Anthony Weiner Innocent! (Of Being A Schmuck To That Jewish Guy, Not Of Everything Else)

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Today we brought you the spectacle of A+ human being would do business with human being again Anthony Weiner, and he was pioneering an exciting new electioneering technique of calling voters “jackasses” and screaming his head off at them.

But oh! It turns out the jackass in question was indeed a jackass! He smoothly introduced himself to Weiner’s notice by gently murmuring (at just after 3:45 or so) “YOU MARRIED A A-RAB,” which was quite a different thing to accuse him of than what everyone automagically assumed, the crotch shots and disappointingly banal sexts. Like, dude, if you are gonna send sexts to strangers, be SEXY at it, you know? Oh, but yeah, anyway, the guy was being a racist douche, and Anthony Weiner SHOULD have yelled at him. Which he did.

That said, we don’t think Weiner even heard the guy mumble “you married an Arab” or he would have gone ballistic over that rather than “you are not the G_d of me scream scream shout shout.”

Still, points to the Weiner camp for Zaprudering the film until they picked up the particular instance of racial nontranscendence and running with it and turning it into “Anthony Weiner defends lovely wife’s honor from bigot,” which might even get him over eight percent with the ladeez! We knew Ol’ Slutbag had her uses.


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