Still pretty certain this is not too mean. May need better blending with rest of face. I really should learn photoshop...How’s this for an exciting groundswell of grassroots support? Albert Merrick, some poor schlub at Ben Shapiro’s Conservative Equivalent to Media Matters, got assigned to fluff the boss in a piece announcing “Shapiro Suggested As Replacement For Morgan.” And that’s not just in-house boss-fellating, either, so Merrick’s lede is 100% accurate:

TruthRevolt Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro has been named as a possible successor to failed talk show host Piers Morgan, according to an article published in The Wire, Monday.

He’s been named! Talk about inside information — we can hardly wait to find out who got ahold of CNN’s short list of candidates.

OK, so maybe that Wire article isn’t exactly about the hunt for a successor to Morgan. It’s actually more about gun fondlers and transgender activists who are merrily taking credit for the cancellation of Morgan’s show that nobody watched, when the real killer was of course low ratings, in the boardroom, with a Nielsen report. And in that story, there is this paragraph:

As for Morgan’s replacement, some conservatives suggested people like Ben Shapiro, the editor at large at Breitbart, who had explosive fights with Morgan. Last month Shapiro appeared on Morgan’s show and accused him of bullying the right on guns by “standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook.”

So yes indeedy, Shapiro personally yelled at Morgan, and some unidentified people actually did say, “Ooh, CNN should hire the weasel-face!” So there you go, he has been named.

Of course, the article also notes, with equal emphasis, that transgender rights activists who were very displeased by Morgan’s tone-deaf interview with Janet Mock were also claiming Morgan’s scalp, and that a number of folks had also taken to Twitter to say, “Hey, guess this means that CNN is going to have to hire Janet Mock.”

So maybe the more honest TruthRevolt story would have been “Ben Shapiro And Transgender Rights Activist Equally Likely to be Hired By CNN.” Besides, as anyone knows, Wonkette Editrix and current birthday-haver Rebecca Schoenkopf is clearly the bravest, smartest, warmest, most qualified, and most telegenic candidate for the job.

[The Wire / TruthRevolt]

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