If crewed by an angry sorority president, it's the HMS Cunt Punt

While visiting London “The one in England” England Wednesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was asked if he thinks the theory of evolution is true. Apparently unable to remember the Republican Magic Words “I’m not a scientist, man,” heĀ instead replied “I’m going to punt on that one,” adding that an established scientific theory that’s taught in universities and high schools worldwide is “a question a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or another.” Or maybe he just didn’t get that far at Marquette University before he dropped out of college.

And really, it’s a matter that pretty much never comes up in politics, especially not in Republican presidential primaries, as this video from the 2008 primary season shows:

Considering that the majority of Republican voters don’t think evolution is real, and that yet another Republican state legislature is considering a bill to sneak creationism into public school classrooms, maybe Walker should have tried to run that ball right into the anti-science end zone instead. It should be fun to see whether Walker will more vociferously deny science in the days to come. Or maybe he’ll be a maverick and come out in favor of the reality-based community, which will of course lose him support among evangelicals. Looks like the Republican Candidate In London Curse has struck again!

Perhaps at this point only a unicorn can save him. But we have it on good authority that they’re mostly socialists.


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