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MSNBC Millionaire Dylan Ratigan Has To Spend Extra $4,000 On Health Insurance, Doesn’t Even Get Any Subsidies, Inpeach!

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poor little rich boyGit out yer pitchforks, socialist dictator Barack Obama is redistributin’ yer wealth by making former millionaire MSNBC personality Dylan Ratigan pay AN EXTRA FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR for health insurance, because the old one he bought — his $170 per month catastrophic “insurance” — done been canceled. (And who canceled it, according to Dylan Ratigan? OBAMACARE CANCELLED IT, case closed!)

Will nobody think of the poor millionaires?

Via NoMoreMisterNiceBlog, who really isn’t near as sympathetic as he should be:

Oh yeah, I feel terrible for this guy, who walked away from a $1 million annual salary at MSNBC last year (that’s in addition to the money he made when he sold his Lower Manhattan loft last fall for $1.38 million). I’m sorry he has $4080 less a year to help fulfill his dream of being a successful hydroponics entrepreneur — though that last link does say he also sold his Porsche.

NoMoreMisterNiceBlog does not even seem to realize this extra $4000 per year is obviously going to keep Dylan Ratigan from creating probably at least nine jobs! AT MINIMUM!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.55.30 AM

So if millionaire Dylan Ratigan is VERY, VERY upset about not getting to pay $170 a month for crappy insurance, then we have some other questions for him too.

When Dylan Ratigan goes to a restaurant with a party of eight, and they sit at the table for three hours, does he cross out the automatic 18 percent gratuity and then yell at the manager for adding it in the first place, and then not tip anything at all because it’s the “principle”?

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Does Dylan Ratigan reuse dental floss?

Does Dylan Ratigan steal creamer packets?

The answer to all of these, obviously, is yes, which is why Dylan Ratigan will die with one billion greenbacks stuffed in his mattress. Unfortunately, he will die alone.


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