Apparently, Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Q. Boehner was very ANGRY today, at the “president,” Barack Obama. Barack Obama was in Texas yesterday, meeting with Rick Perry about the border children — as he should have all along — and then gave a little presser about their talk. It was constructive! he said. Governor Perry had some suggestions Bamz thinks should maybe be implemented! He will direct some guy to look into doing just that, possibly, could be! Well, at that same presser, Bamz bamsplained that he will not actually be able to do anything about the hurricane of children flooding over the levees concertina wire unless the House of Representatives, of which John Boehner is “speaker,” gives him some money to do the stuff. Will the House of Representatives give him money to do the stuff they are insisting he should do? Hahahaha not on your fucking life.

And that is why John Boehner is screaming and yelling that the “president” has been “president” for five and a half years (ALAN), “when’s he gonna take responsibility for SOMETHING?”

Yes, John Boehner. Why won’t the president — whom you’re suing for using executive actions instead of “following the law” — ignore the 2008 law that says that children must have due process before being deported back to a city with 193 murders per 100,000 people? (New York City’s murder rate is 5.1.)

And while we’re at it, why won’t he use magic beans to pay for the shit you want him to buy but won’t give him money for?

And why won’t he take responsibility for the Obamacare website, which you specifically underfunded so it would fail?

And why won’t he take responsibility for closing the WWII memorial, when you shut down the government?

And why won’t he take responsibility for four brave Americans getting murdered, after you cut funding for Embassy security?

Fuckin’ Obama, what a jackhole.

[Frank Thorp’s Vine]

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