oh, this will cost you way more than a penny

Have you played Candy Crush? Are you addicted to the rush of winning the lower levels, only to be driven mad by the higher, completely unfinishable levels? You’re not alone. Soon, though, you won’t be able to salve your wounded ego by playing other candy-themed games, because Candy Crush manufacturer King Ltd. trademarked the word “candy” and is going HARD after other games that were foolish enough to believe they could use a common English word for sweets in their game name.

In a filing with the US trademark office dated February 6, 2013, Limited registered claim to the word ‘candy’ as it pertains to video games and, strangely, clothing. On January 15, 2014 the filing was approved. And now, a mere five days later, reports are coming in from developers that they’re being asked to remove their app (or prove that their game doesn’t infringe upon the trademark).


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