Oh, there's that, too.

Nobody’s especially surprised to learn that working fast food is, at most places, pretty freaking awful. Low wages, no job security, no benefits, not enough hours, no union, terrible bosses, and all the job satisfaction of working a food assembly line, plus smelling like the fryer when you get home. But at least if you can find a better offer, you can move on, in accord with the best tenets of capitalism.

Unless you work at Jimmy John’s sammich shops, where not only do their employees get treated to low wages and the other usual crap of fast-food work, they also are required to sign a non-compete agreement in which they promise not to work at any “competitor” for two years. And what is a competitor? Any business within three miles of any Jimmy John’s — and not just restaurants, but ANY business that makes 10 percent or more of its money from sammiches. As Kitchenette’s C.A. Pinkham puts it:

Basically, any former Jimmy John’s employee can’t work at ANY restaurant that serves sandwiches or even any business that provides sandwiches as a side service (10% of their revenue, remember) within three miles of any existing Jimmy John’s. A company spokeswoman refused to comment, because Jimmy John’s doesn’t give even a semblance of a fuck about basic human decency, and they’re scared that if they have to publicly comment on this issue, that’ll become blatantly obvious.

jimmy johns non-compete

Normally, non-compete agreements are reserved for executives, so they won’t spill company secrets like Coca-Cola’s secret recipe or what kind of animals, if any, are actually used to make Taco Bell’s “ground beef.” But there aren’t a lot of secrets that an ordinary sammich slinger would be likely to give up to the competition — “we use four pickles arranged in a ziggurat” — and so the more likely explanation is just plain keeping workers under the corporate thumb:

Obviously, this has nothing to do with the divestment of company secrets and everything to do with putting workers in as desperate a situation as possible where they’re terrified to lose or leave their jobs. Jimmy John’s seeks to control its employees lives, treat them as crappily as they feel like, and prevent them from seeking out any better situation. To say it’s an actively, heinously evil practice would be a profound understatement.

Let’s also make it abundantly clear that any conservative who expounds upon the importance of free market capitalism and who isn’t up in arms over this bullshit is a fucking hypocrite. The entire purpose of that economic system is supposed to be that one rises to the level of one’s ability (even if that’s not how it usually works in practice) β€” this includes the notion that a competitor can lure you over with a better job offer if they so choose. But if you are prevented from taking any better job by a ludicrously restrictive agreement you have to sign if you want the first job, we at least need to stop calling it the “free” market, because that’s become a total misnomer.

The noncompete agreement is part of a possible class action lawsuit being pursued against the sandwich chain; the company has also been sued for wage theft. Not only does the noncompete clause apply to managers, it also applies to delivery drivers, one of whom is a party in the proposed lawsuit.

That decides us: No Jimmy Johns for us. They’ve got exactly the kinds of business practices that you’d expect from a company owned by a loathsome rightwing schmuck who, in addition to trying to snuff out unions, also delights in going on big game safaris and contributing buckets of money to Joe Goddamned Arpaio.

On the upside, we now find ourselves with a Socialisms Blog Crush on this Kitchenette place.

[Kitchenette / HuffPo]

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  • rick

    So, the author’s big complaint is that you have to show up to work if you want to get paid.

    • Mala

      I know – it’s like they hate freedom.

    • shrike1978

      Not just that. They can get fired for being sick. If they call in sick and can’t find anyone to cover for them, they can get fired. So instead of calling in, they go to work and continue making your sandwich while covering it with whatever plague germs they’re carrying.

      Suck as it might be, they are in the class of restaurants like Chick-Fil-A…I’d boycott them if I could, but their food is so gods-awful that I wouldn’t go to them in the first place, so a boycott from me would be particularly ineffective.

      • Nill Bye the science guy

        Sorta, been in food service for 15 years. All you have to do is be throwing up or have diarrhea, and it is illegal for you to work with food. Its in the health and safety rules. If this is really happening these employees need to call BBB or the labor board.

    • MPersson

      I thought that the non-compete agreement was the bigger complaint.

    • elizabeth adams

      The whole issue went over your head, too. Or as I mentioned with another person posting – right through your head as their is nothing but air in there.

      • rick

        Well, I have two master’s degrees and graduated at the top of the class in medical school, so there was enough in there for that purpose. However, I had to show up for that too.

