Jan Brewer Being Uncrazy Again, Some More (Video)

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

This is TOTALLY FUCKED, guys. Not only is Jan Brewer, Arizona governatrix, continuing to take her meds, but she apparently has inspired her state’s senators, Herrs McCain and Flake, to pick up some Lithium as well. And now she has come out, looking good, and explaining that she has vetoed SB 1062, the desperately needed bill to protect Arizonans from mean gays suing the fuck out of them if they discriminate in their public accommodations (that means, like, “business”), which has caused fucking idiots like Ben Shapiro to be fucking idiots, again, and whine about the big mean government making them bake gay cakes. (Hint: Harvard Law grad Ben Shapiro is bad at law.)

Then she yelled at the Arizona legislature for not sending her any bills to fix their fucked children’s services (we in Los Angeles understand this well) and instead focusing on idiot nonsense that is unnecessary, discriminatory, and bad for business.

Sure, this might be “good” for Arizonans, but it is positively the death knell for your Wonkette. This shit spreads, you guys. A Code Red outbreak of sanity will bury us. Send help.

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