This little piggy went in Dick Morris's mouthSome time ago — who can know when, really, without “opening our spreadsheet” and “looking at it” — rightwing nutjob direct mail trillionaires Newsmax started sending your Wonkette many many tens of dollars per month to put their newsfeed over there, in our sidebar.

Some of you were SO MAD! We got SUCH MAD LETTERS! And we were like lol put up or shut up bitchez. We did hope to one day make the “low” revenues of $50 thousand per month and at that point we were going to put it to you, the Wonkers: keep Newsmax’s filthy greasy money anyway, and jack up our freelance rates? Or not do that, and not do that? The continuing penury of the Wonkette freelancer would have been on your heads, shitbirds.

Anyhoo, Newsmax has decided, as is completely their right, that “zero traffic from Wonkette,” paired with being continually mocked by us — not that they mentioned that, they were real nice about it in fact — was not a good thing to spend like twenty grand per year on. So they have asked us to pull their feed, and we have. We just wanted you to know so you didn’t think we did it out of some dumb attack of “ethics.”

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