  • DahBoner
    • brantl

      Aren’t you just the best nozzle in the barrel, eh?

    • Gina p

      DahBoner, even more classless then the name, yet another treasonous redneck who doesn’t know shitty food when he tastes it. Fact is, the food sucks at Jimmy johns.

    • elizabeth adams

      The use of the word “Libtards” shoes the mentality of the poster. You turning 4 on your next birthday?

      • DahBoner

        How do you put shoes on a mentality?

      • DahBoner

        Trolly troll trolling.

  • graybeard47

    Watching TV the other night, this mexican comes on and starts speaking that spinach (that’s what I call it) and it’s an ad for Jimmy Johns? Here in America we speak ENGLISH! I’ll never eat there again!

    • elizabeth adams

      What a pathetic comment. There is no other country in the world that have a-holes like you that say “We speak (fill in the blank)”. Arrogant Americans are the worst.


    I’ve found the use of non-compete forms a common practice amongst a considerable amount of potential fast food vending employers. And most “fast food vending” Restaurants do not offer paid sick leave or paid vacation to regular non-management employees.

    • elizabeth adams

      Really? What other fast food employers?

  • PhattElvis

    This policy is completely insane. I noticed in the contract that employees are not merely barred from working for other sammich shops within 3 miles of the particular Jimmy John’s they previously worked at, but they are barred from working within 3 miles of ANY JJ sammich shop anywhere in the world.

    Plus, the non-compete does not distinguish between whether the employee voluntarily resigned or was terminated by the company “for any reason.” So Jimmy John’s could fire a loyal employee for purely economic reasons, i.e., the franchise owner embezzled the proceeds and gambled them all away in Vegas, so everyone got laid off … and that employee would be barred from working at another shop that makes sammiches, anywhere in the world, for 2 years.

    In other words, JJ can force low-skilled workers to go on welfare. That is precisely the rationale behind case law precedent going back to the first half of the 20th century and holding that Non-Compete clauses are unenforceable because they can deprive individuals of the ability to earn a living and force them onto public assistance.

    This is voracious, evil and nuts. It ain’t like they’re invented the bonded razorblade, FCS!

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      I’m a rich Doctor but I Sympathize. DESTROY CAPITALISM!! Don’t eat out at ANY restaurant for Three months!! Then 15 million out of work and they have to retrain everybody. MOOAhahahahahah1!!

      • elizabeth adams

        You best prescribe yourself some med, Doc.

      • Jennifer Payich Drvodelic

        Hi doc, can you please call me in some meds I can’t deal with some non-humans. I am crying, lazy, love myself and my family. I can’t make them sammich’s at this time. The government refuses to help me because I did not lie and said my boyfriend(a plumber) lives with me and our child. What do I do??? You are my only hope.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ty Kohler

    I am a Fucking idiot. I work at JJ and I LOVE it! And I just got banned from the comments for posting a lame screed about it!

    Yay me!

    [ed by Shypixel]

    • Justin Keck

      I work at Jimmy Johns as well and it is BY FAR the best place i have worked i get paid very well i make around 20 an hour and everyone there is great, also i work at a Finner store so it is a corporate jjs

      • elizabeth adams

        “around 20 an hour”? Bull crap. Unless you think $8.25 is around 20 an hour.

        • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

          HE must be the Manager holding the Whip Handle. (-;

  • ahughes798

    Their tuna subs are really good, I think. Why go to Jimmy Jags?

  • brantl

    Ty Kohler, wait til you need another job, and can’t take it.

    • ericbikeco

      What kind of a dolt thinks they have a clue where you work once you leave and follow you to Subway to find out and can dice (HA!) the minutia of the restaurant’s financials to see if they are at 10.1%? Jesus Christ On A Stick.

  • Stella Luna

    Just say FUCK NO! to Jimmy John’s!

  • Down Lowbama

    Paid sick days? What unskilled labor jobs get paid sick days? TLDR, but it sounds like someone is working their first job. You want perks, go to school or learn a trade.

  • Duncan Idaho

    Love Jimmy John’s. I’m going to eat there today.

  • Dave Wu


  • Cake Lady


    Jimmy John Liautaud, owner of Jimmy Johns sandwich chain, proudly showing off animals he has killed for sport. Recently killed a pregnant black rhino. Last black rhino in Mangetti National Park. The orphaned baby rhinos are in photo #3.

