'Chyron' is in there already Oh, Fox News, we love your unpaid interns, or whoever types up the chyrons for your news segments. In a Fox & Friends story about new words being added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (R-NotGretchen) some new Fox newsblonde whose name Mediaite didn’t mention told us that the latest edition of the dictionary was adding 150 new terms, including “selfie,” “baby bump,” and “Yooper” (a resident of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula). And of course, the chyron below her proclaimed “It’s Official: ‘Selife’ and ‘Yooper’ Added to Dictionary.'”

Yr Doktor Zoom happily acknowledges that he’s a terrible typost himself, but this kind of thing is a Fox Tradition, so we do feel compelled to note it for archrival porpoises. Also, no story about Fox graphics would be complete without this classic:

Derperage farms remembers


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