NEIN NEIN NEIN!  3:14 pm December 10, 2013

Shrieking Meth-Rage Banshee Michelle Malkin Selling Twitter Rag ‘Twitchy’ To Some Dumb Idiots

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

What's that spell? Who knows I'm illiterate!

Do you love humorous things, perhaps of a political nature? Do you like wit, and incisiveness, and not being A Idiot? Then you probably do not read Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy. It is a bad place of sadness where unnamed “staff” go and cull tweets from right wingers yelling at liebruls and then add commentary like “SNAP” and “YA BURNT” (they do not actually say “YA BURNT” I think, because that would be too much coolness) and call it a day. Oftentimes, instead of focusing on SNAPpy BURNING from rightwingers, they focus on dastardly tweets from treasonous Demoncrats, at which point all the monkeys fly out of Michelle’s butt and go harass the Demoncrat in question for like days.

Also, seriously, they are stupid as fuck.

Oh, so, right, the point of this story, which we forgot to get to till now, is that Michelle Malkin is selling Twitchy to whatever insane billionaires own Townhall and Hot Air, and deep in whatever story about it, we get this:

Garthwaite says Malkin will relinquish the title of CEO, but will still be active in promoting the Twitchy brand. He said the nine Twitchy staff writers, disparately located around the country, will not be asked to relocate to the Townhall news offices in Arlington, Va.

Nine staff writers. Nine. To copy-paste the code for “embed tweet” and then add SNAP (but probably not YA BURNT). NINE.



BRB, gonna go kill self.



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