    • Al Verhey

      No one fucking cares, go cry an ocean. Stop comparing fucking animal lives to humans

      • 1NonPermissive

        Al hates animals and children. What a guy

  • Don’t like it move to Cuba Commie Wonkette A-Hole!

  • JW

    This shit happens everywhere, why should I care about Jimmy Johns in particular as a minimum wage restaurant worker myself? It’s the entire industry whether you work there or at a Michelin rated restaurant. Such is life.

    • ericbikeco

      You know what, when I go for $40 a plate in Steamboat, I’m gonna guess no one in the place is getting fucked like this. It does not happen everywhere.

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      But at LEAST at a White Tablecloth place, if you give good service, you get a 20% Tip and Never report it to the Feds. You also get Subsidized Obamacare, and maybe 401K plan.

      • elizabeth adams

        Ah so you advocate for breaking the law.

        • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

          Not Usually. But, ALL waiters, waitresses, strippers-lol probably do the same. They are just not paid enough to survive on. I advocate for banning tipping, but at the same time having a Decent minimum wage with promotion for Good Performance and COLA. With Trump, we’ll probably get close to a flat tax which will Bankrupt the Country and make the working poor poorer.

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      If we ALL stopped eating at restaurants for three months, at least 15 MILLION of you would be unemployed. This is GOOD, as you could then sit home on Welfare and Medicaid. Even if TRUMP Wins, he will have to help you and then maybe retrain you as Plumbers and Carpenters.

    • Jeff McLendon

      True in some form or another, but the business mainly drives mainly off millennial.

      • elizabeth adams


        • Jeff McLendon

          idr. lol

    • Bob Arthur

      Did you not read and/or understand anything about the “don-disclosure clause” in JJ’s employment agreements?

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      BUT, at least at a Three Star Michelin restaurant-or ANY non-fast food joint, you work mostly for tips and most folks will give you at Least 10%-I generally give 20%.

  • calmly

    Plus they only offer one type of cheese. What’s up with that?

  • mkbcookiemonster

    1. Jimmy John’s sammiches taste good.
    2. I got sick from one once, I believe.
    3. Jimmy John’s locations ALL smell like a high school gym locker room — I think it might be the cleaning chemicals.
    4. I’m a conservative (hate me) and I think killing rhinos is deplorable.
    5. My accountant (I am a capitalist small business owner — hate me) said non-competes are non-enforceable. They can’t make you not work after leaving. You can start your own phreaking Subway next door according to him. I’d like to know the actual, real-life, documented consequences of getting another job elsewhere after Jimmy Johns.

    I will probably go back to Jimmy John’s the next time I forget what the place smells like.

    I think it’s unfair to make someone sign a non-compete for a job like that, and yes I’m a conservative (hate me).

    So now you all have heard the last word on the subject, you all know the real scoop and you all know what to think!

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      Do you think that killing RINOS is ALSO Deplorable??

      • Benjamin Clark

        Killing “republicans-in-name-only”?

    • elizabeth adams

      Your first fact is not a fact. I ate at a JJ’s once – once was enough. Totally over priced for what they offer.

  • ericbikeco

    I don’t eat at these shit holes in the first place because I just assumed the poor schmo behind the counter would take out his problems with his boss on me IN the sandwich., somehow. Gee. Guess I was right. Will not eat in one even if they resolve this. Thanks for the heads up… if I was desperate and ran out of real food.

  • William Lines Jr.

    you lie about jimmy john’s, you must be a subway employee butthole.

    • vonnegut

      How would a Subway employee butthole even get on a computer? That’s why commas are important, dummy.

      • William Lines Jr.

        that was a whole description of a subway employee, no comma was needed. you are the real dummy.

        • elizabeth adams

          Lies about what? I see no lies at all.

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    The Economic Devolution of America vs. The Explosion of a Supernova….

    One Hundred Years ago, the US American Industrial Revolution began. Men moved to Detroit (Auto Plants) Pittsburgh and Other Cities (Steel Mills) Massachusetts (Textile Mills-Actually THAT was about Fifty years Earlier) and Coal Mining Increased (for power generation, steam locomotion and to refine Iron into said Steel.) They needed Much less Farmers anyhow because of Powered Tractors, Reapers, and Combines.

