption of electricity.
      4. Lowered demand for electricity leads to less fossil fuel needed for power generation.
      5. Lowered rate of fossil fuel burning for electricity power generation results in a decreased rate of greenhouse gas discharge into the atmosphere.
      6. Less demand leads to fewer resources being expended in extraction and processing of fossil fuels, which also results in lowered rate of greenhouse gas discharge.
      7. Drop off in quantity of GG discharge into the atmosphere leads to decrease in the rate of climate temperature rise, buying a little bit more time to develop and implement massive carbon sequestration initiatives and replace current fossil fuel-dependent power generation infrastructure with technologies using non-polluting energy sources, along with providing more time to negotiate binding international agreements to cut back on global GG generation.

      See? It all works out. The woman is a genius. This looks like Nobel Prize material.

      • DahBoner

        So, she’s a dirty hippie with a stank doo?

  • oh boy she looks like she’s from rockford.

  • teddy21

    Hasn’t this bitch ever heard of all those organizations with “family” “liberty” and “freedom” in the name? I think all of them do exactly what ms butt wants a naawp to do for her.

  • AlanInSF

    The problem, as I see it, is that it would be impossible for them to advance without displacing the white people above them. Sort of the Pasty Flesh Ceiling.

  • Ilgattomorte

    She’s not a racist. In fact she’s anything but a racist. When she stated that this country needed an NAAWP she was referring to a “Nubile African-American Wonder Penis”. You have to understand, she’s a shy, white Christian woman and in a moment of weakness and desire she forgot herself.

    This poor woman. You see, she went black and now she simply can’t go back. It’s all she thinks of and from time to time it just … slips out. Ladies, I’m sure many of you understand. Butt just wants that satisfying, long, black manhood. But, I don’t think I’m saying anything we all already didn’t know.

    • VirginiaLady

      And that book she wrote for girls tells the sad story of her own personal sexual rumpus over on de dark side?

    • Hopeformore America

      Absolutely agree. This blog is a slanderous rag, showing only arrogance, egomania, and no journalistic credibility. I guess any low life can pump their jizz out on a page.

  • Pierre_de_Fermat

    I imagine we’ll see an increasing hysteria from these folks as their persecution intensifies. The fact no one outside their bubble sees the persecution, will only convince them it is happening on a monstrous scale and jack booted Obammer will be doing all sorts of Nazi-Mooslem-Athiestical stuff. Then that generation will die off and a new lot of crazies will take their place. And, strange to say, they will probably be worse.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    I assume the W does indeed stand for Wonketariat? If so, I approve!

    • SigDeFlyinMonky

      WP = Wonkette Posters

  • mtn_philosoph

    New Annotated Atlas of Wonkette Ponies. So… what’s the problem?

  • Virginia Dreaming

    She should marry a man named Head. Then her hyphenated name would describe her perfectly.

    • borninatrailer

      It is a relatively uncommon surname so she may have trouble finding someone (unless she goes to Algeria), but she needs to marry a Terfas.

  • DahBoner

    Is this the same Rockford, IL that bankrupted the city by fighting forced school busing?

    As one of Sheila Butt’s cheek bones said to the other, “If we get together, we can stop this shit coming out of her mouth”…

  • Thanos

    This is the same Rockford that’s home to the Paleoconservative hate rag “Chronicles” and the neo confederate Rockford institute. Butt Sheila probably knows that. See Wikipedia:

  • Eykis

    I drive past the Tennessee state capitol daily on my trek to work. Unfortunately, this imbecile is a perfect example of the raging racist Evangelibaggers who populate the General Assembly. They are led by a teeny, tiny little BaggerBoy Lt. Guv Ron Ramsey who champions their idiocy.

    Of course, most Tennesseans are clueless that the twice-elected Governor Bill Haslam is a multi-billionaire crook!

  • VirginiaLady

    Sweet mother of butt babies! I hate it when people use not real excuses for bad behavior and think the general public will believe them. However Tennessee.

    • Shanasmiles

      Perhaps the gentlewoman from Tennessee isn’t smart enough to realize how dumb her excuses are…

  • Akira Bear

    W = Warpig

  • onedrewthree

    Can you imagine the yougn article if the races were reveresed?

  • ccubeman

    How can we forget the ASWPP?

    • jqheywood

      I hate Illinois Nazis….

  • Rickyphoo

    Butt. What an appropriate name.

  • Peter Walford

    NAAWP = National Association of AWful People.

  • Edith Margarethe Bluhm

    YES! Now that we finally got rid of Stacey Campfield, I was worried Tennessee might not be able to bring home the Legislative Shitmuffin Award again, but thanks to Rep.Butt, we remain a national laughingstock. Yay?

  • Warner W. Johnston

    I was born in Rockford, this is a part of Illinois that Lincoln couldn’t win a debate in.

  • The Mr. Lucas

    National Association for the Affability of White People. See, its all about interpretation!

    • The Mr. Lucas

      I just can’t. Stupid ass…(Butt….WORD PLAY!).

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