what me worry?Ohey look! Unrepentant sexist bag of douche Joe Scarborough is getting divorced. Awww. Couldn’t happen to a more dickish but VERY occasionally not-dickish guy. Congrats, bro. Cool story: somehow Scarborough is getting away with only paying $30K/month in alimony. Of course, 30 large a month is a problem for the rest of us, but not for Morning Joe because he makes $99,000 per week. PER WEEK. $400K a month. Close to $5 million per…Forgive us if we take a moment to sob uncontrollably in the corner.

Joe’s alimony is bargain basement priced because of how he is keeping the kids, and the divorce papers state that Joe is “faithful, devoted, and committed” so this divorce is probably not all that combative, so yay Joe for being an adult about things. Oh wait.


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