    Slowdown from 1930-1939 with The Great Depression. Note that this began as a Stock Crash caused by folks being able to buy at Ten Percent Margin(!!) Sounds Familiar?? Remember The Housing Bubble and Adjustable Rate Mortgages and what THAT did to us back in 2008. There was also the lack of FDIC-insured bank accounts back in 1929. FDR Reformed the Banking Industry.

    Men Go off to War 1942-45. Women work in the Factories. When they are retooled again, Prosperity Reigns and the Boomers are born from 1948-1973. YES, there was unrest because of the Civil Rights Movement, the Riots and Vietnam. But Americans mostly had it Pretty Good “if they worked Hard, if they Behaved.”

    Then a MAJOR Recession 1973-76. Inflation, triggered by Union Wages and OPEC Quadrupling the price of Oil. Auto Workers affected because small Japanese Cars began invading the market in large numbers. Already, Steel Workers losing jobs due to automation and foreign competition. The Textile Mills have already moved to the American South to Escape the Unions.

    1980-1984-The Carter/Reagan Recession. THIS was the Death of the Middle Class Wage. The Many Unemployed, if they didn’t get more Education, could now flip burgers, deliver pizza, or stuff burritos for Life. Their Wives had to work to support the Family. Even Professionals are affected. Managed Care decreased Doctor Income, but made Billionaires out of HMO CEOs. They ALSO Screwed patients Royally.

    THINK about it…Mickey D’s are Springing up all OVER, but, more crucially, there WAS NO Moe’s Qdoba, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Five Guys, Chick Fil A, or Hooter’s Tilted Kilt, or Twin Peaks just a few short Decades ago. There was Olive Garden, Red Lobster and the Steak Chains. THEY treat employees badly, too, along with the Tuesdays, Fridays type Joints.

    HERE is my analogy. The Biggest Stars in the Universe start fusing Hydrogen, then Helium, then Carbon, then Magnesium, and finally Silicon, and Iron. Do you KNOW that the lighter Elements Burn for ten million (or more) Years?? (Not BILLIONS-that is only the “little” stars like our Sun.) But the Fascinating thing is that Silicon burns Endothermically (uses UP Energy) for maybe a few days, and Iron for ONE Day before the Core Collapses, and the Outer Layers EXPLODE releasing more Energy than the Star did in all of the Years of it’s Existence!

    Our Economy can be like that, Too. If we stop eating out, the Economy collapses, the restaurants mostly close, and THEN, fifteen million people who worked there can relax on the Dole for months or years, before The President-whoever he/she may BE, has to train them for meaninful, well-paid Work.

    • elizabeth adams

      Don’t include Carter in your essay. This is all about Reagan.

  • catch22

    Non-competes like this are routinely found in court to be unenforceable. I’d be shocked if JJ employee (or former employee) really fought this out in court and lost. The 3 mile radius would work in JJ’s favor, but they don’t just block you within 3 miles of your JJ, but 3 miles of ANY JJ restaurant. That’s an incredibly undue burden to place on someone with no confidential knowledge about your business and with (generally) little to no marketable skills besides fast food/restaurant work.

    • berkeleyfarm

      Yeah. They’re sure banking on “broke enough/too busy hustling to make a living to find a lawyer”.

      • Bob Arthur

        Hence, the class action suit.

  • Jason A

    If it’s so bad don’t work or eat there.

    • Jeff McLendon

      That’s not the point. Idiotic statement you just made

      • Mark in Bellevue

        Idiotic: Working for an employer you hate. Get a job somewhere else.

        • Bobby

          You missed the entire point of the article. They make you sign an agreement so you can’t get a job anywhere else that sells sandwiches

          • Valerie Curtis

            Which makes absolute business sense. If you don’t agree with it, then don’t work there. See, simple!

          • Chris Soprano

            judy and valrie i refer to benjamin’s response since your both using the same argument like everyone has time to be picky about choosing a job when they require money to live

          • Judy Schulz

            they can’t “make” you do anything you dont choose to do…you don’t like it dont sign it and just walk away

        • Benjamin Clark

          Many people don’t have the luxury of searching out for the best place to work, and they need to accept any job they can find in order to pay for food and shelter.

