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Ferguson Protesters Celebrate Their Right To Choo Choo Choose You

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I don't remember Thomas ever looking so manicAs Snipy noted earlier, the transfer of policing in Ferguson, Missouri, from the local Seal Team Six Wannabes to the Highway Patrol turned last night’s turnout into more of a block party, as people celebrated being able to go out in their own streets again without being tear gassed. And one of the stranger entries in the parade was this bizarre kiddie ride pressed into service as a vehicle for protest/celebration. It got a lot of attention, and while Snipy already shared this Vine image in her earlier post, we have to agree it’s pretty awesome and worth another look:

On the other hand, it is with heavy hearts that we note that critics who predicted that the withdrawal of the Imperial Shock Troopers would lead to an outbreak of lawlessness were absolutely right: Not only is this vehicle CLEARLY not street-legal — no license plate, no lights, no bumpers or windshield or seatbelts, and we bet it wouldn’t pass emissions testing, either — but, worse, we must note that Thomas the Tank Engine is a registered trademark of Gullane (Thomas) Limited and its affiliates and is registered in many jurisdictions throughout the world. So this happy little stoned-looking choo-choo involves not merely a passel of moving violations, but international Intellectual Property infringements!


Also, too, we really liked this tweet by St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, who has been documenting the madness in Ferguson from the beginning:

Yes indeed

We know that Ferguson’s problems are far from over: while the immediate irritant of a bunch of cops who wanted to play Black Ops Sniper Squad of Shock and Awe has been removed, those assholes are still going to be the ones who do the day-to-day law enforcement once the crisis is past, and the city government is far from representative of the population. Even so, we have to say that we’ve been smilin’ lately, and we genuinely do believe it could be that something good has begun.

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And since it worked for Jon Stewart so well, let’s also remember the other train that we like riding:

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