Oh! You ARE sick!

Former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, Trayvon Martin clairvoyant, ethics-free attorney, and avid penis self-photographer Todd Kincannon is proudly pro-life — with one exception, of course, in that he wishes Wendy Davis had been aborted. But he also recognizes that sometimes, in the face of a serious health crisis, you just need to man up and kill everyone who’s been infected or exposed. At Wonkette, we are sometimes given to exaggeration. But this is not an exaggeration: in a series of tweets on Saturday, Todd Kincannon, not satisfied with rightwing prescriptions like travel bans or embargoes on affected nations, literally advocated killing all Ebola patients, and napalming their villages for good measure, too. And we mean literally literally, not Joe Biden literally:

kincannon ebola 2

It wasn’t clear whether Mr. Kincannon favors napalming all of Dallas, or perhaps just the blocks around the apartment where Thomas Duncan lived, plus perhaps the entire Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital complex, to be on the safe side.

Then again, Todd Kincannon wants a lot of people dead. Kincannon also clarified that, even though the two American medical workers who were brought back from Liberia survived, he would have executed them “with zero hesitation,” and explained his medical thinking in very simple terms from a Disney movie:

There’s nothing wrong with compassion. But there’s also nothing wrong with survival. Sometimes you gotta put Old Yeller down.

What was it that the nice Mr. Kurtz wrote on the last page of his pamphlet on how to achieve the moral improvement of the African people?

exterminate the brutes

Ah, yes, that.

In case you were wondering, Todd Kincannon is no racist, as he explained himself a few days ago. You see, it’s all about culture, not race:

kincannon racism 2

We certainly appreciate our Republican men of letters.


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  • Shanasmiles

    He might enjoy that

  • Dark_Space

    Yeah, you’re hanging out with the bad crowd. I’m a 40yo white guy from the deep deep south, and I’ve never hung out with people who talk this.

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