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Hilarious O’Reilly Pal Jesse Watters Gets Dainty Fashionable Boot Up Ass At N.O.W. Convention

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You can feel the smug from miles awayInsufferable smugbunny Jesse Watters, who does innovative comedy clips involving record-scratch sound effects for The O’Reilly Factor, scored some major ha-has at the 2014 National Organization for Women (NOW) conference in Albuquerque before he was booted by security for not having a press pass. Get this: he offended one lady by calling her a “gal!”

Watters also scored major points against the silly little “feminist” movement by starting the segment with Helen Reddy’s embarrassingly-dated 70’s anthem “I Am Woman,” because come on, do women even NEED an organization anymore? And then he made some hilarious jokes about so-called “War on Women,” asking if any of the ladies at the convention had been wounded, or if he’d be issued a weapon if he signed up, and even asking NOW president Patricia Ireland to feel his manly bicep muscle to see if he’s tough enough to fight. Get it? That there is some high-concept comedy riffing. Why don’t feminists just lighten up and stop being such man-hating sourpusses, huh?

And then, because thanks to Barack Obama, there is no more freedom in this country, Watters was ejected when he tried to go on the convention floor without credentials. And by golly, he had tried to get credentials, but was denied by the feminazis.

“They gave me a criminal trespass summons. If I come back, they’re going to arrest me,” Watters said proudly.

Here is the video that proves that Jesse Watters is easily the funniest man in rightwing comedy:


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