It would be inaccurate to call The Christmas Candle a terrible movie, or even an especially bad movie. You can’t really hate it, because that would just take too much effort. Rather, it’s an almost instantly forgettable nothing of preachy sappiness, a completely predictable, by-the-numbers story about Christmas miracles. It’s not enjoyably bad, like the stuff you’d find on MST3K, or offensively bad, like the guy in charge of making it, EchoLight Studios chief Rick Santorum; it’s just a great big pile of earnest Christmassy meh, which mostly serves to answer the question, Can Susan Boyle act? (She can’t, not even in a small role).

This was supposed to be the movie that proved that explicitly Christian-oriented movies could compete with Hollywood, with high production values, real actors, and compelling stories. They got two out of three, but that last one is a killer.


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