NOT THE WAY THEY WANT TO SEE HIM HANGING  11:12 am December 16, 2013

Twitchy And Stupidest Man On Internet Perturbed By Obama’s Graven Image In London Embassy

by Doktor Zoom

The Horror ... The HorrorHere’s today’s entry in the Obama’s America Is Just Like North Korea sweepstakes: Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft is disgusted by the decorating decisions that Barack Obama has personally made for the U.S. Embassy in London. Following up on a Twitchy story about a fairly bland tweet from the embassy, Hoft’s headline leaves no doubt of Obama’s maniacal self-aggrandizement: “CREEPY! Selfie President Inserts Himself Between Washington and Lincoln”

Yep, that’s one scary image, there: a tapestry of the POTUS, hanging on a side wall of a meeting room in the Embassy. God, it’s like an altar or something!!! Cult of personality! Do the embassy officials have to sing a song of praise to The One every morning?

The nine fulltime Twitchers were more upset by the wording of a tweet sent out by the Embassy, which seemed to attribute magical healing powers to the Dear Leader’s smile:exactly like North Korea

“Warm?” How dare they!?! Next they’ll be saying the stars bowed down in the heavens at his birth, and that he rides a pink fluffy unicorn that dances on rainbows. Enough of this Cult of personality, Obamabots! It starts with a tapestry on a side wall, and inevitably leads to firing squads.

Of course, the nine fulltime Twitchers upped their productivity at least sevenfold, adding a full 17 words to a series of tweets, instead of just their usual SNAP or HEH INDEEDY.

“Warm smile…” What is this world coming to? WE WANT OUR AMERICA BACK! Has Darrell Issa started an investigation into who authorized this propaganda?

[Gateway Pundit / Twitchy]

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