          • 1NonPermissive

            Then get an education, so there are far more options. Not difficult to figure out.

          • elizabeth adams

            Benjamin’s comment went right over your head…..or possibly through it as it seems you have nothing between your ears but air.

          • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

            “Get an Education??” But-just like Gas filling the Entire volume of a room, as long as there are Mickey D’s KFCs and Jimmy Johns, they’ll need to FILL those millions of jobs. And, it isn’t just school kids, it’s the Station in Life for Grown adults in post-Industrial America. A College Education is no Guarantee of a cushy life anymore, either. You can end up kissing Butt in a Cubicle Farm for Forty years.

          • Chris Soprano

            1nonpermissive you litterally just said “Then get an education, so there are far more options. Not difficult to figure out.”
            so moron how do you suppose they get an education if they can barely afford to live or do you some how think we live in a country were an education is free i love people like you who who use that argument like its so easy some people arent born with a silver spood in their mouths and have to work with what they got if you dot have an education you most likely need to get a low wage job that barely pays enough for food and shelter at full time were do you think they are getting the time money or energy to pay for an education

          • I tend to discourage throwing gasoline on a fire that has been dead for months…

            Just sayin… look at the posting dates.

  • Well, I don’t eat at JJ’s anyway, and not for any ideological reason, but rather because I think their sandwiches are overpriced and taste like crap.

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    I think that is all bullshit and how are they going to enforce that once your no longer working for JJ’s. I’d tell them to shove that up their asses.

  • poontofview

    Simple Solution: Don’t work at JJ’s Period! They aren’t the “Only” place in the area to get a job and even if they are; Why would you voluntarily put yourself in a work situation where you don’t agree with the employment practices? There’s always a choice in life and JJ’s is an easy decision to make; Just don’t work there. Now that that’s settled, move on and enjoy the Happiness, Joy, Peace or whatever you call that most wonderful in life.

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      But…if ONE of those companies act that way-they soon ALL will! And the Customers are either Ignorant or Apathetic of how the Employees are being treated.

  • MALL727net

    Very simple, if you get a better job someplace else, don’t tell Jimmy Johns’ shit and never say anything to your co-workers – problem solved…

  • ivpaul

    Those nnon-ompetes are unenforceable.

    • elizabeth adams

      I wondered about that. And does anyone really think that Jimmy John is going to spend the money going after them? What does he do, send out employees to case these other sandwich shops to make sure no ex-employees are working there?

  • Judy Schulz

    So QUIT and sop whinning….mc donalds pays you better go there

    • elizabeth adams

      bwahahaha…..McDonald’s pays you better….what, .10 more an hour? Still lousy pay, lousy hours, never enough hours.

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    I did a rotating Externship at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn-1989-1990. We had Two options (other than Brown-Bagging or Delivery.)
    1. The hospital cafeteria with it’s limited hours, OR
    2. The hospital coffee shop. The Latter was staffed by psychos and retards. I order coffee and a bagel and Fat Marion asks if I want it in a bag. When I say “It’s for Here” she DUMPS the Coffee. “Well, I’M the Takeout waitress-if it’s for HERE you can get the Other waitress to get it for you.” If I had a GUN I would have SHOT her. Another time, the seedy Blonde Dawn was being REAL nice to me “let me get This for you, Hun…let me get That for you, Hun)…HUN. SO-she keeps the bill Just out of my reach and quotes the amount. I grab it up and the REAL amount was several dollars Less. “OH…I’m SORRY-HUN.” Once, when I fumbled for my money she said “YOU didn’t have your money ready” and takes the person behind me. Cucking Funt! Still another time I was ordering food for myself and my Boss and she kept saying “Waitaminute” “Waitaminute” and I couldn’t blow her Off because half the food was for the Boss. Another time I asked for a Club Sandwich. They were out of Bacon, but charged me Full price anyhow. It really SAYS something about an Institution that they Tolerate such Crap in their Midst.

    • elizabeth adams

      Take your damn meds!

  • Tyi-Rai

    First of all, most fast food restaurants pay minimum wage to start. They do not offer paid sick days,nor do other minimum wage jobs in other industries. It is perfectly sensible to ask employees to sign a non-compete agreement. This ensures employees won’t take up a companies resources while learning an industry’s practices then go work for the competition. It also helps ensure employee longevity and loyalty because having willing signed the agreement the employee will want to keep their job and therefore perform better in order to keep their job.

