betsy rothstein once wrote an entire article calling female journos whores for smiling too sexy in their twitter picsIs Betsy Rothstein, editoresse of Mediabistro’s FishbowlDC, scourge of slutty journalistas, arbiter of class, and all-around Miss Congeniality, getting canned from her gig making fun of Asians (update! and then stealth-editing it) and fat asses?

Some guy in our tipline says yes!

Here, in its entirety, is our “tip”:

Betsy out at Fishbowl
as of this afternoon

It is positively Deep Throatian in its brevity and concision!

Perhaps MediaBistro is tired of the libel suits? And the constant complaints (MOSTLY FROM WONKET) that Fishbowl’s reporters are intellectually dishonest Goebbelsian smegma? We’re just asking questions. And unlike with Betsy Rothstein’s rag, if the answer is “no,” we will actually correct.


Good news you guys! Betsy Rothstein HAS NOT been fired! We repeat! Betsy Rothstein is still e-i-c of a maaaaajor website’s gossip site! We talked to a person who would know, “not for attribution,” who says that no, Betsy Rothstein has not been canned despite the constant headaches she brings to Mediabistro, a GIANT national website that apparently loves lawsuits and constant ire, and also racism.

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  • David Townsend

    If MediaBistro is not careful Rothstein will do to them what Hulk Hogan did to Gawker. She has already crossed the line, several times. Doxing or spreading lies is a very dangerous game! Media Bristro needs to either reign Rothstein in or send her packing.

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