Michele BachmannThings are scary out there, you guys. Obamacare has racked up another victim! And this one isn’t just some simple simpleton weeping about losing her insurance that only pays the first $50 for those rare services it actually decides to cover. This is one of our nation’s finest, a leader among men and women, a woman who has been tasked with helping to create our nation’s laws, like the law that said congresspeople had to use Obamacare, and which was introduced by Chuck Grassley for some kind of bad attemt at eleven-dimensional chess, and NOW SHE HAS TO USE OBAMACARE! That’s right, beloved Kaa impersonator Michele Bachmann has lost her government insurance and has to use the Obamacare exchanges, because of how Republican senator Chuck Grassley decided Democrats needed a taste of their own socialized medicine, and now she is history’s greatest victim. Weep, weep, Wonket, for this lady who has to buy her own insurance now. Because of how Obama made Chuck Grassley make her.

Via ReadingIsForSnobs, we get this video. Be warned though: unless Sally Struthers comes into your house with a boatload of fly-eyed children holding the puppies from those awful Sarah McLachlan commercials, you will not see a more tragic thing today.

So, after that clip ended, did anyone bring up how it was Republican Chuck Grassley who forced La Bachmann onto the no good horrible very bad exchange? Hahahaha no, it was Wolf Blitzer doin’ the interviewin’, don’t be ridiculous.


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