    • Doug Langley

      You would be really surprised how paying a decent wage can “ensure employee longevity and loyalty”.

    • jmk

      What kind of degree do you need to become a paid company shill so you can look forward to a lifetime of excusing egregious behavior on the part of the company you represent…right up to the moment when you are surprised that they screwed you over too, because you had confidently and smugly assumed that it was only the little people that they’d hose?

      • 1NonPermissive

        Then don’t work there, snowflake.

        • sgt. jmk of the rΓ©sistance

          I see from your history that you have only the one insult. I guess that’s all that a mind as narrow as yours can handle.

          Buhbye, widdle cupcake!!

    • Tacoclamgenda


    • elizabeth adams

      bwahahahaha! If these companies paid decent wages and provided decent hours they wouldn’t have the turnover they do. Thing is most owners are dumb – yes, capitalists are dumb and don’t recognize that they cost themselves millions by their turnover rates – proven fact, cupcake.

    • Don Stanley

      That is the theory anyway. It can become a drudge kind of existence. If you don’t put down on your application that you worked at JJ’s no one will know.

  • Jack

    Fuck those guys!

  • Brian Johnson

    What Wonkette and most young people think should happen:

    Employer: “We’re offering minimum wage and you can’t work for a competitor.”

    Applicant: “Okay.”

    [After a few weeks of working for the company:]

    Applicant: “This is wrong! I need higher wages or I’m going to work for a competitor, buddy! Screw you and your non-competition agreement! POWER TO THE WORKERS!”


    The beauty of the free market:

    Employer: “We’re offering minimum wage and you can’t work for a competitor.”

    Applicant: (Thinks it over) “I don’t like those terms, I’ll be looking for employment elsewhere.”

    • Al Verhey

      Exactly, these dumbass socialists dont know basic economics

      • elizabeth adams

        lol…calling people who work in this industry socialists is pretty stupid. But you are obviously a right winger, sooooooo.

      • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

        Yeah, Pal…SO-either let them twist your Balls-or Starve.

      • martin woyzeck

        What a reichwing moron scumbag you are.
        How about you suck on that second amendment sex appendage of yours

  • 1NonPermissive

    Poor snowflakes, so whiny and lazy.

    • elizabeth adams

      What does your comment have to do with the article, cupcake? Just another right wing nutter that thinks other humans should be treated like crap.

    • martin woyzeck

      The biggest wuss’s are reichwing sissies.
      You lowlifes have to carry guns cuz you’re so scared
      of everyone

  • Kristin Wesley

    I worked for Starbucks for two years and had a manager who threw the N word around freely, harassed sick partners to come to work, even though Corporate allegedly frowns upon sick partners going to work, but Starbucks doesn’t care as long as the numbers are up.
    When the working conditions got unbearable and I started feeling dread in the pit of my stomach at the beginning of my work day, I did this neat thing called getting a better paying job back in the office job world.
    If you disagree with the non–compete thing, you willingly signed it, so that is on you.
    If you don’t like your situation, you have to change it.
    I won’t eat at JJ’s because of his trophy hunting, but the working conditions are no different from most fast food and retail jobs.
    Was I the only one who found the use of the word “sammich” in this article anoying?

    • elizabeth adams

      “Starbucks doesn’t care”? Somehow I find that unbelievable. Did you actually file a complaint? Go through all procedures?

      • Kristin Wesley

        Absolutely. I,along with other partners and even customers called Corporate and spoke with the D.M on three occasions, and nothing. She is still employed and still throwing the same word around according to a friend who still works there.

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      So, NOW you’re on your knees for the Boss in his Office.

      • Kristin Wesley

        How very mature of you. LOL!!

        • BeautifuLunatic

          @kristin he right you know .

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    That’s Karma.

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    One Firehouse in Socastee, SC had Germans (cockroach species) on the counter and cutting boards. I ratted them out anonymously to the Health Board.

  • Jayne Larkin

    Never heard of Jimmy John’s. Sounds like a company operating in Right-To-Work states.

  • shelbourne1904

    Is this legally enforceable??

  • doktorzoom

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