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Latest Awesome Fox Chart Unskews Obamacare Enrollment. Thanks Fox!

Fox graphics intern was told there'd be no math.Hope you’re having a delightful Obamacare Deadline Day, what with the website partially borked* due to high traffic, and Rick Santorum assuring us no one’s going to actually pay for their new plans, and the actually encouraging news that about 9.5 million previously uninsured people now have coverage. And now here’s Fox News with a helpful chart to show you just how pathetically short Obamacare enrollment has fallen of its goal for the deadline. As you can plainly see, only about 6 million people have signed up, which is plainly about a third of the 7 million and some goal that had been estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.

We suspect a Fox spokesperson (D – Alaska) will explain that there’s nothing misleading at all, since the background of the chart isn’t labeled, or maybe because the bottom three lines stand for 2 million people each, while the lines above that represent 200,000 people each, just so you can see the difference more clearly. Besides, the chart clearly says the information source is the Department of Health and Human Services, so it’s not Fox’s fault that the numbers came out looking weird. Blame Big Government!

For laughs, Media Matters provides another chart in which “6,000,000” and “7,066,000” are compared using accurate bars. Strangely, this one also comes from Fox, and ran on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, where some people have obviously just not been reading the memos from Roger Ailes:

This doesn't look quite right, either. Not death-panelly enough

Obviously, when you view the two charts side-by-side, you get a much better sense of the reality of the situation:

the difference is amazing

Obamacare enrollment before the deadline has clearly dropped precipitously in just one day. INPEACH!

Besides, as Media Matters’ Jeremy Holden tweeted, this screenshot from a bit later today says all that Fox viewers need to know about Obamacare:

The most persuasive Obamacare chart of all

[HuffPo / LA Times / Media Matters]

* we wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to idly speculate that today would be the perfect day for haterz to launch a DDOS attack; there is no evidence of that whatsoever. But you can speculate all you like in the comments, which we don’t allow.

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